Tender categories starting with "N", procured by Indian govt agencies

Networking Equipment tenders  

Non Metallic Scrap tenders  

Non Metallic Pipe tenders  

Non Technical Manpower tenders  

Nuts tenders  

Non Residential Interior Work tenders  

Nursery services tenders  

Name boards tenders  

Number plate tenders  

Network Specialist tenders  

Non Scientific Vocational Training tenders  

Navigational audit tenders  

Non Governmental Organization tenders  

NGO Services tenders  

Nickel Scrap tenders  

Network Management System tenders  

Network Monitoring Solution tenders  

Network Management Software tenders  

NI Labview Graphical System Design Software tenders  

NCU Card tenders  

Naproxen Sodium Capsule tenders  

Naproxen Sodium Tablet tenders  

Naproxen Tablet tenders  

Nylon Crate tenders  

Nylon Strap tenders  

Nandrolone Decanoate Injection tenders  

Norditropine Injection tenders  

NBC Canister tenders  

Non Woven Geo Bags tenders  

Non Woven Carry Bags tenders  

Norethisterone Capsule tenders  

Norethisterone Acetate Tablet tenders  

Norethisterone Tablet tenders  

Nylon Blue Airmail Bag tenders  

Non Woven Cloth Carry Bag tenders  

Nebivolol Capsule tenders  

Nebivolol Tablet tenders  

Nursing Call Bell tenders  

Nurse Call Bell tenders  

Nurse Call System tenders  

Network Booster tenders  

Nose Assy tenders  

Non Reversible Wire Twister tenders  

Nibbler Machine Cutting tenders  

Nitrogen Injection System tenders  

NIFPES tenders  

Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System tenders  

NIFPS tenders  

Nitrogen Injection Fire Prevention System tenders  

Non Woven Fabric Shoe Cover tenders  

New Water Hole Creation tenders  

Non Flammable Inert Dry Coolant Spray tenders  

Nitrofurantoin Capsule tenders  

Nitrofurantoin Tablet tenders  

Nbc Filter tenders  

Nitrous Oxide Refilling tenders  

Nitrogen Gas Refilling tenders  

Net Mending Hall Construction tenders  

Noise Level and Vibration Measurement tenders  

National Flag Pole Installation tenders  

National Flag High Mast Pole tenders  

Night Shelter Operation and Maintenance tenders  

Night House Construction tenders  

New Inverter tenders  

Nylon Conveyor Belt Repair tenders  

Non Flammable Electronic Contact Cleaner tenders  

Narrow Bandpass Filter tenders  

National Handloom Expo tenders  

NCL Communication System AMC tenders  

Non Security Item Printing tenders  

Neon Sign Advertisement tenders  

NGO Quarters Construction tenders  

Network Printer Rental tenders  

Nurse Quarters Construction tenders  

Navigational Assistant tenders  

Naval Manpower tenders  

Navtex Operator tenders  

Nozzle Mixing Cutting Torch tenders  

National Conference Organizing tenders  

Nitrogen Dryer tenders  

NGO Quarters Repair tenders  

Nitrogen Compressor Maintenance tenders  

Needle Gates Erection tenders  

Nature Art Work tenders  

Nala Wall Repair Work tenders  

New Bottle Filling Machine tenders  

Nylon Mono Filament Twine tenders  

Nylon Fishing Net tenders  

Nylon Multi Filament Twine tenders  

Naphtha Lubricity Additive tenders  

Nursery Plant tenders  

Neem Deoiled Cake tenders  

Neem Khali tenders  

Nuvan tenders  

NPK Fertilizer tenders  

Natural Grass Turf Development tenders  

Non Coking Steam Thermal Imported Coal tenders  

Non Coking Coal tenders  

Natural Gas tenders  

Non Water Blocking Yarn tenders  

Naval Store Consumable tenders  

Naval Store Items tenders  

Nursery Materials tenders  

Non Ferrous Material tenders  

Nitrided Low Carbon Ferro Chrome tenders  

Niobium Master Alloy tenders  

Nickel Calcium Master Alloy tenders  

Netting Ec Net Jute tenders  

Nomax Brand Sheet tenders  

Nomex Aramid Paper tenders  

Nylon Braided tenders  

Nylon Sheet tenders  

Nickel Metal tenders  

Nickle Screen tenders  

Nickel tenders  

Nickel Powder tenders  

Nickel Anode tenders  

Neck Glass Old tenders  

N Methyl Aniline tenders  

Normal Parking Charges tenders  

Non Residential Buildings Painting tenders  

Name Board Fixing tenders  

Notice Board Fixing tenders  

N Butanol tenders  

Normal Butanol tenders  

Neutralizing Amine tenders  

N Hexane tenders  

Nutrition Powder tenders  

Non Ionic Surfactant tenders  

Nitrous D Type Medical Gas tenders  

Nitrous Oxide Gas tenders  

Nitrous Oxide Medical Gas tenders  

Nitrous Oxide Bulk Cylinder tenders  

Nitrous Oxide Gas Refill tenders  

Non Staining Rubber Anti Oxidant tenders  

Naptha Solvent tenders  

Niodisher tenders  

Non Ferric Aluminium Sulphate tenders  

Nickle Bright Salt tenders  

Neutral Salt tenders  

Nomex tenders  

Npk tenders  

Non Electric Detonators tenders  

Nala Digging tenders  

Non Clinical Services tenders  

Net House Renovation tenders  

Non Deluxe type Toilet Operation and Maintenance tenders  

Nursing Assistant tenders  

Nursing Services tenders  

Nitrate Effluent Treatment Plant Erection tenders  

Non Core Production Support tenders  

Nala Deepening Construction tenders  

Non Residential Tahsil tenders  

Non IT Professional Services tenders  

Non IT Technical Services tenders  

Nitrogen Injection Fire Prevention System Maintenance tenders  

Nala and Puliya tenders  

Nursing Training School Construction tenders  

New Retail Outlets Construction tenders  

New ATM Rental tenders  

Non Teaching Staff tenders  

Networking Manpower tenders  

Non Static Small Volume Chamber tenders  

New Born Sickle Screening System tenders  

Nerve Stimulator tenders  

Nandishala Construction tenders  

New Gym Building Construction tenders  

Non Performing Asset Sale tenders  

NPA Sales tenders  

Nylon Webbing tenders  

Nylon Fabric tenders  

Non Residential Building Repairing tenders  

Non Residential Building Improvement tenders  

Non Residential Building Annual Maintenance tenders  

New Premises Rental tenders  

NABL Recognition tenders  

NABL Consultant tenders  

NABL Consultancy Organisation tenders  

NABL Application tenders  

NABL Accredited Laboratories tenders  

NABL Accreditation tenders  

Nano Crystalline Silver Dressing tenders  

Non Sterile Elastic Adhesive Stretchable Bandage tenders  

Needle Free Connector tenders  

Nonabsorbable Suture Polypropylene tenders  

Non Absorbable Sterilised Needle tenders  

Non Absorbable Sterilized Needled Suture tenders  

Non Absorbable Monofilament Suture tenders  

Nailing System tenders  

NEET Examination Training tenders  

Narrow Dcp Plates tenders  

Noiseless Suction Machine tenders  

Non Invasive Mechanical Ventilator tenders  

Nala Bridge Repair tenders  

Narrow Jaw Adopter tenders  

Narrow Jaw Adapter tenders  

Nitrous Oxide tenders  

Nylon Webbing tenders  

Nylon String tenders  

Nylon Thread Cone tenders  

Non Foldable Wheel Chair tenders  

Newborn Resuscitation Mannequin tenders  

Nelaton Catheter tenders  

Nose Plug tenders  

Non Rising Sluice Valve tenders  

Nano Drone tenders  

Night Surveillance tenders  

Nebulization tenders  

Nebulizer Chamber tenders  

Nebulizer With Chamber With Oxygen Mask tenders  

Nebulizer Chamber With Mask tenders  

Nebulizer Machine tenders  

Nebulizer Kit tenders  

Nebulizer Adult Mask tenders  

Nebulizer Mask tenders  

Nebulizer tenders  

Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure tenders  

Nasal Cannula Device tenders  

Non Rebreather Oxygen Mask tenders  

Nebuliser Mask tenders  

Naval Store Item tenders  

Narcotics Trace Detector tenders  

Nala Improvement tenders  

Nitrile Hand Gloves tenders  

Night Sight tenders  

Norfloxacin Eye Drop tenders  

New Primary School Construction tenders  

Nontoxic tenders  

Natural Disinfectant Agent tenders  

Nbc First Aid Kit tenders  

Nicoumalone tenders  

Nickel Alloy tenders  

Neonatal Laryngoscope tenders  

Nursery Maintenance tenders  

Needle Disposable tenders  

Needle Spinal tenders  

Nephroscope tenders  

Network Printer Repair tenders  

Nicorandil Tablet tenders  

Nifedipine Tablet tenders  

Nitroglycerine Injection tenders  

Nasal Instruments tenders  

Needles tenders  

Nasal Prong tenders  

Nasal Oxygen Cannula tenders  

Non Invasive Ventilation tenders  

Non Invasive Ventilator Bipap tenders  

Nebivilol tenders  

Network Connection Services tenders  

Network Service Provider Services tenders  

Network Video Recorder tenders  

Nasal Pack tenders  

Nasal Spray Fluticasone Propionate tenders  

Nutrition Kit tenders  

Newsletter Printing tenders  

Nutritional Supplement tenders  

Nasal Gel tenders  

Newspaper Advertising tenders  

Nip Herbal Spray tenders  

New Year Diary Printing tenders  

Notebook Printing tenders  

Normal Saline Nasal Drop tenders  

Novorapid Flexpen tenders  

NAS Based Storage tenders  

NAS System tenders  

Network Storage tenders  

NAS Storage tenders  

Network Attached Storage tenders  

Nasal Spray tenders  

Nepafenac tenders  

Nikethamide tenders  

Nimotuzumab tenders  

Neostigmine tenders  

Networking Storage tenders  

Noradrenaline Bitartrate tenders  

Noradrenaline tenders  

Nivolumab tenders  

Nadifloxacin tenders  

Nevirapine tenders  

Numerical Relays Calibration tenders  

Non Destructive Inspection Activities tenders  

Non Destructive Test tenders  

NDT Test tenders  

Numbered Polycarbonate Seal tenders  

Non Phaco Lens tenders  

NC Thinner tenders  

Noise Level Monitoring tenders  

Naphthalene tenders  

Naphthalene Balls tenders  

Nylon Gear tenders  

Non Adhesive Polyimide Film Tape tenders  

Non Adhesive Tape tenders  

Nitrile Bonded Cork Gasket tenders  

Nitrile Bonded Rubberised Cork Gasket tenders  

Nitrile Rubber Gasket tenders  

Neoprene Rubber Gasket tenders  

Neck Tie tenders  

Naval Uniform Dress tenders  

Naval Uniforms tenders  

Natural Safety Skin Paste tenders  

Natural Protector Skin Care Paste tenders  

Nursery Seedlings tenders  

Nursery Renovation tenders  

Nylon Backpack tenders  

Nylon Socks tenders  

Normal Glove tenders  

Net Cloth tenders  

Non Woven Cloth tenders  

Neutron Dosimeters tenders  

Non Basmati Rice tenders  

Natural Cheese tenders  

Natural Mineral Water tenders  

Non Veg Items tenders  

Nutritious Food tenders  

Nutritious Food Item tenders  

Non Return Valve Repair tenders  

Noodles tenders  

Ni Cd Battery tenders  

Nutrient Agar tenders  

Navigation Light Control Panel tenders  

Nitrogen Container tenders  

Neoprene Rubber Beading tenders  

Nitrile Bonded Cork Sheet tenders  

Nitrile Bonded Rubberised Cork Sheet tenders  

Neoprene Cork Sheet tenders  

Night Vision LED Safety Banner Flag tenders  

Newspapers Supply tenders  

Name Badge tenders  

Newspaper And Magazine Stand tenders  

Name Boards tenders  

Name Plate Board tenders  

Name Plate Assembly tenders  

Name Plate tenders  

Night Glow Sticker tenders  

Neon Glow Signage Fire Exit Boards tenders  

Number Plate Supply tenders  

Number Plate Indication Board tenders  

Number Plate Assly tenders  

Nework Trainer Kit tenders  

Network Theorem Kit tenders  

Networking Trainer Educational Kit tenders  

Notice Board tenders  

National Flag Sticker tenders  

National Flag Supply tenders  

Non Tearable Weatherproof Labels tenders  

Non Reversible Temperature Lables tenders  

Non Linear Video Editing System tenders  

New Generator Plinth Construction tenders  

Non Carbonated Beverage Dispenser tenders  

Night Camera tenders  

Neo Post Ink Cartridge tenders  

Nylon Rubber Band tenders  

Note Sorting Machine Maintenance tenders  

Numerota Machine tenders  

Numbering Machine tenders  

Night Shelter tenders  

Nulm Special Shelter tenders  

Note Sorting Machine tenders  

Nukkad Natak tenders  

NETC tenders  

National Electronic Toll Collection tenders  

Neutron Detector tenders  

Noise Amplifier tenders  

Neoprene Rubber Bellow tenders  

Neoprene Rubber Gasket Sheet tenders  

Non Metallic Jointing Sheet tenders  

Non Asbestos Gasket Sheet tenders  

Nylon Insulation tenders  

Natural Rubber Sheet tenders  

Nitrile Rubber Sheet tenders  

Neoprene Rubber Sheet tenders  

Nylo Plate tenders  

Nursery Related Materials tenders  

Net House tenders  

Nursery Material tenders  

Nut Coke tenders  

Nylon Rope tenders  

Nylon Dirt Collectors tenders  

Nomex Tape tenders  

Needle Roller Thrust Cylindrical Bearing tenders  

Non Integral Flood Light tenders  

Non FLP Led Light Fittings tenders  

Nylatron Bushing tenders  

Non Metallic Colour Light Signal Housing tenders  

Navigational Light Fittings tenders  

Night Light Fitting tenders  

Nylon Tubes tenders  

Needle Bearing tenders  

Needle Roller Bearing tenders  

Nitrile Butadine Rubber tenders  

Nitrile Rubber Vulcanized tenders  

Nitrile Rubber tenders  

Nylon Bags tenders  

Natural Rubber tenders  

Nylon Net Bag tenders  

Neutron Survey Meter tenders  

NBR Rubber tenders  

Neoprene Rubber tenders  

Non Magnetic Stainless Steel Scrap tenders  

Netting tenders  

Nitrogen Gas Cylinder tenders  

Net Camouflage Shrimp Type Defence tenders  

Net Camouflage Head Dress tenders  

Nylon Nets tenders  

Nurpur Resin Extraction tenders  

Nurpur Resin tenders  

Nylon Tarpaulins tenders  

Nylon Mesh tenders  

Non Asbestos Cloth tenders  

Nylon Fabric tenders  

Non Metallic Fabric tenders  

Non Drive Pulley tenders  

Nozzle Retaining Cap tenders  

Nozzle Welding tenders  

Nylon Grinding Wheel tenders  

Nitrogen Sprayer tenders  

Nayan Cotton tenders  

Natural Tracing Paper Rolls tenders  

Nerol Extra tenders  

Nitric Acid tenders  

Naphthenic Base Oil tenders  

Nitrite Based Corrosion Inhibitor tenders  

Nitrogen Gas tenders  

Natural Sand tenders  

Neem Oil tenders  

Non Ionic Detergent tenders  

Neutral Grounding Cubicle tenders  

Neutral Grounding Reactor tenders  

Numerical Bus Bar Protection Schemes tenders  

Needle Tips tenders  

NGR Fail Safe Relay tenders  

Neutral Grounding Resistors tenders  

Neutral Grounding Resistor Monitoring Relay tenders  

Non Deteriorating tenders  

Non Deteriorating Cylindrical LV Cartridge Fuse tenders  

Non Deteriorating Type Low Voltage Electric Fuse tenders  

Non Deteriorating Type Electric Fuse tenders  

Nylon Cable Tie tenders  

Nylon Cable tenders  

Newspaper Scrap tenders  

Non Ferrous Scrap tenders  

Neem Cake tenders  

Ngr System tenders  

Neutral Grounding Resistor tenders  

Ngr Monitoring System tenders  

Nitrogen Calcium Compound Fertilizer tenders  

Nutrient Supplement tenders  

Non Hazardous Scrap tenders  

Nerol tenders  

Non Metallic Joint tenders  

Non Alloy Pig Iron tenders  

Nylon Bush tenders  

Nutrient tenders  

Nitrile Glove tenders  

N 95 tenders  

Nitrile Hand Glove tenders  

Nose Mask tenders  

Non Clog Submersible Pumps tenders  

Network Security System tenders  

Network Rack tenders  

Nozzle tenders  

Network Routers tenders  

Network Firewalls tenders  

Network Components tenders  

Network Managed Switches tenders  

Nipple tenders  

Network Switches tenders  

Netsim Software tenders  

Non Metallic Sd Sleeve tenders  

Non Metallic Sleeve tenders  

Noval Server Spare tenders  

Netapp Storage tenders  

Nichrome Heating Element tenders  

Non Return Valves tenders  

Nozzles tenders  

Neoprene Hose tenders  

Neutron Monitor tenders  

NMR Tubes tenders  

Neutron Survey Instrument tenders  

Neutron Rem Counter tenders  

Neubaur Chamber tenders  

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrophotometer tenders  

Nano Spectrometer tenders  

Name Board Installation tenders  

Nanosecond Pulsed Laser tenders  

NDT Equipment tenders  

Non destructive Testing Equipments tenders  

Noise Source tenders  

Nylon Web Flat Sling tenders  

Nylon Sling tenders  

Non Asbestos Brake Pad tenders  

Nox Analyser tenders  

Nanovoltmeter tenders  

Nh3 Analyzers tenders  

Nose Assembly tenders  

Nephelometric Turbidity Meter tenders  

Nasal Endoscopic CCD Camera tenders  

Napkin Burner tenders  

Napkin Destroyer tenders  

Needle Holder tenders  

Nasal Debrider tenders  

Nerve Simulator tenders  

Negative Pressure Suction tenders  

Neurosurgical Operating Table tenders  

Neurosurgery Consumables tenders  

Neuro Navigation System tenders  

Neurosurgical implant tenders  

Newborn Umbilical Cord Clamp tenders  

Neoprene Rubber Diaphragm tenders  

Neurosurgical Operating Microscope tenders  

Nerve Monitors tenders  

Nerve Locators tenders  

Neural Monitoring System tenders  

Neuro physiological monitoring system tenders  

Non Absorbable Surgical Suture tenders  

Nylon Braided Hose Pipe tenders  

Neuro Endoscope tenders  

Nasal Endoscopy tenders  

Nylon Hose tenders  

Nylon Braided Hose tenders  

Non Lubricated Plug Valve tenders  

Nylon Braided Connection Hose Pipe tenders  

Neoprene Hose tenders  

Nozzle Caps tenders  

Nozzle Tips tenders  

Nitrile Braided Chemical Hose tenders  

Non Return Valve Swing type Check Valves tenders  

Nozzle Ring tenders  

Nozzle Sleeve Extractor tenders  

Needle Valve tenders  

Nord Lock Washer tenders  

Nibblers tenders  

Nut Spline tenders  

Nylock Nut tenders  

Nylock Nut Flange Hex tenders  

Nbc Pads tenders  

Nut tenders  

Nut Hex Plain tenders  

Neutral Inserts tenders  

New Series Collars tenders  

Notching Lever tenders  

NBR O Ring tenders  

Navigation System tenders  

Nylon Bogie Bush tenders  

Nyloc Nut tenders  

Necked Down Bolt tenders  

Necked Down Bolt tenders  

Nail tenders  

Nitrogen Cylinder tenders  

Noise Meter tenders  

Noise Dosimeter tenders  

Noise Monitoring Equipment tenders  

Normal Probe tenders  

Nylon Tyre Rear for JCB tenders  

Noise Level Meter tenders  

Nogo Gauge tenders  

Non Skid Chain tenders  

Natural Gas Dispenser tenders  

Noise Analyzer tenders  

Nucleonic Gauges tenders  

Non Sparking Hammer tenders  

Noise Generator tenders  

Network Analyzer Repair tenders  

Nut Splitter tenders  

Nibbler Machine tenders  

Non Destructive Testing Penetrant tenders  

NIR Analyzer tenders  

Network Analyzers tenders  

Nephelometer tenders  

Network Analyzer tenders  

Numerical Relay tenders  

Nylon Brush tenders  

Night Vision Device tenders  

Night Vision Binocular tenders  

Night Vission Monocular tenders  

No Go Gauge tenders  

Non Destructive Testing Instruments tenders  

Newtonian Telescope tenders  

Non Sparking Tool tenders  

Nitrogen Analyzer tenders  

Nitrogen Blanketing System tenders  

Nitrogen Detector tenders  

NMR Spectrometer tenders  

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer tenders  

Navigational System tenders  

Notch Filter tenders  

Numerical Relay Test Kit tenders  

Non Contact Thermometer tenders  

Nas Partical Counter tenders  

NaI Detector tenders  

Normal Probe tenders  

Nano Volume Spectrophotometer tenders  

Nano Spectrophotometer tenders  

Nucleic Acidand Protein tenders  

Nitrogen Concentrator tenders  

Nitrogen Evaporator tenders  

Nickel Screen tenders  

Nickel Sheet tenders  

Natural Fibre Thermoset Composite Sheet tenders  

Non Asbestos Sheet tenders  

Niobium Sheet tenders  

Niobium Metal tenders  

Nail Chiller tenders  

Nitrogen Plant Spares tenders  

Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit tenders  

Nucleic Acid tenders  

Nutrient Broth tenders  

Non Refrigerated Centrifuge tenders  

Notesheet tenders  

Nomex Aramid Paper tenders  

Note Book tenders  

Note Sheet tenders  

Note Pad tenders  

Nomex Paper tenders  

Non Flammable Green Bio Product tenders  

Napkin Vending Machine tenders  

Non Electrical Chlorinator tenders  

Non Electric Chlorination System tenders  

Nala Cleaning Machine tenders  

NCC Filters tenders  

Naocl tenders  

Nitrogen Gas Generator tenders  

Networking Accessories tenders  

Network Equipment AMC tenders  

Nitromo Electric Vehicles tenders  

Night Quadcopters tenders  

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery tenders  

NiMH Batteries tenders  

Notebook Computer tenders  

N95 Mask tenders  

Non Sterile Gloves tenders  

Non Ferric Alum tenders  

Ni Cd Battery tenders  

NI CAD Battery tenders  

Nickel Cadmium Battery Bank tenders  

Non Linear Crystal tenders  

Nickel Cadmium Battery tenders  

Nozzle Sprinkler tenders  

Network Performance Audit tenders  

Network Security Management tenders  

Network Performance Audit tenders  

Nitrogen Gas Analyzer tenders  

Navy Blue Uniform tenders  

NGR Panel Repair tenders  

Non Invasive Ventilator tenders  

Neonatal Ventilator tenders  

Nasal Endoscope tenders  

Notebook Computer tenders  

Non Motorable Aqua Sports Equipments tenders  

Net Meters tenders  

Nylon Badminton Nets tenders