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Indicating and Recording Instruments Sub Categories


Bomb Calorimeter

Thermal Conductivity Analyzer


Surface Area Analyzer

Colony Counter

Ion Meter


Rotational Viscometer

Kinematic Viscometer

Brookfield Viscometer

Stabinger Viscometer

Visco Analyzer

Automatic Viscometer

Density Viscometer

Viscometer Apparatus

Leaf Area Meter

Chlorophyll Meter

Chlorophyll Fluorometer

Zeta Potential Measuring System

Spad Chlorophyll Meter

Liquid Scintillation Counter

Chlorophyll Concentration Meter

Fragment Analyser

Vibratory Cup Mill

Canopy Analyser

Digital Multichannel Analyser

USB Based Multichannel Analyser

Chemidoc Imaging System

Chemi Documentation System

Advanced KF Coulometer

Fat Extraction System

Flow Cup Viscometer

Surface Tension Meter

Hydroxy Terminated Poly Butadiene


Digital Multimeter

Digital Panel Meters


Metal Tube Rotameters

Glass Tube Rotameter

Variable Area Flow Meters

Bypass Rotameter

Purge Rotameter

Digital Crock Meter

200 Mhz 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Torque Rheometer

Capillary Rheometer

Rotational Rheometer

Dynamic Shear Rheometer

Research Grade Rheometer System

Advanced Dynamic Rotational Rheometer


Automatic Single Car Test

Automated Test Equipment

Ultrasonic Water Level Indicator

Mechanical Analyser

RF Directional Wattmeter

Watt Meter

Automatic Transfer Switch

AC Static Watthour Meters

Rack Transfer Switch

Water Meters

Fuel Glow Rod Reading Plate

Speed Indicators

Ultrasonic Flow Detector


Tester Dukane Ultrasonic

Flow Meters

Digital Flowmeter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Digital Elcometer

Dry Film Thickness Meter

Electronic Flow Meter

Magnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electro Magnetic Flow Meter

Thin Film Thickness Measurement System

Helioborne Geophysical System

Geological Equipments

Digital Geophysical Logger

Borehole Geophysical Logging System

Resistivity Measuring System

Geophysical Logging Cable

Geotechnical Instruments


Potentiometric Titrator

Automatic Universal Titrator

Metrohm Titrator

Engine Driven Portable Soil Corer

Digital Dynamometer


Transient Engine Dynamometer

Lathe Tool Dynomometer

Chassis Dynamometer

Hydraulic Dynamometer

Automatic Levelling Instrument

Reflux Level Gauge Indicator

Mobile Data Logger

Real Time Data Logging

Digital Level Indicator

Water Analyzers

Water Quality Analysers

Peptone Water Himedia

Water Quality Meters

Water Activity Meter

Lovibond Tintometer

Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

Four Point Probe

Oscilloscope Probe

Level Probe

Measurement Probe

Pressure Regulator

Field Calibrator

Multi Function Calibrators

Magnetic Level Switch

Switch Fluid Level

Multimode Reader


Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

Inline Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic Insertion type Flow Meter

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Oil Level Switch

Ultra Sonic Flow Meter Spares

Ultrasonic Flare Flow Meter

Centrifuge Level Switch

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Vibrating Fork Level Switch

Clamp On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultra Sonic Flow Meter

Capacitance Type Level Switch

Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

Level Switch Electronic Housing Assembly

Float Type Level Switch

Level Switch

Digital Notch Indicator

Programmable Indicator

Indicator Speed

Digital Indicator

Calibration Kit

Air Flow Indicator

Air Flow Relay Testing Unit

Air Flow Meter

Air Flow Monitoring

Proximity Switch

Height Measuring Scale

Range Finder

Online Thickness Monitoring System

Vacuum Station Spares

Dial Test Indicator

Digital Dial Indicator

Flow Meters Calibration

Calibration Standard Meters

Digimatic Dial Indicator

Dial Indicator

GSM based Real Time Water Level Monitoring Instruments

Electronic Water Level Indicator

Digital Water Level Recorder

Water Level Monitoring System

Water Level Indicator

Water Level Recorders

Digital Tensiometer

Interfacial Tensiometer

Automatic Interfacial Surface Tensiometer

Soil Tensiometer

Force Tensiometer

Surface Tensiometer

Belt Tension Meter Spares

Cable Tensiometer

Tensio Meter

Tensiometer Ring

Tension Meter


Microprocessor based Electronioc Speed Indicating

Automatic Speed Indicator

Automatic Weather Station

Digital Weather System

Weather Monitoring Station

Analog Oscilloscope

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

High Bandwidth Oscilloscope

8 Channel Oscilloscope

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Navigational System

Robotic Navigation System

Dial Type Cold Water Flow Meter

Digital Water Flow Meter

Magnetic Water Flow Meter

Orifice Plate

Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Dynamic Scanning Calorimeter

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Digital Ultrasonic Double Rail Tester

Miniature Pressure Transducer

Blast Pressure Transducer

Oil Testing Kit

Portable Lub Oil Test Kit

Oil Lubrication System

Soil Moisture Data Logger

Smart Water Meter Components

Faulty Water Meters

Defective Water Meter

Water Meter

Domestic Water Meters

Digital Water Meter

Turbine Flow Meters

Autolevelling Instruments

Hydro Meteorological Equipments

TVRO System

GYRO Stabilized Horizontal Roll Bar System

Oil Flow Indicator

PXI System

Digital Recorder

XL Multical

Hydro Metereological Network

Hydrological Station

Wind Speed Recording Stations

Bore Gauge With Dial Indicator

Fluoride Ion meter

Magnetic Level Indicator

PH Electrode

Levelling Staff

Digital Automatic Level

Karl Fisher Titration

Pickup Magnetic

Salt Testing Kit

Zooplankton net

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Silica Analyzer

Endress Flow Meter Spare

Soil Compaction Tester

Soil Testing Kit

Vortex Flow Meter

Smoke Meter

Soil Resistivity Meter

Concrete Resistivity Meter

Resistivity Imaging System

Signal Stacking Resistivity Meter

Single Channel DC Resistivity Meter

Flow Calibrator

DC Resistivity Meter


Shear Testing Machine

Water Detection Capsule

Digital Colorimeter


Displacement Transducers

Oil BDV Test Kit

Oil Contamination Checking Kit

Cooking Oil Tester

Oil Testing Machine

Cone Calorimeter

Pressure Indicators

DO Meter

Isothermal Calorimeter

Digital Calorimeter

Digital RPM Meter

Ion Analyzer

Soil Testing Laboratory Equipment

Motorized Stage

Salt Spray Chamber

Rotation Stage

Salt Spray Test System

Graphic Recorder

Digital Notch Position Indicator

Remote Tap Position Indicator

Oscillation Monitoring System

Digital Grease Meter

Grease Meter

Handheld Oscilloscope

Flow Totalizer

Flow Computer

Constant Level Oiler

Boiler Drum Level Controller

Fare Meters


Low Water Alarm Switch

Surface Resistivity Tester

Digital Water Level Indicator

Alarm System

Adhesion Tester

Dead Weight Tester

Fuel Analyzer



Strip Chart Recorder Chart Paper

Automatic Water Level Recorder

Oxidation Tester

Fully Automated Bocle Lubricity Apparatus

Ionisation Chamber

Ash Level Indicator

Ion Chamber

Process Calibrator

Bilge Alarm Float Switch

Regulator Repair Kit

High Level Alarm Switch

Strohlein Apparatus

Process Indicators

Drop Tester

Time to Digital Converter

Hiring of Potable Flow Meter Device

Waste Water Recovery Flow Meter

Dietary Fibre Estimation System

Coal Testing Instruments

View Port

Smart Water Meter

GPS Based Oscillation Monitoring System

Hour Meter

Cable Locator

Pipe Locators

Radon Monitor

Strain Indicator

Film Applicator

Beta Counting System


Fuse Alarm System

JFTOT Spares


Time to Amplitude Converter

Pour Point Analyser

Show Flow Indicator

Oscilloscope Calibrator

Strata Monitoring Instrument

Luminance Measurement System

Speed Recorder IOH Kit

Revolution Counter

Rotary Paddle Level Switches

Prismatic Compass

Insulating Oil Tester

Paint Gloss Meter

Partial Discharge Monitoring System

Automatic Melting Point Apparatus

Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Melting Point Apparatus Hot Stage


Weather Forecast System

Fully Static Meters without DLMS

Wind Monitoring Station

Pocket Weather Tracker

Torque Limiter

Photo Elastic Stress Analyzer


Web based People Counter

PH Indicator Stripe

Resistivity Rotator


PH Meter Controller

Bar Graph Indicator

Miniature Tide and Wave Recorder

H2S Drager Tubes

Consolidation Apparatus

Test Jig




Flame Ionization

Gum Tester


Hotwire Anemometer

Digital Thermo Anemometer

Vibration Monitoring System Spares

Digital Vibration Meter

Portable Vibration Meter

Hand Held Vibration Meter

Flow Indicator Totaliser

Flow Divider

Switch Mass Flow Fluid


Flow Indicating Valve

Advanced Flow Cytometer

Water Flow Meter

Steam Flow Measurment

Flow Controller

Fuel Cell Test Station

Discharge Monitoring System

Bore Hole Stress Meter

Normal Probe

Portable Weather Meter

UV Weatherometer

Float Level Switch

Cable Float Switch

Water Level Float Switch

Float Switch

Digital Fuel Flow Meter

Oil Flow Meter

Diesel Flow Meter

Flow Counter

Acetylene Pressure Regulator

Mercury Analyzer

Single Channel Usb Node Acoustic Emission System

Rotary Positive Displacement Meter

Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Positive Displacement Pump

Handheld Multimeter





Flanged Water Meter

Mechanical Water Meter

Multi Jet Water Meter

Measurement System

Speed Recorder

Speed Probes

Speed Logger

Plane Array

Visual Indication

Field Instrument

Warning Device

Level Instrument

Flow meter


Ion Counter

Control System

Digital Pressure Indicator

Pulse Velocity Tester

Automatic Corrosion Analyzer

Watthour Meter

Oil Level Indicator

Water Quality Monitoring Systems

Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer

Digital Mass Flow Meter

Mass Flow Controller

Mass Flow Meter

Environmental Survey Meters

Coriolis Flow Meter

Solid Flow Meter

Weather Station

Meteorological Monitoring System

Ultrasonic Flow Cell

Spark Testers

Dual Channel Analog Oscilloscope


Level Indicator


PH Meter

Vibration Meter

Flow Cytometer Analyzer

Four Ball Tester

Vee Blocks

Water Meter

Domestic Water Meter

Digital Water Meter

Multi Jet Water Meter

Ultrasonic Water Meter

Magnetic Water Meter

Mechanism type Water Meter

Household Water Meter

Cast Iron Water Meter


Direct Shear Test Apparatus

Dust Density

SPM Analyzer


Acoustic Transducer

Weather Tracker

Wind Vane

People Counting Machine

Gloss Meters

Hydrological Instruments

Hydrographic Survey System

Smart Station

Plankton Net


Float Switch

Sand Flow Chambers

Impact Recorder

Loop Calibrator

Portable Loop Calibrator

Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

Oil Pressure Indicator

Averaging Pitot Tube

Stepper Motor

Stepper Card

Oil Content Monitors Analysers

Conostan Oil



Digital Viscometer

Viscocity Measuring System

Multichannel Analyser

Counting System

Measuring Cylinder

Radium Delayed Coincidence Counter

Scintillation Counter

Wind Speed



Indicating and Recording Instruments Tenders

1. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, Jharkhand

2. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal [Expired]


3. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal [Expired]




6. NORTH CENTRAL RLY, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

7. IHQ of MoD (Army)-(OSCC), Uttar Pradesh [Expired]


8. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Real Time Oscilloscope

9. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Rajasthan [Expired]

10. Multi-State, Uttar Pradesh

Real Time Oscilloscope

11. Karnataka Power Corporation Limited, Karnataka

12. Central Ground Water Board, Haryana

DWLR installation and supply of data

13. Central Ground Water Board, Haryana

14. Central Ground Water Board, Haryana

15. Central Ground Water Board, Haryana

16. Central Ground Water Board, Haryana

17. Prime Minister's Office, Kerala

18. Central Ground Water Board, Haryana

19. Department of Defence Production, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

20. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Rajasthan

13 GHz Oscilloscope

21. Ministry of Mines, Odisha

22. Department of Atomic Energy, Maharashtra

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

23. Department of Sugar, Tamil Nadu [Expired]

Purchase of Conductivity Motor with Alaram

24. RWF, Karnataka [Expired]


25. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Andhra Pradesh [Expired]

26. Department of Defence, Telangana [Expired]

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

27. Department of Atomic Energy, Maharashtra [Expired]

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

28. Department of Defence Production, Odisha

29. Multi-State, Punjab [Expired]

30. DG, Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force, Delhi [Expired]

31. Multi-State, West Bengal [Expired]

32. Department of Higher Education, Tamil Nadu


33. Engineers India Limited,MoPNG, Haryana [Expired]

34. Department of Heavy Industry, Telangana


35. Department of Atomic Energy, Maharashtra

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

36. EASTERN RLY, West Bengal

Double flanged with position indicator

37. Directorate of Technical Education, Kerala [Expired]

Potentiostat/Galvanostat and Standard cell Kit

38. Govt.Model Engineer College, Kerala [Expired] [Offline]

39. Prime Minister's Office, Kerala

40. University of Calicut, Kerala


41. NORTHERN RLY, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

42. EAST CENTRAL RLY, Bihar [Expired]

43. Integrated Defence Staff, Andaman and Nicobar Islands [Expired]

44. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

45. Directorate of Technical Education, Tamil Nadu [Expired]

Purchase of DSO

46. Department of Space, Uttarakhand [Expired]

47. Steel Authority of India, Tamil Nadu [Expired]

48. Department of Defence Production, Tamil Nadu [Expired]

49. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Madhya Pradesh [Expired]

Piston Indicator Assembly

50. Department of Higher Education, Chandigarh [Expired]

Digital Storage Oscilloscope