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Sewage or Water Treatment Machinery Sub Categories


Millipore Water System

Suction Machine

High Pressure Jetting Machine

Nala Cleaning Machine

Desilting Machine

Sewage Cleaning Machine

Portable Turbidity Meter

Turbidity Analyzer

Dewatering System

Gypsum Dewatering System

Water Purification System

Millipore Water Purification

Mobile Water Treatment Vehicle

Protein Purification Systems

Ultrapure Water Purification System

High Quality Water Purification System

Water Quality Testing Instruments

Water Purification Machine

Water Purification Unit Equipments

Potable Water Purification

Water Polishing System

UV Water Purification System

Thermo Water Purification System

Water Disinfection Equipment

Waste Water Treatment

Solar Photovoltaic Water Purification

Water Analyzer Photometer

Molecular Grade Water Purification System

Demonstration Water Purification System

Demineralized Water Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

Oxygen Electrolyser System

Innovative Disinfection System

Auto Water Treatment Plant

Ozone Plant

Cooling Water Treatment System

Ballast Water Treatment System

Raw Water Treatment Plant

Double Bed Demineralised

Solid Fluid Operation Equipment

Turbidity Meter

Desalination Plant

Sea Water System

Fresh Water Generator

DM Water Plants

Ozone Wafer Cleaning System

Zero Liquid Discharge

Odorizing System

Automatic Hygiene and Odour Control System

Odour Control Dispenser

Odour Control System

Hand Held Odor Meter

Odorant System

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Disposal Equipment

Jar Test Apparatus

Ozone System

Chemical treatment of UGR

Grit Removal System

Water Softening Plant

Sludge Collectors

Sludge Dewatering Equipments

Water Softener Plant

Vacuum Operated Litter Cleaning Machine

UV Disinfection Equipment

Atmospheric Water Generator

Ash Water Recirculation System

Rain Water Disposal

Vacuum Sucker Machine

Vacuum Emptier

Sewer Suction Machine

Water Quality Laboratory

Water Testing Laboratory

Laboratory Water Purifier

Water Quality Instruments

Water Analysis Equipments

Water Quality Analyser System

Steam and Water Analysing System

Demineralising Plant

Ultrapure Water

Ultra Pure Water System

Ultra Pure Water Generator

Purification Cartridge

Jetting Cum Suction Machine

Sucking Machine

Garbage Suction Machine

Sludge Suction Tanker

Vehicle Mounted Suction Machine

Truck Mounted Suction Machine

Sewage Sucker

Hot Forming Cum Vacuum Suction Machine

Chassis Mounted Suction Machine

Sewage Water Recycler

Sewage Jetting Pipe

Sludge Removal System

Desilting Machine

Grabbing Machine

Mounted Sucking Machine

Disposal of Waste Water

Disposal of Sewage Water

Odour Control Units

Odor Controller

Nephelometric Turbidity Meter

Benchtop Turbidity Meter

Online Turbidity Analyzer

Online Turbidity Meter

Digital Turbidity Meter

Turbidity Analyser

Dewatering System Mechanical

Solar Atmospheric Water Generator

Ion Exchange Column

Anion Exchange Membrane


Reverse Osmosis Test Skid

Ozonation System

Hargreaves Apparatus

Plantar Test

Ammonia Chiller

Auto Jetting Machine

ELC Collector

Automatic Compose Machine

Sludge Dewatering Equipments

Mechanical Dewatering System

Lab Water Purification Amc

Sewage or Water Treatment Machinery Tenders


Supply of Septic tank cleaner vehicle for 1 year

2. Directorate Of Municipal Administration, Maharashtra

Supply of Alum at MC Osmanabad

3. PHE, West Bengal

4. Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB), Tamil Nadu

5. Directorate of Municipal Administration, Karnataka

Supply of Water Supply Purification Materials

6. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Tamil Nadu [Expired]


7. OTHERS, Puducherry [Expired]

Sanitary Napkins Vending Machines

8. Urban Administration and Development Department, Madhya Pradesh

supply of septic tank cleaner

9. Department of Urban Development, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

10. NREP RANCHI, Jharkhand [Expired]

11. Department of Heavy Industry, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

12. Department Of Military Affairs, Gujarat [Expired]

13. PHED-Chief Engineer(HQ),Jaipur, Rajasthan [Expired]

14. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, West Bengal [Expired]

15. Department Of Military Affairs, Karnataka [Expired]

BOQ (Drain and sewer cleaning Machine)

16. Directorate of Agriculture Marketing-Jaipur, Rajasthan [Expired]

17. OTHERS, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]


18. Medical and Health, Rajasthan [Expired]

19. Urban Development Department, Maharashtra [Expired]

Tractor Trailer Mounted Suction Machine-IS:13496

20. Haryana Government, Haryana [Expired]

21. Department Of Military Affairs, Karnataka [Expired]

Fuel Free Solid Waste Incinerator

22. Jharkhand Personnel, Administrative Reforms & Raj Bhasa, Jharkhand [Expired]

alum per kg bag with side deleverd

23. Department of Defence Production, Odisha

24. Directorate of Local Bodies UP, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

25. Directorate of Municipal Administration, Karnataka

26. Goa State Urban Development Agency, Goa

Mini Jetting Machine

27. Directorate of Municipal Administration, Karnataka

28. PHED-Chief Engineer(HQ),Jaipur, Rajasthan [Expired]

29. Gujarat Panchayats And Rural Housing Department, Gujarat [Expired]

30. Multi-State, Gujarat [Expired]

Atmospheric Water Generator

31. Department of Education, Delhi [Expired]

BOQ::Incinerator machine-->As per attached document

32. Department of Atomic Energy, Maharashtra

Cationic Polyelectrolyte Liquid (100% basis)

33. Directorate of Municipal Administration, Karnataka [Expired]

34. HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd, Kerala [Expired]

35. Ministry of Mines, Tamil Nadu

Turbidity meter

36. RRVUN - CMD, Rajasthan [Expired]

37. , Bihar

38. Delhi Jal Board, Delhi [Expired]


39. OTHERS, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

Tractor Trailer Mounted Suction Machine-IS:13496

40. Deaprtment of Cooperation, Punjab [Expired]


41. Deaprtment of Cooperation, Punjab [Expired]


42. Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Delhi [Expired]

43. Deaprtment of Cooperation, Punjab [Expired]


44. , Bihar

Sanitary Napkins Vending Machines

45. Department of Local Government, Punjab

46. Indian Council of Medical Research, Telangana [Expired]

47. Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD), Tamil Nadu [Expired]

48. PHED-Chief Engineer(HQ),Jaipur, Rajasthan [Expired]

49. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Tamil Nadu

Pre Treatment Plant for Sagardighi Project

50. Department of Defence Production, Telangana

Titanium Dioxide for Flux