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Lighting Sub Categories


LED Lights (132 live)

Solar LED Light (1 live)

Cast Iron Lamp Post (38 live)

Street Light Fittings (598 live)

Solar Street Light Installation (1000 live)

Lighting Tower (475 live)

Decorative Lighting

Perimeter Lighting (250 live)

LED Light Installation (699 live)

LED Light Fittings (623 live)

Facade Lighting (256 live)

Area Lighting (493 live)

Flame Proof Lighting (146 live)

Aviation Obstruction Light Installation (90 live)

Security Lighting (536 live)

Yard Lighting (567 live)

Octagonal Mini Highmast Light (316 live)

Outdoor Lighting (350 live)

Ornamental Lighting (20 live)

Garden Lighting (622 live)

Electrical Lighting (139 live)

Sodium Vapour Light Installation (164 live)

Median Light Installation (14 live)

Staircase Lighting (116 live)

Focus Lighting (83 live)

Induction Street Lights (14 live)

Compound Lighting (552 live)

Stage Lighting (490 live)

External Lighting (419 live)

Sodium Street Light Installation (138 live)

Central Street Light Installation (366 live)

Heritage Street Light Installation (48 live)

Conventional Street Lights (12 live)

Solar Mini Mast Lighting (76 live)

Integrated Solar Street Light Installation (82 live)

CFL Street Light Installation (87 live)

Pathway Street Lighting Installation (39 live)

Solar Power Light Installation (1000 live)

LED Flood Lighting Installation (578 live)

Arena Flood Lighting (7 live)

Border Flood Light Installation (67 live)

Apron Flood Lighting (28 live)

Outdoor LED Flood Light (16 live)

Street Flood Light (11 live)

Battery Operated Led Based Flashing Tail Lamp (32 live)

LED Light Emitting Diodes Light Installation (1000 live)

High Mast Light (161 live)

Mini Mast Light Installation (571 live)

High Mast Security Light (94 live)

Street Light Installation

Street Light Pole Installation (618 live)

Road Light Installation (408 live)

Street Light Maintenance

Solar High Mast Street Lighting (313 live)

High Mast Pole

High Mast Tower (99 live)

LED Luminaire (621 live)

LED Well Glass Fixture (335 live)

LED Flasher Light (144 live)

LED Fittings (477 live)

Underwater LED Lights (25 live)

LED Yard Lights (49 live)

LED Based Tail Lamp (245 live)

LED Lamps (601 live)

Tubular Led Lamp (218 live)

Led Marker Light (284 live)

Led High Bay Light Fitting (574 live)

Led Indication Lamp (263 live)

Energy Efficient Led Light Fittings (222 live)

Led Berth Reading Light Fitting (355 live)

Led Cab Light (110 live)

Led Based Toilet Occupied Light Fitting (106 live)

Led Flood Light Luminaire (378 live)

Self Ballasted Led Lamps (20 live)

LED PL Lamp (13 live)

Led Night Light Fitting (252 live)

Recessed LED Luminaires (184 live)

Led Down Lights (148 live)

Led Ceiling Light (283 live)

Led Bulbs (549 live)

Led Flickering Light (5 live)

Led Focus Light Fitting (26 live)

Double Wire Led Light Assy (7 live)

Square Type Led Light (55 live)

Flp Led Light Fitting (67 live)

Led Fl Fittings (10 live)

Multi Led Light Fitting (80 live)

Led Aviation Light (24 live)

Emergency Led Lighting System (80 live)

Light Emitting Diode LED Fixtures (56 live)

Retro Led Light (195 live)

Led Wall Light Fitting (40 live)

Led Bulkhead Light (50 live)

Led Inspection Lamp (29 live)

Picture Type Led Light Fitting (17 live)

Led Strip Light (147 live)

Led Mirror Light Fitting (191 live)

Led Drivers (165 live)

Industrial Led Light (93 live)

Led Light Fittings (649 live)

Led Marine Lantern (39 live)

Led Light Source (71 live)

Led Cluster Light (26 live)

Led Based Dome Light (31 live)

High Power Led Light Fitting (79 live)

LED Material (63 live)

Led Based Classification Light (40 live)

Led Serial Sets (9 live)

Central Lighting with Led Light (6 live)

Led Beam Light (82 live)

Water Proof Led Fixtures (46 live)

LED Sets (12 live)

Energy Saving Led Fittings (39 live)

Pilot Led Light (21 live)

White Led Luminaires (96 live)

Rechargeable Led Light (120 live)

Self Illuminated Led Type (9 live)

Flame Proof Led Fitting (25 live)

Led Rocket Lamp (16 live)

Battery Operated Led (62 live)

Led Pit Light (30 live)

LED Pig (8 live)

LED Head Lights (93 live)

LED Rope (35 live)

Street Lights (880 live)

HPSV Street Light (47 live)

High Mast Street Light (87 live)

Sodium Street Light (28 live)

Electrical Street Light (346 live)

SV Lamp Fittings (46 live)

Light Fittings (565 live)

CFL Light Fitting (8 live)

Light Marker (52 live)

Electrical Lighting Materials (59 live)

HPSV Light Fitting (61 live)

HPSV Lamp (67 live)

Mirror Light Fitting (81 live)

Lighting Materials (471 live)

Light Fixtures (370 live)

Box Type Fittings (18 live)

Night Light Fitting (104 live)

Under Water Light Fixtures (5 live)

Lighting Accessories (179 live)

Illumination Spares (121 live)

UV Black Light System (9 live)

Energy Efficient Fittings (20 live)

Retrofit Light (6 live)

Fluorescent Lamp (22 live)

Fluorescent Light Fitting (89 live)

Revolving Light (8 live)

Energy Saving Fitting (11 live)

Search Light Fitting (17 live)

Socket Hand Lamp (50 live)

Bulb Black Light (9 live)

Dummy Light Fitting (7 live)

Aeronautical Ground Lighting Fittings (8 live)

Airfield Lighting Fixtures (18 live)

Forensic Light Source (9 live)

Power Plant Lighting Fixtures (8 live)

Remote Area Lighting System (27 live)

Navigational Light Fittings (6 live)

Berth Light Fittings (32 live)

Aviation Obstruction Light Fittings (14 live)

Light Equipment (11 live)

Chandelier Light (5 live)

Light Boxes (5 live)

Roof Light Assy (9 live)

Marine Lights (8 live)

Helipad Lights (15 live)

Fog Light Fitting (23 live)

Dichroic Lamp (30 live)

Ceiling Light Fitting (170 live)

Central Lights Materials (59 live)

Lamp Holder (101 live)

Ceramic Lamp Holder (10 live)

Post Top Lantern Fitting (48 live)

Lantern Electric (14 live)

Electric Lighting Material (5 live)

Light Fitting Spares (15 live)

Blinking Tail Light (6 live)

Non Metallic Colour Light Signal Housing (14 live)

WC Engaged Signal Light Assembly (7 live)

Side Light Fittings (12 live)

Electrical Luminaries (6 live)

Classification Light Fitting (10 live)

Day Light System (13 live)

Light System (89 live)

Warning Light (6 live)

Underground Light Fittings (8 live)

Portable Light (62 live)

Sports Lighting (11 live)

Non FLP Led Light Fittings (7 live)

LED Flood Light (831 live)

LED Flood Light Fittings (285 live)

LED Luminaire for Flood Light (734 live)

Flood Light Fittings (417 live)

High Power LED Flood Light (22 live)

Border Flood Lighting (28 live)

HPSV Flood Light (50 live)

High Mast Flood Lights (64 live)

Water Proof Led Flood Light (12 live)

RGB Flood Light (10 live)

Industrial Flood Light (18 live)

Non Integral Flood Light (21 live)

LED Out Door Flood Light (84 live)

Rechargeable Flood Light (22 live)

Flameproof Flood Lights (74 live)

LED Warm White Flood Light (11 live)

Flood Light Battery Operated (28 live)

Halogen Flood Light (28 live)

Induction Flood Light (7 live)

Multicolour Led Flood Light (20 live)

Flood Lights (844 live)

LED Tube Lights (705 live)

LED Tubular Tubes (39 live)

LED Retrofit Tube Light (219 live)

Energy Efficient LED Tube Lamp (79 live)

Indoor LED Tube Light (64 live)

LED Tube Light Fitting (172 live)

LED Batten (220 live)

Self Ballasted LED Retrofit Tube Light (47 live)

LED Tubular Light (7 live)

LED Tubular Lamps (113 live)

Light Emitting Diode Led Fixture LED Tube Light (667 live)

Tubular LED Tubes (46 live)

Safety Hand Lamps (12 live)

Hand Held Search Light (659 live)

Rechargeable Hand Held LED Torch Light (11 live)

Inspection Hand Lamps (7 live)

Inspection Torch (5 live)

Portable Rechargeable Safety Torch (5 live)

High Power 3 Watt Torch Light (80 live)

Under Water Torch (18 live)

Magnetic Torch (10 live)

LED Torch (251 live)

Strobe Light (10 live)

LED Torch Chargeable (6 live)

Rechargeable Torch (128 live)

Small Torch (9 live)

Revolving Search Light (21 live)

Security Search Lights (7 live)

Tricolor Torch (9 live)

Portable Hand Lamp (16 live)

Battery Operated Torch Light (121 live)

Rechargeable Flash Light (11 live)

LED Flash Light (17 live)

Rotating Search Light (14 live)

Dragon Torch (8 live)

Dragon Search Light (29 live)

Tactical Torch (8 live)

Flame Proof Hand Lamp (39 live)

Safety Torch (61 live)

Safety Hand Lamp (13 live)

Hand Signal Torch (9 live)

Multipurpose Torch Light (32 live)

LED Hand Lamp (25 live)

Tower Search Light (15 live)

UV LED Torch (18 live)

Commando Torch (7 live)

Emergency Light Rechargeable Torch (18 live)

Light Weight LED Based Torch Light (16 live)

LED Street Light Fitting (163 live)

Post Top Lantern Street Light Fitting (10 live)

Street Light Materials (537 live)

Street Light Bracket (12 live)

Solar Street Light Luminaire (12 live)

Road Light Materials (8 live)

Street Light Poles (44 live)

Electrical Street Light Material (16 live)

Projector Lamp (77 live)

Led Street Light (478 live)

Lamp Holder (421 live)

Indicator Light (75 live)

Cross Arm (530 live)

Angle Cross Arm (103 live)

Wire Cross Arm (6 live)

V Cross Arm (218 live)

Guarding Cross Arm (118 live)

Tapping Channel Cross Arm (85 live)

Indication Lamp (19 live)

Halogen Bulb (33 live)

Lamp (530 live)

Cathode Lamp (22 live)

Electric Bulb (15 live)

Led Lamp (16 live)

Led Bulb (12 live)

Street Light Material (596 live)

Tungsten Filament Lamp (37 live)

Portable Emergency Lighting (541 live)

Emergency Lighting (542 live)

Led Signalling Lamp (41 live)

Led Indicating Lamp (17 live)

Pilot Indicating Panel (14 live)

LED Indicator Lamp (49 live)

Led Marine Lantern (9 live)

Fuser Lamp (6 live)

Solar Lantern Systems (128 live)

Solar Home Lighting System (19 live)

Solar Light (135 live)

Solar Lamp (54 live)

Emergency Light Unit (411 live)

Highmast Light (302 live)

Electronic Lamp Ballast (346 live)

Interior Solar Lighting (62 live)

Home Lighting System (207 live)

Halogen Lamp (108 live)

Twin Filament Halogen Bulb (32 live)

Halogen Reflector (36 live)

Street Lights (718 live)

Flasher Light (97 live)

Highmast Spares (27 live)

Led Highmast Light (77 live)

Relamping Items (31 live)

Lamp Incandescent (13 live)

Solar Lantern (23 live)

Automatic Gate Lamp (9 live)

Fluorescent Lamps (322 live)

Fluorescent Tube Lights (35 live)

Lamp Starter (221 live)

Lamp Console (23 live)

Standard Lamp (9 live)

Porcelain Batten Lamp Holder (22 live)

High Pressure Sodium Vapour Lamps (517 live)

Sodium Vapour Lamp (517 live)

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (161 live)

Fluorescent Light (107 live)

Flexible Conduit (282 live)

Lighting Pole (537 live)

Street Light Poles (542 live)

Lamp Ballast (543 live)

Copper Ballast (18 live)

Excimer Lamp (9 live)

Signal Light (79 live)

LED Signal Lamp (173 live)

LED Signal Lighting Unit (579 live)

LED Signal (616 live)

Shunt LED (188 live)

LED ECR (329 live)

Signal Lighting (579 live)

Portable OT Light (184 live)

Single Dome Led OT Light (23 live)

Twin Dome Led OT Light (5 live)

Mobile Operating Light (10 live)

OT Light With Camera (22 live)

Ceiling OT Light (178 live)

Double Dome Led OT Light (10 live)

Mobile Led OT Light (8 live)

Mobile OT Light (11 live)

Ceiling Mounted OT Light (5 live)

Spot OT Light (6 live)

Operation Theatre Light (58 live)

Double Dome OT Light (26 live)

Shadowless Lamp (10 live)

Lamp Operating Shadowless (5 live)

Ceiling Mounted Double Dome OT Light (12 live)

Shadowless OT Light (40 live)

Reading Light (252 live)

Berth Reading Light (115 live)

Berth Reading Light Fitting (80 live)

Reading Light Fitting (172 live)

Reading LED Light (12 live)

Reading Lamp (9 live)

LED Berth Reading Light (13 live)

Led OT Light (100 live)

OT Light Double Dome (15 live)

Ceiling Led OT Light (8 live)

Led Operation Theatre Light (9 live)

OT Ceiling Light (12 live)

OT Led Light (6 live)

Led Double Dome Surgical Light (5 live)

Surgical Light (15 live)

Lighting Tenders

1. Zilla Parishad, West Bengal

2. Kanpur Municipal Corporation, Kanpur, UP, Uttar Pradesh

3. DLB, Rajasthan [Expired]

5. Panchayati Raj Department, Rajasthan [Expired]





12. Department of Local Government, Punjab

15. Rajasthan State Government Department, Rajasthan

Supply of LED Street Light at Nagar Palika Bhinder

16. Zilla Parishad, West Bengal



19. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Tamil Nadu [Expired]

20. UP Power Transmission Corp.Ltd (Operation), Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

ETD SML T 06 2022 23

22. PWD(ELECTRICAL), West Bengal

EI works Lightning arrester

23. Jaipur Development Authority, Rajasthan

24. Jaipur Development Authority, Rajasthan

25. Jaipur Development Authority, Rajasthan


29. Directorate Of Municipal Administration, Maharashtra

30. Department Of Military Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir

Lighting Conductor For Partapur


Municipal General Funds

32. Karnataka Power Corporation Limited, Karnataka



36. Directorate of Municipal Administration, Karnataka


Municipal general funds

38. Directorate of Municipal Administration, Karnataka

40. Directorate of Municipal Administration, Karnataka

41. Military Engineer Services, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

42. Department Of Military Affairs, Karnataka [Expired]

Title1 (boq bid)

43. Military Engineer Services, Chandigarh

45. Central Coalfields Limited, Jharkhand

Solar Street Light Luminaire

46. Directorate Of Municipal Administration, Maharashtra

48. RDD-CEO-DHULE, Maharashtra [Expired]

Supplying and Erecting LEd Mini Hi-Mast Light Works

50. Military Engineer Services, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]