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Vehicles Sub Categories


Vehicle rental (4 live)

Vehicle Hiring (1670 live)

Truck Rental (141 live)

Van Hiring (24 live)

Mini Truck Hire (9 live)

Water Sprinkler Vehicle (21 live)

Tractors Supply (1000 live)

Mini Tractors (99 live)

Diesel Engine Tractors (25 live)

Tractor Accessories (120 live)

Dumper Tractors (6 live)

Mahindra Tractors (223 live)

Hindustan Tractors (3 live)

Sonalika Tractors (59 live)

John Deere Tractors (46 live)

Eicher Tractors (50 live)

Swaraj Tractors (74 live)

Auto Tippers

Mini Tippers (94 live)

Auto Hoppers (14 live)

Dumpers (807 live)

Garbage Tippers (442 live)

Eicher Tippers (7 live)

Hydraulic Hoppers (12 live)

Hydraulic Tippers (39 live)

Tata Ace Hoppers (17 live)

Tata Ace Tippers (40 live)

Trolley Tipplers (7 live)

Hydraulic Tractor Trailer

Waste Collection Vehicles (148 live)

Garbage Rickshaws (23 live)

Otto Tippers

Auto Bin Lifter Vehicles (35 live)

Garbage Truck

Hand Ricksaw (1 live)

Auto Rickshaws (55 live)

Cycle Rikshaws (131 live)

Ambulance Vehicles (604 live)

Mini Ambulance (4 live)

Critical Care Ambulance (48 live)

Mahindra Supro Ambulance (75 live)

Maruti Van Ambulance (40 live)

Force Ambulance (55 live)

Tata Winger Ambulance (85 live)

Patient Transport Vehicle (65 live)

Bike Ambulances (21 live)

Cardiac Ambulances (33 live)

School Buses (461 live)

Mini School Buses (28 live)

CNG Buses (54 live)

Passenger Buses (19 live)

Tourists Buses (2 live)

Double Decker Buses (12 live)

E Rickshaws (680 live)

E Autos (13 live)

Scooters (205 live)

Motor Cycle (577 live)

Mopeds (1 live)

Triscooters (4 live)

Honda Motor Cycles (28 live)

Suzuki Motorcycle (1 live)

Royal Enfield Motor Cycles (12 live)

Hero Motor Cycles (25 live)

Carrier Vehicles (12 live)

E Cart (776 live)

E Loaders (18 live)

Mini Forest Fire Responder Vehicles (2 live)

Water Cannon Vehicles (26 live)

Ashok Leyland Fire Vehicles (79 live)

Fire Brigade Vehicles (449 live)

Fire Bikes (1 live)

Fire Jeep (18 live)

Mini Fire Fighting Vehicles (2 live)

Tipper Lorrys (443 live)

Mini Tipper Lorries (59 live)

Tata Tipper Lorries (315 live)

Water Tankers (598 live)

Mini Water Tankers (5 live)

Eicher Water Tankers (3 live)

Water Bowsers (34 live)

Water Trucks (347 live)

Truck Mounted Sweepers (201 live)

Tractor Towed Vacuum Sweepers (38 live)

Streela War Tank Spare (1 live)

Military Tank Spares

Volvo Fire Truck Servicing (9 live)

Fire Vehicles Repair (548 live)

Ashok Leyland Fire Vehicles Repair (19 live)

Light Commercial Vehicles (103 live)

Hydraulic Tipplers (10 live)

Hydraulic Trucks

Bolero Jeeps (26 live)

Tata Ace Tempo (92 live)

Mahindra Supro Trucks (6 live)

Mobile ATM Vans (3 live)

Diesel Trucks (16 live)

Sport Utility Vehicles (344 live)

Mini Goods Vehicles (2 live)

Mail Man Riders

Electric Pallet Trucks (48 live)

Electric Platform Trucks (429 live)

Forklift Trucks (10 live)

Battery Operated Trolleys (130 live)

Battery Operated Stillers (1 live)

Lister Trucks (6 live)

Electric Stackers (66 live)

Battery Operated Tuggers (3 live)

Battery Operated Loaders (11 live)

Battery Operated Mono Rail (3 live)

Godrej Jumbo Trucks

Cars (82 live)

Innova Cars (23 live)

Jeeps (3 live)

Skoda Cars (3 live)

Maruti Suzuki Cars (18 live)

Tata Safari Cars (13 live)

Ambassador Cars

Xylo Cars

Scorpio Cars (1 live)

Toyota Cars (18 live)

Mahindra Cars (30 live)

Hyundai Cars (8 live)

Renault Cars (1 live)

Multi Utility Cars (1 live)

CNG Cars (1 live)

Honda Cars (4 live)

Diesel Cars (16 live)

Battery Operated Garbage Vehicles (9 live)

E Vehicles (79 live)

Steel Water Tankers (144 live)

Steel Hydraulic Trailers (1 live)

Mild Steel Water Tankers (7 live)

Stainless Steel Water Tankers (556 live)

Cattle Catcher Vehicles (479 live)

Canine Vans (3 live)

Dog Catching Vans (6 live)

Dog Carrier Vehicles (1 live)

Hearse Vans (207 live)

Dead Body Carrying Vans (6 live)

Dead Body Buses (3 live)

Funeral Vehicles (154 live)

Crimitry Vehicles (11 live)

Mortuary Vans (46 live)

Diesel Funeral Vehicles

Cremation Vehicles (1 live)

Fire Truck Spares (25 live)

Volvo Fire Truck Spares

Man Fire Truck Spares (4 live)

Pickup Trucks (21 live)

TMB Trucks (1 live)

Builtup Trucks (562 live)

Tauras Trucks (1 live)

Tata Pickup Trucks (2 live)

Hi Deck Trucks (3 live)

Battery Operated Vehicles (673 live)

Eco Vehicles (4 live)

Battery Operated Buggy (43 live)

Battery Operated Locomotives (1 live)

Battery Operated Listers (8 live)

Diesel Ride On Sweepers

Recreational Vehicles (20 live)

Specialist Vehicles (4 live)

Disaster Simulating Vehicles (2 live)

Hook Loader Vehicles (29 live)

Tata Sky Lifters (2 live)

Explosive Van (17 live)

Mobile Recovery Vans (24 live)

Mail Vans (6 live)

Float Vans (1 live)

Wrecker Vehicles (2 live)

Plant Transport Vehicles (5 live)

Heavy Duty Power Tractors

Godrej Fork Lift

Wooden Chariot (2 live)

Towing Vans

Open Body Vehicles (3 live)

Tata Tipper Spares (127 live)

Electric Scooters (502 live)

E Bikes (40 live)

Electric Tricycles (1 live)

Electric Bicycles (2 live)

Segway Hoverboards (22 live)

Mobile Medical Vans (27 live)

Relief vans (5 live)

Oncology Vans (6 live)

Recovery Vehicles (329 live)

Mobile Medical Units (11 live)

Hydraulic Recovery Vehicles (5 live)

Cancer Detection Vans (4 live)

Mobile Dental Vans (20 live)

Mobile X Ray Vans (6 live)

IEC Vans

Diagnostic Vans

Mobile Dental Buses (28 live)

Electric Campus Cars (1 live)

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (2 live)

Battery Operated Rail Cars (2 live)

Electric Buggies (11 live)

Electric Cargo Vehicles (3 live)

Electric Shuttles (5 live)

Electric Cars (71 live)

Mahindra Electric Cars (2 live)

Utility Buggy Trolly (10 live)

Passenger Vehicles (8 live)

Retrofitted Vehicles (1 live)

Battery Operated Trolley Spares

Electric Two Wheeler Spares

Electric Jumbo Truck Spares

Mahindra Stiller Spares

Jost Lister Spares (23 live)

Floor Moving Battery Truck Spares (1 live)

Battery Operated Manlift Spares

Battery Truck Spares (1 live)

Mini Carrier Vehicles (2 live)

Light Motor Vehicles (11 live)

Motorized Vehicles (18 live)

All Terrain Vehicles (5 live)

Passenger Vans (6 live)

Condemned Vehicles (1 live)

Autonomous Vehicles (1 live)

Hero Scooters (6 live)

Motorised Triscooter (1 live)

Sand Scooters (5 live)

Activa Scooters (9 live)

Disabled Scooters (31 live)

GPS Vehicles (231 live)

GPS Enabled Diesel Vehicles (231 live)

GPS Enabled Goods Vehicles (231 live)

Mini Trucks (163 live)

Mahindra Supro Mini Trucks (25 live)

Diesel Mini Trucks (10 live)

Payload Mini Trucks (2 live)

CNG Mini Trucks (4 live)

Tata Mini Trucks (34 live)

Electro Hydraulic Goods Lifts (1 live)

Battery Operated Fork Lifters (10 live)

Electric Fork Lifters (6 live)

Electric Articulating Boom Lifts (2 live)

Electric Stackers (59 live)

Electric Articulated Fork Lifts

Electric Ring Fork Lifts (2 live)

Electric Straddle Stackers (2 live)

Midi Buses (5 live)

Electric Midi Buses (12 live)

Electric Mini Buses (2 live)

Battery Operated Buses

Pick Up Vans (8 live)

Reefer Vans (1 live)

Cash Vans (1 live)

Loading Vans (1 live)

Mobile Vans (28 live)

Cruzer Vans (4 live)

Delivery Vans (50 live)

Demister Vans (5 live)

Scuba Vans (3 live)

School Vans (5 live)

Paddle Vans (2 live)

Carcass Vans (2 live)

Aircrew Vans (1 live)

Vaccine Vans (58 live)

Mobile Sales Vehicles (6 live)

Vitara Brezza Vehicles (2 live)

Maruti Vans (9 live)

Swaraj Mazda Vehicles

Eagle Buses

Tata Xenon Vehicles (19 live)

Maruti Omni Vehicles (9 live)

Small Utility Vehicles (3 live)

Emergency Rescue Vehicles (45 live)

Tactical Rescue Vehicles (4 live)

Rapid Intervention Vehicles (5 live)

Rescue Vans (68 live)

Rescue Vehicles (31 live)

Quick Response Vehicles (19 live)

Rapid Response Vehicles (1 live)

Wireless Vans (7 live)

Disaster Management Vehicles (9 live)

Animal Rescue Vans (2 live)

Disaster Relief Vans (9 live)

Hazmat Vehicles (3 live)

Hose Laying Lorries (4 live)

Quick Rescue Vehicles (23 live)

City Buses (4 live)

Mini Buses (39 live)

HVAC Buses (4 live)

Battery Operated Vehicle Spares (146 live)

Open Type Vehicles (2 live)

Aerial Working Platform Trucks (96 live)

Volvo Aerial Hydraulic Platform Trucks (1 live)

Man Aerial Hydraulic Platform Trucks (3 live)

Scania Aerial Hydraulic Platforms (1 live)

Mercedes Aerial Hydraulic Platform Trucks

Platform Assembly Wagons (111 live)

Heavy Drop Platform Vehicles (1 live)

Battery Operated Aerial Platform Vehicles (4 live)

Aerostat Platforms (1 live)

Aerial Tower Wagons (96 live)

Hydraulic Aerial Tower Wagons (48 live)

Self Propelled Aerial Access Platforms (8 live)

Telescopic Aerial Working Platforms (3 live)

Hydraulic Ladder Mounted Vehicles (48 live)

Sky Lift Vehicles (6 live)

Boom Lifter Vehicles (6 live)

Man lifter Trucks (3 live)

Canopy Body (65 live)

Canopy Spares (65 live)

Canvas Canopies (7 live)

Canopy Covers (65 live)

Bullet Proof Glasses (31 live)

Bullet Resistant Glasses (64 live)

Auto Rickhaw Hiring

Chakado Rickshaw Hiring (4 live)

Passenger Rickshaw Hiring (3 live)

Cycle Rickshaw Hiring (5 live)

Electric Rickshaw Hiring

Golf Cart Spares (129 live)

Golf Carts (129 live)

Battery Operated Golf Carts (55 live)

Sight Seeing Buses (8 live)

Golf Cars (129 live)

Club Cars (7 live)

Golfer Carts (1 live)

E Tourist Vehicles (61 live)

Nitromo Electric Vehicles (3 live)

Electric Motor Vehicles (6 live)

Mobile Command Control Vehicles (19 live)

Mob Control Vehicles (55 live)

Battery Vehicles (1 live)

Electric Bus Hiring (3 live)

Electric Vehicle Hiring (22 live)

Electric Car Rental (9 live)

Battery Operated Truck Hiring

Midi Bus Hiring (8 live)

Photovoltaic Electric Vehicles (1 live)

Truck Tractors (11 live)

Traction Load Cars (3 live)

Bullet Proof Vehicles (42 live)

Bullet Proof Prison Vans (128 live)

Light Bullet Proof Vehicles (13 live)

Bullet Proof SUV (130 live)

Bullet Proof Kits (9 live)

Toyota Bullet Proof Vehicles (4 live)

Stealth Tow Trucks (2 live)

Towing Trolley (5 live)

Crane Tractor Vehicles (4 live)

Mechanical Wrecker Vans (4 live)

Tow Tugs (9 live)

Tow Trucks (9 live)

Police vehicles (21 live)

ATV Vehicles

Highway Patrolling Vehicles (27 live)

Audio Video Vans (1 live)

Light Armoured Vehicles

Interceptor Vehicles

Modified Vehicles

Integrated Vehicles (2 live)

Patrol Vehicles (24 live)

Awareness Mobile Vans (18 live)

Promotion Vehicles (3 live)

Mobile Video Vans (15 live)

IEC Advertising vehicles (7 live)

Publicity Vans (6 live)

TK Tankers (6 live)

Diesel Tankers (47 live)

Fuel Bowsers (20 live)

Mobile Diesel Dispensing Vehicles (8 live)

E Rickshaws Hiring (42 live)

Blood Collection Vans (48 live)

Blood Donation Vans (47 live)

Mobile Blood Collection Vehicles (21 live)

Blood Storage Vehicles (47 live)

Mobile Blood Bank Vehicles (21 live)

Battery Operated E Vans (6 live)

Battery Operated Goods Carriers (81 live)

Covered Goods Vehicles (39 live)

Container Trucks (37 live)

Covered Closed Vans (39 live)

Covered Container Trucks (39 live)

Closed Vehicles (42 live)

Animal Ambulance Vans (18 live)

Insulated Trucks (10 live)

Motor Vehicles (5 live)

Motor Tricycles (5 live)

Motorised Two Wheelers (8 live)

Lorries (23 live)

Mini Lorry (8 live)

Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory Vehicle (24 live)

Mobile Testing Vehicles (19 live)

Oil Tankers (10 live)

Mechanical Sweeper Spare (8 live)

Ambulance Repair (13 live)

Mechanical Runway Sweepers (8 live)

Airport Runway Sweepers (3 live)

Tarmac Sweeping Rollers (2 live)

Golf Cart Hiring (21 live)

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (15 live)

Mobile Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems (12 live)

Air Quality Monitoring Vans (18 live)

Auto Trollies (6 live)

Mini Remotely Operated Vehicles (14 live)

Hopper Trucks (11 live)

Mobile Production Vans (9 live)

Concrete Pump Trucks (6 live)

Vehicle Mounted Automatic Spraying Machine (7 live)

Royal Enfield Spares (6 live)

Street Washing Vehicles (5 live)

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (8 live)

Tractor Mounted Suction Machines (5 live)

Military Tanks (1 live)

Mobile Cranes (3 live)

Tree Transplanter Machines (10 live)

Acrylic Miniature War Tanks (5 live)

Spray Trucks (4 live)

Static Scale Passenger Vehicles

Viper Quad Bike Spares (4 live)

Amphibious Buses (3 live)

Medical Van Spares (2 live)

Armoured Recovery Vehicles (2 live)

Solar E Rickshaws (3 live)

Golf Machine Spares (2 live)

Sports Cars

Snow Scooters (2 live)

Meal Cart Vehicles (1 live)

Hiring of AC Ambulance (213 live)

Hiring of Air Conditioned Ambulance Van (78 live)

ACLS Ambulance (8 live)

Hiring of Basic Life Support (474 live)

Supply of BLS Ambulances on Rental Bases (157 live)

Monthly Ambulance Service (598 live)

Outsourcing of Ambulance Services (40 live)

Hiring of Ambulance (604 live)

Hiring of Emergency Vehicle Cum Pick Up Van (94 live)

Hiring of Maruti Omni Ambulance (61 live)

Hiring of Private Ambulance (21 live)

Hearse Services (31 live)

Hiring of Road Mobile Medical Van (14 live)

Operating Emergency Response Services (8 live)

Physically Handicap Motor Cycle Vehicle (6 live)

Scooter Vehicle (6 live)

Tricycle (12 live)

Tricycle Without Gear (5 live)

Three Wheeler Motor Cycle (11 live)

Tri Scooter (45 live)

Handicapt Vehicle (11 live)

Garbage Vehicle (6 live)

Electric Cart (11 live)

Fully Built Bus (7 live)

AC Bus (24 live)

Bicycle (578 live)

Gents Bicycle (15 live)

Ladies Bicycle (29 live)

Pedal Powered Tricycle (335 live)

Tricycle Van (34 live)

Fire Fighter Vehicle Repair (165 live)

Utility Vehicle (338 live)

Truck Tippler (14 live)

Commercial Vehicle (75 live)

Tiper (5 live)

Tata Ace Auto (19 live)

Goods Vehicle (5 live)

Mahindra Bolero Camper (5 live)

Mahindra Bolero (21 live)

Speed Boat (121 live)

Motor Boat (146 live)

FRP Speed Boat (21 live)

Garbage Loader (7 live)

Hydraulic Dumper (16 live)

Battery Operated Hydraulic Dumper (16 live)

Jeep Auction (149 live)

Bank Vehicle Sale (128 live)

Surplus Car Sales (5 live)

Old Vehicle Sale (97 live)

Cash Van Vehicle Sale (51 live)

Condemned Vehicle Sale (235 live)

Seized Vehicle Sales (20 live)

Confiscated Vehicles Sale (78 live)

Staff Cars Auction (87 live)

Government Vehicle Sales (77 live)

Unclaimed Vehicle Auction (21 live)

Vehicles Tenders

1. Punjab State Transmission Corporation, Punjab

4. Purvanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

5. Delhi Jal Board, Delhi

NIT NO. 27/7

6. Northern Coalfields Limited, Uttar Pradesh


General Fund

8. OTHERS, Madhya Pradesh

Hiring of Vehicles at PIU Morena - Scorpio

9. Central Coalfields Limited, Jharkhand

10. Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Jharkhand

11. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation, Maharashtra


12. CE RDD MMGSY, Maharashtra

13. Directorate Of Municipal Administration, Maharashtra

14. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu

Hiring Vehicle for EE MP MTPS2

15. Directorate Of Municipal Administration, Maharashtra

16. PHED-Chief Engineer(HQ),Jaipur, Rajasthan

17. Rajasthan State Government Department, Rajasthan


18. RCDF- MD, Rajasthan

19. Delhi Development Authority, Delhi

M/o Various colonies under South Zone.

21. Department Of Military Affairs, Delhi [Expired]

22. Urban Local Bodies, Uttar Pradesh

Light Repairing Hydraulic Lift

23. Directorate Of Municipal Administration, Maharashtra

24. Directorate Of Municipal Administration, Maharashtra


Ntc/cmc/vehicle/jun-2022/104 Ee Tr Nadiad Vehicle


27. tri, Karnataka

SWM transport vehicle (SWM transport vehicle)

28. Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Uttar Pradesh

66 H(F)(W)/2022-23

29. Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Uttar Pradesh

65 H(F)(W)/2022-23

30. Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority Mathura, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

31. Directorate of Urban Local Bodies Department Haryana , Haryana

Water Tanker mounted on Four Wheels Trailer

32. Department Of Military Affairs, Tamil Nadu [Expired]

33. Basic Education Department Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

34. Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited , Assam [Offline]

36. Indian Council of Medical Research, Andaman and Nicobar Islands


37. Cochin Port Trust, Kerala

38. PHE, West Bengal

Hiring of Maxi Cab

39. Central Bank of India, OTHERS

42. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu


43. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu


50. Department of Revenue, Uttar Pradesh

Tender For Providing Vehicle On Need Basis