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Material Handling Machinery and Equipment Sub Categories


Dynamic Balancing Rotating Unit (20 live)

Dynamic Balancing of Machineries (5 live)

Dynamic Balancing Machine (130 live)

Horizontal Dynamic Balancing Machine (8 live)

High Speed Dynamic Balancing of Rotor (6 live)

Dynamic Balancing (174 live)

Pallet Trolley (17 live)

Platform Trolley (266 live)

Trolley Wheel (105 live)

Hand Trolley (102 live)

Motor Trolley (106 live)

Oxygen Trolley (18 live)

Tool Trolley (43 live)

Double Static Check Scale (15 live)

Escalator Step (13 live)

Carousel Filling Machines (8 live)

Downstream Equipments (10 live)

Check Scale (23 live)

Auto Speed Variation Unit (5 live)

Air Lifting Bag (24 live)

Pneumatic Lifting Bag (8 live)

Lifting Bag (37 live)

Scissor Lift

Hydraulic Power Scissor Lift (21 live)

Escalator (73 live)

Return Idler (13 live)

Conveyor Idler Spares (17 live)

Dumb Waiter (32 live)

Dump Waiter (6 live)

Nylon Sling (19 live)

Nylon Web Flat Sling (13 live)

Lashing Chain (53 live)

Wearing Strips (16 live)

Scissor Lift Spares (24 live)

Rigging Items (18 live)

Palletizer (7 live)

Polymate Liner (6 live)

Air Inflators (9 live)

Tyre Inflators (23 live)

Overhead Conveyors (18 live)

Impact Pads (15 live)

Drum Lifters (72 live)

Monorail Hoist (14 live)

Conveyor Skirt Board (11 live)

Skirt Board (16 live)

Hydraulic Lifting Tables (23 live)

Radiator Assembly (15 live)

Turntables (37 live)

Mill Reject Handling System (89 live)

Mill Reject System (38 live)

Die Cutting Machine (18 live)

Die Punching Machine (8 live)

Spent Fuel Storage (28 live)

Side Loader (5 live)

Loading Ramps (9 live)

Mobile Ramp (12 live)

Scissor lift Maintenance (6 live)

Oil Filters

Roller Conveyors (18 live)

Track (8 live)

Capstan Spares (17 live)

Ship Loader (5 live)

Ship Unloader (10 live)

Fire Trolley (25 live)

Conveyor Flights (12 live)

Coal Tub (12 live)

Windlass (16 live)

Servo Control Unit (10 live)

Lister Trucks (13 live)

Lifts (10 live)

Dumb Waiter Maintenance (10 live)

Capstan (31 live)

Lifting Magnet (18 live)

Conveyer (37 live)

Chip Conveyor (111 live)

Conveyor Roller (25 live)

Sand Conveyor (21 live)

Belt Conveyor (377 live)

Telescopic Conveyor (6 live)

Drycon Conveyor (21 live)

Roller Conveyor (13 live)

Packing Conveyor (25 live)

Transport Conveyor (8 live)

Conveyor Belt

Transmission Belting (9 live)

Crawler (42 live)

Hook (36 live)

Grove (55 live)

Optimizer (170 live)

Hydraulic Jack (700 live)

Lift Plate (321 live)

Hydraulic Lifting (23 live)

Elevator Chain (11 live)

Wheel Barrow

Top Cover (63 live)

Loading Arm (108 live)

Racking System (37 live)

Shelving System (56 live)

Conveyor Chain (120 live)

Pulley (106 live)


Conveyor Pulley

Conveyor Roller

Belt Conveyor (59 live)

Winch (369 live)


Radiator Assembly (168 live)

Handling Tong (8 live)

Rope Drum (6 live)

Diverters (12 live)

Pneumatic Conveyors (16 live)

Polymer Roller (9 live)

Sugar Elevator (12 live)

Torque Convertor (12 live)

Loading Device (18 live)

Lorry Loader (16 live)

Modular System (6 live)

Decking Plates (5 live)

Stainless Steel Pushcarts (12 live)

Air Slides (8 live)

Load Ring (12 live)

Container Lifting System (5 live)

Storage Cabinet (5 live)

Clean Room Cabinets (6 live)

Belt Scraper (9 live)

Shrink Fit Machine (9 live)

Dock Leveler (15 live)

Reclaimer Chain (6 live)

Rubber Bumpers (7 live)

Manual Metal Arc Welding Electrode (649 live)

Talley Plates (6 live)

General Purpose Welding Electrode (12 live)

Shelving System (9 live)

Magnetic Filters (9 live)

Belt Jointing Machine (6 live)

Mezzanine Storage Racks (11 live)

Conveyor Idlers Repairing (20 live)

Battery Operated Platform Trucks (26 live)

Vending Carts (7 live)

Handcarts (20 live)

Carts (29 live)

Safe Load Indicator (19 live)

Digital Load Indicator (11 live)

Load Indicator (42 live)

Radiator Assembly (14 live)

Chain Hoists (105 live)

Hydraulic Drum Lifters (20 live)

Drum Stacker (9 live)

Desilting Grab (14 live)

Clamshell Grab (7 live)

Grab Bucket (46 live)

Grabs (50 live)

Guillotine Gates (16 live)

Hot Air Gates (37 live)

Feed Gates (5 live)

Hose Assembly (9 live)

Wheel Chocks (11 live)

Wheel Blocks (8 live)

Chock Solid Rubber (7 live)

Gas Handling System (35 live)

Oxygen Cylinder Trolley (58 live)

Lifting Hooks (16 live)

Bone Hook (13 live)

Electrically Operated Screw Jacks (23 live)

Screw Jacks (72 live)

Platform Trolley (72 live)

Dip Lorry (14 live)

Material Handling Trolley (20 live)

Road Trolley (38 live)

Push Trolley (15 live)

Self Propelled Light Weight Trolley (63 live)

Serving Trolley (12 live)

Hand Trolley (7 live)

Self Propelled Motor Trolley (9 live)

FRP Covers (73 live)

Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes (51 live)

Jib Cranes (183 live)

Mill Reject Handling System Spares (38 live)

Mill Reject System Spares (33 live)

Dense Phase Mill Reject Handling Spares (6 live)

Bowl Mill Reject Handling Spares (7 live)

Coal Mill Reject Spares (20 live)

Level Luffing Jib Crane (12 live)

Floor Jib Crane (17 live)

V Deep Groove Alternator Pulley (104 live)

V Deep Groove Axle Pulley (64 live)

Alternator Pulley (117 live)

Heavy Duty Racks (93 live)

Heavy Duty Storage Racks (60 live)

Material Storage Racks (7 live)

Heavy Duty Steel Rack (16 live)

Slotted Angle Racks (120 live)

Cast Iron Pulley (35 live)

Axle Pulley (6 live)

Transport Trolleys (27 live)

Motor Trolley (9 live)

Theft Proof Rifle Racks (38 live)

Sugar Elevator Bucket (5 live)

Elevator Bucket (7 live)

Bucket Elevators (38 live)

Bucket Elevator Spares (16 live)

Bucket Wheel Shaft (10 live)

Hand Cart (235 live)

Pallet Trucks

Plastic Pallets

Conveyors Maintenance (69 live)

Screw Conveyors (141 live)

Screw Feeder (16 live)

Belt Fastener (158 live)

Return Rollers (93 live)

Deflector Rollers (8 live)

Carrier Roller (25 live)

Return Idlers (8 live)

Elevators (107 live)

Goods Lift (58 live)

Wagons (148 live)

Tower Wagon (14 live)

BMBS Wagons (10 live)

Tank Wagon (6 live)

BLC Wagon (15 live)

Vehicle Lift (49 live)

Sky Lifts (93 live)


Diesel Forklift (391 live)

Diesel Driven Forklift (12 live)

Diesel Powered Forklift (16 live)

Diesel Operated Forklift (185 live)

Electric Forklifts (25 live)

Battery Forklifts (13 live)

Godrej Forklift (42 live)

Fork Lifter (78 live)

Hydraulic Fork Lift (11 live)

Belt Conveyor

Long Belt Conveyor (43 live)

Coal Belt Conveyor Repair (10 live)

Pony Belt Conveyor (62 live)

PVC Belt Conveyor (70 live)

Gate Belt Conveyor (19 live)

Spreader Belt Conveyor (7 live)

Damaged Belt Conveyor Repair (5 live)

Single Drive Belt Conveyor (20 live)

Dual Drive Belt Conveyor (29 live)

Tandem Belt Conveyor (12 live)

Horizontal Belt Conveyors (12 live)

Belt Conveyor Spares (35 live)

Sugar Belt Conveyor (9 live)

Endless Belt Conveyor (20 live)

Belt Chevron (7 live)

Steel Cord Belt Conveyor (11 live)

Toothed Belt Conveyor (6 live)

Picking Belt Conveyor (20 live)

Shuttle Belt Conveyor (21 live)

Belt Conveyor Repair (197 live)

Cable Belt Conveyor (9 live)

Surface Belt Conveyor (5 live)

Hydraulic Bailing Press Machine (69 live)

Hydraulic Scrap Bailing Press (7 live)

Scrap Bailing Press (17 live)

Vertical Baling Press Machine (4 live)

Plastic Bailing Machine (550 live)

Double Box Bailing Machine (13 live)

Multiple Baling Press Machine (21 live)

Bailing Machine (562 live)

Bale Press Machine (11 live)

Paper Baling Press (12 live)

Baling Press

Bailing Press Machine (18 live)

EOT Crane

Under Slung EOT Crane (19 live)

Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (165 live)

Under Slung Crane (14 live)

Single Girder EOT Cranes (109 live)

EOT HOT CPB Crane (7 live)

Double Girder EOT Crane (190 live)

Electrically Operated Travelling Crane (32 live)

Girder EOT Crane (169 live)

Four Girder EOT Crane (7 live)

FG EOT Crane (9 live)

Mini Sky Lift (7 live)

FLP EOT Crane (7 live)

EOT and HOT Crane (33 live)

Fabrication of Sky Lift (11 live)

DG EOT Crane (42 live)

Flame Proof EOT Cranes (11 live)

Over Head Cranes (40 live)

Electric Overhead Cranes (11 live)

Electric Operated EOT Cranes (10 live)

Steel Sling (110 live)

Steel Sling with Each Eye End (9 live)

Ungalvanized Steel Wire Rope Sling (22 live)

Four Legged Wire Rope Sling (22 live)

Four Legged Steel Wire Rope Sling (16 live)

Single Sling Wire Ropes (6 live)

Sling Wire Rope (46 live)

Mechanical Spliced Ferrule Wire Rope Sling (32 live)

Wire Rope Slings

Four Leg Wire Rope Sling (40 live)

Two Legged Steel Wire Rope Slings (13 live)

Electrical Chain Hoists (153 live)

Electric Chain Pulley (84 live)

Two Leg Wire Rope Sling (33 live)

Steel Sling with Eye Each End (43 live)

Stacking Racks (12 live)

Drum Stacking Racks (11 live)

One Leg Wire Rope Sling (37 live)

Vertical Stacking System (93 live)

Double Leg Wire Rope Sling (21 live)

Double Leg Steel Wire Rope (13 live)

Stacking Stands (13 live)

Safety Wire Rope Slings (28 live)

Multi Leg Wire Rope Sling (6 live)

Stacking Fixtures (5 live)

Single Leg Steel Sling (18 live)

Single Legged Wire Rope Sling (17 live)

Endless Wire Rope Sling (12 live)

Steel Rope Sling (29 live)

Storage Compactors (563 live)

Compact Storage System (71 live)

Compactor System (22 live)

File Compactors (44 live)

Compact Storage System (150 live)

GI Wire Rope (8 live)


Optimiser (210 live)

Moped Trolley (12 live)

Janitorial Cart (87 live)

Cleaning Carts (99 live)

Wringer Trolley (7 live)

Automated Storage System (10 live)

Retrieval System (55 live)

Antigen Retrieval System (7 live)

Anti Twist Wire Rope (5 live)

Automated Vertical Storage System (25 live)

Hydraulic Jacks Repair (91 live)

Wire Rope Hoists (39 live)

Hydraulic Trolley Jack (26 live)

Hydraulic Lifting Jack (5 live)

Wire Ropes (56 live)

Auxiliary Hoist Wire Rope (13 live)

Serial Manipulators (7 live)

Hydraulic Operated Lifting Trolley (5 live)

Axis Manipulators (6 live)

Hydraulic Ramset with Matching Foot Pump (11 live)

Manipulators (101 live)

Heavy Duty Trolley Jack (7 live)

Mechanical Track Jack (22 live)

Hydraulic Trolley Mounted Puller Installer (9 live)

Hydraulic Trolley (127 live)

Hydraulic Scissors Lift (8 live)

Hydraulic Jack Trolley

Monkey Jack (8 live)

Hydraulic Tractor Trolley (13 live)

Elevator Spares

Lift Device (10 live)

Passenger Lifts (154 live)

Otis Lift Spares (15 live)

Passenger Elevators (9 live)

Lift Spares (124 live)

Passenger cum Goods Elevator (18 live)

Passengers Lifts Spare (12 live)

Kone Lift Spares (27 live)

Maspero Lift Spares (8 live)

Johnson Lift Spares (13 live)

Trolley Lift (96 live)

Handrail Belt (9 live)

Hand Pallet Truck (57 live)

Elevator Chain (11 live)

Hand Pallet Trolley (16 live)

Goods cum Passenger Lift Spares (13 live)

Hydraulic Pallet Trucks (24 live)

Hand Cart Repairing (73 live)

Trolley Repair (197 live)

Weapon Loading Trolley Repair (5 live)

Bomb Loading Trolley Repair (9 live)

Hydraulic Refilling Trolley Repair (18 live)

Push Carts Repair (41 live)

Hydraulic Servicing Trolley Repair (8 live)

Carts Repair (113 live)

AMC of Hydraulic Trolley (6 live)

Soiled linen Trolley (33 live)

Wet linen Trolley (8 live)

Linen Trolley (51 live)

Passenger Baggage Trolley Repair (8 live)

Fuel Consumption Trolley Repair (11 live)

Trolley Refuges Repair (6 live)

Mobile Trolley Maintenance (11 live)

Dressing Trolleys (6 live)

Transformer Trolley Repair (12 live)

Sanitation Trolley Repair (12 live)

Repair of Old Trolley (7 live)

Air Trolley Repair (8 live)

Pump Truck (10 live)

Tippers (7 live)

Trucks (44 live)

Pinion Gate Assembly (14 live)

Pin Rack Assembly (5 live)

Rack Assembly (81 live)

Rack and Pinion Assembly (39 live)

Legged Chain Slings (274 live)

Steel Chain Slings (104 live)

Chain Slings (378 live)

Endless Slings (52 live)

V Groove Pulleys (55 live)

V Deep Groove Axle Pulleys (45 live)

Fastener Axle Pulley V Deep Grove (7 live)

V Groove Motor Pulley (6 live)

Taper Lock Pulley (65 live)

Webbing Slings (64 live)

V Pulley (35 live)

Taper Lock Cast Iron Pulley (5 live)

Lifting Slings (27 live)

V Groove Solid Pulleys (20 live)

Steel Slings (16 live)

Cast Iron Pulleys (36 live)

Axle Pulleys (77 live)

V Belt Pulleys (11 live)

Ratchet Lever Hoists (15 live)

Pull Lift Ratchet Lever Hoists (142 live)

Roller Chain Ratchet Lever Hoist (34 live)

Ratchet Lever Hoist Lever Block (5 live)

Rope Slings (24 live)

Eye Slings (14 live)

High Rise Stacker (15 live)

Hydraulic Stacker (18 live)

Hydraulic Hand Stacker (12 live)

Battery Operated Stacker (41 live)


Bio Shredding Machine

Pet Bottle Shredder (40 live)

Lifting Jacks (155 live)

Traversing Jacks (26 live)

Silvester Jack (6 live)

Shredding Machine (444 live)

Turfer Rope Jacks (18 live)

Journal Jack (21 live)

Jacks Simplex Lever (10 live)

Simplex Jacks (7 live)

Inflatable Jack (14 live)

Component Jacks (6 live)

Mechanical Jack (60 live)

Telescopic Jacks (59 live)

Post Tensioning Jack (19 live)

Camber Jack (10 live)

Lifting Tools

Lifting Tackles (159 live)

Tools and Tackles (240 live)

Hospitals Instrument Trolley

Stainless Steel Instrumental Trolley (18 live)

Instrument Trolley (351 live)

Laboratory Work Benches (49 live)

Electronic Test Bench (12 live)

Electric Hoist (159 live)

Chain Electric Hoist (18 live)

Electrical Test Benches (21 live)

Pneumatic Test Bench (17 live)

Electrically Operated Wire Rope Hoist (103 live)

Wire Rope Electrical Hoist (29 live)

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Motor Test Bench (22 live)

Single Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist (6 live)

Test Benches (329 live)

Work Bench

EOT Wire Rope Hoist (11 live)

Electrical Operated Hoist (18 live)

Electric Bridge Wire Cap (8 live)

Hydraulic Platform Truck (27 live)

Platform Trucks

Flame Proof Wire Rope Electric Hoist (5 live)

Push Carts

Heavy Duty Electric Wire Rope Hoist (19 live)

Pull Carts (8 live)

Segregation Cart (84 live)

Resuscitation Carts (6 live)

Shredding Machine (103 live)

Garden Shredder (27 live)

Plastic Shredder (30 live)

Solid Waste Single Shaft Shredder (54 live)

Mulching Machine (9 live)

Heavy Duty Shredding Machines (16 live)

Shredder Machines (363 live)

Tyre Shredders (10 live)

Single Shaft Shredders (88 live)

Twin Shaft Shredders (11 live)

Automatic Shredder (5 live)

Fatka Machine (80 live)

Wood Shredder (17 live)

Tractor Operated Shredder (8 live)

Coconut Shredder (20 live)

Shredder cum Pulveriser (3 live)

Waste Shredder (97 live)

Pet Bottle Shredder Machine (23 live)

Static Shredder Machine (16 live)

Cloth Shredder Machine (7 live)

Tree Shredding Machine (6 live)

RDF Shredder (7 live)

Tirfor (137 live)

Pulling and Lifting Machines

Hand Operated Pulling and Lifting Machine (244 live)

Gearless Hand Operated Pulling and Lifting Machine (231 live)

Multipurpose Pulling and Lifting Machine (43 live)

Portable Pulling and Lifting Machine (61 live)

Pull Lift (20 live)

Pulling Out and Pushing Tools (9 live)

Universal Pulling and Lifting Machine (49 live)

Cow Lifting Machine (16 live)

Metal Shelving Racks

Multilevel Storage SS Shelf (7 live)

Heavy Duty Metal Racks (8 live)

Storage Metal Racks (22 live)

Metal Racks (13 live)

Shelf Assembly (12 live)

Mezzanine Two Tier Shelving System (7 live)

Mobile Scissor Lift (45 live)

Self Propelled Scissor Lift (232 live)

Hydraulic Scissor Lift (465 live)

Mobile Compactors

Optimizer Storage System (30 live)

Electric Scissor Lift (18 live)

Mobile Storage Systems (90 live)

Mechanical Mobile Compactors (12 live)

Mechanical Mobile Storage System (12 live)

Scissor Lifting Table (95 live)

Mobile Storage Units (22 live)

Hydraulic Lift Table (166 live)

Modular Compact Storage Unit (51 live)

Mobile File Compactors (12 live)

Elevating Platform Vehicles (19 live)

Godrej Optimizer Mobile Storage System (40 live)

KD Optimizer (17 live)

Hydraulic Cranes (81 live)

Hydraulic Floor Crane (44 live)

Hydraulic Mobile Cranes (231 live)

Movable File Storage System (583 live)

Escort Cranes (278 live)

Conveyor Idlers

Carrying Idlers (142 live)

Impact Idlers (153 live)

Push Pull Type Compactors (20 live)

Idler Frames (150 live)

Troughing Idler (43 live)

Mobile Compactor Rack (32 live)

Double Faced Mobile Compactors (15 live)

Single Faced Mobile Compactor (21 live)

Idlers (589 live)

DSL System (6 live)

Radio Remotes (13 live)

Heavy Duty Compactor System (12 live)

Mobile Storage Cabinets (42 live)

Mobile Storage Facilities (10 live)

Office Compactors (92 live)

Storage System Rev 1 (67 live)

Unified Storage System (8 live)

Portable Compactors (9 live)

Storage Optimizer (27 live)

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic Jack with Pump (20 live)

Hydraulic Jack Accessories (79 live)

Brake Liners (6 live)

Hydraulic Trolley Jack (38 live)

Hydraulic Bottle Jack (238 live)

Hydraulic Standard Series Bottle Jack (40 live)

Jacks Hydraulic (477 live)

Input Shafts (6 live)

LT Wheels (42 live)

Hydraulic Screwed Ram Jack (78 live)

Manually Operated Hydraulic Jack (11 live)

Anti Collision System (5 live)

Hydraulic Remote Control Jack (93 live)

Hydraulic Track Jack (157 live)

Cross Travelling Wheels (9 live)

Hydraulic Jacking System (19 live)

Hydraulic Gang Jack (25 live)

Carbon Brush (6 live)

Hydraulic Telescopic Jack (34 live)

Double Acting Hydraulic Jacks (67 live)

Cable Trolley (13 live)

Hydraulic Integral Jack (113 live)

Hydraulic Cylinder Jack (91 live)

Hand Operated Hydraulic Jack (25 live)

Electric Hydraulic Jack (13 live)

Mechanical Jacks (34 live)

Enerpac Hydraulic Jack (57 live)

Synchronous Jacks (14 live)

Hydraulic Hollow Jack (26 live)

Hydraulic Hollow Plunger Jack (22 live)

Hydraulic Scissor Jacks (8 live)

Hydraulic Toe Jack (8 live)

Industrial Hydraulic Jack (6 live)

Hydraulic Jack Spares (95 live)

Hydraulic Floor Jack (9 live)

Hydraulic Jack Nose (14 live)

Hydraulic Jack Single Point (16 live)

Scissor Pallet Trucks (32 live)

Hydraulic Trolley (11 live)

Hydraulic Centre Hole Jack (19 live)

Portable Hydraulic Jack (11 live)

High Lift Pallet Trucks (27 live)

Single Acting Hydraulic Jack (79 live)

Hand Operated Chain Pulley Blocks (142 live)

Hydro Jack (18 live)

Low Height Hydraulic Jack (28 live)

Gear Chain Pulley Block (32 live)

Hydraulic Jack Pickup with Driver (17 live)

Chain Pulley Blocks

Hydraulic Jack Repair Kit (38 live)

Polyester Sling

Round Polyester Slings (273 live)

Twin Path Slings (53 live)

Round Slings (169 live)

Pulley Belt Alignment Tool (14 live)

Manual Pallet Stackers (7 live)

Hood Assembly (7 live)

Polyester Web Slings (47 live)

Paddle Feeders Spares (21 live)

Plough Feeder Spares (18 live)

Polyester Multileg Sling (18 live)

Stacker Reclaimer (33 live)

Bucket Wheel Reclaimer (10 live)

Hyster Spares (17 live)

Reach Stacker (12 live)

Manual Handling Equipment (21 live)

Re C 650E Bhd Machine Spares (7 live)

Catalyst Handling Equipment (7 live)

Hopper Loader Spares (11 live)

Limestone and Gypsum Handling System (9 live)

Barge Unloading System Spares (6 live)

Cargo Material Handling Equipment (23 live)

Mill Handling System (34 live)

Towing Equipment (9 live)

Handling Equipments (256 live)

Energy Chain System (29 live)

Single Sleeve Pulley Block (140 live)

Pulley Single Sleeve (24 live)

Pulley Blocks (592 live)

Bend Pulley (11 live)

Pulley Swivel (8 live)

Motor Pulley (43 live)

Single Hook Pulley Block (24 live)

Coupling Pulley (12 live)

Take Up Pulley (19 live)

Propeller Driver Pulley (7 live)

Drive Pulley (126 live)

Driven Pulley (24 live)

Non Drive Pulley (50 live)

Block Differential Pulley (8 live)

Gear Pulley (10 live)

Three Pulley Regulating Equipment (45 live)

Defence Pulley (28 live)

Bottom Block Pulley (11 live)

Snatch Block (26 live)

Tail Pulley (29 live)

Rope Pulley (18 live)

Snub Pulley (13 live)

Deflection Pulley (15 live)

MS Block (12 live)

Chain Pulley (42 live)

Driving Pulley (9 live)

Chain Sprocket (13 live)

Material Handling Machinery and Equipment Tenders

1. Department of Heavy Industry, Tamil Nadu


2. National Fertilizers Limited, Madhya Pradesh

Procurement of Tools Tackles  

3. Karnataka Power Corporation Limited, Karnataka

4. National Fertilizers Limited, Madhya Pradesh

Procurement of TOOLS and TACKLES

5. Ministry of Human Resource and Development, OTHERS

6. GAIL (India) Limited, Delhi


7. Department of Heavy Industry, Punjab

8. NORTH EASTERN RLY, Uttar Pradesh

9. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Tamil Nadu

Supply of Spares for the Existing JLG Machine

10. Ministry of Railways, Delhi

11. EASTERN RLY, Bihar


12. EASTERN RLY, Delhi

13. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Gujarat

Spares for Electric Hoist

14. Ministry of Railways, Chhattisgarh

15. Department of Atomic Energy, Maharashtra

Horizontal Transport Cask

16. Ministry of Railways, Delhi

18. SOUTH WESTERN RLY, Karnataka




21. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal

22. NORTH EASTERN RLY, Uttar Pradesh

23. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Karnataka [Offline]

Manufacturing of LIFTING SLING Tool No. SK-3868

24. Nanded Waghala City Municipal Corporation Nanded, Maharashtra [Expired]

25. Department of Defence Production, Karnataka


26. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Tamil Nadu

Supply of Fork Lift Spares

27. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana

28. Ministry of Railways, Uttar Pradesh

Electric Hoist (Telpher)-IS: 3938

29. Department of Heavy Industry, Telangana

30. Urban Local Bodies, Uttar Pradesh

Self Propelled Tree Maintenance Platform

31. Department of Heavy Industry, Tamil Nadu


32. Department of Defence Production, Karnataka

TWMP Lift Cylinder Assy

33. Department of Defence Production, Karnataka


35. EASTERN RLY, Delhi

Hand Pallet Hydraulic Truck

36. Ministry of Railways, Uttar Pradesh

37. BANK NOTE PAPER MILL INDIA PRIVATE LTD, Karnataka [Expired] [Offline]


38. BLW, Uttar Pradesh


39. RCF, Punjab

FORK LIFT TRUCK - 10 TON (Forklift Truck 10 Ton)

40. RCF, Punjab

FORK LIFT TRUCK 3-TON (Fork Lift Truck 3TON)

41. Urban Development And Environment Department, Madhya Pradesh [Expired]

Self Propelled Tree Maintenance Platform

42. BLW, Uttar Pradesh


43. SOUTHERN RLY, Tamil Nadu

One set of spares for Forklift

44. ICF, Tamil Nadu


45. National Aluminium Company Limited,NALCO, Odisha


46. IHQ of MoD (Army)-(OSCC), Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

47. Urban Local Bodies, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

48. Department of Defence Production, Goa


50. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Andhra Pradesh