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Industrial Equipment Sub Categories



Brick Machine (56 live)

Block Making Machine (39 live)

Bioreactor (104 live)

Economiser Coil (169 live)

Economizer Coil Assemblies (26 live)

Economiser coils Replacement (44 live)

Super Heater Coils (50 live)

Super Heater Coils Replacement (4 live)

Reheater Coils (28 live)

Reheater Coils Replacement

Can Washers (30 live)

Sensitised Dandy Roll (6 live)

Sputtering System (5 live)

Ion Milling Systems (15 live)

Ion Beam Milling System (6 live)

Roundness Measuring Machine (10 live)

Hopper (48 live)

Hydraulic Flushing Station (8 live)

Seed Equipment (67 live)

Bicarbonate Mixtures (10 live)

Flushing Machine (7 live)

Mill Cutter (181 live)

Cutter (572 live)

Grinder (26 live)

Cutting Machine

CNC Machine

Abrasive Rail Cutting Machine (313 live)

Abrasive Rail Cutter

Rail Cutter (495 live)

Rail Cutting Machine (90 live)

Insert (570 live)

Lathe (554 live)

Conventional Lathe (52 live)

Solid Carbide Drill (80 live)

Carbide Drill (81 live)

Taper Shank (341 live)

Taper Shank Drill

Plasma Cutting Machine

Air Plasma Cutting Machine (576 live)

CNC Milling Machine

Milling Machine

CNC Milling (235 live)

Hand Tap (147 live)


Pillar Tap (508 live)

Cutting Nozzle

Gas Cutting Nozzle (418 live)

Nozzle (418 live)

Cut Off Wheel (177 live)

Cutting Wheel

CNC Lathe (376 live)

Lathe Machine (353 live)

Rail Profile Weld Grinder (246 live)

Weld Grinder (262 live)

Solid Carbide (345 live)

CNC EDM (92 live)

Lathe (126 live)

Boring Tool

Boring Bar (213 live)

Electrode Holder

Thread Milling Holder (8 live)

Contour Cutter (12 live)

Turning Tool Holder (15 live)

Carbide Tip Cutting Tool (5 live)

Internet of Things

Rapid Prototyping Tool (683 live)

Prototyping Tool (682 live)

Brazing Electrode (11 live)

Fogging Machine

Sprayer Machine (4 live)

Fogger (97 live)

Fogger Machine (97 live)

Electrically Operated Fogger Unit (5 live)

Auto Fogging Machine (6 live)

Portable Fogging Machine (63 live)

Multifunction Water Fogger Machine (47 live)

Grinding Wheel

Plain Grinding Wheel (60 live)

Aluminium Oxide Grinding Wheel (11 live)

Nylon Grinding Wheel (8 live)

Ring Grinding Wheel (5 live)

Grinding Stone Wheel (11 live)

Drilling Machine

Hammer Drilling Machine (6 live)

Bench Drilling Machine (16 live)

Hand Drilling Machine (43 live)

Electrical Operated Drilling Machine (5 live)

Electrical Drilling Machine (589 live)

Track Drilling Machine (36 live)

Portable Electric Drill (48 live)

Rail Drilling Machine (69 live)

Magnetic Core Drilling Machine (28 live)

Pillar Drilling Machine (31 live)

Radial Drilling Machine (51 live)

Wear Plate

Wearing Plate (410 live)

Guide Plate (28 live)

Striker Casting Wear Plate (216 live)

Brake Wear Plate (121 live)

Wear Plate Liner (44 live)

Horizontal Wear Liner (19 live)

Wear Resistant Plate (21 live)

Strip (97 live)

Fire Strip (97 live)

Supply of MS Strip (18 live)

Shank Wear Plate (86 live)

Wear Bar (6 live)

Wear Strip (15 live)

Brake Wear (121 live)

Milling Holder (8 live)

Brazed Tool (13 live)

Carbide Tool (7 live)

Trepanning Tool (8 live)

Blade (45 live)

High Feed Cutter (572 live)

High feed Millhead (8 live)

Tooling Set (72 live)

Grooving Tooling Set (16 live)

Brazed Carbide (410 live)

Slotting Cutter (8 live)

Indexable Cutter (6 live)

Machineries (557 live)

Machinery Item (30 live)

Range Centrifugal Machine (7 live)

Centrifugal Machine (44 live)

Screening Machine (556 live)

Rotary Screening Machine (7 live)

Wilfit Spares (148 live)

Concrete Breaker Machine (6 live)

Pressing Machine (13 live)

Machinery Spare (14 live)

Fusion Welding Machine (10 live)

Portable Welding Machine

Welding Set (60 live)

Tig Welding Machine (94 live)

Resistance Spot Welding Machine (8 live)

Nozzle Welding (5 live)

Welding Rectifier (35 live)

Friction Stir Welding Machine (20 live)

Stir Welding Machine (20 live)

Ultrasonic Welding Equipment (10 live)

Sewing Machine

Tailoring Machine (32 live)

Heavy Duty Sewing Machine (29 live)

Stiching Machine (26 live)

Household Sewing Machine Head (250 live)

Foot Operated Sewing Machine (14 live)

Industrial Sewing Machine (69 live)

Motor Operated Sewing Machine (9 live)

ISI Mark Sewing Machine (39 live)

Motorised Sewing Machine (21 live)

Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine (10 live)

Wire Stitching Machine (17 live)

Welding Booth (4 live)

Welding Consumable (37 live)

Welding Equipment (35 live)

Solder Wire Flux Cored (5 live)

Rosin Cored Soldering Wire (7 live)

Soldering Iron (101 live)

Lead Stick (7 live)

Solder Wire (13 live)

Soldering Material (10 live)

Soldering Components (101 live)

Weldment (5 live)

Welding Simulator (56 live)

Portable Saw Buttering Machine (5 live)

Buttering Machine (5 live)

Shaping Machine (33 live)

Industrial Gas Cutter (9 live)

Bar Cutting Machine (6 live)

Spares of HMT Machine (188 live)

Saw Buttering Machine (5 live)

Cutting Torch (16 live)

Mica Milling (7 live)

Metal Cutting Tool

High Speed Cut Off Machine (8 live)

AOH Kit for Prag Polymer (94 live)

Bottle Filling Machine (8 live)

Ghee Clarifier (16 live)

Centrifuge Cream Separator (13 live)

Butter Melting Vat (15 live)

Peda Vat (61 live)

Butter Making Machine (19 live)

Embossment Machine (6 live)

Filling Machine (21 live)

Cream Separator (50 live)

Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine (17 live)

Pellet Machine (17 live)

Egg Stamping Machine (12 live)

Portable Welding Plant (20 live)

Arc Welding Machine (24 live)

Metal Arc Welding Machine (6 live)

Dryer (654 live)

Refrigerant Air Dryer (15 live)

Vacuum Drier (5 live)

Air Dryer

Control Air Dryer (8 live)

Heatless Twin Tower Air Drier (7 live)

Dehumidified Dryer (6 live)

Heatless Air Dryer (11 live)

CNC Press Brake (6 live)

CNC Router (572 live)

CNC Axle Turning Lathe (7 live)

Spares for CNC Axle Grinding Machine (325 live)

CNC Drilling (8 live)

CNC Turning (15 live)

CNC Filament Winding Machine (13 live)

Abrasive Cutting Equipment (20 live)

Desoldering Station (343 live)

Soldering and Desoldering Station (322 live)

Temperature Controlled Soldering Station (575 live)

SMD Rework Station (186 live)

Cane Unloader Spare (134 live)

Leveller Knives (7 live)

Cane Carrier Slat (30 live)

Rake Carrier (22 live)

Trash Plate (24 live)

Cane Carrier Chain (40 live)

Cane Cutting Knive (114 live)

Sugar Cane Thrash Cutter (6 live)

Portable Grinding Machine (9 live)

Valve Seat Grinding Machine (10 live)

Rail Profile Grinding Machine

Angle Grinder Machine (6 live)

Mortar Grinder (12 live)

Coal Mill Grinding Element (11 live)

Tool and Cutter Grinding Machine (24 live)

Cryogenic Grinder (7 live)

Pedestal Grinding Machine (10 live)

Hand Grinding Machine (352 live)

Bench Grinding Machine (19 live)

Grinding Elements (40 live)

Flexible Welding Cable (14 live)

Conductor Welding Cable (110 live)

Alluminium Conductor Welding Cable (14 live)

Copper Conductor Welding Cable (52 live)

Welding Cable

Aluminium Welding Cable (9 live)

Copper Welding Cable (29 live)

ISI Marked Welding Cable (9 live)

Welding Cable Single Core (81 live)

Welding Cable Single Core Flexible (28 live)

Welding Rod

Electric Welding Rod (14 live)

Special Welding Rod (6 live)

MS Welding Rod (16 live)

Tungsten Carbide (41 live)

Coated Carbide Inserts (8 live)

Indexeable Carbide Insert (14 live)

Carbide Throwaway (10 live)

Throw Away Carbide Turning Insert (20 live)

Uncoated Carbide (5 live)

ISO Carbide Insert (6 live)

Air Brake System Air Dryer (14 live)

Transfer Station Equipment (11 live)

Radiant Coil Assembly (10 live)

Radiant Coil (10 live)

Chara Kutti Machine (17 live)

Hand Operatored Cutty Machine (7 live)

Cutter Set (8 live)

Cutty Machine (7 live)

Portable Tree Cutting Machine (10 live)

Tree Cutting Machine (29 live)

Gas Cutting Machine (78 live)

Portable Gas Cutting Machine (69 live)

Power Hacksaw Machine (5 live)

Hacksaw Machine (5 live)

Brush Cutter Machine (5 live)

Pipe Cutting Machine (11 live)

Vertical Milling Machine (101 live)

Horizontal Milling Machine (43 live)

Triple Roll Milling Machine (14 live)

Universal Milling Machine (62 live)

Pug Mill (11 live)

Rolling Mill (8 live)

Heavy Duty Rolling Mill (6 live)

Vertical Turret Milling Machine (6 live)

Turret Milling Machine (6 live)

Paddy Milling Machine (7 live)

Tool Holder

Grooving Tool Holder (2 live)

Collet Chuck Holder

Grooving Holder

Boring Tool Holder (1 live)

Compound Tool Holder

Die Holder

Automatic Lathe

High Speed Precision Lathe Machine (16 live)

Centre Lathe (32 live)

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine (18 live)

Milling Cutter

Square Shoulder Milling Cutter (13 live)

Slot Milling Cutter (21 live)

Thread Milling Cutter (7 live)

Face Mill Cutter (17 live)

Disc Milling Cutter (12 live)

Slitting Cutter (29 live)

Spares for Cream Separator (36 live)

Waste Segregation Machine (9 live)

Segregation Machine (20 live)

Screening Machine with Conveyor (352 live)

Mechanical Separator (6 live)

Gas Welding Hoses (7 live)

Welding Equipment Tool Box (31 live)

Safety Welding Equipment Tool Box (31 live)

Brazing Flux (55 live)

Brazing Flux Material (15 live)

Silver Brazing Flux (14 live)

Welding Filter Lens (8 live)

Copper Coated Wire (8 live)

MIG Welding Wire

Mag Welding Filler (271 live)

Welding Filler Wire (286 live)

Wire Spool (24 live)

Flux Cored Mig (77 live)

Solid Mig (244 live)

Shank Drill (150 live)

HSS Parallel Shank Twist Drill (14 live)

Parallel Shank (57 live)

Drill Twist Morse Taper Shank (11 live)

Spares for Simplex Make LHD (214 live)

Portable CNC Air Plasma Cutting Equipment (588 live)

Plasma Air Cutting Machine (136 live)

Inverter based Plasma Cutting (6 live)

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine (56 live)

Plasma Torch (46 live)

CNC Machining (562 live)

Bed Type Milling Machine (6 live)

Aluminium Filler Wire (7 live)

CO2 Welding Filler Wire (44 live)

Solid CO2 Welding Filler Wire (436 live)

Saw Wire (59 live)

Filler Wire (554 live)

Tig Welding Filler Wire (8 live)

Cast Iron Welding Filler Wire (7 live)

Tig Filler Wire (11 live)

Mild Steel Electrode (24 live)

MS Electrode

Water Tap (7 live)

Tap Set (508 live)

Wheel Lathe Insert (20 live)

Spares for Plasma Cutting (198 live)

Nozzle Retaining Cap (9 live)

Resistance Welding Equipment (36 live)

Grinding Disc (13 live)

Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine (7 live)

Polishing Unit (7 live)

Grinding Belt (16 live)

Grinding Stone (271 live)

Grinding Rolls (40 live)

PNM Cutting Nozzle (276 live)

Oxy Cutting Nozzle (25 live)

Cupping Die (346 live)

Draw Die (346 live)

Swaging Die (351 live)

Laboratory Freeze Dryer (6 live)

Continuous Fermenting Machine (6 live)

Fermenting Machine (6 live)

Food Tray (9 live)

Dough Kneading Machine (7 live)

Kneading Machine (40 live)

Automatic Dosa Making Machine (6 live)

Honey Processing Plant (19 live)


Robotic System (122 live)

Humanoid Robot (12 live)

Parallel Manipulator (8 live)

Mill Roller (44 live)

Sugar Mill (35 live)

Metal Cut off Wheel (148 live)

Milling Insert

Weaving Machine

Cotton Wick Machine (11 live)

Silk Loom (8 live)

Sizing Machine (14 live)

Single End Sizing Machine (6 live)

Automatic Powerloom (132 live)

Electronic Jacquard (44 live)

Rail Weld Trimmer (10 live)

Weld Trimmer

Welding Portion (191 live)

Graphite Disc Electrode (24 live)

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Rod Electrode (22 live)

High Shear Mixer (11 live)

Commercial Mixer (85 live)

Electric Juicer (45 live)

Mixing Machine (16 live)

CNC Hard Turning Machine (6 live)

CNC Lathe Machine

Heavy Duty CNC Lathe (189 live)

Electro Spinning Unit (26 live)

Welding Generator

Portable Welding Generator (20 live)

Honda Welding Generating Set (6 live)

Portable DC Welding Generator (53 live)

DC Welding Generator (57 live)

Garment Machine (7 live)

Textile Machine

High Speed Braiding Machine (5 live)

Jacquards (5 live)

Calendering Machine (11 live)

Stainless Steel Electrode

Steel Welding Electrode (58 live)

SS Electrode (253 live)

Rail Profile (316 live)

Portable Rail Profile (6 live)

Bioreactor System (11 live)

Photo Bioreactor (8 live)

CNC Wire Cut Machine

CNC EDM Wirecut Machine (8 live)

Precision Lathe (8 live)

Tool Room (8 live)

CNC Turning Centre (78 live)

Rough Boring Bar (14 live)

Spray Nozzle

Water Spray Nozzle (24 live)

Multi Mist Spray Nozzle (6 live)

Insulated Electrode Holder (9 live)

Fully Insulated Electrode Holder (7 live)

Gas Welding Blow Pipe (6 live)

Blow Pipe

Manual Blowpipe (24 live)

Wood Cutter Circular Saw (95 live)

Electric Circular Saw (43 live)

Machine Tools (57 live)

Emergency Tool (16 live)

Maintenance Tool (183 live)

Special Tool (62 live)

Allignment Tool (8 live)

CNC Turning Machine (28 live)

Compost Turning Machine (5 live)

Turning Insert (10 live)

Diamond Turning Tools (5 live)

Repairing of Welding Generator (249 live)

Maintenance of Welding Machinery

Freeze Dryer

Printing Machine (556 live)

Welding Machine

Breaker Machine (6 live)

Simple Processing Machine (54 live)

Processing Machine (556 live)

Portable Tig Welding Machine (94 live)

Single Phase Welding Plant (73 live)

Welding Plant (627 live)

Gas Welding Machine (5 live)

Submerged Arc Welding Machine (159 live)

IGBT Welding Machine (6 live)

Spot Welding Machine (69 live)

Multi Process Welding Machine (6 live)

Mag Welding Machine (10 live)

DC Tig Welding Machine (94 live)

Pin Welding Machine (8 live)

Orbital Welding Machine (8 live)

Automatic Beam Welding Line Medium Size Machine (7 live)

Boiler Parboiling Unit (5 live)

Parboiling Unit Machineries (7 live)

Weld Pad (11 live)

Single Sheet Welding Glass (9 live)

Welding Glass Green (9 live)

Welding Items (26 live)

Braiding Machine (5 live)

Drawing Machine (11 live)

Textile Processing Machines (6 live)

Textile Testing Equipment (15 live)

Stenter Machine (6 live)

Apparel Machine (20 live)

Finisher Drawing Machine (5 live)

Fashion Design Machine (13 live)

Melt Spinning Unit (19 live)

Ring Spinning Frame (7 live)

ERI Spinning Plant (6 live)

Spinning Machines

Speed Frame Machine (9 live)

Blow Room (5 live)

Roving Frame (12 live)

Motor Spindles (6 live)

Spindle Gauge (8 live)

Draw Frame Machine (10 live)

Bobbin Equipment (11 live)

Spares for CNC Machine (120 live)

Copying Lathe Tool (5 live)

Spares for CNC Turning Machine

Turret Encoder (8 live)

Carbide Inserts (5 live)

Welding Accessories (145 live)

Weld Pad (13 live)

Eutectic Tin Weld Paste (12 live)

MS Filler Rod (14 live)

Welding Flux (5 live)

Brazing Rod (9 live)

Welding Glass (12 live)

Heavy Duty Centre Lathe (22 live)

Diamond Turning Tool (23 live)

Commutator Turning Tool (18 live)

Sliding Surface Screw Cutting Lathe (20 live)

Surface Wheel Lathe (88 live)

Spares for Lathe Machines

Lathe Tools (5 live)

Cassette Unit (16 live)

Carrier Chains (7 live)

Hopper (5 live)

Bottom Pouring Sets (19 live)

Bowl Extension Ring (5 live)

Body and Vane (10 live)

Parboiling Unit (7 live)

Rice Bagging Machine (6 live)

Mill Unit Machinery (8 live)

Weighing Machine (12 live)

Extrusion Machine (18 live)

Block Making Machine (12 live)

Bag Making Machine (6 live)

Extruder Spares (11 live)

Powder Coating Plant (6 live)

Spares for Air Dryer

Piston (6 live)

Air Dryer Drain Valve (13 live)

Purge Valve (23 live)

Piping Assembly (11 live)

Dryer Filter (5 live)

Spares for Generator Hydrogen Dryer (7 live)

Liquid Line Filter Dryer (11 live)

Orifice Assembly (5 live)

Muffler Assembly (11 live)

Vaporid Air Dryer (10 live)

Overhauling Kit for Air Dryer

Repair Kit for Air Dryer (76 live)

IOH kit for Air Dryer (166 live)

AOH Kit for Air Dryer (21 live)

POH Kit for Air Dryer (92 live)

Replacement Kit for Air Dryer (31 live)

Air Dryer Kit (25 live)

Purge Valve Kit (12 live)

Air Dryer Maintenance Kit (109 live)

Turbine (606 live)

Turbine Spares (362 live)

Wind Turbine Emulator (9 live)

Steam Turbine (118 live)

Lube Oil Pump Drive Turbine (5 live)

Drive Turbine (72 live)

Gas Turbine (172 live)

Turbine Gland (8 live)

Power Turbine (30 live)

Turbine Casing (7 live)

Mill Turbine Spares (10 live)

Turbo Generator (16 live)

Turbine Cover Sleeves (7 live)

Turbine Exhaust System (6 live)

Turning Gear (7 live)

Power Turbine Spares (30 live)

Turbine Wheel (12 live)

Wind Turbine (15 live)

Turbine Top Cover (5 live)

Grapples (7 live)

Rippers (6 live)

Ripper Shoes (5 live)

Dozer Filters (8 live)

Wheel Excavators (6 live)

Bucket Wheel Excavator (6 live)

Scarifiers (10 live)

Maintenance of Backhoe Dredger (12 live)

Self Loading Concrete Mixers (14 live)

Trenching Machine (15 live)

Rotary Mixers (12 live)

Telescopic Boom Lift (17 live)

Hoist Winch (6 live)

Spares for Tata Hitachi (456 live)

Undercarriage Assembly (9 live)

Transmission Spares (17 live)

Front Loader (17 live)

Front End Loader (200 live)

Wheel Loader

Pay Loader (76 live)

Cutting Blades (46 live)

Steel Blades (16 live)

Expandable Cutter Blade (17 live)

Blade Assembly (6 live)

Moving Blades (49 live)

Graphite Blade (5 live)

Cutting Edge (8 live)

Stationary Blade Ring (12 live)

Hollow Guide Blades (5 live)

Double Edged Full Blades (12 live)

Tilling Blade (8 live)

Stellite Blade (11 live)

Cast Iron Blades (13 live)

Wafering Blade (5 live)

Tipped Blades (5 live)

Blades (295 live)

Load Haul Dump (19 live)

LHD Spares (288 live)

Wheel Loader Spares

Spares for Front End Loader (44 live)

Spares for Pay Loader (31 live)

Vibratory Compactor (40 live)

Mechanical Compactor (7 live)

Hydraulic Compactor (12 live)

Movable Compactors (27 live)

Portable Compactors (66 live)

Soil Compactor (9 live)

Marshall Compactor (9 live)

Refuse Compactor (65 live)

Stability Compactors (7 live)

Mobile Compactors (5 live)

Automatic Compactors (24 live)

Wheeled Skid Steer Loader (347 live)

Dual Arm Skid Steer Loader (9 live)

JCB Skid Steer Loader (5 live)

Skid Steer Loader

JCB Spares

OEM Parts for JCB (8 live)

JCB Super Items (121 live)

Spares for JCB Hydraulic Excavator (6 live)

Spares for JCB 3dx (209 live)

Bulldozer Spares (31 live)

Spares for BD 50 Dozer (12 live)

Spares for BD (540 live)

Hydraulic Excavator

Crawler Hydraulic Excavator (574 live)

Wheeled Diesel Road Roller (79 live)

Road Roller (111 live)

Pressure Roller (16 live)

Cam Roller (10 live)

Pitch Roller (26 live)

Coated Roller (6 live)

Steel Roller (13 live)

Contact Roller (47 live)

Top Roller (25 live)

Mechanical Roller (31 live)

Rubber Roller (32 live)

Precurling Roller (12 live)

Bottom Roller (31 live)

Roller Housing (17 live)

Impact Roller (19 live)

Mill Roller (28 live)

Epoxy Roller (9 live)

Carrying Roller (43 live)

Destressing Roller (6 live)

Cone Roller (14 live)

Backhoe Loaders (666 live)

3DX Backhoe Loader (98 live)

JCB Backhoe Loader (14 live)

Spares for Hydraulic Shovel (59 live)

Tooth Points (73 live)

Track Pads (10 live)

Operator Seat (12 live)

Dipper Tooth (7 live)

Spares for Tata JD (18 live)

Spares for Tata Hitachi Shovel (141 live)

Final Drive Gear (12 live)

Fasteners (8 live)

Front Bucket Assembly (9 live)

Bucket Dipper (10 live)

Electric Rope Shovel Spares (560 live)

Repairing of Boom Pulley (25 live)

Repairing of Boom Cylinder (70 live)

Repairing of Boom (489 live)

Repairing of Bucket Heel (20 live)

Repairing of Bucket Assembly (133 live)

Repairing of Operator Cabin (274 live)

Repairing of Glass Frame (91 live)

Repairing of Final Drives (223 live)

Repairing of Dipper Handles (238 live)

Repairing of Dipper Door (21 live)

Repairing of Radiator (68 live)

Repairing of Crowd Clutch (50 live)

Maintenance of Backhoes (97 live)

Asphalt Conditioning Equipment (7 live)

Mini Hot Mix Movable Plant (8 live)

Pan Concrete Mixer (28 live)

Transit Mixer (15 live)

Spares for Motor Graders (214 live)

Paver Finisher (169 live)

Spares for Paver Finisher (157 live)

Sensor Paver (54 live)

Apollo Paver Finisher (125 live)

Bulldozer (62 live)

Track Dozer (15 live)

Dozer (136 live)

Self Propelled Articulating Boom Lift (85 live)

Articulating Boom Lift (145 live)

Snow Blowers (23 live)

Snow Clearance Machine (35 live)

Snow Control Unit (8 live)

Snow Cats (45 live)

Snow Machine (85 live)

Snow Cutter (9 live)

Gear Drive Assembly (23 live)

Final Drive Assembly (10 live)

Central Drive Assembly (5 live)

Drive Assembly (71 live)

HRT Drive Spares (5 live)

Rake Drive (6 live)

Drive Head (44 live)

Electric Rope Shovel (231 live)

Backhoe Shovel (8 live)

Hydraulic Face Shovel (35 live)

Hydraulic Shovels (395 live)

Hand Shovels (10 live)

Track Link (34 live)

Track Shoes (80 live)

Track Chains (14 live)

Earth Excavators (6 live)

Mini Excavator Poclain (5 live)

Mini Excavators (32 live)

Excavators (92 live)

Spares for Backhoes (89 live)

Ash Brick Machine (31 live)

Brick Cutting Machine (5 live)

Fodder Block Machine (6 live)

Feed Block Machine (14 live)

Tracked Excavator (15 live)

Scrubbing Machine (14 live)

Steel Scrubber (10 live)

Mortar Pan (62 live)

Spares for Ash Brick Plant (8 live)

Spares for Hot Mix Plant (43 live)

Spares for WMM Plant (6 live)

Pothole Patching Machine (5 live)

Motor Grader (264 live)

Grader (283 live)

GI Booms (10 live)

Aluminium Boom (16 live)

Octagonal Boom (20 live)

Self Propelled Platform Machine (22 live)

Self Propelled Tree Maintenance Platform (23 live)

Knuckle Boom (9 live)

Drum Mix Plants (5 live)

Crawl Cat Dredger (6 live)

Suction Dredger (14 live)

Dredger (46 live)

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine (11 live)

Road Marking Machine (28 live)

Construction Machinery (20 live)

Reclaimer Bucket (7 live)

Electrical Walking Dragline (6 live)

Dragline Spares (26 live)

Draglines (32 live)

Bottom Roller Shaft (5 live)

Roller Shafts (33 live)

Hearth Grouting Material (12 live)

Grouting Machine (28 live)

Batching Plants (17 live)

Concrete Batching (5 live)

Repair of Wheel Loaders (18 live)

Repairing of Pay Loader (18 live)

Industrial Automation (5 live)

Automation Spare (22 live)

Process Automation (6 live)

Distributed Power Wireless Control System (7 live)

Automation System (53 live)

Automation Unit (8 live)

Non Carbonated Beverage Dispenser (166 live)

Food Processing Equipments (11 live)

Steel Ladle (18 live)

Ladle Management Set (13 live)

Ladle (55 live)

Food Warmer (51 live)

Microwave Oven (57 live)

Convection Microwave (6 live)

Stainless Steel Bain Marie (95 live)

Bain Marie (102 live)

Commercial Dishwasher (153 live)

Conveyor Type Dishwasher (12 live)

Combination Oven (71 live)

Industrial Oven (11 live)

Rotary Rack Oven (15 live)

Stitching Machine Spares (34 live)

Stitching Machine (106 live)

Stitching Wire (15 live)

Steel Stitching Wire (5 live)

Hand Stitching Machine (5 live)

Zig Zag Machine (5 live)

Bag Stitching Machine (9 live)

Ash Handling System Spares (368 live)

Dry Ash System Spares (38 live)

Solar Energy Monitoring Device (9 live)

Solar Monitoring System (14 live)

Tld Badge Reader (22 live)

Tld Reader (15 live)

Tld Cards (15 live)

Tld Discs (10 live)

Radiography Camera (8 live)

Industrial Gamma Radiography (10 live)

Industrial Radiography (19 live)

Hand Rail Belt (9 live)

Endless Flat Belt (14 live)

Flat Belts (57 live)

Ash Handling System (46 live)

Ash Handling Plant (15 live)

Steam Generator (99 live)

Steam Generation Plant (21 live)

Bottom Ash Handling System Spares (65 live)

Suction Side Silencers (6 live)

Silencers (98 live)

Vent Silencers (7 live)

Silencer Assembly (7 live)

Cng Storage Cascades (29 live)

Cbg Stationary Cascade (21 live)

Dm Plant Overhauling (16 live)

Dry Fly Ash System (70 live)

Ash Evacuation System (8 live)

Fly Ash System Spares (83 live)

Slide Gate (6 live)

Gravimetric Feeder Belts (15 live)

External Driver (12 live)

Drive System (20 live)

Toothed Belt (8 live)

Armature (309 live)

Armature Assembly (30 live)

Dust Suppression System

Fog Cannon (39 live)

Fog Dust Suppression System (25 live)

Mist Cannon (46 live)

Auto Control Dust Suppression System (14 live)

Metal Cleaners

Decomposter (7 live)

Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner (77 live)

Industrial Vacuum Sweeper (8 live)

Organic Waste Converter

Haulage Services (425 live)

Endless Haulage (86 live)

Tugger Haulage (45 live)

Packing Equipment Maintenance (284 live)

Packaging Unit Maintenance (177 live)

Prepack Machine Maintenance (24 live)

Short Refit Icgs (39 live)

Port Shaft Line (7 live)

Roof Top Turbo Ventilators (10 live)

Door Frame Metal Detector (576 live)

Industrial Equipment Tenders

1. UP Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd, Uttar Pradesh

Overhauling of CandI equipments / Control systems


Procurement of Spares for Boiler of Unit-8/DPPS

3. Department of Sugar, Tamil Nadu

Spot balancing of rotating heavy equiptments

4. Indian Institute of Science , Karnataka [Offline]

5. Department of Defence, Maharashtra [Expired]

6. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, Andhra Pradesh

8. Commissioner Rural Development UP, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

10. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Madhya Pradesh

Tap holding arrangement consists .

12. Department Of Military Affairs, West Bengal [Expired]

13. Directorate of Training and Employment, Uttar Pradesh

14. UP Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd, Uttar Pradesh

15. PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT, West Bengal [Expired]

Works as per attached annexure

16. Karnataka Power Corporation Limited, Karnataka

18. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Gujarat

20. Department Of Military Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

22. The Fertilisers And Chemicals Travancore Ltd., Kerala

23. Balmer Lawrie and Co. Ltd., West Bengal

Tender for Non IBR Steam Boiler

24. Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd., Maharashtra

BQ CS PLATE (PR NO. 10073946 SAP PLANT) G230220612

25. Department Of Military Affairs, Uttar Pradesh

26. Department Of Military Affairs, Uttar Pradesh

27. Balmer Lawrie and Co. Ltd., Tamil Nadu [Offline]

Tender for Non IBR Steam Boiler for Chennai unit

28. Central Armed Police Forces, Arunachal Pradesh [Expired]

29. Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Uttarakhand

30. APGENCO, Andhra Pradesh

31. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), Tamil Nadu

32. Karnataka Power Corporation Limited, Karnataka

33. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, Andhra Pradesh

34. Department Of Military Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

35. Department Of Military Affairs, Kerala


37. Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company Limited, Madhya Pradesh

39. MD (Uttarakhand Sahakari Chini Mills Sangh Ltd.), Uttarakhand

40. Medical and Health, Rajasthan [Expired]

A.C. &amp Invertor

43. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, Chhattisgarh

45. Steel Authority of India, Chhattisgarh

46. Department Of Military Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir

47. Health Services Department Manipur, Manipur

48. Department of Cooperation, Punjab [Expired]


49. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal

Stationary items

50. Rural Development And Panchayat Raj Department Maharashtra , Maharashtra