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Education and Training Sub Categories


Vocational training (22 live)

Women Business Training

Skill Development Training (14 live)

Agricultural Forestry Training

Agricultural Vocational Training

Farmer Training (1 live)

Fishery Training

Scientific Vocational Training

Computer Training (4 live)

Cyber Security Training (1 live)

Medical Training

Electronics Training

Telecom Training

Industrial Training

Engineering Training

Non Scientific Vocational Training (2 live)

Communication Training

Tourism related training

Clerical training

Health Assistance Training (1 live)

Beautician Training (2 live)

Safety training services

Water Rescue Training

Teacher training services

Fire Fighting Training

Accounting Training (2 live)

Sports Training Services

Tailoring Training Service

In Service Training

Finance Manpower Development (2 live)

Refresher Training

Industrial Manpower Development

Personnel skills training

Content Writing

Digital Content Creation (1 live)

Digital Training

Yoga training services

Fitness Training

Placement training services

Self Defense Training (1 live)

Software Development Training

Driver training services

Competitive Exams Training (6 live)

Entrepreneurship development training (1 live)

Security Training

OEM Training

Smart Classrooms (601 live)

Virtual Class Room (60 live)

Residential Training (12 live)

Professional Training Services (122 live)

Vocational Training (67 live)

Training Programme (80 live)

Safety and Emergency Response Training (13 live)

Disaster Management Training (18 live)

Rural Mason Training (36 live)

Private Training Services (9 live)

Vocational Course (45 live)

Design Training (16 live)

Technical Consultant Training (46 live)

Vocational Education Training (33 live)

Skill Training (87 live)

Computer Training (89 live)

Computer Course Training (41 live)

Computer Education (29 live)

IT Training (31 live)

Software Training (5 live)

Certification Training (15 live)

Computer Repair Training (6 live)

Computer Concept Course Training (10 live)

CCC Training (16 live)

Pre Examination Training (71 live)

Competitive Exams Preparation (74 live)

Joint Entrance Examination (8 live)

Entrance Examination (46 live)

UPSC Civil Service Examination (43 live)

GPSC Competitive Examination (6 live)

Pre Police Competitive Examination (5 live)

Gate Examination Training (10 live)

SSB Online Coaching (8 live)

NEET Examination Training (50 live)

IAS Coaching Classes (12 live)

SSC Examination Training (17 live)

Retailer Training Programme (6 live)

Training Workshops (36 live)

Training Programme Development (20 live)

Industrial Training (6 live)

HRD Training (31 live)

Educational Services (37 live)

Driving Training School Running (115 live)

Vehicle Driving Training (33 live)

Light Motor Vehicle Driving Training (100 live)

LMV Driving Training (69 live)

Taxi Driver Training (14 live)

Two Wheeler Driving Cadre (19 live)

Motor Driving Training (20 live)

HMV Driving Training (10 live)

Heavy Motor Vehicle Training (7 live)

VWSC Training Program (5 live)

One Day Training Programme (10 live)

Awareness Training Programme (8 live)

Imparting Training (9 live)

Jewellery Field Training (11 live)

Kapadi Bag Training (6 live)

Beautician Training (8 live)

Fashion Designing Training (5 live)

Field Technician Training (5 live)

Employment Skill Training (117 live)

Driven Skill Development (5 live)

Mid Career Training (9 live)

Embroidery Training (9 live)

Traditional Embroidering Training (73 live)

Tailoring Training (105 live)

Sewing Training (29 live)

Skating Activities (9 live)

Badminton Coaching (6 live)

Coaching Services (53 live)

Tennis Coaching (10 live)

Athlete Simulated Training (5 live)

Basket Ball Coaching (6 live)

Grass Root Training (8 live)

Communication Skill Training (8 live)

Personality Development Training (46 live)

Leadership Programmes (17 live)

Adult Education and Skill Development (8 live)

Skill Assessment (12 live)

Placement Training (82 live)

Beauty Parlour Training (56 live)

E Content Development (13 live)

E Learning Content Development (37 live)

Content Writing (10 live)

Content Generation (6 live)

Video Development (7 live)

Digital Content (10 live)

Food Processing Training (5 live)

Women Vocational Training (12 live)

Women Technical Training (24 live)

Women Training (84 live)

Mahila Training (15 live)

Skilled Growth Training (7 live)

Self Defence Training (28 live)

Women Basic Training (8 live)

Karate Training (57 live)

Girls Yoga Training (7 live)

Women Self Defence Training (12 live)

Cyber Security Solutions (9 live)

Cyber Security Training (67 live)

Cyber Law Training (5 live)

Cyber Forensics (11 live)

Cyber Crime Awareness Training (5 live)

Information Security Training (5 live)

Auditor Training Course (10 live)

Health Safety Environment Training (6 live)

Workshop Training (18 live)

Sculpture Design (26 live)

Artistic Sculpture Creation (5 live)

Statue Design (9 live)

Sculpture Work (63 live)

Foreign Language Course (6 live)

English Proficiency Training (5 live)

English Communication Skills (10 live)

English Language Skills Programme (9 live)

English Speaking Course (7 live)

Career Guidance Services (21 live)

Career Counselling Services (23 live)

Vocationalisation Education (10 live)

Safety Training (21 live)

Safety Awareness Survey (10 live)

Education and Training Tenders

1. Agriculture Deptt - Commissioner, Rajasthan [Expired]


2. Science And Technology (information Technology), Madhya Pradesh

Online Learning Platform (OLP)

3. Vice Chancellor-Doon University Dehradun, Uttarakhand [Expired]

Online Admission Test 2022

4. University of Agricultural Sciences, Karnataka

5. University of Agricultural Sciences, Karnataka

6. Military Engineer Services, OTHERS

7. Rajasthan Skill and Livelihoods Development Corp., Rajasthan

RSLDC/DDU-GKY/Skill Gap Assessment/2022-23/2489

11. PHE, West Bengal

12. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Rajasthan [Expired]


13. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Rajasthan [Expired]

FLN teacher training 2022-2023

14. Rajasthan State Government Department, Rajasthan [Expired]


18. Department Of Military Affairs, Maharashtra

20. University Department, Jammu and Kashmir

21. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Rajasthan [Expired]

Teachers Training

22. Telangana State Minorities Welfare Department, Telangana

23. Department Of Military Affairs, Kerala

24. Department Of Health And Family Welfare, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

25. Department Of Military Affairs, Delhi

Custom Bid for Services - OSCP and CISSP Training

26. Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC), Tamil Nadu

27. Bangalore International Airport Limited, Karnataka [Offline]

28. Bangalore International Airport Limited, Karnataka [Offline]

29. Bangalore International Airport Limited, Karnataka [Offline]

30. New Okla Industrial Development Authority, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

31. New Okla Industrial Development Authority, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

32. New Okla Industrial Development Authority, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

33. OTHERS, Maharashtra [Expired]