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Agricultural Equipment Sub Categories

Sprayer Pump


Agricultural Power Sprayer

Trailer Sprayer

Tractor Sprayers


Agriculture Tractor

Utility Tractors

Row Crop Tractors

Implement carrier Tractors

Modern Farm Tractors

Agriculture Rotary Tiller

Seedling Transplanters

Rice Seedling Transplanter

Cutting Saws

Aluminum cutting saws


Pump Motor Controller

Solar Water Pump Controller

Pump Motor Control Systems

Chaff Cutters

Rotavator Supply

Agriculture Rotavator

Rotary Tiller


Planking Cultivator

Mobile Seed Grading Unit Cap

Land Leveler

Land Leveller Supply

Disc Harrow

Equipment Offset Disc Harrow

MB Plough

Mould Board Plough

Power Tiller

Power Tiller Supply


Plough Supply

Bund Maker

Seed Dressing Drum

Wet Seed Extractor

Seed cum fertilizer drill

Rice Tray Nursery Preparation Machine

Aquatic Weed Shredder

Polykote Supply

Basel Feeding Material

Tractor Operated Seed Drill

Zero Seed Drill

Threshing Machines

Paddled Paddy Thresher

Electric Power Operated Paddy Threasher

Groundnut Pod Thresher

Groundnut Dry Threshers

Maize Thresher

Milk Cooler Genset


Waste Shredder

Potato Digger

Seed Treater Machine

Maize Sheller

Rice Straw Chopper Cum Spreader

Pruning Shear

Millets Roaster

Wrecking Crow Bar

Manual Hedge Shear

Cutting And Bounding Crop

Forage Harvester Cum Chopper

Farm Gate Value Addition Equipment

Straw Reaper

Chap Cutter Machine

Power Operated Chaff Cutter

Manual Chaff Cutters

Motorized Chaff Cutter Machine

Electricity Operated Chaff Cutter

Chara Cutting Machine

Plot Thresher

Thresher Machine

Castor Threshers


Magnetic Yoke

Electromagnetic Yoke




Power Sprayer

Nitrogen Sprayer

Space Spray

Straw Reaper

Potato Planter

Bed Planter

Poultry Egg


Poultry Processing Unit

Floating Cage

Feed Mill

Woven Bed

Vermi Bed


Sub Soiler


Simulator System



Ratoon Management Device

Multi Crop Thresher


Farm Machinery

Shrub Master

Seed Drill

Snow Plough

Disc Plough

Crop Protection Equipment

Flower Pot

Flower Tub

Grading Unit

Milking Machine


Rotary Tiller

Precision Plot Thresher

Paddy Thresher Machine

Agricultural Machinery

Tapping Material

Combine Harvester

Agriculture Harrow

Horticulture Machinery


Tractor Operated Disc Plough

Garden Tool

Laser Land Leveler

Agriculture Land Leveler

Farm Implements

Agricultural Implements

Bullock Drawn Implement

Wheat Straw Reaper

Hydraulic Tractor

Fixed Tractor Trailer

Zero Till Seed Cum Fertilizer

Power Spray Machine

Power Sprayer Spare

Battery Operated Spray Pump

Trinic Sorter

Millet Processing Machine

Reversible MB Plough

Happy Seeder

Knap Sack Sprayer

Sprayer Pesticide Machine

Bulk Milk Cooling Tank

Bulk Milk Cooler

Milk Storage Tank

Milk Chilling Centre

Milk Cooling Unit

Bulk Milk Cooling Unit

Milk Cooler

Horizontal Milk Storage Tank

Milk Chilling Unit

Bulk Milk Cooling System


Hanging Pot

Seasonal Flower Pot

Planter Pot

Paddy Winnowing Machine

Winnowing Machine

Rice Mill

Grading Machine

Seed Precleaner

Cyclone Mill

Groundnut Decorticator

Mini Rice Mill

Honey Bee Comb

Honeybee Box

Bees Wax

Honey Box

Bee Honey Box

Beekeeping Equipment

Mellifera Bee Box

Bee Hives

Honey Extractor

Hive Box

Seed Processing Equipment

Paddy Processing Machinery

Mobile Seed Processing Plant

Spraying Machine

Sanitizer Spraying Machine

Electrical Compressor Power Sprayer

Heavy Duty Power Sprayer

Hand Compressor Sprayer

Hanging Basket

Nursery Material

Net House



Solar Greenhouse

Shed Net

Hycopot Nursery

Nursery Related Materials

Cow Dung Log Making Machine

Pruning Saw

Garden Sword

Agriculture Tool Bank

Fork Showel

Hedge Shear

Hand Operated Chaff Cutter

HDPE Woven Bed

HDPE Woven Bed Vermiculture Vermibed

HDPE Vermi Bed


Vermi Compost Bed

Vermiculture Vermibed

Fishery Input

Fish Feed Mill

Egg Setter Machine

Feeding System

Filler Flat

Poultry Equipment

Commercial Layer Farm


Planter Box

Raised Bed Planter

Multi Crop Planter

Lawn Mower Repair

Brush Cutter Repair

Chain Saw Repair

Hedge Trimmer Repair

Pole Saw Repair

Power Lawn Mower Repair

Power Tiller Repair

Power Weeder Repair

Plantation Truck Repair

Grass Cutting Machine Repair

Agricultural Equipment Tenders

1. , Bihar

Multi Crop Thresher

2. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

3. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

4. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

5. , Bihar

Round Baler

6. , Bihar


7. Department of Urban Development, Uttar Pradesh

Cow Dung Machine (Cow Dung Machine)

8. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

9. , Bihar

Tractor Operated Reaper Cum Binder

10. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

11. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

12. , Bihar

Agriculture Land Leveler

13. Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation (TNCSC), Tamil Nadu


14. , Bihar [Expired]

Agriculture rotavator

15. , Bihar

Multi Crop Thresher

16. , Bihar

Seed cum Fertilizer Drill

17. Department Of Military Affairs, Andhra Pradesh


18. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

19. , Bihar

Tractor Operated Reaper Cum Binder

20. , Bihar

Multi Crop Thresher

21. , Bihar

Laser Land Leveler

22. , Bihar

Tractor Operated Reaper Cum Binder

23. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

24. , Bihar

Laser Land Leveler

26. Tourism, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

27. , Bihar [Expired]


28. Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

30. Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation (TNCSC), Tamil Nadu


31. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

32. , Bihar [Expired]

Multi Crop Thresher

33. , Bihar [Expired]

Agriculture rotavator

34. , Bihar [Expired]

Multi Crop Thresher

35. , Bihar [Expired]

Agriculture Land Leveler

36. , Bihar [Expired]

Agriculture Land Leveler

37. , Bihar [Expired]

Agriculture rotavator

38. , Bihar [Expired]

Multi Crop Thresher

39. , Bihar [Expired]

Multi Crop Thresher

40. , Bihar [Expired]


41. , Bihar [Expired]

Multi Crop Thresher

42. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

43. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

44. , Bihar

Agriculture rotavator

45. , Bihar [Expired]

Agriculture rotavator

46. , Bihar [Expired]


47. , Bihar [Expired]

Agriculture Harrow (Disc Type)

48. , Bihar [Expired]

Agriculture rotavator

49. , Bihar [Expired]


50. , Bihar [Expired]

Laser Land Leveler