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Stationery Sub Categories

Pencil Box



Writing Pad

Self Stick Pad

Printing Stationery Items

Printed Stationery



Slips Post

STY Items

Survey Material

Printer Papers

Plain Paper

Paper Adhesives

Stick Note Flags

Desk Pads

Ink Stamp

Photo Paper

Stationery Paper Cutter


Fountain Pens


Carbon Papers

Kraft Paper



Marking Pen


Plastic Folder

File Folder

Leather File Folders

White Board


Sketch Pen

Paper Weight


Ink Refills

Correction Pen

White Fluid

Text Marker

Paint Marker




Packaging Paper


Note Pad

Pen Holders

Whitener Pens


Paper Clips


Report Cover

Pen Stand

File Tag

Note Sheet

Gel Pen


Box File

Hand Number Punches

Water Proof Folder Clip

File Board

Transparent Tape

Binding Accessories

Office Stationary Items

Index Card Files

Table Stationery

Office Contingency

Printing Stationery

Fax Machine

Pre Printed Receipt Stationery

Blank Continuous Computer Stationery

Examination Materials

Exam Stationary

Letter Pad

Printed Envelop

Desk Pads Writing

Exam Stationery

Bath Tablet Stickers

Pad Draft

Prescription Pad

Exam Pad

Daily Dairy

Property Board

Seal Cards

Paper Pin

OMR Answer Sheets

Examination Stationery

Examination Material

Exam Paper

Answer Sheets

Printing and Binding Materials

Stationery Articles and Binding Items

Paper Core Pipe

Paper Plaster

Self Adhesive Flags

Line Marker

Marker Pen

Paint Marker

Code Marker

Surgical Marking Pen


Executive Diary

Maintenance Diary

Pocket Diary

Stapler Pin

Ring Binder

File Cover



Transparent Tape

Roller Ball Pen

Wooden Pencil

Blue Pen

Writing Chalk

Dry Erase Writing Boards

Pin Up Notice Boards

Green Board

Ceramic Board

Black Board

Speed Post Envelope

Paper Envelopes

White Envelope

Printed Envelope

Contingency Items

Brown Envelope

Plastic Envelopes

Office Cover

Display File

Lever Arch File

Spring File

Clinic Files

Cloth Lined Envelope

Nylon Rubber Band

Rubber Bands

Window Envelope

Policy Dockets

Plastic Scale

Steel Scale

Eyelet Punches

Document Folder

Certificate Folder

Desktop Calculator

Stamp Pad

Rubber Stamp


Retro Reflective Danger Board

Retro Reflective Sign Board

Retro Reflective Sigma Sign Board

Speed Indicator Retro Reflective Stickers

Retro Reflective Board

Retro Reflective Flexible Prismic Sheet

Cone Lables

Adhesive Labels

Labels Stickers

EMS Speed Post Tag Labels

Bag Label

Electronic Printer Label

Parcel Bag Labels

Sticker Label

Blank Paper Label Rolls

Non Reversible Temperature Lables

Education Kit

Non Tearable Weatherproof Labels

Speed Post Bag Labels

Multipurpose Counter Machine Stickers

Cloth Lined Labels

Shrink Label

Brass Label


Signaloc Autoclave Labels

Pre School Education Kit

Fundamental Sticker

Training Chart

Pearlised Bopp Label

Training Aid

Sticker Supply

National Flag Supply

Indian National Flag

Training Equipment

Hand Signal Flag

Learning Kit

National Flag Sticker

Science Learning Kit

Activity Based Science Learning Kit

Learning Material

Teaching Equipment

Decorative Flag

Peer Educator Kit

Mathematics Learning Kit

Car Flag

Pooja Things

Co Operative Flag

Parade Flags


Flag Cloth


Lancer Flags


Monumental Flag

Indian and Foreign Journals Supply

Dhoop Cones

Foreign and Indian Periodicals


Foreign Journals

Library Journals


Journals Subscription

Arecnut Leaf

Books and Journals Supply

Theertha Bottle

Caution Plate

Kumkuma Tin

Enamelled Trilingual Caution Board

Staff Caution Board

Public Caution Board


Retro Reflective Caution Board

Caution Board Supply

Grocey Items

Provision Items

Grandige Item

Sabarimala Kuthaka Item

Erumeli Kuthaka Item

Incense Stick


Pooja Article

Pooja Material

Pooja Samagri

Notice Board

Teaching Board

Fabric Pin Up Notice Board

Retro Reflective Caution Warning Boards

Warning Cum Sighting Board

Goods Warning Board

Road Warning Boards

Electronic Display

Electronic Display Board

Danger Plates

Radar Speed Display Board

Danger Board

Speed Display Board

Aluminium Number Plate

Structure Number Plate

Signal Number Plate

Instruction Display

Instruction Display Board

Jumbo Display

Radium Display Board

Radium Display

SOP Board

Display Unit

Networking Trainer Educational Kit

Trainer Educational Kit

Network Theorem Kit

Educational Kit

Digital Media Evaluation Educational Kit

Rheostat Kit

Nework Trainer Kit

Two Port Network Trainer Kit

Bluetooth Trainer Educational Kit

Number Plate Assly

Shunt Signal Number Plate

Number Plate Indication Board

Retro Reflective Number Plate

Steel Number Plate

Enameled Number Plate

Number Plate Supply

Fiber Optics Trainer Kit

Glow Sign Boards

Flex Glow Sign Board

Backlit Glow Sign Boards

Reflective Sticker

Glow Signage Board

Neon Glow Signage Fire Exit Boards

Glow Sine Board Supply

Radium Reflective Sheet

High Intensity Grade Radium Reflective Sheet

Radium Reflective

PVC Sticker

Window Sticker

Emergency Window Sticker

Photo Identity Card

Plastic Identity Cards

Indicator Sticker

Temperature Indicator Sticker

Irreversible Temperature Indicator Sticker

Self Adhesive Irreversible Temperature Indicator Sticker

Adhesive Sticker

Marking Stickers

Board Sticker

Destination Board Sticker

Radium Sticker

Retro Reflective Radium Sticker

Reflective Radium Sticker

Printed PVC Id Cards

Digital Identity Card

Reflective Sheet

Laminated Photo Identity Cards

Retro Reflective Sheet

Sticker Sheet

PVC Identity Card

Glow Sticker

Night Glow Sticker

Identity Card

Reflective Strip

ID Card Supply

Passenger Information System AMC

IPIS Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

IPS Annual Maintenance Contract

Laminated Sticker

Integrated Passenger Information System AMC

Medical Books Supply

Dental Books

Medical Text Books Supply

Barcoded Parcel Bag Label

Bar Code Stickers

Removable Bar Code Label

Speed Post Barcode Sticker

Bar Code Printer Label

Fluorescent Sticker

Safety Sticker

Aluminium Sticker

Instruction Sticker

Warning Sticker

Name Plate

Name Plate Assembly

Aluminum Name Plate

Copper Tag

Steel Name Plate

Brass Name Plate

Standard Plate

House Indication Plate

Indication Plate

Tag Plate

Informatory Sign Board

Retro Reflective Information Sign Board

Informatics Cautionary Signage Boards

Cast Iron Name Plate

DJ Close Board

Name Plate Board

Tag Cotton

Aluminum Metal Tags

Steel Tag

Metal Tag

Tag Cards

Baggage Tag

Printed Baggage Tags

Sample Tag

ICF Name Plate

Vinyl Graphic

Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl Sticker Board

Vinyl Lamination

Inkjet Vinyl Lamination

HP Inkjet Vinyl Lamination

Printing Sticker

Unified Sticker

Vinyl Print

Eco Vinyl Print

Vinyl Printing

Eco Vinyl Printing

Printed Vinyl

Printed Vinyl Stickers

Information Hoardings Erection

Hoardings Supply

Outdoor Hoarding

Office Name Boards

Sticker Board

Vinyl Wrapping Sticker

Station Name Board

Street Name Boards

PVC Radium Sticker

Enamelled Name Board

Name Boards

Tri Lingual Led Signboard

Backlit Light Box Signage

Led Box Signage

Led Sign Board

LED Signage Board Display

LED Glow Sign Board

Acrylic LED Name Boards

Single Sided LED Back Lit Signage Boards

Acrylic LED Sign Board

Plastic Acrylic Sheet

CBS Passbook Printing and Supply

Computerised Pass Books



Small Pass Books

Clear Transparent Plastic Acrylic Sheet

Poly Acrylic Sheet

Information Boards

Transparent Acrylic Sheet

Citizen Information Board

Acrylic Sheet Transparent

Passenger Information System

Clear Acrylic Sheet

Clear Acrylic

Clear Acrylic Sheet Transparent

GPS based Passenger Information System

Passenger Announcement System

IPIS System

Acrylic Sheet Clear

Perplex Sheet

Fibre Glass Acrylic

Fibre Glass Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Plastic Sheet

E Journals

E Book Reader

E Book

Electronic Reader

Electronic Books

E Resources

Medical Journals

Cast Acrylic Sheet

Printed Medical Journals

Foreign Nursing Journals

Dental Journals

Ear Tag

Identification Tags

Patient Identification Wrist Band

ID Bands

Identification Number Tag

Hindi Magazine

Weekly Magazine

Monthly Magazine Print

Specialised Magazines

Magazine Supply

Badge Holders

Metal Badge

Name Badge

Shoulder Badge


Instruction Sheets

Newspapers Supply


Digital Signage System


Maps Supply

Perimeter with Charts

Wind Sock

Wind Speed and Direction System

Wind Indicator

Wind Direction Sensor

Braille Number Plate

Braille Signage Supply

Cotton Banner Flag

Automatic Banner Flags

Night Vision LED Safety Banner Flag

Banner Flag

Flag Banner

Bill Board Supply

Dealers Boards

LED Billboard

Speed Indicator Board

Speed Board

ACP Board

ACP Sign Board


Anganwadi Toy

Playing Toy

Educational Toy

High Intensity Prismatic Hip Type IV Self Adhesive Sticker

Blank Self Adhesive Sticker Label Rolls

Self Adhesive Stickers

Self Adhesive Label Roll

High Security Registration Plates

Alarm Name Plate

Library Reference Books

Reference Books

Roof Destination Board

LED Destination Board

Modified Destination Board

Hoarding Maintenance

Safety Instruction Board

Safety Slogan Stickers

Safety Sign Board

Special Destination Board

Retro Reflective Station Name Boards

Destination Board

Anodized Aluminium Label

Aluminium Tags

Job Card

IPPB Branding Items

Branding Material

Pershad Label Holder

Printed Label Roll

Pre Printed Exclusive Labels

Sales Promotion Materials

Banner Stand

Card Holder

Welcome Arches

Direction Sign Board

Coach Indication Boards

Coach Guidance Display Boards

Safety Poster


Kraft Reel

Plain Kraft Reel

90 GSM Plain Kraft Reel

120GSM Kraft Sheet

Kraft Sheet

180 GSM Kraft Reel

Dotted Kraft Paper

Diamond Dotted Kraft Paper

Epoxy Coated Diamond Dotted Kraft Paper

White Polythene Kraft Paper Wrapper

Laminated Kraft Paper

Neoprene Cork Sheet

Cork Sheet

Rubberised Cork Sheet

Nitrile Bonded Rubberised Cork Sheet

Rubber Cork Sheet

Rubberised Cork

MPCM Sticker

Photo Sticker

Photo Luminescent Sticker

Computer Sticker

Plastic Adhesive Sticker

Photo Luminescent

Teaching and Learning Materials

Self Learning Materials

Graded Learning Program TLM Kit

Self Inking Rubber Stamp

Ink Rubber Stamp

Polymer Rubber Stamp

Photo Frame

Acrylic Photo Frame

Cast Acrylic Photo Frame

Fiber Photoframe

Advertisement Materials

Marketing Material



Rice Marketing Advertisement

Publicity Material

Advertising Agencies


Rubber Beading

Rubber Bead

Neoprene Rubber Beading

Aluminium Beading

Glass Rubber Bead


Incumbency Board

Wooden Incumbency Board

Teak Wooden Incumbency

Lamination Photo

Laminated Photo

Polariod Photo


Pioneer Spinner



Shape Puzzle Set

Fiber Statue

FRP Statue

Drawing Board

Drawing Trussels

Drawing Board Stand

Engineers Pattern Drawing Board

Screen Printing Ink

Rotogravure Printing Ink

Self Adhesive Paper

Adhesive Paper

Self Adhesive Paper Note

Self Adhesive Craft Paper

Glass Beads

Glass Beads Cluster

Toy Train

Toy Train Set

Educational Teaching Chart

Educational Chart

Ceramic Embossed Education Chart


Hologram Sticker

Swacchata Logo


FRP Anamaya Sculpture

Animal Sculptures

FRP Scrupture

Foam Board

PVC Foam Board

Packing Box Thermocole

Plywood Packing Box

Collapsible Plywood Packing Box

Foam Box

Plywood Box

Steam Box

Card Paper Box

Paper Box

Wood Packing Case

Sandwich Bag

Poly Propylene Sandwich Bag


Plastic Pouches

Paneer Pouches

PP Pouches

Paper Pouch

Polythene Pouch

Stuffing Box

Plastic Roll

Kraft Paper Bag

Laminated Kraft Paper Bag

HDPE Woven Sack

HDPE Woven Sack Bag

Woven Sack Bag

HDPE Woven Sack Bags Fabricated

Woven Sack Bags Fabricated

Waterproof HDPE Woven Sack

Tubular Gazette HDPE Woven Sack

Circular Woven Bag

HDPE Circular Woven Bag

Laminated HDPE Woven Bag


Curtain Tape

School Bag

Plastic Button

Plastic Button Reversible

Button Polyester


Liquid Gum

Guar Gum

Binding Gum

Office Paste

Tread Repair Gum

Twine Ball

Emery Roll

Emery Tape

French Chalk


Chalk White

Chalk White Lump

French Chalk Powder

Chalk Piece

Washable Marking Chalk

Chalk Stick White

White Chalk Piece

Plain PVC Card

Evolis Pvc Card

Printed PVC Cards

PVC Epic Cards

Electronic Meal Cards

Meal Coupon

Scratch Card


Pre Paid Meal Card

Carrier Label

Adhesive Label



Stationery Tenders

1. Rajasthan Civil Defence and Home Guards, Rajasthan [Expired]

Stationery and General Store Items

2. S.M.S. Medical College-Jaipur, Rajasthan [Expired]

3. Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Maharashtra [Expired]

A 4 Size 75 GSM JK Sparkle white xerox paper

4. Department Of Military Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

Target Paper Figure 11,Black Polythene


6. Department of Defence, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

7. Department of Defence, Karnataka [Expired]

8. Narcotics Control Bureau, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

9. MP State Minor Forest Produce Cooperative Federation Ltd Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh [Expired]

10. Revenue Department Andaman and Nicobar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands [Expired]

11. OTHERS, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

12. Lok Sabha Secretariat, Delhi [Expired] [Offline]

13. Container Corporation of India Limited, Delhi [Expired]

14. Kisan Sahkari Chini Mills Ltd. Semikhera Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

15. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, Gujarat [Expired]

16. WESTERN RLY, Karnataka [Expired]

Tags for Files IS 8499 (Rev)

17. Jammu and Kashmir Planning And Development Department , Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

18. Urban Administration and Development Department, Madhya Pradesh [Expired]

Stationary Samgri


20. Department Of Military Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

21. Department Of Military Affairs, OTHERS [Expired]

22. Department Of Military Affairs, Kerala [Expired]

23. Department Of Military Affairs, Punjab [Expired]

24. Department Of Military Affairs, Uttarakhand [Expired]

Paper A4,Paper FS (stationeryy items)

25. National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Goa [Expired]

26. Department Of Military Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

27. Multi-State, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

28. Regional Cancer Centre, Kerala [Expired]

Supply of Stationary Items

29. REVENUE DEPARTMENT, Gujarat [Expired]

30. Department of Higher Education, Kerala [Expired]

31. Department Of Military Affairs, Gujarat [Expired]

32. Bhakra Beas Management Board, Chandigarh [Expired]

33. Department Of Military Affairs, Punjab [Expired]

34. Department Of Military Affairs, Maharashtra [Expired]

35. Department of Defence Production, Odisha

36. Department Of Military Affairs, Gujarat [Expired]

37. Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Limited, Andhra Pradesh [Expired] [Offline]

Stationary Items Xerorx Paper SketchPen Tape

38. Department Of Military Affairs, Rajasthan [Expired]

39. Department Of Military Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

40. Department Of Military Affairs, West Bengal [Expired]

41. Department Of Military Affairs, Punjab [Expired]

42. Department Of Military Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

Room freshener,Checking Pencil,Stapler

43. Multi-State, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

Buff Paper (Buff Paper)

44. Department Of Military Affairs, Rajasthan [Expired]

45. Department Of Military Affairs, Assam [Expired]

46. Department Of Military Affairs, Uttarakhand [Expired]

BP Machine,Target Paper

47. Department of Higher Education, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

Staplers (Rev)

48. Department Of Military Affairs, Rajasthan [Expired]

49. Department Of Military Affairs, Assam [Expired]

50. Department Of Military Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]