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    IT Equipment Tenders

    1. Executive Director (Kichha Sugar Co. Ltd. U.S. Nagar), Uttarakhand

    97355892: Computer Hardware

    Due Date: 05-Jul-2024 Location: Udham Singh Nagar Sector: Sugar
     Category: Computer Equipments
    Updated: 20-Jun-2024
    2. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Maharashtra

    97354751: Supply of Work Station and allied equipments under AEOC(TM) division

    Due Date: 27-Jun-2024 Location: Navi Mumbai Sector: Municipality
     Category: Computer Equipments
    Updated: 20-Jun-2024
    3. Department of Local Government, Punjab

    97356463: Supply and fixing of Bio Metric Attandence Machine

    Due Date: 26-Jun-2024 Location: Hoshiarpur   Value ₹: 38.5 Thousand Sector: RDPR
     Category: Biometric identification equipment
    Updated: 20-Jun-2024
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    4. Department of Defence, Daman and Diu [Expired]

    97230885: Subscription of Ipad Jeppson and Foreflight software

    Due Date: 20-Jun-2024 Location: Daman Sector: Defense
     Category: Ipad
    Updated: 19-Jun-2024
    5. Department of Science and Technology, Karnataka [Expired]

    97230999: Laptop - Notebook

    Due Date: 20-Jun-2024 Sector: Science and Tech dept
     Category: Notebook computers
    Updated: 19-Jun-2024
    6. Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research, Maharashtra

    97235434: Desktop Computers

    Due Date: 04-Jul-2024 Location: Navi Mumbai Sector: Research center
     Category: Desktop computers
    Updated: 19-Jun-2024
    7. Indian army, Sikkim [Expired]

    97195841: computer kiosk

    Due Date: 19-Jun-2024 Location: NORTH SIKKIM Sector: Defense
     Category: Computer kiosk
    Updated: 18-Jun-2024
    8. NORTH CENTRAL RLY, West Bengal

    97196516: All in One PC

    Due Date: 27-Jun-2024 Location: Kolkata Sector: Railways
     Category: Desktop computers
    Updated: 18-Jun-2024
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    9. NORTH CENTRAL RLY, Gujarat

    97146140: Computer Printers

    Due Date: 26-Jun-2024 Location: Ahmadabad Sector: Railways
     Category: Computer Equipments
    Updated: 17-Jun-2024
    10. All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi, Andhra Pradesh

    97146144: Bluetooth Speakers

    Due Date: 01-Jul-2024 Location: Guntur Sector: Medical Education
     Category: Computer speakers
    Updated: 17-Jun-2024
    11. Central Armed Police Forces, Punjab

    97146236: Computer Printers,Computer Printers,Scanner (V2)

    Due Date: 25-Jun-2024 Location: Amritsar Sector: Police and Internal Security
     Category: Computer Equipments
    Updated: 17-Jun-2024
    12. Life Insurance Corportaion of India, Assam

    97146104: dot matrix printers

    Due Date: 25-Jun-2024 Location: Kamrup Sector: Insurance
     Category: Dot matrix printers
    Updated: 17-Jun-2024
    13. Indian army, OTHERS [Expired]

    97113018: Desktop Computers,Server

    Due Date: 17-Jun-2024 Sector: Defense
     Category: Computer Equipments
    Updated: 16-Jun-2024
    14. Centre for Development of Telematics, OTHERS [Expired]

    97110443: Desktop Computers,Laptop - Notebook

    Due Date: 20-Jun-2024 Sector: Telecommunication
     Category: Computer Equipments
    Updated: 16-Jun-2024
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    15. Indian army, OTHERS [Expired]

    97111654: Desktop Computers

    Due Date: 18-Jun-2024 Sector: Defense
     Category: Desktop computers
    Updated: 16-Jun-2024
    16. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu

    97035715: Supply of 22 Nos of Desktop PCs with all accessories for the use of Central office,MRT division office and DFC Revenue offices in respect of Kanchipuram circle

    Due Date: 28-Jun-2024 Location: Kancheepuram Sector: Power Sector
     Category: Desktop computers
    Updated: 15-Jun-2024
    17. Department of Higher Education, Punjab

    96969748: Fully Managed Dedicated Secure Server

    Due Date: 22-Jun-2024 Location: Amritsar Sector: Higher Education
     Category: Computer servers
    Updated: 14-Jun-2024
    18. National Institute of Design, Haryana [Expired] [Offline]
    19. MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT, West Bengal [Expired]

    96896196: WBMAD/ULB/SDDM/NIT-29/06/2024

    Due Date: 20-Jun-2024 Location: Dum Dum Sector: Municipality
     Category: Desktop computers
    Updated: 13-Jun-2024
    20. Indian army, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

    96080191: Motherboard LGA1150,Motherboard LGA1151,Processor i3 4th Gen,Processor i3 8th Gen,Hard Disk Seagate 1TB

    Due Date: 17-Jun-2024 Location: Jhansi Sector: Defense
     Category: Computer Equipments
    Updated: 12-Jun-2024

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