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Displaying latest 100 live from 6743 Chemicals Tenders in India. Bio Chemicals Tenders are covered in this Category. Register to receive Best in Class Chemicals Tender alerts. Under the Chemicals tender category, the following types of tenders are also included: Organic compound, chemicals, bio chemicals, water treatment chemicals, printing chemical, industrial chemicals, household chemicals, water chemical consumables and chemical items

    Chemicals Tenders

    1. Department of Higher Education, West Bengal [Expired]

    Coragen,glo It,dhanucop,fujione,my Core,sagarika Z,zink Sulphate,blue Copper

     Due Date: 09 Dec 2023

     Sector: Central Government
    Category: Chemical Supply

    2. Indian army, West Bengal [Expired]

    3. Military Engineer Services, Maharashtra

    Defproc Dglp 705/2023-24

     Due Date: 09 Dec 2023

     Sector: Central Government
    Category: Chemical Supply

    4. Haryana Board Corporation, Haryana

    Sale Of Co2 Produced From 60 Kldp Ethanol Plant Name Of Work Sale Of Co2 Produced In 60 Klpd Ethanol Plant

     Due Date: 09 Dec 2023

     Sector: Urban Authority
    Category: Carbon dioxide co2

    5. Haryana Board Corporation, Haryana

    6. National Aluminium Company Limited,NALCO, Odisha

    Polymer Batten

     Due Date: 09 Dec 2023

     Sector: Central Government
    Category: Polymer additives

    7. Department of Defence, Arunachal Pradesh

    Super Plasticizer Admixture

     Due Date: 09 Dec 2023
    West Siang

     Sector: Central Government
    Category: Plasticizers or plasticisers

    8. PHE, West Bengal

    9. Indian army, Meghalaya

    10. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan

    System Pack Reagent Kit For Hba1c For Fully Automatic Em 200 (2 X 15 Ml / 2 X 15 Ml )

     Due Date: 09 Dec 2023

     Sector: Central Government
    Category: Reagent kits


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