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Railway Equipment Sub Categories


Berths (551 live)

Bearer Seat (32 live)

Side Bearer Seat (32 live)

Cab Seat (5 live)

Driver Seat (31 live)

Rubber Part Kit (22 live)

Overhauling Spare (9 live)

Operating Valve (51 live)

Repair Kit Valve (11 live)

Horn Valve Seal Kit (6 live)

Valve Case (17 live)

Cone Assembly (7 live)

Distance Holder (52 live)

SS Panel (6 live)

Brake Type Caster Wheel (5 live)

Inner Spring (123 live)

Primary Spring Seat (11 live)

Toothed Segment (12 live)

Flexible Shunt Assembly (7 live)

Inductive Shunt (8 live)

Control Way Station (12 live)

Pre Cooling Plug (17 live)

Three Phase Electric Loco Simulator (7 live)

Compact Splicing Connector (5 live)

Shunt Assembly (34 live)

Earth Shunt (19 live)

Chamfer Template (11 live)

Engine Control Panel (7 live)

Railway Track (17 live)

Railway Track Material (14 live)

Corrugator Machine (5 live)

Track Material (17 live)

Head Light Gasket (6 live)

Gasket Sand Trap (6 live)

Locomotive Gasket (5 live)

Pawl Over Speed (7 live)

Right Auxiliary Interlock (10 live)

Stiffening Plate (19 live)

Auxiliary Interlock Box (5 live)

Feed Valve Overhauling Kit (104 live)

Telecom Assets (7 live)

Head Stock Beam Arrangement (24 live)

Head Stock Beam (76 live)

Head Stock Assembly (34 live)

Head Stock (365 live)

Head Stock Pressing (28 live)

Head Stock Module (5 live)

Narrow Jaw Adapter (320 live)

Narrow Jaw Adopter (18 live)

Cattle Guard (290 live)

Modified Cattle Guard (60 live)

Modified Cow Catcher (54 live)

Guard Assembly (101 live)

Pilot Assembly (12 live)

Roof Cover (13 live)

Roof Arch (65 live)

Roof Element (66 live)

Cantrail Assembly (8 live)

Roof Bar (14 live)

Roof Panels (16 live)

Ceiling Support (15 live)

Roof Assembly (70 live)

High Alumina Roof Set (8 live)

Flat Ceiling (8 live)

Roof Sheet (11 live)

Feed Valve Maintenance Kit (12 live)

Feed Valve Rubber Kit (133 live)

Railway Track Point Clamp (8 live)

Track Fitting (8 live)

Insulated Stretcher Bar (36 live)

Blea Card (7 live)

Railway Equipment Tenders

1. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Madhya Pradesh

91T Gear Wheel Blank

2. Department of Heavy Industry, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

STEEL CHEQUERED PLATES as per IS 3502 (Unit- Mass)

3. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, Chhattisgarh

4. Karnataka Power Corporation Limited, Karnataka

Procurement of Locomotive Wheel and Axle Assembly.

5. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, Chhattisgarh

6. UP Power Transmission Corp.Ltd (Operation), Uttar Pradesh


7. ECOR, Odisha


8. ICF, Tamil Nadu


9. ICF, Tamil Nadu

10. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan

11. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan

12. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan

Pin for hinge 20 x 99 (SS)

13. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan

14. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan

15. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan

Centering disc for LHB coaches

16. Department Of Military Affairs, Rajasthan [Expired]

MT Spares

17. NORTH EASTERN RLY, Uttar Pradesh

18. NORTH EASTERN RLY, Uttar Pradesh

19. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Madhya Pradesh

20. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Andhra Pradesh

21. SOUTH EAST CENTRAL RLY, Chhattisgarh [Expired]

23. SOUTHERN RLY, Kerala

24. SOUTH EAST CENTRAL RLY, Chhattisgarh

28. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu

29. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Delhi [Expired]

Provision of Top operated handle for CBC

30. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu

31. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu

32. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Madhya Pradesh

15 Kj High capacity Loco Side Buffer Assly

33. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Madhya Pradesh

End fitting assembly for 50 mm flexible conduits

34. WESTERN RLY, Delhi [Expired]

Two part sliding door arrangement for BCNHL wagons

35. WESTERN RLY, Delhi [Expired]

Brake Beam for BCNHL Wagons

36. WESTERN RLY, Delhi [Expired]

Flap Door Arrangement for BOXNHL /BOXNR wagon

37. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Madhya Pradesh


38. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Madhya Pradesh

39. WESTERN RLY, Gujarat

Valve for lever operated horn

40. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Gujarat

43. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Andhra Pradesh

44. RCF, Punjab


45. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Andhra Pradesh [Expired]

47. SOUTHERN RLY, Tamil Nadu


49. SOUTHERN RLY, Tamil Nadu

Yoke Support Plate.

50. SOUTHERN RLY, Tamil Nadu

Click Fix Type (Push-Pit) Holder