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Spectrophotometers Tenders

1. Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, Rajasthan [Offline]

97498431: Single Tender AMC of NMR Spectrometer for MRC MNIT

Due Date: 10-Jul-2024 Location: Jaipur Sector: Science University
 Category: Spectrometer Maintenance
Updated: 22-Jun-2024
2. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Maharashtra

97471464: AMC FOR ICP-MS

Due Date: 27-Jun-2024 Location: Nagpur Sector: Industry Development
 Category: ICP Spectrometers
Updated: 22-Jun-2024
3. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Himachal Pradesh


Due Date: 10-Jul-2024 Location: Kangra Sector: Industry Development
 Category: Spectrophotometers
Updated: 21-Jun-2024
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4. Department of Defence Production, Madhya Pradesh


Due Date: 10-Jul-2024 Location: Jabalpur Sector: Defense
 Category: Optical emission spectrometer
Updated: 21-Jun-2024
6. Indian Council of Medical Research, Madhya Pradesh


Due Date: 09-Jul-2024 Location: Bhopal Sector: Medical and Health
 Category: Spectrophotometers
Updated: 19-Jun-2024
7. Ministry of Home Affairs, OTHERS

97196159: Spectrofluorometer

Due Date: 18-Jun-2024 Sector: General Admin
 Category: Spectrofluorimeters or fluorimeters
Updated: 18-Jun-2024
8. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

97162709: Supply of Spectrometer System.

Due Date: 05-Jul-2024 Location: Bhopal Sector: Science University
 Category: Spectrometers
Updated: 18-Jun-2024
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9. Ministry of Home Affairs, OTHERS

97112599: FT-IR spectroscopy

Due Date: 17-Jun-2024 Sector: General Admin
 Category: Infrared spectrometers spares
Updated: 16-Jun-2024
10. Ministry of Mines, West Bengal

97112176: Customized AMC/CMC for Pre-owned Products - CAMC of Multicollector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass

Due Date: 05-Jul-2024 Location: North Twenty Four Parganas Sector: Mining
 Category: Spectroscopic Repair
Updated: 16-Jun-2024
11. Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research, Maharashtra

97109862: Spare parts of Raman system (STR150 Raman Spectrometer) of Make M/s TechnoS Instruments

Due Date: 04-Jul-2024 Location: Navi Mumbai Sector: Research center
 Category: Spectrometer spares
Updated: 16-Jun-2024
12. Directorate of Forensics Services Himachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh

97099254: Procurement of Fluorometer

Due Date: 05-Jul-2024 Location: Shimla Sector: Forensic
 Category: Spectrofluorimeters or fluorimeters
Updated: 16-Jun-2024
13. Centre for Development of Telematics, Delhi
14. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

97028795: Maintenance Contract for Agilent 8900, QQQ ICP MS

Due Date: 28-Jun-2024 Location: Kanpur Sector: Science University
 Category: ICP Spectrometers
Updated: 15-Jun-2024
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15. Department of Higher Education, Mizoram

97000462: Double UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Due Date: 04-Jul-2024 Location: Aizawl Sector: Higher Education
 Category: Double beam spectrophotometer
Updated: 15-Jun-2024
16. All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi, Chandigarh

96996742: Nanodrop Spectrophotmeter

Due Date: 04-Jul-2024 Location: Chandigarh Sector: Medical Education
 Category: Spectrophotometers
Updated: 15-Jun-2024
17. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Uttarakhand


Due Date: 26-Jun-2024 Location: Roorkee Sector: Science University
 Category: Gamma Spectrometer
Updated: 14-Jun-2024
18. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation  , Gujarat

96966817: Supply of Microchip Kit, Microchip reader, & necessary items etc…  

Due Date: 09-Jul-2024 Location: Ahmadabad Sector: Municipality
 Category: ICP Spectrometers
Updated: 14-Jun-2024
19. Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited , West Bengal


Due Date: 02-Jul-2024 Location: Kolkata   Value ₹: 1.88 Lakh Sector: Printing and Stationery
 Category: Spectroscopic Repair
Updated: 13-Jun-2024
20. Department of Defence Production, Tamil Nadu

96874443: Supply & Installation of testing and commissioning of GAS PYCNOMETER as per CFA specification (Qty-0

Due Date: 02-Jul-2024 Location: The Nilgiris Sector: Defense
 Category: GC MS
Updated: 13-Jun-2024

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