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Fire Protection System Sub Categories

Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm -- (29 live)
Fire Extinguisher Refilling -- (23 live)
Fire hydrant systems -- (16 live)
Fire Detection Systems -- (14 live)
Fire Extinguishing Agent -- (11 live)
Fire Hoses -- (8 live)
Fire Suppression Foams -- (7 live)
Fire Buckets -- (7 live)
Flame Scanner -- (5 live)
Fire protection system -- (4 live)
Smoke detectors -- (4 live)
Fire Alarm Systems -- (3 live)
Fire breathing apparatus -- (2 live)
Nitrogen Injection Fire Prevention System -- (2 live)
Fire Extinguisher Balls -- (1 live)
Fire sprinkler systems
Wet riser system

Fire Protection System Tenders


9. Ministry of Railways, Karnataka