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Distribution Systems and Components Sub Categories


Solar Water Pump (1 live)

Solar powered pumps (14 live)

Solar Water Pump (1 live)

Solar powered pumps (14 live)

Flare Tube Assly With Stopper (25 live)

Flare Tube Assly without Nut (32 live)

Fuel Gauge Glass Tube (13 live)

Cannon Tube Assly (5 live)

Flare Tube Assly (49 live)

High Pressure Fuel Tubing Assy (4 live)

Teflon Spacer (13 live)

Insulated Spacer (16 live)

PTFE Spacer (8 live)

Rubber Spacer (9 live)

Disc Spacer (7 live)

Steel Spacers (8 live)

GI Spacer (4 live)

Tube Spacer (20 live)

Breathers (569 live)

Aluminium Flexible Duct (9 live)

Duct Air Flexible (34 live)

Alu Flexible Duct (11 live)

Air Breathers (25 live)

Flexible Ducts (74 live)

Filter Breathers (7 live)

Ducts (147 live)

FRP Ducts (14 live)

Air Ducts (35 live)

Air Inlet Ducts (40 live)

HDPE Ducts (165 live)

Telecom Duct (17 live)

Gas Distribution Systems (31 live)

Ultrasonic Atomizer (5 live)

Rotary Disc Atomizer (6 live)

Atomiser Spares (20 live)

Laboratory Scale Inert Gas Atomizer (7 live)

Batch Controller (12 live)

CNG Decompression Skid (14 live)

Lube Oil Filter Element (92 live)

Spares for Duplex Filter (9 live)

Condensate Pots (9 live)

PVC Transparent Tubes (8 live)

Hydraulic Distributors (7 live)

Diaphragm (578 live)

Diaphragm Plate (20 live)

Spacer Diaphragm (70 live)

Actuator Diaphragm (49 live)

Rubber Diaphragm (83 live)

Commercial Diaphragm Meter (9 live)

Gas Diaphragm Meter (12 live)

Lead Diaphragm (9 live)

Cooling Air Duct (2 live)

Conditioned Air Duct Assembly (6 live)

Return Air Duct Assembly (13 live)

Duct Air Flexible (19 live)

Air Inlet Duct (102 live)

Gasket Air Duct (19 live)

Silica Gel Breather Assembly (25 live)

Silicagel Breather Clear View (44 live)

Modified Silica Gel Breather (24 live)

Silica Gel Breather

Spacer (594 live)

Lavatory Air Exhauster (74 live)


Electric Geyser (39 live)

Exhaust System (28 live)


Aluminium Impeller (67 live)

Fabricated Impeller (34 live)

Mvrf Impeller (19 live)

Impeller Casing (16 live)

Air Purifier

Honeywell Air Purifier (5 live)

Ventilation System

Turbo Ventilators

Forced Ventilation System (9 live)


Kitchen Chimney (286 live)

Atomizers (31 live)

Electric Chimney (43 live)

Submersible Pumps

HP Submersible Pumps (655 live)

Non Clog Submersible Pumps (516 live)

Open Well Submersible Pumps (606 live)

Borewell Submersible Pump (592 live)

Dewatering Submersible Pumps (458 live)

Shaft Sleeve (152 live)

Seal Pump (5 live)

Magma Pump (21 live)

Flow Pump (152 live)

Wash Pump (21 live)

Metering Pump (35 live)

Water Pump

Spray Pump (128 live)

Condensate Pump (111 live)

Drain Pump Spares (31 live)

Flange Pump (7 live)

Pump Shaft (146 live)

Distance Sleeves (7 live)

Impeller Shaft (18 live)

Air Ejector (6 live)

Pump Controller (60 live)

Solution Pump (13 live)

Mud Pump (111 live)

Flow Pad Assembly (5 live)

Pump Motor (146 live)

Pump Spacer (26 live)

Gasket Plate (6 live)

Pump Cooling Coils (8 live)

Casing Ring (37 live)

Pump Drive (19 live)

Pump Element (22 live)

Pump Spares

Vertical Pump (62 live)

Injection Pump (13 live)

Priming Pumps (53 live)

Inline Pump (6 live)

Sump Pump (65 live)

Power Pumps (152 live)

Jet Pump (33 live)

Pressure Pump (147 live)

Fluid Pump (16 live)

Piston Pump (58 live)

Dosing Pump (15 live)

Vacuum Pump

Bare Pump (87 live)

Motor Pump (556 live)

Suction Pump (57 live)

Galigher Pump (19 live)

Brine Pumps (10 live)

Axial Flow Pumps (150 live)

Transfer Pump (109 live)

Lift Pump (36 live)

Triplex Pump (18 live)

Glandless Pump (4 live)

Disposal Pump (136 live)

Discharge Pumps (21 live)

Cooling Tower Pumps (5 live)

Filter Feed Pump (7 live)

Drain Pump (8 live)

HP Pumps (259 live)

HFO Pump (25 live)

HP Centrifugal Pumps (244 live)

Multistage Centrifugal Pumps (195 live)

Split Casing Centrifugal Pump (233 live)

Centrifugal Motor Pump (61 live)

End Suction Centrifugal Pump (18 live)

Glandless Centrifugal Pump (6 live)

Centrifugal Monoblock Pump (134 live)

Centrifugal Sump Pump (27 live)

Horizontal Centrifugal Pump (405 live)

Water Centrifugal Pump (7 live)

Vertical Centrifugal Pump (88 live)

Submerged Centrifugal Pump (133 live)

Self Priming Centrifugal Pump (513 live)

Centrifugal Pump

Vehicle Ladder (9 live)

Cylinder Heads (33 live)

Compressor Cooling Fans (20 live)

Suction Unloader (11 live)

Twinlobe Compressor (16 live)

Gudgeon Pin (15 live)

Piston Rings (22 live)

Kirloskar Compressor Spares (192 live)

Compressor Spares

Submersible Pump Repair

Submersible Pump Maintenance (619 live)

Submersible Motor Rewinding (705 live)

Submersible Pump Replacement (589 live)

Submersible Pump Renovation (112 live)

Electric Air Compressor (133 live)

Elgi Air Compressor (445 live)

Portable Air Compressor (112 live)

Electrical Driven Air Compressor (19 live)

High Pressure Air Compressor (151 live)

Air Compressor

Water Cooled Air Compressor Spares (117 live)

Air Filter Element (28 live)

Crank Case Housing (10 live)

Intercooler (19 live)

Air Compressor Spares

Gasket Water Manifold Flange (7 live)

Feed Water Pump (35 live)

Circulating Water Pump (19 live)

Sea Water Pump (57 live)

Wash Water Pump (19 live)

Clear Water Pump (95 live)

Drinking Water Pump (64 live)

Condenser Water Pump (9 live)

Cooling Water Pump (68 live)

Solar Powered Pump (153 live)

Solar Pump (601 live)

Solar Water Pump

Solar Dual Pump (49 live)

Solar Irrigation Pump (17 live)

Solar Photovoltaic Pump (179 live)

Solar Submersible Pump (281 live)

Fore Vacuum Pump (8 live)

Scroll Vacuum Pump (14 live)

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (116 live)

Vacuum Pressure Pump (31 live)

Rotary Vacuum Pump (50 live)

Oil Vacuum Pump (32 live)

Dry Vacuum Pump (60 live)

Servo Vacuum Pump (11 live)

High Pressure Compressors (29 live)

Hermetically Sealed Compressor (260 live)

Main Compressor (120 live)

Refrigerant Compressors (39 live)

Auxiliary Compressor (81 live)

Rotary Compressor (44 live)

Valve Spring Compressor (13 live)

Portable Compressor (26 live)

Hydraulic Compressor (33 live)

Electric Motor Driven Compressor (27 live)

CNG Compressor (43 live)

Booster Compressor (52 live)

Bare Compressor (10 live)


Rotary Hand Pump (18 live)

High Pressure Hand Pump (20 live)

Deep Well Hand Pump (336 live)

Hand Pumps

Hand Operated Pump (18 live)

Portable Dewatering Pump (63 live)

Diesel Dewatering Pumps (139 live)

Trolley Mounted Dewatering Pump (38 live)

Sewer Dewatering Pump (5 live)

Self Priming Dewatering Pump (35 live)

Pontoon Pump (44 live)

Dewatering Pumps

Self Priming Monoblock Pump (387 live)

Submersible Monoblock Pumps (68 live)

Monoblock Pumps

Air Cooled Screw Compressor (80 live)

Rotary Screw Compressor (160 live)

K Smart Premium Screw Compressor (64 live)

Screw Compressors

Screw Air Compressor (424 live)

Main Hydraulic Pump (63 live)

Hydraulic Pumps

Air Driven Hydraulic Pump (13 live)

Hydraulic Piston Pump (23 live)

Hydraulic Vane Pump (14 live)

Jacking Oil Pump (51 live)

Oil Diffusion Pump (13 live)

Fuel Oil Pump (31 live)

Seal Oil Pump (28 live)

Auxiliary Oil Pump (8 live)

Transformer Oil Pumps (199 live)

Oil Transfer Pump (40 live)

Oil Pump Motor (41 live)

Oil Injector Pump (21 live)

Vertical Turbine Pumps (475 live)

Deep Well Turbine Pump (13 live)

Turbine Pumps

Solar Operated Pump (75 live)

Solar Energy Based Dual Pump (202 live)

Electronic Dosing Pump (50 live)

Hypo Dosing Pump (10 live)

Acid Dosing Pump (28 live)

Phosphate Dosing Pump (15 live)

Chlorine Dosing Pump (53 live)

Pressure Booster Pump (77 live)

Booster Pump

POH Kit for Compressor (58 live)

AOH Kit of Compressor (213 live)

Compressor Overhauling Kit

AOH Service Kit for TRC (18 live)

Compressor Repair Kit (15 live)

Compressor Maintenance Kit (25 live)

Slurry Pumps

Ash Slurry Pumps (131 live)

Slurry Recirculation Pump (38 live)

Submersible Slurry Pumps (122 live)

Slurry Dewatering Pump (5 live)

Sludge Pump (92 live)

Sludge Disposal Pump (15 live)

Sewage Pumps

Sewage Submersible Pumps (472 live)

Sewage Transfer Pump (6 live)

Drainage Pump (77 live)

Fire Pumps

Fire Water Pump (74 live)

Fire Water Jockey Pump (86 live)

Fire Trailer Pump (6 live)

Fire Fighting Pump (34 live)

Fire Hydrant Pump (12 live)

Portable Pump (139 live)

Fire Tender Pump (6 live)

Pump Hiring

Diesel Pump Hiring (50 live)

Hiring of Tractor Pump (45 live)

Hiring of Electric Pump (10 live)

Fuel Pumps

Body Fuel Pump (21 live)

Lifter Fuel Pump (20 live)

Cover Fuel Pump (45 live)

Stud Fuel Pump (8 live)

Spring Auxiliary Fuel Pump (30 live)

Fuel Booster Pump (77 live)

Cam Roller Fuel Pump (22 live)

Fuel Pump Motor (39 live)

Pump Fuel (83 live)

Fuel Dispensing Pump (6 live)

Fuel Feed Pump (9 live)

Fuel Lift Pump (5 live)

Fuel Transfer Pump (52 live)

Refueling Pump (5 live)

LPG Pumps (11 live)

Turbo Molecular Pump (365 live)

Turbo Pumps

Turbovap Evaporator (8 live)

Turbo Evaporator (13 live)

Lubricating Oil Pump

Lube Oil Pump (368 live)

Turbine Lube Oil Pumps (8 live)

Turbo Lube Oil Pumps (13 live)

Scavenging Lube Oil Pumps (10 live)

Lube Oil Transfer Pumps (12 live)

Water Tanks (658 live)

Water Tank Assembly (233 live)

Slung Water Tank (73 live)

Water Storage Tanks

PVC Tanks (381 live)

Plastic Tanks (61 live)

Polyethylene Tanks (90 live)

Syntax Tanks (28 live)

Sintex Tanks (55 live)

Mounting Tanks (14 live)

HDPE Tanks (103 live)

HDPE Drums (82 live)

MS Drums (35 live)

Plastic Bags

Plastic Waste Bins (5 live)

Polythene Bag (572 live)

HDPE Bags (561 live)

Carry Bags (101 live)

Polyethylene Bags (116 live)

Polythene Covers (109 live)

Polypropylene Bags (97 live)

BOPP Bags (65 live)

Mailing Bags (32 live)

PP Bags (570 live)

Tarpaulin Bags (13 live)

Woven Bags (25 live)

PVC Bags (24 live)

Disposable Bags (5 live)

Plastic Cover (335 live)

Packing Bag (19 live)

Jumbo Bag (91 live)

HDPE Liner Bags (6 live)

Waste Bags (61 live)

HDPE Tarpaulins (551 live)

Synthetic Tarpaulins (11 live)

Canvas Tarpaulin (57 live)

Nylon Tarpaulins (51 live)

Fire Retardant Tarpaulins (28 live)

Proofed Tarpaulins (553 live)

Heavy Duty Tarpaulins (6 live)

Water Proof Tarpaulins (23 live)

Plastic Tarpaulins (36 live)

Cross Laminated Tarpaulin (7 live)

Multilayered Cross Laminated Sheets (196 live)

Agricultural Films (187 live)


PVC Tarpaulins (12 live)

Tarpaulin Sheets (105 live)

Packaging Materials

Gland Packings (35 live)

Packing Materials

Packing Items (62 live)

Disposable Food Packaging Trays (79 live)

Disposable Food Packaging Containers (36 live)

Packing Ring (230 live)

Packing Rope (21 live)

Packing Covers (13 live)

Packing Slips (8 live)

Packing Crates (7 live)

Packing Cases (43 live)

Wooden Packing (92 live)

Packing Sheets (33 live)

Packing Piece (48 live)

Ice Cream Packs (19 live)

Ice Cream Film Rolls (12 live)

Plastic Top Lids (6 live)

Cheese Packing (16 live)

Cryovac Covers (5 live)

Packing Cup (10 live)

Pharmaceutical Packing Materials (14 live)

Polyethylene Films

Gunny Bags (654 live)

Second Hand Empty Gunny Bags (325 live)

Jute Bags

Twill Jute Bags (47 live)

Jute Sacks (12 live)

Jute Gunnies (116 live)

Hessian Sand Bags (220 live)

Jute Carry Bags (13 live)

Jute Canvas Bags (17 live)

Twill Bags (6 live)

Foam Type Bags (7 live)

Hessian Bags (12 live)

DW Jute Tarpaulin Bags (65 live)

Gas Cylinders

Nitrogen Gas Cylinders (28 live)

Argonite Gas Cylinders (8 live)

Helium Gas Cylinders (13 live)

Chlorine Gas Cylinder (206 live)

Pressure Cylinder (36 live)

CO2 Cylinder (102 live)

Cylinder Gas (66 live)

Refrigerant Gases (590 live)


Gas Refrigerant (103 live)

Glass Vaccine Containers (5 live)

Plastic Containers

Containers (594 live)

Storage Bins (20 live)

Food Safety Magic Box (15 live)

Feet Containers (9 live)

Material Storage System (34 live)

Stainless Steel Containers (19 live)

Steel Containers (61 live)

Sample Container (30 live)

Food Containers (22 live)

Curd Containers (6 live)

Storage Box (14 live)

SS Containers (23 live)

Transformer Oil Containers (13 live)

Rice Containers (31 live)

Polyethylene Containers (28 live)

Domestic Food Storage Containers (29 live)

Office Containers (16 live)

Tin Containers (16 live)

Degree Containers (5 live)

Disposable Containers (6 live)

Cylindrical Containers (8 live)

Twin Container (23 live)

Aluminium Containers (27 live)

MS Containers (19 live)

Metal Containers (19 live)

Cassette Container (7 live)

Flare Containers (10 live)

Storage Trays (8 live)

Packing Slip Containers (5 live)

Cleaning Container (6 live)

Old Gunny Jute (14 live)

Silk Bags (7 live)

Tassel Bags (6 live)

Nylon Net Bags (7 live)

Aluminium Foil Pouches (6 live)

Folder Bag (9 live)

Faraday Bag (9 live)

Satchel Bags (17 live)

Training Bags (20 live)

Air Sampling Bags (8 live)

Polyester Bags (7 live)

Kit Bags (30 live)

Dead Body Bag (5 live)

Carrying Bags (19 live)

Igniter Bags (11 live)

Curing Bag (17 live)

Paper Bags (10 live)

Cloth Bags (17 live)

Nylon Bags (19 live)

Duffle Bags (8 live)

VIP Bags (6 live)

Rubber Bags (9 live)

Trolley Bags (19 live)

Tracking Bags (7 live)

Magazine Bags (5 live)

Executive Rexene Bags (6 live)

Sealing Bags (6 live)

Tool Bags

Sling Bags (6 live)

Linen Bags (12 live)

Account Bags (6 live)

Anti Static Zip Lock Shielding Bag (9 live)

Laundry Bag (7 live)

Air Bags (5 live)

Grow Bags (23 live)

Delegate Bags (6 live)

Pathan Bags (5 live)

File Bags (8 live)

Vacuum Switch Tube (10 live)

Insulated Tube (52 live)

Polythene Tube (23 live)

Radiant Tubes (19 live)

Spiral Tube (15 live)

Protective Tube (90 live)

Bracket Tube (41 live)

Condenser Tubes (19 live)

Destruction Tubes (23 live)

Carton Boxes (190 live)

Card Board Boxes (16 live)

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Cartons (50 live)

Corrugated Packing Boxes (59 live)

Box Packing (8 live)

Plastic Bottles

Water Bottles (381 live)

Coconut Oil Bottles (8 live)

Brass Tubes (78 live)

PVC Bottles (8 live)

Rectangular Tubes (17 live)

Steel Tubes (153 live)

Tygon Tubes (20 live)

Carbon Steel Tubes (128 live)

Studded Tubes (22 live)

Square Tubes (235 live)

Cooling Tubes (25 live)

Nylon Tubes (94 live)

Collar Tubes (10 live)

Polyurethane Tubes (5 live)

Silicone Tubes (14 live)

Steady Tubes (40 live)

Inlet Tubes (21 live)

Pouring Tube (9 live)

End Flanges (10 live)

Tubes and Bends (52 live)

Ghee Storage Tanks (14 live)

FRP Tanks (86 live)

RCC Tanks (27 live)

Volume Tanks (15 live)

Foam Tanks (14 live)

MSRL Tanks (6 live)

Fire Water Tanks (14 live)

Spindle Flanges (14 live)

Bottom Flanges (22 live)

Milk Tanks (5 live)

Top Flanges (25 live)

Oil Storage Tanks (11 live)

MS Flanges (60 live)

Blank Flanges (10 live)

Swivel Flanges (85 live)

Settling Tank (7 live)

Gasket Pipe Flanges (8 live)

Moving Flanges (32 live)

Tee Flanges (110 live)

Lateral Side Flanges (11 live)

Forged Flanges (15 live)

Puf Tanks (17 live)

FRP Septic Tanks (6 live)

Underground Tanks (11 live)

Furnace Oil Tank (8 live)

Roof Tank (11 live)

Brine Tank (9 live)

Galvanised Steel Pipe (13 live)

Sprinkler Pipes (106 live)

Cylindrical Tanks (11 live)

Feed Pipes (78 live)

Sand Pipe (140 live)

Vertical Storage Tank (11 live)

Casing Pipes (49 live)

Column Pipes (177 live)

Branch Pipes (180 live)

Liquid Medical Oxygen Storage Tanks (11 live)

Plating Tank (5 live)

Lid Cover Storage Tanks (6 live)

Misc Tanks (21 live)

MS Tanks (18 live)

FRP Storage Tanks (22 live)

Acid Storage Tanks (36 live)

Roof Storage Tanks (7 live)

SS Storage Tanks (6 live)

Bulk Storage Tanks (5 live)

Ammonia Storage Tanks (14 live)

Micro Storage Tank (16 live)

Plastic Crates

Milk Tubs (5 live)

Milk Crates (20 live)

HDPE Crates (81 live)

HDPE Partition Crates (5 live)

Tub Crates (12 live)

High Density Polythene Crates (9 live)

FPO Crates (28 live)

Industrial Crates (7 live)

Milk Pouch Crates (35 live)

Heavy Duty Industrial HDPE Crates (12 live)

Fan Guards

Fan Covers (23 live)

Fan Blades (63 live)

Fan Spares (18 live)

Lift Fan (7 live)

Vacuum Filters

Vacuum Filter Spares (143 live)

Drum Filters (14 live)

Vacuum Filtration Assembly (21 live)

Metallic Expansion Bellows (99 live)

Metallic Bellow (7 live)

Steam Joints (8 live)

Metallic Steam Joints (8 live)

Flexible Expansion Pieces (18 live)

Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic Filter Elements (40 live)

Hydraulic Oil Filters (79 live)

Hydraulic Return Filter (8 live)

Hydraulic Return Line Filters (12 live)

Engine Filters (33 live)

Stainless Steel Tubes

Steel Seamless Tubes (58 live)

Plate Heat Exchanger

Heat Transfer Plates (7 live)

Plate Exchangers (10 live)

Double Inlet Centrifugal Blower (169 live)

Single Inlet Centrifugal Blowers (16 live)

Centrifugal Blowers

Suction Blowers (8 live)

Centrifugal Air Blowers (9 live)

Copper Tubes (275 live)

Seamless Copper Tubes

Solid Drawn Copper Tubes (22 live)

Reciprocating Compressor (89 live)

Reciprocating Air Compressor (77 live)

Piston Air Compressor (19 live)

Industrial Refrigerators

CPVC Pipes (33 live)

CPVC Elbows (12 live)

Water Supply Materials (768 live)

Unplasticised PVC Pipes (520 live)

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Screen (267 live)

PVC D Joints (15 live)

Rigid PVC Pipes (20 live)

Thermocol Boxes (38 live)

Bubble Sheets (7 live)

Lined Carton (42 live)

PVC Joints (14 live)

PVC Elbows (18 live)

Empty Cartons (42 live)

PVC Tees (12 live)

Cartons (591 live)

Carton Board (9 live)

Master Cartons (20 live)

Carton Cardboard (31 live)

Peda Cartons (19 live)

Peda Pack (8 live)

Fluted Cartons (14 live)

Gift Pack (15 live)

MS Dhoop Cartons (7 live)

Ice Cream Cartons (62 live)

Mysore Sandal Face Pack Carton (5 live)

Millennium Soap 150g Cartons (9 live)

Mysore Sandal Baby 75g Cartons (6 live)

Soap Cartons (15 live)

MSS 125g Cartons (25 live)

Cheese Blocks Cartons (6 live)

Gold Sixer Cartons (17 live)

Butter Cartons (15 live)

Herbal Care 100g Cartons (8 live)

Duplex Cartons (33 live)

Duplex Boards (6 live)

Carton Case (8 live)

Cartoon Boxes (24 live)

Micro Filters (25 live)

Chemical Filters

Packing Cartons (18 live)

Card Board Cartons (28 live)

Leucocyte Filters (31 live)

Filter Heads (8 live)

Corrugated Fibre Boards (14 live)

Breather Filters (5 live)

Ordnance Stores Boxes Fibre Boards (7 live)

Disc Filters (40 live)

Line Filters (10 live)

Corrugated Card Board

Card Board Packing Case (5 live)

Card Board Tubes (15 live)

Packing Boxes (561 live)

Paper Corrugated Board (18 live)

E Flute Boxes (51 live)

Printed Card Board (20 live)

C Boxes (25 live)

Office Bags (559 live)

Laptop Bags

Brief Case (112 live)

Suitcase (116 live)

Office Trolley Bag (132 live)

Executive Bags (11 live)

Conference Bags (10 live)

Back Pack Bags (29 live)

Liquid Nitrogen Tank (44 live)

Liquid Nitrogen Container (106 live)

Frozen Semen Containers (12 live)

Liquid Nitrogen Cryocans (16 live)

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Containers (6 live)

Liquid Nitrogen Cell Storage System (7 live)

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Equipment (68 live)

Cryo Containers (20 live)

Cryotank (13 live)

Cryogenic System (10 live)

Cryocans (178 live)

Cryogenic Containers (5 live)

Cryogenic Storage (7 live)

Sipper Bottles (289 live)

Rubber Hot Water Bottle (19 live)

Spray Bottles (31 live)

Water Glass Bottle (11 live)

Oil Bottle (13 live)

Aluminium Bottles (12 live)

Stainless Steel Bottle (16 live)

Reagent Bottle (5 live)

Steel Trunk

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessel Plates (14 live)

Scrapper Barrels (11 live)

Suction Filter Elements (17 live)

Bronze Filter Element (24 live)

Pressure Filter Elements (7 live)

Duplex Filter Elements (17 live)

Feed Filter Elements (14 live)

Disposable Carbody Filter Element (56 live)

Disposable Filter Elements (8 live)

Coalescer Filter Element (28 live)

Oil Filter Elements (66 live)

Air Intake Filter Element (21 live)

Bypass Filter Elements (6 live)

Return Line Filter Elements (14 live)

Micro Filter Elements (18 live)

Filter Elements

Porous Ceramic Filter Element (24 live)

Fuel Filter Elements (19 live)

Fine Filter Elements (8 live)

Standpipe Elbow (35 live)

Composite Fitting Female Elbow (18 live)

Radius Elbow (9 live)

Male Stud Elbow (22 live)

Galvanised Equal Elbows (14 live)

Equal Elbows (45 live)

GI Elbows (11 live)

Elbow Pipe Fittings (30 live)

Elbow Assembly (32 live)

Centrifugal Pump Spares

Rotating Assembly (13 live)

Metallic Centrifugal Pump (9 live)

Flow Filtration (5 live)

Fuel Oil Purifier (12 live)

Centrifugal Oil Purifiers (5 live)

Lube Oil Purifier (18 live)

Oil Purifiers (48 live)

Pressure Filter Spares (17 live)

Filter Assembly

Air Handling Units Replacement (152 live)

Air Handling Units Repair

Seamless Steel Tube

Alloy Steel Tube (51 live)

Seamless Tubes (191 live)

Steel Tubes for Structural Purpose (415 live)

CS Tubes (15 live)

Galvanised Iron Pipes (215 live)

GI Bends (32 live)

GI Tees (17 live)

GI Sockets (22 live)

GI Column Pipes (25 live)

GT Intake Air Filters (9 live)

Air Pre Filters (9 live)

Return Air Filters (233 live)

Compressed Air Filters (48 live)

Air Filter Covers (7 live)

Panel Air Filters (34 live)

Oil Bath Air Filter (41 live)

Inlet Air Filter (40 live)

Air Intake Filters (49 live)

Metallic Air Filters (5 live)

Air Filter Insert (10 live)

Oil Free Vacuum Pump (31 live)

Water Ring Vacuum Pump (75 live)

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps (30 live)

Diaphragm Vacuum Pump (40 live)

Condenser Air Evacuation System (19 live)

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump (8 live)

Lubricated Vacuum Pump (7 live)

ESP Vacuum Pumps (12 live)

Turbo Lube Oil Filters (48 live)

Lube Oil Filter (439 live)

Duplex Oil Filter (8 live)

Fuel Oil Filters (208 live)

Oil Filter Assembly (94 live)

Engine Oil Filters (66 live)

Diesel Oil Filters (13 live)

Grease Pumps

Pneumatic Grease Pumps (90 live)

Air Operated Grease Pumps (38 live)

Bucket Grease Pumps (6 live)

Hand Operated Grease Pumps (40 live)

Heavy Duty Grease Pump (13 live)

Grease Guns (18 live)

High Pressure Greasing Pump (17 live)

Grease Hose (10 live)

Operation of Central Air Conditioning System (530 live)

Central Air Conditioner Repair (572 live)

Central AC Upgradation (13 live)

Stainless Steel Stand Pipes (13 live)

Stainless Steel Bain Marie (42 live)

Stainless Steel Materials (6 live)

Stainless Steel Fittings (127 live)

Stainless Steel Feed Pipes (9 live)

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings (85 live)

Steel Pipes Fittings (559 live)

Fuel Oil Filter Elements (49 live)

Seal Oil Filters (15 live)

Hand Pump Spares (399 live)

MS Black ERW Pipes (30 live)

Electric Resistance Welded Pipes (114 live)

Spiral Welded Pipes (16 live)

Welded Pipes (34 live)

ERW Steel Pipes (587 live)

Ductile Iron Pressure Pipes (166 live)

Class Pressure Pipes (13 live)

Cast DI Pipes (142 live)

Ductile Iron Socket (62 live)

DI k7 Pipes (542 live)

DI k9 Pipes (80 live)

Polyethylene Pipes (106 live)

PVC Casing Pipes (29 live)

PVC Casing Capping (19 live)

PVC Connecting Pipes (5 live)

Brushless DC Fans (66 live)

Fixed BLDC Fans (84 live)


BLDC Ceiling Fans (629 live)

Energy Efficient BLDC Fans (99 live)

SS Tubes (384 live)

SS Tube Fittings (39 live)

Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes

CS SMLS Pipes (54 live)

CS Forged Fittings (8 live)

Pressure Regulator Valve (44 live)

Pressure Valves (31 live)

Sand Filter Media (87 live)

Filter Media

Filter Beds (120 live)

Glass Fibre Bag Filters (125 live)

Bag Filters (570 live)

Dust Collector Bag Filters (32 live)

Bag House (18 live)

Turbine Pump Motors (26 live)

VT Pumps (115 live)

MS Pipe Round (5 live)

MS Welded Pipes (30 live)

Heat Shrinkable Tubes

Heat Shrinkable Sleeves (335 live)

Heat Shrinkable Adhesive (10 live)

Cold Centrifuges (24 live)

Photovoltaic Solar Pump (8 live)

Photovoltaic Submersible Solar Pump (38 live)

Photovoltaic Water Pumps (8 live)

Solar Energy Water Pumps (7 live)

Fuel Filters

Valve Fuel Filters (16 live)

Fuel Filter Spins (49 live)

Fuel Filter Assembly (11 live)

Filter Fuels (44 live)

Diesel Filters (13 live)

Dust Collectors

Mechanical Dust Collectors (8 live)

Centrifugal Dirt Collectors (41 live)

Two Way Dirt Collector (98 live)

Nylon Dirt Collectors (6 live)

Dirt Collector Assembly (112 live)

Dirt Collectors (442 live)

Fume Extraction Unit (127 live)

Dust Extraction System (67 live)

Fume Absorbers (9 live)

Dust Elimination Hood (6 live)

Dust Catchers (5 live)

Dust Controllers (6 live)

Galvanised Steel Tubes

GI Mild Steel Tubes (24 live)

Galvanised Mild Steel Tube (118 live)

Electrostatic Precipitator Spares (28 live)

ESP Spares

ESP Hoppers (47 live)

ESP Controllers (12 live)

Pleated Filter Cartridge (9 live)

Micron Filter Cartridges (13 live)

Water Filter Cartridges (10 live)

Filter Cartridges

Micron Cartridge Filters (8 live)

Cyclone Separator (18 live)

Flexible Separator (12 live)

Air Oil Separators (30 live)

Oil Separators (52 live)

Gas Separators (11 live)

Gravity Separators (17 live)

Magnetic Separator (49 live)

Water Seperators (19 live)

Ballistic Separators (7 live)

Line Separators (7 live)

HT Separators (8 live)

Sand Separators (13 live)

Flexible Air Separators (22 live)

Spares for Ash Slurry Pump (71 live)

Sludge Pump Spares (16 live)

Slurry Pump Spares

Sludge Transfer Pump Spares (13 live)

Filter Panel Assembly (90 live)

Carbody Filter Assembly (6 live)

Filter Frame Assembly (35 live)

Element Air Cleaner (215 live)

Air Washers (9 live)

Air Cleaners

Hermetically Sealed Scroll Compressor (165 live)

Refrigerant Scroll Compressor (59 live)

Scroll Compressors (316 live)

Return Bends (14 live)

Vacuum Pump Spares

Internal Gear Pumps (38 live)

Oil Gear Pumps (6 live)

Rotary Gear Pumps (54 live)

External Gear Pumps (21 live)

Double Gear Pumps (12 live)

Hydraulic Gear Pumps (16 live)

Gear Pumps

Gear Grease Pumps (6 live)

RO Membranes (160 live)

Ultrafiltration Membrane (25 live)

UF Membranes (19 live)

Membrane Filters (11 live)

Burner Tilt (22 live)

Burner Spares

Burner Tips (17 live)

Boiler Burner (6 live)

Ring Burners (10 live)

Burner Tube (11 live)

Burner Ramp (7 live)

Water Pump Spares

Ash Water Pump Spares (30 live)

Cooling Water Pump Spares (52 live)

Seal Water Pump (24 live)

Overhauling of ESP (168 live)

ESP Maintenance

Replacement of ESP (45 live)

Venetian Blind (19 live)

Blinds (41 live)

Gas Lighter

LPG Stove Gas Lighter (6 live)

Vacuum Bagging Material (7 live)

Vacuum Bagging Film (7 live)

Bagging Film (9 live)

Bagging Consumable (5 live)

Foldable Umbrella (94 live)

Marketing Umbrella (8 live)

Beach Umbrella (6 live)

VIP Brief Case (10 live)

Suitcase and Briefcase (325 live)

Adjustable Buckle (21 live)

Lap Strap Adjustable Buckle (11 live)

Quick Adjustable Buckle (6 live)

Buckle Aluminum Alloy (10 live)

Sliding Bar Buckle (21 live)

Buckle Tourniquet (6 live)

Harley Buckle (7 live)

Buckle Waist (6 live)

Buckle Brass (12 live)

Buckle Brass Roller Double (5 live)

Belt Waist Synthetic (25 live)

Tactical Belt (11 live)

Fibre Glass Chopped Strand Mat (8 live)

Fibre Glass Cloth (36 live)

Woven Fibre Glass Cloth (13 live)

Woven Fibre Glass Cloth Unvarnished (12 live)

Cross Belt (13 live)

Radium Cross Belt (8 live)

Tailoring Material (6 live)

Button Hole Machine (5 live)

Waist Belt Nylon (33 live)

Waist Belt Nylon with Buckle and Rings (32 live)

Web Belt (8 live)

Safety Hanger (8 live)

Steel Safety Hanger (8 live)

Stainless Steel Safety Hanger (8 live)

Cloth Hanger (6 live)

Coat Hanger (13 live)

Shelf Below Mirror (37 live)

Toilet Mirror (233 live)

Wall Mirror (8 live)

Compartment Mirror (24 live)

Compartment Mirror Assembly (8 live)

Looking Mirror (51 live)

Elegent Looking Mirror (9 live)

Gym Mirror (8 live)

Spherical Mirror (9 live)

Mirror Glass (25 live)

Frame Mirror (7 live)

Cavity Mirror (6 live)

Laser Mirror (10 live)

Cabin Mirror (52 live)

Galvanised Steel Wire Rope (80 live)

Miled Steel Wire Galvanized (13 live)

Wire Rope Steel Galvanised (81 live)

Galvanized Wire Rope (11 live)

Double Wire Rope Steel Galvanized (7 live)

EPDM Rubber Packing (6 live)

Rubber Packing Ring (98 live)

Solid Rubber Packing (16 live)

Cellular Rubber Packing (17 live)

Cellular Rubber (15 live)

Reflective Tape (286 live)

Self Adhesive Retro Reflective (16 live)

Self Adhesive Retro Reflective Tape (14 live)

Retro Reflective Tape (147 live)

Plummer Block Assembly (7 live)

Masta make Plummer Block (9 live)

Plummer Block Bearing (9 live)

Plummer Block Housing (9 live)

Heavy Duty Plummer Block (19 live)

Masking Tape (333 live)

Paper Masking Tape (111 live)

Crepe Paper Masking Tape (8 live)

Cloth Masking Tape (7 live)

Self Adhesive Masking Tape (29 live)

Paper Crepe Masking Tape (7 live)

Self Adhesive Paper Crepe Masking Tape (7 live)

Masking Tape Solvent Resistant (10 live)

Wax Coated Paper Masking Tape (14 live)

Sealing Wax (251 live)

Transpore Tape Reel (9 live)

Transpore Tape (9 live)

Webbing Nylon (30 live)

Water Lubricated Pump (5 live)

Split Casing Pump (21 live)

Sanitary Material (66 live)

Distribution Systems and Components Tenders

1. Panjab University, Punjab [Offline]

2. Punjab State Transmission Corporation, Punjab [Expired]

3. RDD-CEO-AHMEDNAGAR, Maharashtra

4. Department of Sugar, Tamil Nadu


6. Haryana Government, Haryana [Expired]

Dewatering zone-6 Re-tender 23/06

7. Haryana Board Corporation, Haryana

Supply of Pneumatic and Manual Isolation Valves

8. Haryana Government, Haryana [Expired]

Dewatering zone-7 Re-tender 23/06

9. Haryana Government, Haryana [Expired]

Dewatering zone-2 Re-tender 23/06

11. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Gujarat

12. Zilla Parishad, West Bengal


13. Zilla Parishad, West Bengal


14. Zilla Parishad, West Bengal




19. Department of Sugar, Tamil Nadu

20. Department of Sugar, Tamil Nadu


25. Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Haryana

Vertical In Line Centrifugal Pumps

26. Urban Administration and Development Department, Madhya Pradesh

27. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Uttar Pradesh


28. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Tamil Nadu

3820383_ Procurement of Slurry Pumps Kahalgaon FGD

33. National Fertilizers Limited, Punjab

Repair of Cooling Towers at NFL Bathinda  

34. Department Of Military Affairs, Maharashtra

35. Multi-State, Madhya Pradesh [Expired]

Self Priming Centrifugal Pump as per IS 5120

36. Rural Development Department , Bihar

Window Air Conditioner including Green AC

37. Hindustan Copper Ltd, West Bengal

Rubber Water Hoses-IS:444

38. EASTERN RLY, Delhi

Rubber Water Hoses-IS:444

40. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan

Breather for Crankcase

41. NORTHERN RLY, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

Main Compressor for conventional

42. All India Institute of Medical Science Patna, Bihar

Split Air Conditioner including Green AC

43. Multi-State, Gujarat

Split Air Conditioner including Green AC

44. Multi-State, Gujarat

Split Air Conditioner including Green AC

45. Department of Defence Production, West Bengal

Split Air Conditioner including Green AC

46. Metal Scrap Trade Corporation Limited, Jharkhand

Split Air Conditioner including Green AC

47. Department Of Military Affairs, Rajasthan [Expired]

MT Spares

48. All India Radio, Delhi

Split Air Conditioner including Green AC

49. Department of Heavy Industry, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

50. Multi-State, Delhi