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Displaying Latest 52 live Medical Test Kits Tenders in India. Medical Test Kits includes Diagnostic Test Kits, Rapid Test Kits, Blood Bank Test Kit, Toxicology Test Kit, Parasitology Test Kit, Cytology Test Kit, Bilirubin Test Kit, Virology Test Kit, Chemistry Test Kit and Urinalysis Test Kit Tenders are covered in this Category. Register for FREE to receive Best in Class Tender Notifications

Medical Test Kits Sub Categories

Rapid Test Kits -- (23 live)

Rapid Test Kit

Malaria Test Kit

HIV Test Kit

Dengue Test Kit

Pregnancy Test Kit

Urinalysis Test Strip

Cardiac Troponin Test Kit

Thyroid Test Kit

Chemistry Test Kit

Urinalysis Test Kit

Molecular Biology Test Kit

Microbiology Test Kit

Immunology Test Kit

Hematology Test Kit

Virology Test Kit

Coagulation Test Kit

Skin Prick Testing Kit

Total Protein Test Kit

Bilirubin Test Kit


Gel Extraction Kit

Cytology Test Kit

Parasitology Test Kit

Toxicology Test Kit

RNA Sequencing Kit

Diagnostic Test Kit

Muller Hinton Agar Plates

Dehydrated Culture Media

Selective Media

Nutrient Broth

Antibiotic Disc

Bacterial Detection System

Optical Reaction Module

Polymerase Chain Reaction System

DNA Sequencer

DNA Blood Mini Kit

DNA Polymerase

Ion Ampliseq

Nucleic Acid

DNA Oligos

Molecular Kits


Plasmid Mini Kit

Synthesizing Primers

High Sensitivity DNA Kit

Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit

Rapid DNA Ligation System

DNA Analysis

Automated DNA Extractor

DNA Extraction Kit

Manual DNA Extraction kits

Forensic DNA Extraction

DNA Extraction Tool


DNA Probes

Medico Legal Evidence Collection Kit

Automated Elisa Washer

Elisa Plate Washer

Elisa Washer

Transcriptome Sequencing

H2S Test Kit

Reagents Kits

Protein Blotter

CDNA Synthesis Kit

IVF Items

In Vitro Frozen Embryos

Serum Trygliceride Kit

CDNA Reverse Transcription Kit


Nucleic Acidand Protein

DNA Quantification Kit

Male DNA

DNA Investigator Kit

Genomic DNA Purification Kit

Agencourt Ampure XP

Transcriptome Analysis

Bioinformatics Analysis

Illumina Platform

Elisa Reader

Cardiac Troponin T Test Kit

Triage Troponin I Test Kit

Troponin T Rapid Test Device

Immulite Substrate Test Kit

Immunoassay Kit

Alere Triage Cardio 3 Panel

Rheumatoid Factor Kit

Vidas Multipara Immuno Analyser

Serology Kit

Serum Uric Acid

Leucodepleted Platelet Plasma Apheresis Kit

Creatinine Test Kit

Leukocyte Filter

Uric Acid

Elisa Testing Kits

Gluten Immunogenic Peptide Stool Elisa Kits

Ecl Gel System

HCV Elisa Test Kits

HIV Elisa Test Kit

HBsAg Elisa Test Kits

Elisa Plate Reader

Serum Anti D Igg

Serum Anti Ab

Anti B

Anti Vial

Antisera Monoclonal

Kit HCG Strips

Glucose Testing Strip

C Reactive Protein

Protein Test Kit

Kit Serum Protien

Iron Ferrozine Cobas


Total Protein Microslide

Care Test

Care Equipment

Care Diagnostic Test Kits

Hiv Rapid Test Kits

Portable Mobile Test Kit

Chemilumnescience Kit

Serum Zonulin Elisa Kits

Amylase Kit

Automated Rna Extractor

Manual Rna Extraction Kit

Cholesterol Kit

Haematology Controls

Amylase Kit


Urea Kit

Serum Alkalane Phosphatase Kit

RG Kit

Albumin Kit

Calcium Kit

Thrombokinase Kit

Protein Digestion Unit

Thyroid Test

Phosphorus Kit

Biological Kits

Diagnostic Kits

Gram Stain Kit

Bacteriological Field Test Kit

Ana Factor Test Kit

Rapid Antigen Test Kit


Microbiology Diagnostic Reagents Kits

Enzyme Substrate Coliform Test Technology

Dengue Eisa Test Kits

Automated Bacterial Identification System

HCG Test Strip

Pregnancy Rapid Test Kits

Pregnancy Test Card

Gram Positive Sensitivity Disc

Protein Kit

Hygiene Kit

Human Elisa Kit

Cod Digester

Albumin Test Kit

Minocal Caliberator

Skin Prick Testing Kit

Dengue IGM Elisa Test Kits

ATP Monitoring System

Antigen Rapid Card

Dengue Rapid Test Kits

Dengue Detection Kit

Dengue Card Test

Dengue Test Strips

Dengue Kit

Dengue Chek Kit


Urine Test Strips

Urine Strip Reader

Automated Liquid Based Cytology System

Liquid Based Cytology

Uric Acid Test Kit


Antibody Test Kit

HCV Card


Molecular Biology Kits

Evidence Collection Kit

Bacteriological Culture

Medical Test Kits Tenders

1. CENTRAL RLY, Maharashtra [Expired]

2. TSMSIDC, Telangana [Expired]

3. Thane Municipal Corporation Thane, Maharashtra [Expired]

4. Haryana Government, Haryana [Expired]

5. WESTERN RLY, Maharashtra [Expired]

6. Haryana Government, Haryana [Expired]

7. Department Of Military Affairs, Karnataka [Expired]

8. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana [Expired]


9. OTHERS, Tripura [Expired]

10. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

Supply of CDK9 Assay Kit

11. Health And Family Welfare Department Arunachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh [Expired]

12. Haryana Government, Haryana [Expired]

13. Employees State Insurance Corporation, West Bengal

96 TIP COMB for DW magnets, 100 pieces per box

14. Solapur Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra [Expired]

15. University of Hyderabad, Telangana [Offline]

Niq aeroalmen test kit.

16. EPUBLISH, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

17. OTHERS, Uttarakhand [Expired]

BOQ (Malaria Urine hbsag test kit)

18. Eastern Coalfields Limited, Chhattisgarh [Expired]

19. EAST CENTRAL RLY, Jharkhand [Expired]


21. All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh [Expired] [Offline]

22. All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh [Expired] [Offline]

23. Rural Development And Panchayat Raj Department Maharashtra , Maharashtra [Expired]


24. Department Of Military Affairs, Karnataka [Expired]

25. Ministry of Railways, Delhi [Expired]


27. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana [Expired]

28. Employees State Insurance Corporation, Karnataka [Expired]

29. Employees State Insurance Corporation, Karnataka [Expired]

Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) test kit

30. Health And Family Welfare Department Nagaland, Nagaland [Expired]

31. Rural Development And Panchayat Raj Department Maharashtra , Maharashtra [Expired]


32. MEDICAL AND HEALTH DEPARTMENT-AP, Andhra Pradesh [Expired]

Rapid Antigen test Kits

33. Department Of Military Affairs, Karnataka [Expired]

34. Department of Health and Family Welfare, Odisha [Expired]

35. Department Of Military Affairs, Karnataka [Expired]

36. TSMSIDC, Telangana [Expired]

37. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, West Bengal [Expired]

38. METRO RAILWAY, West Bengal [Expired]

Cardiac Troponin T TEST KIT

39. CENTRAL RLY, Maharashtra [Expired]

40. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan [Expired]

41. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan [Expired]

42. Employees State Insurance Corporation, Telangana [Expired]

43. BLW, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]


44. TSMSIDC, Telangana [Expired]

45. Health And Family Welfare Department Chhattisgarh, Chhattisgarh [Expired]

46. Employees State Insurance Corporation, Telangana [Expired]

Widal Test Kits

47. NA, Karnataka

48. Department Of Military Affairs, Gujarat [Expired]

49. Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital , Ashok Vihar, Delhi [Expired]

Cardiac Troponin T TEST KIT

50. All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi, Delhi [Expired]

Rapid Molecular Diagnostic test instrument