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Advertising and Signage Sub Categories


Glow Signage (6 live)

Retro Reflective Sign Board (21 live)

Informatory signboard (1 live)

Led signboards (1 live)

Indicator board (2 live)

Speed indicator board (1 live)

Name boards (8 live)

Number plate (9 live)

Hoarding board (5 live)


Flex Banner (17 live)

Digital signage

ACP Sign Boards (1 live)

Braille signage (2 live)

Signage and accessories (2 live)

Directional signs

Speed limit signboard

Point of Purchase(POP) Sign

Road Signs (1 live)

Signage (7 live)

Signage Installation (76 live)

Gantry Board (8 live)

Logo Sign Board (1 live)

Flex Sign Board (441 live)

Cotton Cloth Banner (334 live)

Metal Signs (569 live)

Traffic Safety Work

Signage Board

Road Furniture

Street Furniture (21 live)

Kilometer Stone (2 live)

Poly Carbonate Convex Mirror (5 live)

Road Safety Convex Mirror (9 live)

Traffic Convex Mirror

Self Adhesive Label

Name Board Installation (578 live)

Danger Boards (139 live)

Signage Boards (644 live)

Sign Board Installation (780 live)

Acrylic Board (9 live)

Shadow Board (12 live)

Wooden Board (20 live)

PVC Board (19 live)

White Board (45 live)

Iron Board (11 live)

Inauguration Plaque (13 live)

Silver Plaque (10 live)

Safety Board

Sun Board

Identification Card

Hoarding Board Advertising (5 live)

Hoarding Advertisement Rights (389 live)

Hoarding Advertising (28 live)

Hoarding Advertisement (593 live)

Hoarding Board Installation (233 live)

Hoarding BoardDisplay (568 live)

Outsourcing Hoarding Design (18 live)

Hoarding Advertisement Leasing (23 live)

Hoarding Advertisement Rental (101 live)

Kiosk Advertisement (43 live)

Temporary Hoarding Publicity (39 live)

Outdoor Hoarding Advertisement (76 live)

Advertisement Rights (543 live)

Advertising Rights (570 live)

Advertisement (644 live)

Advertising (473 live)

Trolley Advertisement (237 live)

Recruitment Advertisement (13 live)

Foot Over Bridge Advertisement (44 live)

Auction Advertising (43 live)

Press Advertisement (12 live)

Advertising Agency (560 live)

Advertisement Agency (73 live)

Mass Media Consultancy (7 live)

Branding Agency (44 live)

Social Media Advertising (21 live)

Unipole Hoarding Advertisement (26 live)

Unipole Advertisement (628 live)

Bus Terminal Advertisement (26 live)

Bus Shelter Advertisement (40 live)

Bus Stop Advertising (6 live)

Bus Station Advertisement (89 live)

Bus Stand Advertising (550 live)

Newspaper Advertising (574 live)

Publishing Advertisement (358 live)

Print Media Advertisement (30 live)

Pole Kiosk Advertising (48 live)

Kiosk Advertisement (289 live)

Vehicle Advertising (7 live)

Advertisement in Bus Body (15 live)

Advertisement in Buses (355 live)

Deluxe Buses Advertisement (22 live)

Advertisement in Side Panels (33 live)

Advertisement on Back Panels (31 live)

Digital Media Agency (13 live)

Social Media Management Services (13 live)

Social Media Campaign (60 live)

Social Media Agency (303 live)

Awareness Campaign Services (26 live)

Content Creation Agency (26 live)

Content Response Services (23 live)

Content Moderation Services (22 live)

Media Monitoring and Analysis Services (19 live)

Social Media Platform Development (33 live)

Social Media Platform Operation and Management (218 live)

Billboard Advertising (6 live)

Advertisement Board Fixing (17 live)

Advertising and Signage Tenders


2. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Ltd. (TNSTC - CBE), Tamil Nadu

3. Ajmer Development Authority Ajmer, Rajasthan

4. MCF- RAE BARELI, Uttar Pradesh

6. Irrigation and Flood Control, Delhi

7. Irrigation and Flood Control, Delhi


12. Department Of Military Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

13. Airports Authority of India, Manipur [Offline]

14. Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, Uttar Pradesh

15. Airports Authority of India, Jharkhand

Advertisement Rights Cum Baggage Trolley Retrieval

17. Rajasthan State Government Department, Rajasthan

18. Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Society, Karnataka

19. Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Society, Karnataka

20. DLB, Rajasthan

22. Karnataka Co-operative Milk Producers Federation Ltd, Karnataka

23. Urban Local Bodies, Uttar Pradesh

Abadi Sign Board,Traffic Sign 1,Traffic Sign 2

24. Rajasthan State Government Department, Rajasthan

Banner and Hording Create Work

26. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited, Delhi

31. Canara Bank, Haryana [Expired] [Offline]

32. National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal, Karnataka [Expired]


33. CENTRAL RLY, Maharashtra

36. Central Armed Police Forces, Tamil Nadu

37. NORTHERN RLY, Uttar Pradesh

Indicator Stop Retro Reflective

38. Rajasthan State Government Department, Rajasthan

Hordings boards

39. Urban Administration and Development Department, Madhya Pradesh

40. North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation, Karnataka

Sole Agency Tender for LED TV ADVERTISEMENT

41. Local Self Government Department, Kerala [Expired]

42. Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited, Karnataka [Offline]

45. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), Karnataka

46. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), Karnataka

47. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), Karnataka



49. Local Self Government Department, Kerala [Expired]

50. Local Self Government Department, Kerala [Expired]