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Valves Sub Categories



Manual Valve

Intake Valve

Stop Valve

Cast Iron Valve

Plug Valve

Distributor Valve

Valve Assembly

Butterfly Valve

Valve Spindle

Valve Lever

Horn Valve

Triple Valve

Cup Valve

Pinch Valve

Slide Valve

Valve Plate

Brake Valve

Air Flow Measuring Valves

Air Flow Indicating Gauge

Air Pressure Regulating Valves

Flush Valves

Flush Valve Dual

Metro pole Flush Valve

Directional Control Valve

Flow Control Valves

Hydac Direction Valve

Directional Control Solenoid Valve

Hydraulic DC Valves

Hydraulic Operated System Valves

Hydraulic Valves

Kit for Pressure Limiting Valve

Rubber Parts Kit

IOH Changing Kit for Pressure Reducing Valve

Overhauling Kit for Check Valves

Kit for Double Check Valve

Pneumatically Operated Butterfly Valve

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Control Valves

Isolating Valves

Hand Operated Isolating Valves

Automatic Isolating Valves

Magnetic Valves

Three Way Magnet Valve

Rotex make Magnet Valve

Overhauling Kit for Magnet Valve

AOH kit for Magnet valve

IOH Replacement Kit for Magnet Valve

POH Kit for ep Magnetic Valve

Emerson make Butterfly Valve Spares

Disc Seals for Butterfly Valves

Valve Plugs

Inlet Plug Valves

Miscellaneous Pneumatic Rubber

Auto Reset Deluge Valve

Needle Valves

Stainless Steel Needle Valves

Foot Valves

Cast Iron Foot Valves

Cast Iron Flanged Strainer Foot Valve

Foot Pedal Valve for Horn

Foot Operated Water Valves

Deluge Valve

Two Way Solenoid Valve

Pilot Operated Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

Latched Solenoid Valve

Air Flow Measuring Valve Repair Kit

Air Flow Measuring Valve Spares

Rubber Kit For Air Flow Measurement

Overhauling of Butterfly Valve

Dual Plate Check Valves

Double Flanged end Dual Plate Check Valve

Vacuum Breaker Valve

Relief Vacuum Valve

Air Release Valves

Vacuum Valve

Air Vacuum Release Valves

Operating Coil For Magnetic Valve

Application Magnet Valves

Sluice Valve Rod

Plunger Assembly for Magnetic Valve

Valve Stem for Magnetic Valve

Sluice Valve Spares

Lubricated Plug Valves

Taper Plug Valve

Lined Plug Valves

Bellow Sealed Valve

Throttle Valve

Swing Check Valves

SS Swing Check Valves

Cast Carbon Steel Swing Check Valves

Non Return Valve Swing type Check Valves

Motor Operated Gate Valves

Cast Carbon Steel Motor Operated Gate Valve

Breather Valve Assembly

Breather Valves

Electro Pneumatic Positioner

Electro Pneumatic Smart Valve Positioner

Smart Positioner

Smart Valve Positioner

Pneumatic Valve Positioner

Thermal Expansion Valve

Expansion Valves

Rotex Magnet Valve

Equalising Discharge POH Kit

Equalizing Discharge Valve Spare Kit

Sander Control Valve Kit

Pressure Control Valve Kit

Overhauling kit for Isolating valve

Overhauling kit for Brake Isolating valve

Operating Key for Isolating Valves

Control Volume Booster


ROSOV Actuator

Double Flanged Butterfly Valves

Flanged Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Control Valve

Remote Operated Valve

Manifold Valves

MOV Butterfly Valves

Wheel Valves

Pneumatic Valves Kit

Servo Valves

Moog Servo Valves

Pneumatic Valve

Electro Pneumatic Valves

Brass Valve

Oxygen Cylinder Valve

Carbondioxide Gas Cylinder Valves

Cast Iron Butterfly Valve

Cast Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Remote Operated Shutoff Valves

UHV Gate Valve

Brass Shut Off Valve

Manually Operated UHV Gate Valve

Shut Off Valve

Forged Valve

Forged Gate Valve

High Vacuum Gate Valve

Forged Check Valve

Single Solenoid Valve

Double Solenoid Valve

Air Lock Relay Valve

Gate Valves Spares

Wafer Type Butterfly Valves

Three Way Cock Valve

Wafer Check Valve

Wafer Type Tilting Disc Check Valve

Cock Valve

Compressor Check Valve

Disc Valve

Pantograph Throttle Valve O H Kit

Throttle Valve Overhauling Kit

Throttle Valve Kit

Dome Valve Spares

Cryogenic Globe Valve

Unloader Valve

Delivery Unloader Valve

Pneumatic Ball Valves

Ball Valve With Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

Emergency Pilot Valve

Pilot Operated Valve

Pilot Valves

Seal Oil Pressure Control Valve

Vent Valve Assembly

Spares for Pneumatic Valves

Ball Check Valves

Dome Valve Assembly

Three way Plug Valves

Dome Valves

Valve Caps

Safety Valve Assembly

Safety Valve Set

Flow Check Valve

Spares for Check Valves

Pneumatic Gate Valves

Electro Pneumatic Gate Valves

Pilot valves Overhauling Kit

Vent Valves

Brass Air Vent Valve

Double Seated Vent Valves

Overhauling Kit for Vent Valves

Gun Metal Float Valve

Thermal Expansion Valve

Flap valves

Relief Valve Spares

Valve Assy Relief

Poppet Valves

Gas Valve Assembly

Control Slide Valves

Pilot Operated Check Valve Sandwich Plate

Non Lubricated Plug Valve

Pilot Operated Check Valve

Safety Valve Kit

Smart Positioners Spare

Lift Check Valve

Turbine Extraction Compensators

Turbine Valves Spare

Gas Sampling Valve

Valve Blocks Assembly

Pressure Relief Valve for Hydraulic Connection

HOV Gate Valves

Valve Seats

Spares for NRV

Discharge Valve

Flush Valve

Drain Valve

Diaphragm Valve

Air Valve

Knife Gate Valve

Globe Valve

Steel Globe Valve

Manual Knife Gate Valve

Knife Edge Gate Valves

Knife Edge Gate Valve Spares

Pneumatically and Wheel Operated Knife Gate Valves

Rotary Air Lock Valve

Air Intake Valve

Pilot Air Valve

Double Kinetic Di Air Valves

Automatic Float Air Vent Valve

Air Valve Assembly

Kinetic Air Valve Spares

Actuated Diaphragm Valves

Control Valve Diaphragm

Manual Operated Diaphragm Valves

Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

Saunders Diaphragm Valve

Rubber Lined Straigth Through Diaphragm Valves

Neoprene Rubber Diaphragm

Auto Drain Valve Kit

Auto Drain Valve Repair Kit

Gm Type Auto Drain Valve Overhauling Kit

PVC Float Valve

Brass Float Valve

Float Valves

Gun Metal Gate Valve

GM Valve

Gun Metal Valve

Pneumatic Operated Discharge Valve

Plug Discharge Valve

Control Discharge Flush Valve

Equalising Discharge Valve

Discharge Valve Assembly

Mill Discharge Valve

PVC Ball Valve

Brass Ball Valve

Carbon Steel Ball Valve

Manual Ball Valve


Gate Valve

Ball Valves

Control Valves

Sluice Valve

Magnet Valves

Solenoid Valves

Holding Magnet Valve

Rotex Magnet Valve

Rotex Solenoid Valve

Control Valve Spares

Valve Spares

Butterfly Valve with Gear

Hand Operated Butterfly Valves

Motorized Butterfly Valve

Safety Valves

Pressure Safety Valves

Drum Safety Valve

Safety Relief Valve

Thermal Safety Valve

Spring Loaded Safety Valve

Reservoir Safety Valve

Pilot Operated Safety Valve

Check Valves

Seated Check Valves

Horizontal Check Valves

Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure Regulating Valve

Relief Valves

Pressure Relief Valves

Thermal Relief Valves

Electromatic Relief Valves

Oil Relief Valves

Surge Relief Valves

Angle Relief Valves

Rubber Kit for Magnet Valves

Repair Kit for Magnet Valves

Overhauling Kit for Magnet Valves

Overhauling Kit for Solenoid Valves

Non Return Valves

Double Flapper NRV

Reflux Non Return Valves

Valves Tenders

1. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, Bihar [Expired]

65 NB dual disc vent

2. Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company Limited, Madhya Pradesh [Expired]

3. Delhi Jal Board, Delhi [Expired]

NIT No. 18/EE(EM)M-10/(21-22)Item No-5


F1 Selector valve complete

5. National Fertilizers Limited, Punjab [Expired]


6. NORTHERN RLY, Haryana

Complete Push Cock flush valve

7. NORTH CENTRAL RLY, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

8. EAST CENTRAL RLY, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

Set of Spares for 5/4

9. EAST CENTRAL RLY, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

10. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Andhra Pradesh [Expired]

11. CENTRAL RLY, Maharashtra [Expired]

12. Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Haryana

Supply of UG-Cast Gate valves (Epoxy Coated)

13. Kerala Water Authority, Kerala [Expired]

14. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Gujarat

15. Shipping Corporation of India Ltd, Maharashtra

Procurement of spares

16. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Rajasthan [Expired]

17. CENTRAL RLY, Maharashtra [Expired]

18. CENTRAL RLY, Maharashtra [Expired]

19. CENTRAL RLY, Maharashtra


20. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana [Expired]

Safety Valve for Air supply Compressor

21. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal


23. WESTERN RLY, Maharashtra




25. EASTERN RLY, West Bengal

26. BLW, Uttar Pradesh

27. Department of Heavy Industry, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

28. Department of Heavy Industry, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

29. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Rajasthan

30. Department of Heavy Industry, Kerala [Expired]

31. MD- UJVN, Uttarakhand

32. CENTRAL RLY, Maharashtra


33. Balmer Lawrie and Co. Ltd., Dadra and Nagar Haveli [Expired] [Offline]

34. Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited, Karnataka

35. RRVUN - CMD, Rajasthan

36. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana

Set of items for 86R Type Recon

37. RRVUN - CMD, Rajasthan

38. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana

1/2" Air regulator valve (6kgs/cm2)

39. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Maharashtra [Expired]

40. Department of Heavy Industry, Uttarakhand

41. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, Andhra Pradesh [Expired]

42. WESTERN RLY, Maharashtra


43. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Madhya Pradesh

E4013029 Operating Solenoid

44. WESTERN RLY, Maharashtra


45. Damodar Valley Corporation, West Bengal

46. Department of Atomic Energy, Maharashtra

47. Directorate of Municipal Administration, Karnataka [Expired]

48. Military Engineer Services, Punjab [Expired]



50. Transformers and Electricals Kerala Ltd., Kerala [Expired]