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Tamil Nadu Tenders

1. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), Tamil Nadu

97322183: Procurement of Oscillating Screen Centre Shaft Top & Bottom Cover - 1 set and Bearing Housing Cover- 2 Nos, 02 items.

Due Date: 15-Jul-2024 Location: Salem Sector: Power Sector Category: Vehicle Spares Updated: 20-Jun-2024
2. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu

97215685: TTPS Mech II BM Unit IV Strengthening of structural supports rectification of defects in the hangers rods at 56 mtr elevation boiler roof during overhaul for the year 2024 2025

Due Date: 02-Jul-2024 Location: Thoothukkudi Sector: Power Sector Category: Boiler maintenance service Updated: 19-Jun-2024
3. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu

97019202: ET-07-Kodambakkam

Due Date: 27-Jun-2024 Location: Chennai Sector: Power Sector Category: Public Toilet Construction Updated: 19-Jun-2024
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4. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), Tamil Nadu

97000822: Supply of base frmae assembly with debris tray collector

Due Date: 19-Jun-2024 Location: Chennai Sector: Power Sector Category: Inter segment purchase Updated: 19-Jun-2024
5. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), Tamil Nadu

97158402: Erection and commissioning of 5KL capacity new Sulphuric acid (98% concentration) day tank and new acid dosing pump-A including removal of

Due Date: 24-Jun-2024 Location: Mettur Sector: Power Sector Category: Acid storage tank Updated: 18-Jun-2024
6. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), Tamil Nadu

97158409: MTPS I - Civil Circle - Annual Over haul 2024-25 - Cleaning of columns, Beams, drift eliminators, louvers and stacks in cooling tower cells

Due Date: 27-Jun-2024 Location: Mettur Sector: Power Sector Category: Power Generation Equipment Repair Updated: 18-Jun-2024
7. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), Tamil Nadu

97158412: Procurement of Various sizes of Protection shield made of Corten steel for Round Corner Metallic Expansion Joint of Boiler Flue Gas Ducts be

Due Date: 03-Jul-2024 Location: Chennai Sector: Power Sector Category: Metallic expansion joints Updated: 18-Jun-2024
8. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), Tamil Nadu

97158410: Supply of 12 mm. thick M.S. Plate for Unit V Bottom Ash Hopper

Due Date: 08-Jul-2024 Location: Thoothukkudi Sector: Power Sector Category: Bottom Ash Handling Equipment Updated: 18-Jun-2024
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9. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), Tamil Nadu

97158407: Supply and Erection of 1800mm Belt Width, 1600 KN/M, 6 Ply, 5/3mm thick, FR Grade Conveyor Belt for Conveyor 49

Due Date: 03-Jul-2024 Location: Thoothukkudi Sector: Power Sector Category: Conveyor Belt Updated: 17-Jun-2024
10. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), Tamil Nadu

97158379: Dismantling the existing wornout damaged Fabric compensator and erection of new Fabric compensator in Bottom Ash Hopper 3 to drycon casing i

Due Date: 01-Jul-2024 Location: Mettur Sector: Power Sector Category: Bottom Ash Hopper Repair Updated: 17-Jun-2024
11. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), Tamil Nadu

97158417: Supply of Hydro Chloric Acid

Due Date: 01-Jul-2024 Location: Thoothukkudi Sector: Power Sector Category: Hydrochloric acid Updated: 17-Jun-2024
12. Directorate of Town Panchayats, Tamil Nadu

97096923: Alwarkurichi Town Panchayat 2024-2025 Annual Tender

Due Date: 15-Jul-2024 Location: Vasudevanallur Sector: RDPR Category: Hospital construction service Updated: 16-Jun-2024
13. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu

97096922: Extension of supply works and other works atThirukkurungudi section

Due Date: 28-Jun-2024 Location: Tirunelveli   Value ₹: 2.0 Lakh Sector: Power Sector Category: Power Line Maintenance Updated: 16-Jun-2024
14. Directorate of Town Panchayats, Tamil Nadu

97096925: AMRUT 2.0 2023-2024 Improvement of Existing Kuttai in Veeraganur Town Panchayat Salem District

Due Date: 25-Jun-2024 Location: Veeraganur   Value ₹: 41.0 Lakh Sector: RDPR Category: Pond Renovation Updated: 16-Jun-2024
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15. Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department, Tamil Nadu

96930368: Providing Paver Block Pavement, Culvert at Neducheri

Due Date: 21-Jun-2024 Location: Pudukkottai   Value ₹: 5.0 Lakh Sector: RDPR Category: Paving and drain Updated: 15-Jun-2024
16. Department of Agriculture , Tamil Nadu

96998844: Emergency Shower and Eye Washer as per IS 10592

Due Date: 24-Jun-2024 Location: Salem Sector: Agriculture Dept Category: Eye Wash Station Updated: 15-Jun-2024
17. MAWS, Tamil Nadu

96930189: Providing G14 to G 19A Nos Shops Arrangement at Anna Bus Stand Thoothukudi Corporation

Due Date: 27-Jun-2024 Location: Thoothukkudi   Value ₹: 23.0 Lakh Sector: Municipality Category: Civil Construction Updated: 15-Jun-2024
18. Directorate of Town Panchayats, Tamil Nadu

96930346: MLA Fund 2023-2024-3

Due Date: 18-Jun-2024   Value ₹: 6.5 Lakh Sector: RDPR Category: Elevated storage reservoir Updated: 15-Jun-2024
19. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu

96930249: Supply, Erection, Commissioning of ALFA LAVAL make or equivalent Plate Heat Exchanger assembly including dismantling of existing Plate heat exchanger assemblies for Gas Turbine

Due Date: 28-Jun-2024 Location: Ramanathapuram Sector: Power Sector Category: Demolition Services Updated: 14-Jun-2024
20. TNEB Limited, Tamil Nadu

96930275: NCTPS II Civil Maintenance Circle Civil Maintenance Division Repair and Maintenance works to the Ash slurry pump house at NCTPS-II

Due Date: 25-Jun-2024 Location: Chennai Sector: Power Sector Category: Pump House Construction Updated: 14-Jun-2024

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