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Haryana Tenders

1. Haryana Government, Haryana

97355723: Const. of Nala For waste wa...

Due Date: 24-Jun-2024 Location: Narnaul   Value ₹: 5.27 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Drain Construction Updated: 20-Jun-2024
2. Haryana Government, Haryana

97239309: Sadalpur Pavement of Rasta with Bricks F/h/o sultan s/o sahiram punia to f/h/o Ramkumar s/o Shivraj punia Village Sadalpur Block Adampur gp

Due Date: 28-Jun-2024 Location: Hisar   Value ₹: 7.15 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Unit Paving Updated: 19-Jun-2024
3. Haryana Government, Haryana

97239299: Upgradation of main electric cable, panel and sub cables etc. at RMRC, Murthal.

Due Date: 02-Jul-2024 Location: Hisar   Value ₹: 16.02 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Electrical Equipments Updated: 19-Jun-2024
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4. Haryana Government, Haryana

96766798: Const.of Street and Drain from H/o Pankaj Sharma to telephone Exchange in Indira Colony ward no.15 Ambala City

Due Date: 18-Jun-2024 Location: Ambala   Value ₹: 10.9 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Paving and drain Updated: 18-Jun-2024
5. Haryana Government, Haryana

96766830: Construction of road and drain at new civic amenities and infrastructure deficient area approved by haryana government in colony ID 321 in revenue estate agwanpur in mc palwal.

Due Date: 01-Jul-2024 Location: Palwal   Value ₹: 1.53 Crore Sector: General Admin Category: Road and drain Updated: 18-Jun-2024
6. Haryana Government, Haryana

97061513: Supply of Water Tanker and ...

Due Date: 21-Jun-2024 Location: Loharu   Value ₹: 2.0 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Inter segment purchase Updated: 18-Jun-2024
7. Haryana Government, Haryana

97059945: 22/02 maintanance of librar...

Due Date: 18-Jun-2024   Value ₹: 2.03 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Public library construction Updated: 17-Jun-2024
8. Haryana Board Corporation, Haryana

97060234: B6)A/mtc. of EPHS (W/S) in...

Due Date: 21-Jun-2024 Location: Panipat   Value ₹: 1.69 Lakh Sector: Urban Authority Category: Tube Well Updated: 16-Jun-2024
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9. Haryana Government, Haryana

97060227: Construction of RCC Drain From Sonkra Road to Gogamedi Anjanthali Road ward no-15 MC, Taraori(Recall)

Due Date: 29-Jun-2024 Location: Pehowa   Value ₹: 34.99 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Road and drain Updated: 16-Jun-2024
10. Haryana Government, Haryana

97060316: Const. of IPB Phirni Rasta at VIllage Sulela Block F.P. Jhirkha District Nuh

Due Date: 24-Jun-2024 Location: Nuh   Value ₹: 47.27 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Unit Paving Updated: 15-Jun-2024
11. Haryana Government, Haryana

97060288: Pavment of rasta with dry b...

Due Date: 15-Jun-2024 Location: Jind   Value ₹: 11.08 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Road Construction Updated: 15-Jun-2024
12. Haryana Government, Haryana

97060319: Pdg. consultancy services for preparation of drawing, design, site survey, vetting, framing detailed estimate and approval of drawings from competent authority of the work of Balance work i/c increasing capacity in Rehab. of NNL Dy. Km 0 to 4.999/T

Due Date: 20-Jun-2024   Value ₹: 4.0 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Irrigation Consultancy Updated: 15-Jun-2024
13. Haryana Government, Haryana

96603869: MGH/2024-25/029

Due Date: 17-Jun-2024 Location: Narnaul   Value ₹: 20.51 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Planting services Updated: 14-Jun-2024
14. Haryana Government, Haryana

96603951: Construction of building Mother and Child Block at Civil Hospital Distt. Panipat (Pdg. HVAC only)

Due Date: 18-Jun-2024 Location: Karnal   Value ₹: 13.58 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Hospital construction service Updated: 13-Jun-2024
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15. Haryana Government, Haryana


Due Date: 14-Jun-2024 Location: Ambala   Value ₹: 11.13 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Tube Well Updated: 13-Jun-2024
16. Haryana Government, Haryana

96604013: Strengthening of road from ...

Due Date: 27-Jun-2024 Location: Karnal   Value ₹: 2.69 Crore Sector: General Admin Category: Road Relaying Updated: 12-Jun-2024
17. Haryana Government, Haryana

96604052: New Plantation (State Scheme) in Hansi Block

Due Date: 13-Jun-2024 Location: Hisar Sector: General Admin Category: Afforestation services Updated: 12-Jun-2024
18. Haryana Government, Haryana

96604038: Maint. Of Plantation and Nursery Work at Kosli Block Part -B

Due Date: 12-Jun-2024 Location: Gurgaon   Value ₹: 14.58 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Nursery services Updated: 11-Jun-2024
19. Haryana Government, Haryana

96604044: New Plantation Work at Dahina Block Part C

Due Date: 12-Jun-2024 Location: Gurgaon   Value ₹: 4.79 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Afforestation services Updated: 11-Jun-2024
20. Haryana Government, Haryana

96604041: repair of lining at various RDs in Nayagaon Disty and Meerpur Minor

Due Date: 11-Jun-2024 Location: Rewari   Value ₹: 1.11 Lakh Sector: General Admin Category: Canal Strengthening Updated: 11-Jun-2024

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