Procuring entities of the Indian state govt and the PSUs starting with "W"

WALMI tenders  

WAMUL Assam tenders  

WASMO tenders  

WATCO Bhubaneswar tenders  

WB Correctional Services tenders  

WB Forest Directorate tenders  

WB HFWD tenders  

WB Information Cultural Affairs Department tenders  

WB MEELS tenders  

WB NHM tenders  

WB Public Works Roads Planning Quality Assurance tenders  

WB Urban Development Department Salt Lake Project tenders  

WBAICL tenders  

WBARD tenders  

WBARD tenders  

WBBB tenders  

WBBDB tenders  

WBBSE tenders  

WBCDWDSW tenders  

WBCHSE tenders  

WBCMPF tenders  

WBDMD tenders  

WBECSC tenders  

WBEIDC tenders  

WBERC tenders  

WBFC tenders  

WBFCL tenders  

WBFDCL tenders  

WBFES tenders  

WBFPIH tenders  

WBFSL tenders  

WBGEDCL tenders  

WBHB tenders  

WBHDCL tenders  

WBHIDCO tenders  

WBIDC tenders  

WBIDFC tenders  

WBIIDC tenders  

WBIWD tenders  

WBJEEB tenders  

WBKVIB tenders  

WBLC tenders  

WBMDFC tenders  

WBMDTC tenders  

WBMLLDB tenders  

WBMSC tenders  

WBMSME tenders  

WBNVF tenders  

WBPAR tenders  

WBPCB tenders  

WBPDCL tenders  

WBPHED tenders  

WBPHIDCL tenders  

WBPPDC tenders  

WBPRD tenders  

WBPSC tenders  

WBPWD tenders  

WBPWD Construction Board Directorate tenders  

WBREDA tenders  

WBSAPCS tenders  

WBSBCL tenders  

WBSCARDB tenders  

WBSCB tenders  

WBSCL tenders  


WBSEC tenders  

WBSED tenders  

WBSEDCL tenders  

WBSEPS tenders  

WBSETCL tenders  

WBSFDC tenders  

WBSIDCL tenders  

WBSMB tenders  

WBSMICL tenders  

WBSRDA tenders  

WBSSCL tenders  

WBSU tenders  

WBSWC tenders  

WBTDCC tenders  

WBTDCL tenders  

WBTETSD tenders  

WBTIDC tenders  

WBUAFSCL tenders  

WBUDMA tenders  

WBUHS tenders  

WBUTTEPA tenders  

WBWRIDD tenders  

WBZA tenders  

WCD Chhattisgarh tenders  

WCD Commissioner Pune Office tenders  

WCD Delhi tenders  

WCD Haryana tenders  

WCD Himachal Pradesh tenders  

WCD Mission Shakti Odisha tenders  

WCD Puducherry tenders  

WCD Social Security Jharkhand tenders  

WDCW Andhra Pradesh tenders  

WDSC Telangana tenders  

WEBFIL Limited tenders  

WECD Uttarakhand tenders  

WESCO Odisha tenders  

WRD Andhra Pradesh tenders  

WRD Assam tenders  

WRD Bihar tenders  

WRD EinC Major Med n Minor Jharkhand tenders  

WRD Goa tenders  

WRD Jharkhand tenders  

WRD Manipur tenders  

WRD Meghalaya tenders  

WRD Punjab tenders  

WRD World Bank Jharkhand tenders  

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology tenders  

Walchand College of Engineering tenders  

Wardha District tenders  

Wardha District Collector Office tenders  

Wardha RDD CEO tenders  

Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority tenders  

Warsaw Poland and Lithuania Indian Embassy tenders  

Washim District Collector Office tenders  

Washim Municipal Council tenders  

Washim RDD CEO tenders  

Water Resource Department tenders  

Water Resources Odisha tenders  

Water Resources River Development Department Sikkim tenders  

Water Resources and River Development tenders  

Water Security Public Health Engineering Sikkim tenders  

Water Supply Department tenders  

Water and Power Consultancy Services India Limited tenders  

Water conservation Department Maharashtra tenders  

Wayanad District tenders  

Wayanad District Nirmithi Kendra tenders  

Wazirabad Delhi 11th BN RAC tenders  

Webel Electronic Communication Systems Limited tenders  

Webel Informatics Limited tenders  

Webel Mediatronics Limited tenders  

Webel Technology Limited tenders  

Wellington New Zealand High Commission of India tenders  

West Bengal Administrative Tribunal tenders  

West Bengal CE North Western Irrigation Department tenders  

West Bengal CIF tenders  

West Bengal Consumer Affairs Department tenders  

West Bengal Cooperative Spinning Mills Limited tenders  

West Bengal Department Of Higher Education tenders  

West Bengal Department of Planning Statistics tenders  

West Bengal Directorate of Agriculture tenders  

West Bengal District Health Family Welfare Samiti tenders  

West Bengal Film Development Corporation Limited tenders  

West Bengal Fishermens Cooperative Federation Limited tenders  

West Bengal Governor Household Secretariat tenders  

West Bengal Gurung Development Cultural Board tenders  

West Bengal Handicrafts Development Corporation tenders  

West Bengal Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society tenders  

West Bengal Housing Directorate tenders  

West Bengal Housing Industry Regulatory Authority tenders  

West Bengal Intelligence Branch tenders  

West Bengal Legislative Assembly tenders  

West Bengal MAME tenders  

West Bengal National Informatics Centre tenders  

West Bengal PWD Electrical tenders  

West Bengal Planning Statistics Programme Monitoring tenders  

West Bengal Police tenders  

West Bengal Police Telecommunication tenders  

West Bengal Public Health Engineering Department tenders  

West Bengal Public Works Department tenders  

West Bengal Public Works Road State Highway tenders  

West Bengal Public Works Roads National Highways tenders  

West Bengal School Education Department tenders  

West Bengal Small Industries Development Corporation tenders  

West Bengal Society Self Employment Unemployed Youth tenders  

West Bengal State Handicrafts Cooperative Society tenders  

West Bengal Stationery Department tenders  

West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation tenders  

West Bengal Text Book Corporation Limited tenders  

West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation tenders  

West Bengal Traffic Highways Police tenders  

West Bengal WBJA tenders  

West Bengal Wasteland Development Corporation Limited tenders  

West Bengal Women Child Development Social Welfare tenders  

West Central Railway tenders  

West Champaran District Administration tenders  

West Delhi Deputy Conservator Forest tenders  

West Godavari District tenders  

West Godavari District tenders  

West Singhbhum tenders  

West Tripura District tenders  

West Tripura District Administration tenders  

Western Coalfields Limited tenders  

Western Railway tenders  

Western Railway Construction tenders  

Western Region RailTel tenders  

Western Regional Power Committee tenders  

Westinghouse Saxby Farmer Limited tenders  

Wildlife Crime Control Bureau tenders  

Wildlife Institute of India tenders  

Wool Research Association tenders  

Works Department Odisha tenders  

Workshop Projects Organization tenders