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Latest WBPDCL Tenders

99084893: Ash Pond 5 Bifurcation with construction of common dykes and necessary pipe supporting structures

Due Date: 30-Jul-2024  Location: Purba Medinipur   Value ₹: 77.14 Lakh
Category : Pipe Laying
Updated : 15-Jul-2024

99023504: Biennial contract for Maintenance of Ash Pond Dykes and related assorted works at BTPS

Due Date: 07-Aug-2024  Location: Hugli-Chinsurah   Value ₹: 61.98 Lakh
Category : Ash Pond Evacuation
Updated : 15-Jul-2024

99059481: Operation and Maintenance of 10 MW ground mounted Solar PV Plant SgTPP

Due Date: 27-Jul-2024  Location: Murshidabad   Value ₹: 1.22 Crore
Category : Grid Connected PV System
Updated : 14-Jul-2024
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99021858: Procurement of Printing Items for the year of 2025 26 under HR and A Department SGTPP WBPDCL

Due Date: 03-Aug-2024  Location: Murshidabad   Value ₹: 10.26 Lakh
Category : Printing accessories
Updated : 14-Jul-2024

99020798: Contract for Hiring of one skilled Machinist at Workshop for Two years at SgTPP

Due Date: 05-Aug-2024  Location: Murshidabad   Value ₹: 17.76 Lakh
Category : Power Generation Equipment Repair
Updated : 14-Jul-2024

99020241: Sale of 3.6 Lac ton Dry Fly Ash per year from BTPS

Due Date: 20-Jul-2024  Location: Bidhannagar
Category : Ash Disposal Services
Updated : 14-Jul-2024

98927862: Procurement of MS ERW Pipe for upcoming Overhauling of Unit 6 under AHP(MM) dept.STPS.

Due Date: 25-Jul-2024  Location: Santaldih Thermal Power Project-Town
Category : ERW Pipes
Updated : 13-Jul-2024

98928105: Removal and carriage of stone boulders coal rejects silt ash other assorted debris / scraps from diff areas and other misc work at KTPS

Due Date: 12-Aug-2024  Location: Purba Medinipur   Value ₹: 2.99 Crore
Category : Coal Picking From Conveyors
Updated : 13-Jul-2024
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98927601: Procurement of overhead clamp for Wagon tippler 3 and Catcher plate for Vibrating Screen at CHP, BTPS.

Due Date: 25-Jul-2024  Location: Hugli-Chinsurah
Category : Vibrating screen
Updated : 13-Jul-2024

98902681: Service Contract for Design, Supply, installation and commissioning of Electromechanical part-A of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at STPS under CAPEX 2023-24

Due Date: 12-Aug-2024  Location: Santaldih Thermal Power Project-Town   Value ₹: 1.25 Crore
Category : STP Plant Construction
Updated : 12-Jul-2024

98927688: Construction of RCC Road and associated works for movement of DOZER and other heavy vehicles at CHP area

Due Date: 07-Aug-2024  Location: Hugli-Chinsurah   Value ₹: 75.0 Lakh
Category : CC Road
Updated : 12-Jul-2024

98902640: Procurement of Conveyor Belts 1200 mm width NN 1000 by 4 and 1600 mm width NN 800 by 4 for Stage I CHPMM Department SgTPP WBPDCL

Due Date: 18-Jul-2024  Location: Murshidabad   Value ₹: 98.21 Lakh
Category : Conveyors and accessories
Updated : 12-Jul-2024

98902862: Biennial Maintenance contract for protection of embankments of running ash ponds at KTPS

Due Date: 12-Aug-2024  Location: Purba Medinipur   Value ₹: 1.14 Crore
Category : Ash Pond Evacuation
Updated : 12-Jul-2024


Due Date: 02-Aug-2024  Location: Murshidabad   Value ₹: 49.67 Lakh
Category : Radar Level Transmitter
Updated : 11-Jul-2024
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Due Date: 26-Jul-2024  Location: Bidhannagar
Category : Fly Ash Sale
Updated : 11-Jul-2024

98803046: Procurement of fastener ie. SS 304 nut, bolt, stud and HT bolt,Nut etc. for water package,TMD-OPH area.

Due Date: 19-Jul-2024  Location: Murshidabad   Value ₹: 9.95 Lakh
Category : Bolts
Updated : 11-Jul-2024

98742692: Rewiring of quarters with installation of MCB and RCCB and Staircase wiring with meter box renovation

Due Date: 02-Aug-2024  Location: Hugli-Chinsurah   Value ₹: 59.48 Lakh
Category : Power System Maintenance
Updated : 11-Jul-2024

98673110: Construction of ICBP Paver Block road from Durgapur More to Lotamara at Pakur, 1 km for coal transportation from Pachhwara N Coal Mine, WBPDCL

Due Date: 20-Jul-2024  Location: Bidhannagar   Value ₹: 1.98 Crore
Category : Road Coal Transport
Updated : 10-Jul-2024

98674726: Procurement of Various types Extinguisher under F and S Dept.,STPS

Due Date: 18-Jul-2024  Location: Santaldih Thermal Power Project-Town
Category : Fire Extinguisher Inspection
Updated : 10-Jul-2024

98626040: Overhauling of boiler pressure parts etc for boiler efficiency improvement of unit 4 SgTPP in 2024

Due Date: 30-Jul-2024  Location: Murshidabad   Value ₹: 1.35 Crore
Category : Boiler maintenance service
Updated : 09-Jul-2024
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