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Department of Defence Tenders

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2. Department of Defence, OTHERS

Mobile Storage Compactors

3. Department of Defence, Uttarakhand

4. Department of Defence, Uttarakhand


5. Department of Defence, Delhi


6. Department of Defence, Uttarakhand

Forced Air Heater (Bazooka)

7. Department of Defence, Delhi

8. Department of Defence, Uttar Pradesh

11. Department of Defence, Assam


12. Department of Defence, Goa

13. Department of Defence, Delhi


14. Department of Defence, Delhi

15. Department of Defence, Jammu and Kashmir

Custom Bid for Services - 12341000

17. Department of Defence, Uttarakhand

Alumino-ferric as per IS : 299

18. Department of Defence, Delhi

BOQ::UPS-->20 KVA UPS Battery-->100 AH

19. Department of Defence, Delhi

BOQ1-->Envelope 12 x 10 2-->Envelope Super Quality SE-4 3-->Envelope Super Quality SE-6 4-->Envelope Super Quality SE-7 5-->Envelope 12 x 10 6-->Envelope 250 x 353 mm 7-->Envelope 7 x 4 8-->Envelope 8 x 4 9-->Envelope 9 x 4 yellow without lamination 10-->Envelope 16 x 12 yellow with cloth lamination 11-->Envelope 14 x 10 yellow with plastic lamination 12-->Envelope 10 x 4.5 13-->Envelope 10 x 7 with plastic lamination 14-->Envelope 15 x 10 15-->Envelope 9 x 6 16-->Envelope 6 x 4 17-->Envelope 8 x 8.5 18-->Stapler Pin Large 19-->Stapler Pin 23/16-23/16 20-->Stapler Pin No. 10 21-->Stapler Pin No. 12 22-->Stapler Machine No. 10 Kangaro 23-->Kangaro Stapler HD 1024/6 24-->Stapler Heavy duty Kangaro Model No. HD-23 S13 (Big size) 25-->Stapler Medium duty kangaro Model No. HD-24/6 26-->Paper Tape 2" Khaki 27-->Cello Tape 2" 28-->Cello Tape Transparent Big 29-->Cello Tape Transparent Small 30-->Marker Pen 31-->Pencil Sharpner 32-->Pencil Natraj 33-->Reynolds Jotter 34-->Ball Pen Reynolds Blue 35-->Ball Pen Reynolds Red 36-->Ball Pen Reynolds Black 37-->Dak Binder 38-->Dak Folder Blue Make Neelgagan 39-->File Cover Plastic coated 40-->File Cover Normal 41-->Gum Bottle 500 ML 42-->Gum Bottle 700 ML camel 43-->Gum Tube 50 ML 44-->Glue Stick 15 GMS 45-->Glue Stick 8 gm make cello 46-->Tag Cotton Small 47-->Tag Cotton Big 48-->Twine Jute 49-->Register 120 Pages 50-->Register 200 Pages 51-->Register 240 Pages 52-->Register 400 Pages 53-->Register 300 Pages 54-->Register 360 Pages 55-->Register 600 Pages 56-->Stock Book Register 450 Pages 57-->Stock Ledger 200 Pages 58-->High Lighter 59-->Eraser / Rubber Natraj / Non dust 60-->Paper Cutter 1/2" 61-->Paper cutter 1/4" 62-->Correction fluid pen oval make Kores 63-->Paper Pin T Type 64-->Cello Tape Blue 65-->Cello tape red 66-->Cello tape green 67-->Cello tape Yellow 68-->Cello tape Black 69-->Adhesieve Flag 70-->Paper Flag Color 71-->Ink Pad Big 72-->Ink Pad Small 73-->Calculator Citizen CT-500/12 Digit 74-->Steel Scale 12" Long 75-->Plastic Scale 12" 76-->Jump Clip 77-->Binding Cover A-4 Size 78-->Binding Cover Legal Size 79-->Sketch Pen (Big) 80-->Pilot Pen (Blue) 81-->Pilot Pen (Black) 82-->Blade for Paper cutter 1/2" 83-->Blade for Paper cutter 1/4" 84-->Brown wrapping paper plastic coated 85-->Dak folder Red Make Neelgagan 86-->Dak folder Green Make Neelgagan 87-->Edge Binding tape black/Red/blue 2.5cm width 88-->Edge binding tape D/C 1.5 cm width, 65 mtr length 89-->Fevi quick 5 gm 90-->Fevicol 500gm 91-->Fevicol tube of 20 gm 92-->Gem Clip (Plastic Coated) 93-->Jem Clip Steel 94-->Gel Pen blue colour make Rotomax 95-->Hi-Tech Pen VS-5 pilot extra fine make Luxor Black colours 96-->Hi-Tech Ink for VS 5 Blue 97-->Hi-Tech Pen VS-5 pilot extra fine make Luxor Blue colours 98-->Hi-Tech Pen VS-5 pilot extra fine make Luxor Red colours 99-->Ink for stamp pad Make-Cores 100-->Refil for Gel Pen Blue 101-->Refil Reynolds Blue 102-->Pen stand (excutive) with two pen, date & month 103-->Pin Cushion 104-->Perm

21. Department of Defence, Delhi


22. Department of Defence, West Bengal

23. Department of Defence, Uttar Pradesh

24. Department of Defence, Delhi

Engine Analyzer EA-VP-10

25. Department of Defence, Karnataka

26. Department of Defence, Uttarakhand


27. Department of Defence, Assam

28. Department of Defence, Karnataka


31. Department of Defence, Delhi

Coolant Flushing Machine

32. Department of Defence, Delhi

interactive panels and accessories

33. Department of Defence, Delhi

Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinders- Aluminium

34. Department of Defence, Maharashtra

35. Department of Defence, Assam

36. Department of Defence, Uttarakhand

CTG Machine

38. Department of Defence, Delhi

Float Cum Boost Charger (Battery Chargers)

39. Department of Defence, Delhi

BOQ::INJECTION1-->Deriphylline 2ml INJECTION2-->Superspas 2ml INJECTION3-->Adrenaline 1ml INJECTION4-->Atropine 1ml Tablet1-->Tremadole 50 mg Tablet2-->Combiflame PCM 325 mg Ibrofin 400 mg Tablet3-->Montaic lc Hydrochloride 5 mg Levocertirizine-5mg + Montelukast-10mg Tablet4-->Nicip plus Nimesulide 100 mg +PCM 325 mg Tablet5-->Augmentin 625 mg Tablet6-->Augmentin 01 Gm Tablet7-->Norfloxaxcin 400mg+ tinidazole 800 mg Tablet8-->Sporlac 1mg Tablet9-->Avomine 1mg Tablet10-->Cipzox Diclofenac 50 mg + Paracetamole 325 mg + Chlorzoxazone 500mg Tablet11-->Avil 25 mg Tablet12-->Deriphyiline 1 mg Tablet13-->Pantop DSR 40 mg Capsule1-->Omeprazole 20 mg Capsule2-->Becasule 1 mg Tablet14-->Pantaprazole 40 mg Tablet15-->Pregabalin 75 mg+ Methyl Cabalamine 750 mg Tablet16-->Zerodol 1 SP +Aceclofenac 100mg+Paracetamol 325 mg+Serratiopeptidase15 mg Tablet17-->Chymoral Forte Tablet18-->Amlodipine 5 mg Tablet19-->Amlodipine 10 mg Tablet20-->Telma 40 mg Tablet21-->Meftal Spas +Dicyclomine 10 mg+Mefenamic acid 250mg Tablet22-->Azithromycin 500 mg Tablet23-->Propronolol 20 mg & Diazepam 2.5 mg Tablet24-->Paracetamol 500 mg Capsule3-->Easi Breathe Tablet25-->Metformine 500 mg Tablet26-->Clopidogrel 75 mg Capsule4-->Strepsils 1Lozenge Ointment1-->Mupirocin 10 gm Ointment2-->Volini 20mg Ointment3-->Four Derm 15gm Drop1-->Nasal Drop (Nasalin) 10ml Bottle1-->Chlorohexidine Garge 100 ml Canula1-->Intra Cath 22 Size Canula2-->Intra Cath 24 Size ORS-->ORS 21 gm BANDED-->Banded NEEDLE-->Needle 24 Size TAPE-->Micropos tape 2.5 cm Drop2-->Eye Drops-Moxifloxacin & Ketorolac SPRAY1-->Volini Spray 100 gm SYRUP1-->Lactulose 100 ml SYRUP2-->Bromhexine 100 ml SYRUP3-->Benadryl 100 ml SYRUP4-->Antacin Gel 100 ml SYRUP5-->Dicyclomine 60ml SYRUP6-->Paracetamol 60ml SYRUP7-->Cetrizine 60ml SYRUP8-->Tixilix 60 ml SYRUP9-->Albendazole 10ml SYRUP10-->Amoxicillin & Potassium 30 ml FLUID-->NS 500 ml FLUID2-->DNS 500 ml FLUID3-->RL 500 ml FLUID4-->DS 1. 500 ml INHALER-->Asthaline 1mg TABLET27-->Dolo 650 mg INJEECTION5-->Diazapam 2 ml BANDAGE-->Crepe Bandage 10 cm

40. Department of Defence, Andhra Pradesh

Metal Beds

42. Department of Defence, Maharashtra

Windows server standard 02 core 2019 License

44. Department of Defence, Uttarakhand

Bubble CPAP Machine

45. Department of Defence, Telangana

46. Department of Defence, Delhi

Desktop Computers

47. Department of Defence, Telangana

48. Department of Defence, Delhi

49. Department of Defence, Delhi

Epoxy coated MS Barrel 210 Ltr

50. Department of Defence, Delhi

Pri_ nter Crgs,PRI_ NTER CRGS

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