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Weight Measuring Instrument Sub Categories


Analytical Balances

Pan Balance

Toe Load Measuring Devices

Belt Weigher Spares

Electronic Weighing Machine

Electronic Weighing Scale

Load Balancers AMC

Static Rail Weigh Bridge

Pitless type Electronic Lorry Weighbridges

Weigh Rail

In Motion Wagon Weigh Bridges

Lorry Weigh Bridges

Electronic Road Weigh Bridge

Road Weighbridge

Pit Type Fully Electronic Lorry Weighbridges

Electronic Weigh Bridge

Semi Micro Balance

Ultra Micro Balance

Micro Weighing Balance

Dual Semi Micro Balance

Electronic Micro Balances

Digital Micro Balance

Six Digit Micro Balance

Micro Balance

Laboratory Microbalance

Digital Balance

Electronic Toe Load Measuring Device

Mechanical Toe Load Measuring Device

Weight Testing

Mechanical Platform Scale

Weighbridge Spares

Platform Weigh Scale

Electronic Platform Weighing Scale

Digital Weighing Balance

Electronic Crane Scale

Platform Weighing Machine

Weighing Balance Platform

Platform Type Weighing Scales

Auto Sugar Weighing Scale

Automatic Bag Placer Weighing System

Calibration Weights

Standard Weight

Electronic Weighing Bridge

Belt Weighers

Iron Weight

Weighing System

Sugar Weighing Machine

Weighing Scale

Weighing Machine

Sugar Bin Auto Weighing Scale

Precision Balances

Portable Digital Body Mass Index

BMI Weighing Machine

Hydraulic Dead Weight Tester

Dead Weight Tester

Metric Weights

Electronic Belt Weigher

Abro Dynamic Machine

Rotor Balancing Machine

Balancing Machine


Top Pan Balance

Crane Scale

Animal Weighing Balance

Stiffness Tester

Scale Beam Indicating

Weighing Spring Balance

Salter Scale

Bench Scale

Balancing Weight

Spring Balance

Electronic Platform Scale

Electronic Weighing Balance

Dead Weight Tester

Cane Weigh Bridge

Portable Weighbridge

Rail Weigh Bridge

Electronic Weigh Bridge

Automatic Weighbridge

Pitless Weighbridge

Electro Mechanical Weighbridge

Digital Weighing System

CI Weight

Electronic Garbage Weigh Bridge

Electronic Toploading Balances

Digital Balances

Table Top Weighing Scale

Weight Measuring Instrument Tenders

1. Central Coalfields Limited, Jharkhand [Expired]

2. Urban Development Department, Maharashtra

weigh bridge

3. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Karnataka

Electronic Tongue

4. Department of Sugar, Tamil Nadu [Expired]

Purchase of Digital Weighing System

5. Urban Local Bodies, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

6. Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification Directorate, Telangana [Expired]

7. Instrumentation Limited, Kerala [Expired]


8. Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company Limited, Madhya Pradesh

9. Department of Pharmaceuticals, Assam [Expired]

Analytical Semi-Micro Balances

10. REVENUE DEPARTMENT, Gujarat [Expired]

weighing scale,vinyal poster 4x6,vinyal poster 4x2

11. Eastern Coalfields Limited, Chhattisgarh [Expired]

Mother and Child Weighing Scales -ICDS

12. Central Police Organisation, Assam [Expired]

Precision Balance

13. Multi-State, Delhi [Expired]

14. Department Of Health And Family Welfare, Maharashtra [Expired]

calibration Weights or Weights Sets

15. Mahanadi Coalfields Limited, Odisha

Analytical Weighing Balance

16. Tamilnadu Medical Services Corporation, Tamil Nadu

17. Environment Department Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]


18. Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi [Expired]

Electronic Weigh Bridge (Without Civil Work)

19. Department Of Health And Family Welfare, Rajasthan [Expired]

20. Urban Development Department, Maharashtra [Expired]

Electronic Weigh Bridge (Without Civil Work)

21. Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited , Telangana

Automatic Check weighers

22. Ministry of Railways, Delhi

23. Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited, Maharashtra

BRC Weighing Machines Yearly Calibration

24. Environment Department Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]


25. Department of Women & Child Development, Karnataka


26. SOUTH WESTERN RLY, Karnataka [Expired]

Counter Weight

27. Department of Higher Education, West Bengal

Highly sensitive Analytical Semi-micro Balance

28. Department of Atomic Energy, Maharashtra

29. Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited , Maharashtra [Expired]

AMC of Microbalance

30. National Institute Of Animal Biotechnology , Telangana [Expired]

31. Airports Authority of India, Tamil Nadu [Expired]

32. Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited, Maharashtra [Offline]

33. Science And Technology Department Kerala, Kerala [Expired]

Compact Analytical Balance

34. Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Kerala

Electronic Weighing balance

35. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Karnataka [Expired]

36. Department Of Military Affairs, Karnataka [Expired]


37. Higher Education Department, Tamil Nadu [Expired]

38. Department of Urban Development, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

39. Tata Memorial Centre, Maharashtra [Expired]

40. Urban Local Bodies, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

BOQ (weight)::Weighing Scale-->Cap 200 Kg

41. Department of Urban Development, Uttar Pradesh [Expired]

BOQ (WEIGHT)::Weighing Scale-->Cap 200 Kg

42. Rural Development Panchayath Raj Engineering Department, Karnataka [Expired]

supply of Weigh Bridge

43. Multi-State, Jammu and Kashmir [Expired]

44. Department of Food and Public Distribution, Telangana [Expired]

45. Department of Consumer Affairs, Rajasthan [Expired]

46. Department of Health Research, Maharashtra [Expired]

47. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Andhra Pradesh [Expired]

48. Department of Defence, Delhi [Expired]

49. National Council for Cement and Building Materials, Haryana [Expired]

50. University of Agricultural Sciences, Karnataka

Analytical Balance