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Latest CAPT Kerala Tenders

96916183: Printing of Registers andHand book

Due Date: 20-Jun-2024
Category : Stationery Updated: 13-Jun-2024

96593499: Purchase of NCERT/CBSE Text/Work Books

Due Date: 15-Jun-2024
Category : Educational Books Updated: 11-Jun-2024

96672964: Hiring of vehicles

Due Date: 27-Jun-2024  Location: Vattiyoorkavu
Category : Vehicle Hiring Updated: 11-Jun-2024
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96491833: Sealed Competitive Tenders are invited from the reputed firms for the supply of Carton Box 5 ply (18x13.5x10”)

Due Date: 10-Jun-2024  Location: Thiruvananthapuram
Category : Corrugated Boxes Updated: 05-Jun-2024


Due Date: 25-Jun-2024  Location: Thiruvananthapuram
Category : Statutory audit Updated: 03-Jun-2024

56849210: Purchase Of Split Airconditioners

Due Date: 28-Jul-2022  Location: Vattiyoorkavu
Category : Split air conditioner Updated: 19-May-2024

54362098: Purchase of Carton Box 5 ply (18x13.5x10”)

Due Date: 31-May-2022  Location: Thiruvananthapuram
Category : Corrugated Boxes Updated: 19-May-2024

82790147: Purchase of Four color ink - Yellow

Due Date: 10-Oct-2023  Location: Vattiyoorkavu
Category : Inks Updated: 19-May-2024
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83792468: Purchase of 2LB Straw Board

Due Date: 31-Oct-2023  Location: Vattiyoorkavu
Category : Oriented Structural Straw Board Updated: 19-May-2024

55555483: Purchase Of CTP Plates

Due Date: 28-Jun-2022  Location: Vattiyoorkavu
Category : Kitchen Tools and Utensils Updated: 19-May-2024

33026481: For the supply cloth lined cover and File Folder

Due Date: 04-May-2021  Location: Vattiyoorkavu
Category : Folders Binders and Indexes Updated: 19-May-2024

52755152: Enrolling of Employees of Capt under group Insurance scheme.

Due Date: 10-May-2022  Location: Vattiyoorkavu
Category : Life Insurance Updated: 19-May-2024

45787399: Transportation of Printed materials

Due Date: 14-Jan-2022  Location: Vattiyoorkavu   Value ₹: 10.0 Lakh
Category : Lorry Truck Hiring Updated: 19-May-2024
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57206999: Purchase of Vio starCTP Plates-1200nos

Due Date: 27-Jul-2022  Location: Thiruvananthapuram
Category : Printing accessories Updated: 19-May-2024

58839314: Purchase of Packing strap 300 Roll

Due Date: 29-Aug-2022  Location: Thiruvananthapuram
Category : Strapping Rolls Updated: 19-May-2024

51368780: Purchase of Antivirus Software

Due Date: 05-Apr-2022  Location: Thiruvananthapuram
Category : Antivirus Software Updated: 19-May-2024

84573741: Purchase of Trollys - 6 Nos

Due Date: 14-Nov-2023
Category : Trolleys or accessories Updated: 19-May-2024

74721444: Supply of CBSE/NCERT/WORK BOOKS

Due Date: 13-Jun-2023  Location: Vattiyoorkavu
Category : Educational Books Updated: 19-May-2024

70848639: Purchase of Carton Box 5 ply (18x13.5x10”) - 7500 nos

Due Date: 11-Apr-2023
Category : 3 or 5 or 7 Ply Corrugated Boxes Updated: 19-May-2024

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