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Latest University of Agricultural Sciences Tenders

97182350: Erecting temporary exhibition stalls and other works for Krishimela -2024 (Four days duration in September 2024) at UAS Dharwad

Due Date: 11-Jul-2024  Location: Hubli-Dharwad   Value ₹: 1.22 Crore
Category : Exhibition Stall Construction Updated: 18-Jun-2024

89281840: Chemicals for Field at Seed Farms / Seed Unit

Due Date: 20-Feb-2024  Location: Hubli-Dharwad   Value ₹: 4.99 Lakh
Category : Fertilizers and Pesticide Updated: 19-May-2024

83727288: UPS 10 KVA Online

Due Date: 15-Nov-2023  Location: Hubli-Dharwad   Value ₹: 5.5 Lakh
Category : Uninterruptible power supplies Updated: 19-May-2024
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89286869: Gradient Thermal cycler PCR

Due Date: 20-Feb-2024  Location: Hubli-Dharwad   Value ₹: 15.94 Lakh
Category : PCR Machine Updated: 19-May-2024

63533326: Scientific Equipments & other materials at UAS, Raichur

Due Date: 24-Dec-2022
Category : Tractor and trailer Updated: 19-May-2024

68342644: eproc-09/2022-23

Due Date: 25-Feb-2023
Category : Office furniture Updated: 19-May-2024

66042725: Cleaning up-keeping and maintenance of toilets in buildings (for a period of 12 months) at UAS Dharwad campus

Due Date: 10-Jan-2023
Category : Building cleaning services Updated: 19-May-2024

70616123: Agro care Ragi, Paddy, Wheat Reaper-1 No and Ragi Flour Grinding Mill-1No

Due Date: 11-Apr-2023
Category : Flour Mill Products Updated: 19-May-2024
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64093177: eproc-06/2022-23

Due Date: 15-Dec-2022
Category : Thermal Cycler Updated: 19-May-2024

51096165: eproc-13/2021-22

Due Date: 29-Mar-2022
Category : Poultry Farm Equipment Updated: 19-May-2024

51096163: eproc-13/2021-22

Due Date: 29-Mar-2022
Category : Chain links Updated: 19-May-2024

68342434: eproc-09/2022-23

Due Date: 25-Feb-2023
Category : Basketball Court Construction Updated: 19-May-2024

56689009: Supply & Installation of High performance sensor based irrigation hybrid seed production unit at NSP, GKVK (Call-4)

Due Date: 22-Jul-2022   Value ₹: 14.79 Lakh
Category : Seed production services Updated: 19-May-2024

66595147: eproc-07/2022-23

Due Date: 23-Jan-2023
Category : Final Location Survey Updated: 19-May-2024
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81966579: Molecular Biology Wet Lab Modular Work Furnitures (Asst. Prof. GPB, GKVK)

Due Date: 26-Sep-2023
Category : Modular furniture Updated: 19-May-2024

59173886: eproc-03/2022-23

Due Date: 20-Sep-2022
Category : Floor Cleaning Machine Updated: 19-May-2024

87393863: Providing painting & repair works to grain store, GPB Store, GPB Office & Twin block quarters at ARS, Mugad

Due Date: 19-Jan-2024  Location: Hubli-Dharwad   Value ₹: 1.2 Lakh
Category : Apartment repair services Updated: 19-May-2024

92285181: SIRI Surakshit Cooker

Due Date: 13-Mar-2024  Location: Hubli-Dharwad   Value ₹: 8.4 Lakh
Category : Kitchen Tools and Utensils Updated: 19-May-2024

58903292: Milk Packing Machine (Farm Suptd, ZARS, GKVK)

Due Date: 13-Sep-2022
Category : Milk Packaging Machine Updated: 19-May-2024