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Latest MSIHMCTRS Tenders

21129433: Medical Staff Aprons

Due Date: 25-May-2020
Category : Medical Apron
Updated : 19-May-2024

23047407: ECG Machine

Due Date: 01-Sep-2020
Category : ECG Machine
Updated : 19-May-2024

21933020: surgical isolation or surgical masks

Due Date: 06-Jul-2020
Category : Surgical Masks
Updated : 19-May-2024
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23171775: Plastic bailing machine

Due Date: 07-Sep-2020
Category : Baling press
Updated : 19-May-2024

23165539: Pulse Oximeter

Due Date: 31-Aug-2020
Category : Pulse oximeters
Updated : 19-May-2024

21483200: Biomedical Waste Treatment System with Shredding & Sterilization

Due Date: 20-Jun-2020
Category : Bio shredding machinery
Updated : 19-May-2024

22401008: Online UPS

Due Date: 03-Aug-2020
Category : Uninterruptible power supplies
Updated : 19-May-2024

42073289: Tender for computer scrap

Due Date: 18-Oct-2021
Category : Electronic scrap
Updated : 19-May-2024
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20995721: Face Recognition Biometric Attendance System

Due Date: 25-May-2020
Category : Face Recognition Attendance System
Updated : 19-May-2024

20647876: Fibre Cable for Networking

Due Date: 01-May-2020
Category : Fiber Optic Cable
Updated : 19-May-2024

21763887: automotive chassis fitted with engine

Due Date: 03-Aug-2020
Category : Automobile chassis
Updated : 19-May-2024

22730181: Wrought Aluminium utensils

Due Date: 10-Aug-2020
Category : Kitchen Tools and Utensils
Updated : 19-May-2024

20735674: surgeon caps or hoods surgeons cap disposable

Due Date: 30-Apr-2020
Category : Surgical Caps
Updated : 19-May-2024

21190064: Automatic Fully Mechanised Organic Waste Machine for Compost

Due Date: 05-Jun-2020
Category : Organic Waste Converter
Updated : 19-May-2024
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22351170: Wooden Shoe Rack, chairs-office,Modular Table,Executive Computer Table,Executive Table

Due Date: 30-Jul-2020
Category : Office furniture
Updated : 19-May-2024

21754632: All Rubber Gum Boots and Ankle Boots for Occupational Purposes- BIS Specification

Due Date: 03-Jul-2020
Category : Safety Boots
Updated : 19-May-2024

22700887: Real time micro PCR

Due Date: 08-Aug-2020
Category : PCR Machine
Updated : 19-May-2024

73717871: supply of Milk Items for the period July 2023 to June 2024 at the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition

Due Date: 05-Jun-2023   Value ₹: 10.0 Lakh
Category : Milk and Milk Products
Updated : 19-May-2024

22812824: Television TV,Digital E-Learning Software (Version 2.0)

Due Date: 20-Aug-2020
Category : e Learning Software
Updated : 19-May-2024

23459760: PVC Copper Cable (Heavy Duty), TYPE: C PVC Compound , Category: 01, For Working Voltages Up t

Due Date: 14-Sep-2020
Category : PVC Copper Cable
Updated : 19-May-2024