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Latest Sundarban Affairs Department Tenders

98521932: SDB/SF/MS and PD/NIT-02(e)/2024-25/1

Due Date: 19-Jul-2024  Location: Kolkata   Value ₹: 72.25 Lakh
Category : Afforestation services
Updated : 07-Jul-2024

98522069: SDB/SF/MS and PD/NIT-02(e)/2024-25/2

Due Date: 19-Jul-2024  Location: Kolkata   Value ₹: 46.4 Lakh
Category : Afforestation services
Updated : 07-Jul-2024

97444770: SDB/SF/MS and PD/NIT-01(e)/2024-25/1

Due Date: 11-Jul-2024  Location: Kolkata   Value ₹: 3.6 Crore
Category : Afforestation services
Updated : 21-Jun-2024
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97444764: SDB/SF/MS and PD/NIT-01(e)/2024-25/2

Due Date: 11-Jul-2024  Location: Kolkata   Value ₹: 3.46 Crore
Category : Afforestation services
Updated : 21-Jun-2024

97238914: WBSDB/EE/ CED-IV/ NIQ-01(e)/2024-25/1

Due Date: 28-Jun-2024   Value ₹: 1.0 Lakh
Category : Office Building Repair
Updated : 19-Jun-2024

79011368: WBSDB/EE/CED-I/NIT 03(e)/2023-24/11

Due Date: 16-Aug-2023   Value ₹: 27.75 Lakh
Category : Road Repair
Updated : 19-May-2024

67573306: WBSDB/EE/CED-II/NIT09e22-23/01

Due Date: 08-Feb-2023   Value ₹: 6.17 Lakh
Category : Solar LED Light
Updated : 19-May-2024

65179640: WBSDB/EE/CED-II/NIT07e22-23/02

Due Date: 30-Dec-2022   Value ₹: 1.86 Lakh
Category : Beautification Work
Updated : 19-May-2024
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91660333: WBSDB/EE/CED-II/NIT16e23-24/14

Due Date: 15-Mar-2024   Value ₹: 20.33 Lakh
Category : Sluice Gate Repair
Updated : 19-May-2024

84588634: WBSDB/EE/CED-I/NIT 13(e)/2023-24/3

Due Date: 04-Dec-2023   Value ₹: 1.19 Crore
Category : Road Related Works
Updated : 19-May-2024

64140175: SDB/SF/MS AND PD/NIT-04(e)/2022-23/1

Due Date: 20-Dec-2022  Location: Kolkata   Value ₹: 14.68 Lakh
Category : Landscaping services
Updated : 19-May-2024

84589304: WBSDB/EE/CED-III/ NIT-09(e)/2023-24/1

Due Date: 20-Nov-2023   Value ₹: 5.54 Lakh
Category : Ferry Services
Updated : 19-May-2024

89188019: Tender for procurement of Stationery Articles

Due Date: 12-Feb-2024
Category : Stationery
Updated : 19-May-2024

81604383: WBSDB/EE/CED-IV/ NIT-07(e)/2023-24/5

Due Date: 03-Oct-2023   Value ₹: 1.39 Lakh
Category : Jetty Repair
Updated : 19-May-2024
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85808705: WBSDB/EE/CED-II/NIT09e23-24/09

Due Date: 18-Dec-2023   Value ₹: 6.45 Lakh
Category : Sluice Gate
Updated : 19-May-2024

93006962: WBSDB/EE/CED-II/NIT17e23-24/02

Due Date: 01-Apr-2024   Value ₹: 54.95 Lakh
Category : Box Culvert
Updated : 19-May-2024

81766685: SDB/AGRIL./MS and PD/NIT3(e) 2023-24/1

Due Date: 09-Oct-2023   Value ₹: 5.61 Crore
Category : Yams
Updated : 19-May-2024

82267825: WBSDB/EE/CED-II/NIT04e23-24/16

Due Date: 13-Oct-2023   Value ₹: 6.72 Lakh
Category : Conservancy Services
Updated : 19-May-2024

77366773: WBSDB/EE/CED-I/NIT 02(e)/2023-24/10

Due Date: 02-Aug-2023   Value ₹: 3.04 Lakh
Category : Drainage Repair
Updated : 19-May-2024

85808565: WBSDB/EE/CED-II/NIT09e23-24/03

Due Date: 18-Dec-2023   Value ₹: 4.46 Lakh
Category : Ghat construction service
Updated : 19-May-2024