National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited tenders

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Latest National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited Tenders

1. Jammu and Kashmir

99003318: Repair Work of Main Road of Jyotipuram Residential Complex

Due Date: 09-Aug-2024  Location: Reasi   Value ₹: 1.34 Crore
Sector: Generation
Category : Residential Building Construction Updated: 13-Jul-2024
2. West Bengal

98747430: Repairing and painting of 02 nos Security Barrack and 02 nos Parking shed at Regional Office, Vidyut Nagar, Siliguri

Due Date: 31-Jul-2024  Location: Siliguri   Value ₹: 10.7 Lakh
Sector: Generation
Category : Civil Construction Updated: 11-Jul-2024
3. Uttarakhand

98523037: Tuebwell boring, installation of submersible pump and construction of pump house at Tanakpur Power station Banbasa

Due Date: 27-Jul-2024  Location: Tanakpur
Sector: Generation
Category : Tube Well Updated: 07-Jul-2024
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4. Haryana

98478262: Drainage and Protection Work and Part Realignment at Major Landslide portion of Project Access Road at RD 2200 of Sawalkote HE Project,Tanger,Ramban, Jammu and Kashmir

Due Date: 26-Jul-2024  Location: Faridabad   Value ₹: 14.56 Lakh
Sector: Generation
Category : Road and drain Updated: 07-Jul-2024
5. Sikkim

98422868: Repairing, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 2X5 MVA 66 by 11 KV Transformer for Teesta-V Power Station

Due Date: 19-Jul-2024  Location: Singtam   Value ₹: 78.25 Lakh
Sector: Generation
Category : Power Line Construction Updated: 05-Jul-2024
6. Himachal Pradesh
7. Himachal Pradesh
8. Haryana

98277471: Appointment of Dividend Banker for Payment of Final Dividend for the Financial Year 2023-24

Due Date: 17-Jul-2024  Location: Faridabad
Sector: Generation
Category : Banking and investment Updated: 04-Jul-2024
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9. Jammu and Kashmir

98296595: For repairing (Rebabbiting) of old or used thrust pad bearings and turbine guide bearings of hydro generator of Salal Power Station.

Due Date: 24-Jul-2024  Location: Reasi   Value ₹: 29.5 Lakh
Sector: Generation
Category : Turbine Repair Updated: 04-Jul-2024
10. Assam

98259406: Hiring of six 06 No MnM Bolero Neo for the Subansiri Lower HE Project and empanelment of bidders for one year

Due Date: 22-Jul-2024  Location: Dhemaji   Value ₹: 13.97 Lakh
Sector: Generation
Category : Vehicle Hiring Updated: 04-Jul-2024
11. Jammu and Kashmir

98235015: Maintenance and Repair of Badminton Hall and Gym Area at Gingle colony, Uri Power Station

Due Date: 23-Jul-2024  Location: Uri   Value ₹: 18.33 Lakh
Sector: Generation
Category : Compound Wall and Other Works Updated: 03-Jul-2024
12. Uttarakhand

98093094: Restoration of Support for Fire fighting tanks and Pipelines Section

Due Date: 20-Jul-2024  Location: Dharchula   Value ₹: 35.97 Lakh
Sector: Generation
Category : Fire Fighting Maintenance Updated: 02-Jul-2024
13. Himachal Pradesh

98093116: Restoration of damaged boundary wall along with river protection/training work at Sainj Township of Parbati H.E. Project (Stage-II), (Package No-C-745A)

Due Date: 20-Jul-2024  Location: Mandi   Value ₹: 99.77 Lakh
Sector: Generation
Category : Compound Wall Construction Updated: 01-Jul-2024
14. Himachal Pradesh

97980609: Restoration of protection work damaged due to Flash Flood at Manikaran colony of Dam Complex, Parbati-H.E. Project (Stage-II), (Package No-C-755)

Due Date: 17-Jul-2024  Location: Mandi   Value ₹: 53.64 Lakh
Sector: Generation
Category : Levee Construction Updated: 30-Jun-2024
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15. Haryana

97916799: Maintenance and Cleaning of Rain Harvesting Pits for year 2024 in NHPC office Complex, Sector-33, Faridabad, Haryana

Due Date: 13-Jul-2024  Location: Faridabad
Sector: Generation
Category : Rainwater Harvesting Repair Updated: 29-Jun-2024
16. Jammu and Kashmir

97822960: Repair and HP-HVOF coating work of 01 no. Top Cover and 0 2 no. Lower Ring of 115 MW Hydro Generating Unit of Salal Power Station.

Due Date: 16-Jul-2024  Location: Reasi   Value ₹: 1.12 Crore
Sector: Generation
Category : Power house Repair Updated: 28-Jun-2024
17. Sikkim

97692600: Restoration of damaged Road Sides of HRT Road at Dam Site of Rangit Power Station.

Due Date: 15-Jul-2024  Location: Namchi   Value ₹: 37.72 Lakh
Sector: Generation
Category : Road Repair Updated: 26-Jun-2024
18. Jammu and Kashmir

97738348: Repair and maintenance of external road from Switch yard to Power house (RD 0 to 2306 m) at NBPS, Alchi, Leh.

Due Date: 16-Jul-2024  Location: Leh
Sector: Generation
Category : Power house Repair Updated: 26-Jun-2024
19. Uttarakhand

97667005: Supply, Retrofitting, Testing and Commissioning of Transformer Protection Numerical Relay at NHPC Tanakpur Power Station

Due Date: 15-Jul-2024  Location: Tanakpur
Sector: Generation
Category : Electrical Equipments Updated: 25-Jun-2024
20. Himachal Pradesh

97667016: Providing and laying cement concrete, protection wall and cross drainage work of Katarbain-Bhaledh road at BSPS,Surangani,Chamba

Due Date: 15-Jul-2024  Location: Chamba   Value ₹: 65.93 Lakh
Sector: Generation
Category : Road Related Works Updated: 25-Jun-2024