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The has published a tender for "tab combiflam,Tab paracetamol 650 mg,Cap omez 40 mg,Tab Pantoprazole,Tab rantac 300 mg,Tab common cold,Tab levocetrizine 10 mg,Tab Ecospirin 75 mg,Tab meftal spas,Tab domperidone 30 mg,Tab Multivitamin,Tab Methylcobalamine 1500 mcg,Tab Chymoral Forte,Tab calcium D3,Tab Vitamin C 100 mg,Tab Cinnarizine 25 mg,Tab sporlac,D3 Sachet,Anti allergic anti tussive cough syrup 100 ml,Cought Expectorant syrup 100 ml,Syrup digene 200 ml,Syrup Citralka 150 ml,Tab Avil,Inj pantop,Inj Buscopan,Inj Dicyclomine,ECG gel 250 ml,ECG paper BPL 9108 Z fold,Eye Drop CMC 1 Percent,Eye Drop Ciplox D,Eye Drop Olopatadine 0.3 percent,Ear drop soliwax 15 ml,oint clotrimazole 30 gm,Oint Soframycin 25 gm,oint Anti haemorrhoid 50 gm,Oint Zytee,Oint Clindamycin 30 gm,Oint Luliconazole 20 gm,Voveran Spray,Antiseptic spray,EDTA Vaccutainer,Glucose Tube Vaccutainer,Sterile Vaccutainer,10 Parameter urine strip,Sterilium Bottle,Betadine solution 100 ml,Oint Mupirocin 10 gm,Tab lomotil,Lignocaine gel,Furamist AZ nasal Spray,Lignacaine spray,Tab A" on the 01 Feb 2024. This tender belongs to Medicines category. The vendors interested in this tender and related Medicines tenders can obtain further details by registering in the Tendersniper web portal. Upon registration, Tendersniper sends regular tender alerts by email specifically addressing the user requirements (i.e., keywords, location and value range). Government business is a growing area of opportunity. The businesses are encouraged to actively monitor tender opportunities and participate in them to grow their business.

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 Basic Tender Details

Sector: Defense

  • A total of 4 tenders were published for Medicines in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands State during Jan 2024
  • Indian army published 3589 tenders for Medicines from Jan 2024 until Feb 2024
  • During the time period (Jan 2024 - Feb 2024), a total of 11 Medicines tenders were published in South Andaman district.
  •  Tender Details
    Published Date01 Feb 2024
    Tender Estimate Value0.0
    Due Date Click Here
    Earnest Money Deposit(EMD)INR XXXX
    Processing Fee 0
    Document Sale Start Date XX-XX-XXXX
    Document Sale End DateXX-XX-XXXX
    Tender Opening DateXX-XX-XXXX
    Tender Document Link Click Here
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