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Latest North Western Railway Tenders

1. Rajasthan
2. Rajasthan

98969072: Window safety stopper ( for NON AC coach )

Due Date: 31-Jul-2024  Location: Jaipur
Sector: Railways
Category : Stopper assembly Updated: 13-Jul-2024
3. Rajasthan

98969070: Side Bearer spring set.

Due Date: 31-Jul-2024  Location: Ajmer
Sector: Railways
Category : Side Bearer Updated: 13-Jul-2024
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4. Rajasthan

98969071: Bracket supporting plate

Due Date: 31-Jul-2024  Location: Ajmer
Sector: Railways
Category : Plate Updated: 13-Jul-2024
5. Rajasthan

98897377: Hydraulic Hose

Due Date: 10-Sep-2024  Location: Jaipur
Sector: Railways
Category : Hydraulic Hose Updated: 12-Jul-2024
6. Rajasthan


Due Date: 10-Sep-2024  Location: Jaipur
Sector: Railways
Category : Helical Springs Updated: 12-Jul-2024
7. Rajasthan

98897404: Temporary Filling Material

Due Date: 25-Jul-2024  Location: Ajmer
Sector: Railways
Category : Bitumen Updated: 12-Jul-2024
8. Rajasthan

98897379: DC Volt Meter Analogue

Due Date: 11-Sep-2024  Location: Jaipur
Sector: Railways
Category : Voltmeter Updated: 12-Jul-2024
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9. Rajasthan

98605468: Hand wheel spindle.

Due Date: 17-Sep-2024  Location: Jaipur
Sector: Railways
Category : Spindle cp Updated: 11-Jul-2024
10. Rajasthan

98605100: (1)Calcium Hydroxide WITH IODOFORM IN PASTE FORM ( 2 X 2 GM) PFS(2)_Hand Files Size 20no., 21mm (Pkts of 6) Nickle Titanium

Due Date: 07-Aug-2024  Location: Jaipur
Sector: Railways
Category : Inter segment purchase Updated: 11-Jul-2024
11. Rajasthan
12. Rajasthan

98605535: Rabeprazole 20mg. with Levosulpride 75mg. Sustained Release Tab/Cap.

Due Date: 16-Jul-2024  Location: Jaipur
Sector: Railways
Category : Rabeprazole sodium Updated: 10-Jul-2024
13. Rajasthan

98605440: POH kit for Stabillzing Valve.

Due Date: 23-Sep-2024  Location: Jaipur
Sector: Railways
Category : Valves Updated: 10-Jul-2024
14. Rajasthan

98605015: Enhancement and upgradation in departmental Laundry facilities at Barmer depot

Due Date: 29-Jul-2024  Location: Jodhpur
Sector: Railways
Category : Laundry Services Updated: 09-Jul-2024
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15. Rajasthan

98386820: Hyaluronic Acid (8mg/ml) 6ml Prefilled Syringe

Due Date: 11-Jul-2024  Location: Jaipur
Sector: Railways
Category : Inter segment purchase Updated: 09-Jul-2024
16. Rajasthan

98605038: O-RING

Due Date: 30-Jul-2024  Location: Jaipur
Sector: Railways
Category : O rings Updated: 09-Jul-2024
17. Rajasthan


Due Date: 30-Jul-2024  Location: Jodhpur
Sector: Railways
Category : Sealing Cap Updated: 09-Jul-2024
18. Rajasthan

98385993: Colostomy kit single piece system containing 10 stoma bag,1 adhesive remover,Barrier spray,protection paste and powder Size-70MM

Due Date: 08-Jul-2024  Location: Jaipur
Sector: Railways
Category : Ostomy Supplies Updated: 08-Jul-2024
19. Rajasthan

98514406: LED Plate KBI Part No.C133700 as per RDSO Spec. No. RDSO / 2011 / CG-04 Rev.01

Due Date: 12-Jul-2024  Location: Ajmer
Sector: Railways
Category : LED Light Fittings Updated: 07-Jul-2024
20. Rajasthan

98448698: Flexible SS Corrugated Hose Assembly

Due Date: 22-Jul-2024  Location: Ajmer
Sector: Railways
Category : Stainless steel hoses Updated: 06-Jul-2024