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Latest Damodar Valley Corporation Tenders

1. West Bengal

99003769: Construction of Chattal with shed at Sitarampur village under CSR, DVC, MTPS

Due Date: 09-Aug-2024  Location: Bankura
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Shed Construction Updated: 13-Jul-2024
2. West Bengal

99003765: Construction of Community Centre at Tarkabad under CSR, MTPS, DVC

Due Date: 09-Aug-2024  Location: Bankura   Value ₹: 15.77 Lakh
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Community Hall Construction Updated: 13-Jul-2024
3. West Bengal
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4. Jharkhand


Due Date: 22-Jul-2024  Location: Kodarma
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Dust Suppression System Updated: 13-Jul-2024
5. West Bengal
6. Haryana

98868577: M5141906579 LOW VACUUM TRIP ASSLY DRG: 01142401000/00

Due Date: 31-Jul-2024  Location: Jhajjar
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Vehicle Spares Updated: 12-Jul-2024
7. Tamil Nadu
8. Jharkhand

98867397: telephone instrument single push button,telephone instrument single push button

Due Date: 07-Aug-2024  Location: Dhanbad
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Telephony equipment Updated: 12-Jul-2024
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9. West Bengal
10. Haryana

98772984: M8564145021 LT BREAKER TYPE-CNCS 800C, L&T, 800A, 415V

Due Date: 19-Jul-2024  Location: Jhajjar
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Air circuit breakers Updated: 11-Jul-2024
11. Haryana
12. Jharkhand

98640197: Deployment of contract labours to attend day to day petty maintenance works related to masonry,carpentry,finishing works in quarter and publi,

Due Date: 16-Jul-2024  Location: Bokaro   Value ₹: 48.84 Lakh
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Temporary manual labour Updated: 10-Jul-2024
13. Jharkhand
14. West Bengal

98535437: Custom Bid for Services - Hiring of Diesel Shunting Locomotive of Capacity 1400 HP or Equivalent or More for PlacementShunting of Rakes

Due Date: 02-Aug-2024  Location: Puruliya
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Hiring of locomotives Updated: 08-Jul-2024
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15. West Bengal

98478828: Miscellaneous Civil Maintenance of Ash Pond 1 and 2 at RTPS DVC

Due Date: 02-Aug-2024  Location: Kolkata   Value ₹: 17.41 Lakh
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Ash Pond Evacuation Updated: 08-Jul-2024
16. West Bengal
17. West Bengal
18. Jharkhand

98467995: Furan analysis (HPLC) test Kit

Due Date: 01-Aug-2024  Location: Dhanbad
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Laboratory Equipments Updated: 06-Jul-2024
19. West Bengal


Due Date: 05-Aug-2024  Location: Kolkata   Value ₹: 150.24 Crore
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Ash Handling Plant Repair Updated: 06-Jul-2024
20. Jharkhand

98456561: Handling of chemicals, Lubricants, oil top up in Mill-Fan area

Due Date: 16-Jul-2024  Location: Bokaro   Value ₹: 24.04 Lakh
Sector: Power Sector
Category : Material Handling Services Updated: 06-Jul-2024