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Latest Advanced Systems Laboratory Tenders

1. Telangana


Due Date: 11-Mar-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Inter segment purchase Updated: 19-May-2024
2. Telangana


Due Date: 20-May-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Acoustic tools Updated: 19-May-2024
3. Telangana

50636324: Custom Bid for Services - AMC for TGA GC MS Instrument

Due Date: 24-Mar-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Test rigs Updated: 19-May-2024
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4. Telangana

51402161: Custom Bid for Services - AMC for TGA GC MS Instrument

Due Date: 29-Mar-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Gas chromatography Repair Updated: 19-May-2024
5. Telangana

49586102: Online Ups-IS:9000

Due Date: 25-Feb-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Uninterruptible power supplies Updated: 19-May-2024
6. Telangana

53884752: Key Mamagement System Make-Synergy,Online UPS 1KVA Make-Consol Neo Watt

Due Date: 19-May-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Ups and miscellaneous Updated: 19-May-2024
7. Telangana

56637064: Custom Bid for Services - AMC for High Flow Calibration Facility

Due Date: 03-Aug-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : HPC Cluster Updated: 19-May-2024
8. Telangana

53234325: High SNR MIL-Grade Cable

Due Date: 06-May-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Copper control cable Updated: 19-May-2024
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9. Telangana

59062477: EN24 Steel Rod Dia 50 mm,EN24 Steel Rod Dia 60mm,EN24 Steel Rod Dia 70mm,EN24 Steel Rod Dia 80mm,EN

Due Date: 01-Sep-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Steel Rod Updated: 19-May-2024
10. Telangana

57624529: CNC Vertical Machining Center

Due Date: 03-Aug-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : CNC Vertical Machining Center Updated: 19-May-2024
11. Telangana

59307957: Heavy Duty Work Benches

Due Date: 07-Sep-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Work benches Updated: 19-May-2024
12. Telangana


Due Date: 04-Mar-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Security Software Updated: 19-May-2024
13. Telangana


Due Date: 05-Aug-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Resins Updated: 19-May-2024
14. Telangana

55160232: Prepreg Storage Cabinets (Make: Khira/Facom/Tripura),Prepreg Working Table (Make: Khira/Facom/Tripu

Due Date: 16-Jun-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Furniture Updated: 19-May-2024
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15. Telangana

53517666: Revolving Chair,Chairs-Office- IS 3499

Due Date: 12-May-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Office furniture Updated: 19-May-2024
16. Telangana

54670677: Surface Probe Calibrator

Due Date: 06-Jun-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Patient Monitor Updated: 19-May-2024
17. Telangana


Due Date: 04-Aug-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Ultrasonic thickness gauge Updated: 19-May-2024
18. Telangana

54936946: Custom Bid for Services - Operational Contract for Non Destructive Testing

Due Date: 11-Jun-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : NDT Testing Services Updated: 19-May-2024
19. Telangana

56233403: Storage Racks Height 6.5 Ft Width 3 ft Depth 1.5ft,Storage Racks of 6 Compartment,Storage Cabinet f

Due Date: 08-Jul-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Storage Racks Updated: 19-May-2024
20. Telangana

56135485: Custom Bid for Services - AMC for UPS 10KVA APC

Due Date: 11-Jul-2022
Sector: Research center
Category : Maintenance of ups Updated: 19-May-2024