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Latest Ministry of Coal Tenders

1. Central Coalfields Limited, Jharkhand
2. Coal India Limited, Jharkhand

97239660: Internal Combustion Engine Crankcase Oils for Automotive Application (Diesel and gasoline) as per I

Due Date: 09-Jul-2024  Location: Dhanbad
Category : Engine oil Updated : 19-Jun-2024
3. Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Jharkhand

97242059: For Repairing of 02 Nos. self starter 12Volt and steering box of ACE Crane JH10AM-5403 (1912865) and Service JH-05G-6605 at AKWMOCP , KATRAS AREA, BCCL

Due Date: 02-Jul-2024  Location: Dhanbad   Value ₹: 50.29 Thousand
Category : Crane Repair Updated : 19-Jun-2024
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4. Eastern Coalfields Limited, West Bengal

97242061: Roof fall and side fall cleaning carbonaceous materials shale stone at Bhanora West Block Colliery

Due Date: 29-Jun-2024  Location: Barddhaman   Value ₹: 9.81 Lakh
Category : Janitorial Cleaning Services Updated : 19-Jun-2024
5. Coal India Limited, Chhattisgarh

97143810: Cotton Yarn Waste (V2) as per IS 5485,Markin Cloth (V2),POLYTHENE SHEET

Due Date: 08-Jul-2024  Location: Korba
Category : Inter segment purchase Updated : 19-Jun-2024
6. Eastern Coalfields Limited, Bihar

97124637: Fabrication of different pin locks required for bucket accessories of 7820 Dragline.

Due Date: 28-Jun-2024  Location: Sonepur
Category : Generic fabrication works Updated : 18-Jun-2024
7. Eastern Coalfields Limited, Bihar

97124634: Repairing of pulleys mounted over boom and retainer along with retainer of EKG 542.

Due Date: 28-Jun-2024  Location: Sonepur
Category : Coal Handling Plant Repair Updated : 17-Jun-2024
8. Central Coalfields Limited, Jharkhand

96683245: Renovation of access steps to River Damodar at Shiv Mandir and beautification by Avenue plantation under NCRAP Scheme under Gidi-A Colliery, Argada Area.

Due Date: 20-Jun-2024  Location: Ramgarh   Value ₹: 13.85 Lakh
Category : Road Side Plantation Updated : 17-Jun-2024
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9. Eastern Coalfields Limited, Bihar

97124635: LH side final drive bearing housing repairing & reconditioning of BD355 dozer sl no-P11828.

Due Date: 28-Jun-2024  Location: Sonepur
Category : Heavy Truck Repair Updated : 17-Jun-2024
10. Coal India Limited, Jharkhand

96388646: Dining Chair,Single Or Double Bed Wooden Cot,Metal Beds,Almirah steel- small

Due Date: 22-Jun-2024  Location: Ranchi
Category : Inter segment purchase Updated : 17-Jun-2024
11. Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Jharkhand

96374023: MS Pipe Line Works dia 6 inch 4 inch

Due Date: 17-Jun-2024  Location: Dhanbad   Value ₹: 4.15 Lakh
Category : Water Supply and Other Works Updated : 16-Jun-2024
12. Central Coalfields Limited, Jharkhand
13. Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Jharkhand

96897542: Laying of Hume pipe

Due Date: 22-Jun-2024  Location: Dhanbad   Value ₹: 97.66 Lakh
Category : Pipe Laying Updated : 16-Jun-2024
14. Coal India Limited, West Bengal

96996732: GI Wire 16 SWG

Due Date: 04-Jul-2024  Location: Purba Bardhaman
Category : Galvanized wire Updated : 15-Jun-2024
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15. Coal India Limited, Maharashtra
16. Eastern Coalfields Limited, Jharkhand

96928438: Machining maintenance works related to E&M.

Due Date: 24-Jun-2024  Location: Dhanbad
Category : E and M Works Updated : 14-Jun-2024
17. Eastern Coalfields Limited, Bihar

96928442: Repairinng of Air Element Housing of CAT 777D Dumper 2169 & 2183 and Cabin Glasses of CAT 777D Dumper 2183

Due Date: 20-Jun-2024  Location: Sonepur
Category : Inter segment purchase Updated : 14-Jun-2024
18. Eastern Coalfields Limited, West Bengal

96928437: Various type of miscellaneous workshop jobs of Jambad UG Colliery.

Due Date: 25-Jun-2024  Location: Kajora
Category : Colliery Improvement Services Updated : 13-Jun-2024
19. Eastern Coalfields Limited, Jharkhand

96928439: Construction of View Point at ROCP.

Due Date: 19-Jun-2024  Location: Dhanbad
Category : View Point Construction Updated : 13-Jun-2024
20. Eastern Coalfields Limited, West Bengal

96928434: Engaging outside contractual agency as mentioned in the Scope of Work at Sodepur Sub Store of Sodepur Central Workshop,ECL.

Due Date: 22-Jun-2024  Location: North Twenty Four Parganas
Category : Coal Handling Plant Repair Updated : 13-Jun-2024

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