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Latest TANGEDCO Tenders

66159051: TANGEDCO TTPS CMC CMD 1 Camp 1 Renovation and Repairing of Type 2 Quarters Block No.2 5 and 9 8 Tenements each at Thermal Nagar

Due Date: 23-Jan-2023   Value ₹: 32.84 Lakh
Category : Apartment repair services Updated: 19-May-2024

67235610: Replacement of existing aged pull chord copper cable

Due Date: 06-Feb-2023   Value ₹: 12.53 Lakh
Category : Copper control cable Updated: 19-May-2024
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69344033: ICHP- Complete servicing of ABB make 6.6 KV, HB HPA type SF6 Breakers in HT Bus-5B.

Due Date: 17-Mar-2023   Value ₹: 13.19 Lakh
Category : Circuit Breaker Repair Updated: 19-May-2024

63203805: Courier Service for Two years

Due Date: 05-Dec-2022
Category : Domestic Courier Services Updated: 19-May-2024

69096592: SE/O/TTPS/Spec No. 14/2023-2024

Due Date: 15-Mar-2023   Value ₹: 13.55 Lakh
Category : Cooling Equipment Services Updated: 19-May-2024
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62730321: supply of Bucket elevator chain link for BAHS 88Mtr

Due Date: 12-Dec-2022   Value ₹: 23.5 Lakh
Category : Chain links Updated: 19-May-2024

69096618: SE/O/TTPS/Spec No. 09/2023-2024

Due Date: 15-Mar-2023   Value ₹: 23.62 Lakh
Category : Pump Repair Updated: 19-May-2024

61610806: Hot Air Gate Assembly for Mill Plant with Pneumatic Power Cylinder and Bulb Seal Assembly for HP803 Bowl Mills

Due Date: 03-Nov-2022   Value ₹: 44.94 Lakh
Category : Guillotine Gate Updated: 19-May-2024


Due Date: 06-Feb-2023   Value ₹: 10.0 Lakh
Category : Bearing journals Updated: 19-May-2024

70724986: Hydrogen Seal Ring for Shaft Assembly of 210MW Main Generator (Turbine End and Excitation End)

Due Date: 18-Apr-2023   Value ₹: 13.27 Lakh
Category : Sealing ring Updated: 19-May-2024

60068550: Procurement of 1100V, 4x25 sqmm LT UG PVC Armourd Aluminium Power Cable

Due Date: 12-Oct-2022
Category : Power cable Updated: 19-May-2024
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68907643: AHP Dn PDFACS Servicing of 160KW Air Cooled Screw Compressor 1003 CFM Model ELGI E-160 55 for PDFAC System of NCTPSI

Due Date: 14-Mar-2023   Value ₹: 23.4 Lakh
Category : Compressor Repair Updated: 19-May-2024

64527295: Supply of Pressure Parts bends for 210 MW capacity in Unit I II and III Boiler

Due Date: 26-Dec-2022   Value ₹: 32.13 Lakh
Category : Pipe bends Updated: 19-May-2024
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