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Latest National Physical Laboratory Tenders

1. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

52936252: 14-VI/VB(1058)2022PB/T-01

Due Date: 31-May-2022
Sector: Science University
Category : Hydrogen gas analysers Updated: 19-May-2024
2. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

83348140: 14-VI/NG(1105)22PB/T-117

Due Date: 21-Nov-2023  Location: New Delhi
Sector: Science University
Category : Sound Analyzer Updated: 19-May-2024
3. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

31247923: 14-VI/RKM(981)2020PB/T-222

Due Date: 19-Apr-2021
Sector: Science University
Category : CMM Machine Updated: 19-May-2024
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4. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

94254479: 14-VI/SK(1164)23PB/T-04

Due Date: 07-May-2024  Location: New Delhi
Sector: Science University
Category : Polishing machines Updated: 19-May-2024
5. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

86385078: 14-VII/PP(2947)23-PB/T-173

Due Date: 21-Dec-2023
Sector: Science University
Category : Spectroradiometer Updated: 19-May-2024
6. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

41255271: 14-VII/SKD(2871)2020PB/T-73

Due Date: 26-Oct-2021
Sector: Science University
Category : RF Cable Updated: 19-May-2024
7. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

92133231: 14-VII/CG(2958-PAC)23-PB/T-260

Due Date: 12-Mar-2024  Location: New Delhi
Sector: Science University
Category : Electrical Equipment Testing Updated: 19-May-2024
8. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

49067259: 14-VII/AA(2889)2021PB/T-138

Due Date: 08-Mar-2022
Sector: Science University
Category : Comparators Updated: 19-May-2024
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9. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

42807669: 14-VIII/VS(592-OTE)21PB/T-91

Due Date: 30-Nov-2021
Sector: Science University
Category : Angle gauge Updated: 19-May-2024
10. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

43082324: 14-VI/VB(1069)2021PB/T-94

Due Date: 07-Dec-2021
Sector: Science University
Category : Connectors Updated: 19-May-2024
11. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

67176132: 14-VI/CHA(977)2022PB/T-93

Due Date: 14-Feb-2023
Sector: Science University
Category : Courier Service Updated: 19-May-2024
12. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

70069752: 14-VIII/BPS(768PAC)22PB/T-164

Due Date: 27-Mar-2023
Sector: Science University
Category : Bare PCB Updated: 19-May-2024
13. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

68788447: 18/RSR/PAC/(217)/22-PB/T-129

Due Date: 01-Mar-2023
Sector: Science University
Category : Inter segment purchase Updated: 19-May-2024
14. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

83346841: 14-VII/SKS(2935)23-PB/T-119

Due Date: 21-Nov-2023  Location: New Delhi
Sector: Science University
Category : Multi gas detectors Updated: 19-May-2024
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15. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

75225442: 18/TB(GTE-267)2022PB/T-42

Due Date: 18-Jul-2023  Location: New Delhi
Sector: Science University
Category : Hardware Updated: 19-May-2024
16. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

65414374: 14-VI/BV(1054)22PB/T-83

Due Date: 24-Jan-2023
Sector: Science University
Category : Coaxial cable Updated: 19-May-2024
17. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi [Offline]

29125625: GPS L1/ IRNSS L5 OEM receiver card and OEM receiver development board with accessories

Due Date: 11-Feb-2021
Sector: Science University
Category : Digital readout recorders Updated: 19-May-2024
18. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

69882215: 14-VI/RKM(1097)22PB/T-160

Due Date: 11-Apr-2023
Sector: Science University
Category : Lighting Fixtures Updated: 19-May-2024
19. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

43432834: 14-VII/PA(2893)2021PB/T-98

Due Date: 14-Dec-2021
Sector: Science University
Category : Laser power meters Updated: 19-May-2024
20. National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

42716012: 14-VII/SKD(2869)2021PB/T-82

Due Date: 23-Nov-2021
Sector: Science University
Category : Network Analyzers Updated: 19-May-2024