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1. Jharkhand
2. Jharkhand
3. Jharkhand
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4. Jharkhand
5. Jharkhand

99261385: Complete repairing/making of bearing housing and its block etc. of tail drum of unit no. 52 B/C and 79 B/C in Raw Coal Section of Kathara Washery

Due Date: 27-Jul-2024  Location: Bokaro   Value ₹: 2.45 Lakh
Sector: Mining
Category : Mining Washery Plant Work Updated: 18-Jul-2024
6. Jharkhand

99261384: Removal of accumulated spilled coal slim, mud etc. near surrounding the B/C no. 949 and B/C 950 of RLB Section at Kathara Washery

Due Date: 27-Jul-2024  Location: Bokaro   Value ₹: 7.3 Lakh
Sector: Mining
Category : Coal Picking From Conveyors Updated: 18-Jul-2024
7. Jharkhand

99189006: Repair n Service of Slit Lamp at Eye OPD of GNH Ranchi

Due Date: 27-Jul-2024  Location: Ranchi   Value ₹: 35.4 Thousand
Sector: Mining
Category : Ophthalmic slit lamps Updated: 17-Jul-2024
8. Jharkhand
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9. Jharkhand

99189061: Supply and Installation of earthing of all the four nos. tower and painting of all there tower at sub-station no.02 Under Kathra Colliery.

Due Date: 25-Jul-2024  Location: Bokaro   Value ₹: 2.12 Lakh
Sector: Mining
Category : Earthing services Updated: 17-Jul-2024
10. Jharkhand
11. Jharkhand

99074522: Fabrication of metallic sheet tank/reservoir for the sprinkler system at the konar rly. siding in respect of AKKOCP, BnK Area

Due Date: 19-Jul-2024  Location: Bokaro   Value ₹: 3.66 Lakh
Sector: Mining
Category : Generic fabrication works Updated: 16-Jul-2024
12. Jharkhand
13. Jharkhand

99074535: Off-loading of different electrical equipment for day to day maintenance work at Kedla Washery

Due Date: 23-Jul-2024  Location: Charhi   Value ₹: 4.29 Lakh
Sector: Mining
Category : Electrical Equipment Repair Updated: 16-Jul-2024
14. Jharkhand

99074534: Replacement of broken expeller for PSP HD (12X10) pump of main plant at Kedla Washery

Due Date: 23-Jul-2024  Location: Charhi   Value ₹: 2.04 Lakh
Sector: Mining
Category : Industrial Plant Repair Updated: 16-Jul-2024
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15. Jharkhand

99108494: AMC of regular cleaning of weigh bridge, weigh bridge room and washing platform and drainage system at Karma Project, Kuju Area.

Due Date: 24-Jul-2024  Location: Kuju   Value ₹: 12.43 Lakh
Sector: Mining
Category : Weighbridge Related Work Updated: 15-Jul-2024
16. Jharkhand

99003726: Repairing, Overhauling and fabrication / Erection of steel structural cable tray structure supports etc. of 26A, 26B feeder, ROM BC and reversible BC work at Sawang Washery.

Due Date: 22-Jul-2024  Location: Bokaro   Value ₹: 2.77 Lakh
Sector: Mining
Category : Structural Steelwork Updated: 14-Jul-2024
17. Jharkhand

98931598: Removal of Mud/Slime etc. accumulated in return water pump house and around at Kathara Washery

Due Date: 22-Jul-2024  Location: Bokaro   Value ₹: 3.24 Lakh
Sector: Mining
Category : Pump House Construction Updated: 13-Jul-2024
18. Jharkhand
19. Jharkhand
20. Jharkhand

98931500: Re-handling of spilled raw coal on the floor of 118AandB shuttle conveyor, under and around the take-up pulley of 116B belt conveyor of Pre-Washery at Kedla Washery.

Due Date: 26-Jul-2024  Location: Charhi   Value ₹: 3.61 Lakh
Sector: Mining
Category : Conveyor Belt Updated: 12-Jul-2024