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Laboratory Equipment Sub Categories

Tissue culture incubators -- (1 live)
Cooled BOD Incubator -- (10 live)
Shaking incubators -- (8 live)
Plate incubators
Refrigerated incubators -- (2 live)
Carbon dioxide incubator -- (9 live)
Platelet incubator -- (2 live)
Anaerobic incubator

Lab Table (137 live)

Bilirubin Kit (5 live)

Laboratory Wall Table (5 live)

Vibration Free Table (8 live)

Educational Science Kit (32 live)

Vertical Autoclave

Bioreactor (104 live)

CAPD Fluid (322 live)

Kjeldahl Digestion (173 live)

Tissue Culture (22 live)

Evaporation System (21 live)

Petroleum Product Testing Lab (6 live)

Rotary Vacuum Evaporator (106 live)

Digital Vacuum Controller (10 live)

CCD Camera (5 live)

Automated Tissue Processor (281 live)

Tissue Expander (8 live)

Tissue Processor

Automatic Vacuum Tissue Processor (21 live)


Acid Digestion System (6 live)

Digestion Vessel (6 live)

Pig Locator (6 live)

Tissue Homogenizer

Automated Tissue (10 live)

Tissue Lyser (8 live)

Bead Based Tissue Homogenizer (40 live)

Mini Bead Beater (6 live)

Geno Grinder (19 live)

Tissue Homogeniser (16 live)

Steam Conditioning System (67 live)

Vaccum Concentrator (25 live)

Swas Spares (163 live)

Steam Equipment (9 live)

Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition (96 live)

Dynamic Light Scattering (79 live)

Subsonic Wind Tunnel (21 live)

Bio Assay Wind Tunnel (6 live)

Rutherford Scattering Experiment (6 live)

Hybrid Wind Tunnel (5 live)

High Speed Wind Tunne (5 live)

Milk Homogeniser (13 live)

Portable DM Unit (12 live)

Tissue Embedding (126 live)

Cryomill (7 live)

Electron Diffraction (11 live)

Cryoablation Unit (6 live)

Tissue Dissociator (10 live)

Cryo Grinder (5 live)

Physics Lab Equipments (31 live)

TFF System (5 live)

Pulverisers (17 live)

Crusher (14 live)

Spray Dryer (17 live)

Laboratory Scale Mini Spray Dryer (11 live)

Fish Drying Machine (6 live)

Spray Drier (16 live)

Electron Beam Evaporation System (33 live)

e-Beam Evaporation System (19 live)

Histopathology Equipment (16 live)

Lattice Structure (37 live)

Copper Dehydrator cum Strainer (6 live)

Paraffin Embedding System (13 live)

Automatic Grinder (5 live)

Chemical Mechanical Polishing (23 live)

Retort Machine (24 live)

Steam Chemical Integrater (13 live)

Atomic Layer Deposition System (48 live)

Cryogenic Grinding System (14 live)

Ayurvedic Grinding System (6 live)

Disposable Blade (6 live)

Fraction Collector (13 live)

Nitrogen Concentrator (11 live)

Crystallizer (32 live)

Lead Acid Cell (19 live)

Condition Avoidance System (5 live)

Cross Linker (3 live)

Spray Pyrolysis Unit (12 live)

Potter Tower (5 live)

Ling Dynamic System (8 live)

Delay Tube (18 live)

BLC Wagon (8 live)

Fermentation System (9 live)

TAC Drier (6 live)

Media Preparator (7 live)

Assy Striker Rod (50 live)

Harmonic (4 live)

Evaporator Unit (27 live)

Pressure Ageing Vessel (13 live)

Viscosity (143 live)

Sediment Tester (6 live)

Rearing Equipments (28 live)

UHV Compatible Filament (6 live)

Glass Knife Maker (8 live)

Tissue Cassettes (79 live)

Positive Pressure (8 live)

Shapers (10 live)

Transfer System (40 live)

Yeast Extract (6 live)

Rcc Trey (7 live)

Ultra Low Temperature (32 live)

Depth Indicator (10 live)

Wind Tunnels (152 live)

Tissue Culture Rack (13 live)

Flocculation Unit (7 live)

Ambients Air Samplers (219 live)

Sample Oxidizer (6 live)

Calibrator (605 live)

Lab Water Purification (23 live)

Ready Made Stain (113 live)

HBV DNA Extraction (6 live)

Chromosome (21 live)

Labelling Kit (10 live)

Tri Axial Accelerometer (12 live)

Mechanical Components (145 live)

Certified Reference Material

Notch Filter (5 live)

Pump Tubing Plastic (5 live)

Hemoglobin Strips

ESP Heater (19 live)


Sonobuoy (5 live)

High Performance Nuclic Acid (8 live)

Surveyor Trade (15 live)

Prism (12 live)

Surveying Instrument (66 live)

Survey Lab Equipments (17 live)

Dynamically Tuned Gyro (4 live)

Long Leaf Feeler (19 live)

Stevenson Screen (9 live)

Hichrome Uti Agar (6 live)

Absolute Digimatic (5 live)

PMI Instrument (8 live)

Aviation Items (57 live)

Reaction Calorimeter (602 live)

Dynamic Wheel Balancing (11 live)

Grease Gun Bucket (8 live)

Seed Moisture Meter (10 live)

EMI Receiver (30 live)

Abutment Ring (55 live)

Analogue Megger (8 live)

Gravimetric Feeder (7 live)

Positive Material Identification Device (12 live)

Quality Control (18 live)

X Ray Fluorescence Analzyer (11 live)

Standard Reference Materials (25 live)

Compass (50 live)

Interrogator (15 live)

Polygraph (23 live)

Hand Held Xrf (44 live)

Digital Controller (26 live)

Seed Counter (28 live)

Sherrington Starling Kymograph (21 live)

Balancer (31 live)

Gang Chart (5 live)

Dual Directional Coupler (13 live)

Directional Coupler (45 live)

Protocol Analyzer (10 live)

MASW (9 live)

Bitumen Extractor (21 live)

Sending Unit (20 live)

HPTLC (109 live)

Measuring Pins Standard Set (9 live)

Force Plate (6 live)

Fuel Consumption Meter (11 live)

Gravimetric Fuel Flow Meter (9 live)

Flow Sensor

Cryotherapy System (5 live)

Belt Scale Panel (16 live)

Ion Chromatograph

Urine Micro Albumin (6 live)

Oto Acoustic Emission System (5 live)

Tissue Culture Trolleys (7 live)

Wind Tunnel

Tissue Culture (47 live)

Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory Equipments (6 live)

Zoology Lab Equipments (14 live)

Mechanical Water Level Indicator (15 live)

VLSI Lab Equipment (15 live)

VLSI Fpga Trainer Kits (13 live)

Cadence Vlsi Design Tool Software (7 live)

VLSI Design Test Work (5 live)

Graphics Design Computing System (7 live)

Electrospinning Unit (13 live)

Pathology Lab Equipment (5 live)

Chemical Lab Equipments (7 live)

Biochemistry Lab Equipments (74 live)

Fluid Machines Laboratory Equipment (5 live)

Atal Tinkering Lab (917 live)

Centrifuge Machines (554 live)

Mini Centrifuges (26 live)

Minifuge (28 live)

Cyto Centrifuges (7 live)

Kit Fuel Filters (22 live)

Element Fuel Filters (151 live)

Air Sealing Unit (77 live)

Induction Sealing Machine (17 live)

Vacuum Sealing Machine (12 live)

Tray Sealing Machine (15 live)

Pouch Sealing Machine (19 live)

Heat Sealing Machine (34 live)

Cap Sealing Machine (18 live)

Pvc Sealing Machine (11 live)

High Speed Camera

High Speed Camera System (10 live)

Speed Camera (180 live)

Hydrogen Gas Generator (25 live)

Gas Generator (77 live)

Gas Ratio Regulator (5 live)

Chlorine Dioxide Generator (7 live)

Electronic Dosimeter (26 live)

Pocket Dosimeter (26 live)

Secondary Standard Dosimeter (19 live)

Direct Reading Dosimeter (12 live)

Personal Dosimeter (12 live)

Thermoluminescence Dosimeter (13 live)

Dosimeter (178 live)

Microdermabrader (7 live)

Drug Analysis Laboratory (43 live)

Analytical Testing Laboratories (45 live)

Drugs Testing Laboratories (33 live)

Laboratory Equipment Tenders

1. Directorate of Health Services, Kerala

Supply of Laboratory Re-agents and Consumables

3. Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala

4. Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala

5. Military Engineer Services, OTHERS

6. Central Institute of Psychiatry, Jharkhand

7. Medical and Health, Rajasthan

Opend Tender for Xray flim &amp Lab Regents

8. Geological Survey of India, Uttar Pradesh

9. Department of Defence, Delhi


10. Department of Atomic Energy, Maharashtra

Alpha & Beta Continuous Air Monitor

11. Department of Atomic Energy, Maharashtra

12. Department of Pharmaceuticals, Telangana

Luna 5um C18 HPLC Column 250 x 4.6mm

13. Department of Defence Production, Karnataka

Vibration Shaker

14. Haffkine Bio Pharamceutical Corporation Ltd. Mumbai, Maharashtra



Urobag- fitted PVC tube with non-returnable valve


Urobag- fitted PVC tube with non-returnable valve

17. Department Of Health And Family Welfare, Punjab

18. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana

19. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana

20. Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Telangana

Procurement of Chemical Products

21. Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Telangana

Procurement of Lab Equipment

22. , Bihar

Mechanical Engineering Lab

23. Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology - Shibpur, West Bengal [Offline]

24. All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Raipur, Chhattisgarh

25. Department Of Health And Family Welfare, Maharashtra

Benchtop Orbital Shaker (Benchtop Orbital Shaker)

26. Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

27. Directorate of Purchase and Stores, Maharashtra


28. Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited , Madhya Pradesh

Filter Paper

30. Higher Education Department, Kerala [Expired]

CO2 Glass tube type Laser Engraver

31. Water Resources Department, Karnataka

32. All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi, Delhi [Expired]

blood culture bottles

33. All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi, Delhi [Expired]

blood culture bottles

34. Numaligarh Refinery Limited, Assam

35. Department of Sugar, Tamil Nadu [Expired]

Purchase of Laboratory Equipments

36. Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences, Uttar Pradesh

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sample Collection Kit


Activity Based Chemistry Science lab

38. Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited , Madhya Pradesh

Filter Paper

39. Multi-State, Andhra Pradesh

Coil Tubular heater,Thermostat

40. Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Uttar Pradesh


42. Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Haryana

43. Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Kerala

Gel Documentation System


Activity Based Physics Science lab

45. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal

Urine culture bottles

46. Director General Medical Education and Training HQ, Uttar Pradesh

Blood bags (Blood Bag)

47. Department Of Health And Family Welfare, Jammu and Kashmir



Procurement of DSA lab system on turn key basis

49. Steel Authority of India, Odisha

50. Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Karnataka

Rotary Evaporator