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Latest Nashik DG DTHRS Tenders

28407527: Preparation of detailed Construction Plan and alignment planning for Sub Surface drainage Scheme including all necessary Catchment area measurements of Kawathe Piran village in Tal-Miraj Dist-Sangli.

Due Date: 05-Feb-2021   Value ₹: 14.38 Lakh
Category : Architect and Interior Designer
Updated : 19-May-2024

86857893: carrying out periodical annual observaton in the command of pravara left bank canal

Due Date: 05-Jan-2024   Value ₹: 9.78 Lakh
Category : Canal Strengthening
Updated : 19-May-2024


Due Date: 13-Mar-2019   Value ₹: 18.25 Lakh
Category : Road Related Works
Updated : 19-May-2024
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14405298: Designing , Errection AND Dismentling Stall in Exhibition of OF INDIA WATER WEEK 2019 At Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi During 24 - 28 SEP. 2019.

Due Date: 04-Sep-2019   Value ₹: 15.86 Lakh
Category : Shop Rental Services
Updated : 19-May-2024

48255485: Carryingout Periodical Observations in the Cammand area of Ghod Right Bank Canal for the Year 2021-22.

Due Date: 14-Feb-2022   Value ₹: 14.37 Lakh
Category : Irrigation Consultancy
Updated : 19-May-2024

17050882: repairs and maintainance of existing hostel type b building part in meri campus tal dist nashik for the year 2019 20

Due Date: 16-Dec-2019   Value ₹: 35.33 Lakh
Category : Hostel Construction
Updated : 19-May-2024

19591452: Yearly M and R to DIRD Office Building at Pune - 1.For the year 2019-20 ( House Keeping)

Due Date: 11-Mar-2020   Value ₹: 8.69 Lakh
Category : Office Building Repair
Updated : 19-May-2024

16993988: External and Internal Painting and other Misc. Work of all Buildings in DIRD, Campus,Pune-01

Due Date: 13-Dec-2019   Value ₹: 11.95 Lakh
Category : Commercial painting service
Updated : 19-May-2024
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14804453: B1/1/2019-20

Due Date: 19-Sep-2019   Value ₹: 6.11 Lakh
Category : Magazine Printing
Updated : 19-May-2024

10102826: Construction of compound wall at

Due Date: 11-Feb-2019   Value ₹: 5.3 Lakh
Category : Compound Wall Construction
Updated : 19-May-2024

17705655: Presentation through Artists and Audio visuals on mobile Vehicle highlighting the Achievements of Water Resources Department Republican Day 26.1.2020 at Shivaji park, Mumbai.

Due Date: 03-Jan-2020   Value ₹: 14.99 Lakh
Category : Advertising using vehicle
Updated : 19-May-2024

67185479: Soil classification survey of Paithan Left Bank Canal Irrigation Project Dy 59 to 62 Approx Tq. Pathari, Dist. Parbhani

Due Date: 06-Feb-2023
Category : Irrigation
Updated : 19-May-2024

65381067: Soil classification survey of Paithan Left Bank Canal

Due Date: 09-Jan-2023   Value ₹: 40.18 Lakh
Category : Soil Investigation
Updated : 19-May-2024


Due Date: 02-Mar-2019   Value ₹: 4.32 Lakh
Category : Drain Related Works
Updated : 19-May-2024
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16993735: Painting of 3A and 3B Quarters at OFD Colony, Swarger,Pune-37

Due Date: 13-Dec-2019   Value ₹: 4.7 Lakh
Category : Residential painting service
Updated : 19-May-2024

86858348: construction of office building of godavari canals drainage sub division kopargaon tal kopargaon dist ahmednagar

Due Date: 05-Jan-2024   Value ₹: 17.24 Lakh
Category : Office Building Construction
Updated : 19-May-2024

88268815: carrying out periodical annual observation in the command of pravara left bank canl

Due Date: 29-Jan-2024   Value ₹: 9.78 Lakh
Category : Embankment Maintenance
Updated : 19-May-2024

88139762: special repairs to velapur drainage schme on godavari right bank canl

Due Date: 29-Jan-2024   Value ₹: 13.05 Lakh
Category : Canal construction service
Updated : 19-May-2024

16993907: Repairs of Existing Road from Hydro Sub Division, Office Building to Main Road along NMRBC canal AT OFD Colony, Swarget,Pune-37

Due Date: 13-Dec-2019   Value ₹: 9.75 Lakh
Category : Road Repair
Updated : 19-May-2024

16993747: Providing and Supplying New Furniture AT Chummery (Rest House), Swarget, Pune-37

Due Date: 13-Dec-2019   Value ₹: 5.68 Lakh
Category : Furniture
Updated : 19-May-2024