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Latest AHUDA Tenders

98157378: Developmental works

Due Date: 15-Jul-2024   Value ₹: 13.8 Lakh
Category : Vehicle Hiring Updated: 02-Jul-2024

90099926: Development of Park

Due Date: 27-Feb-2024   Value ₹: 25.26 Lakh
Category : Park Development Updated: 19-May-2024

76157826: Infrastructure Development funds 2023-24

Due Date: 17-Jul-2023   Value ₹: 13.8 Lakh
Category : Vehicle Hiring Updated: 19-May-2024
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88687648: Layout Levelling

Due Date: 07-Feb-2024   Value ₹: 30.64 Lakh
Category : Land Levelling Updated: 19-May-2024

90552895: Hindupur Developmental works

Due Date: 04-Mar-2024   Value ₹: 1.61 Crore
Category : Road Relaying Updated: 19-May-2024

16525687: Foundation and Platform for Erection of GYM equipment

Due Date: 18-Nov-2019   Value ₹: 2.17 Lakh
Category : Civil Foundation Updated: 19-May-2024

23815936: General Grants 2020-21

Due Date: 24-Sep-2020   Value ₹: 1.6 Lakh
Category : Octagonal Poles Updated: 19-May-2024

76154874: General Funds

Due Date: 07-Jul-2023   Value ₹: 57.17 Lakh
Category : Road Repair Updated: 19-May-2024
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86318087: Providing compound wall for Gooty MIG Layout

Due Date: 19-Dec-2023   Value ₹: 27.73 Lakh
Category : Compound Wall Construction Updated: 19-May-2024

86580221: BT Road

Due Date: 01-Jan-2024   Value ₹: 28.78 Lakh
Category : College Building Construction Updated: 19-May-2024

88687646: MIG Works

Due Date: 07-Feb-2024   Value ₹: 1.88 Lakh
Category : Road Construction Updated: 19-May-2024

92954141: MIG Layout protection

Due Date: 28-Mar-2024   Value ₹: 23.34 Lakh
Category : Precast compound wall Updated: 19-May-2024

92954162: Developmental work

Due Date: 28-Mar-2024   Value ₹: 56.93 Lakh
Category : Road and drain Updated: 19-May-2024

15606806: Construction of Compound wall

Due Date: 18-Oct-2019   Value ₹: 5.07 Lakh
Category : Compound Wall and Other Works Updated: 19-May-2024
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19507601: GYM Equipment

Due Date: 05-Mar-2020   Value ₹: 3.71 Lakh
Category : Gym Equipment Updated: 19-May-2024

15606807: Beautification of Ram Nagar Flyover

Due Date: 18-Oct-2019   Value ₹: 4.06 Lakh
Category : Road Side Plantation Updated: 19-May-2024

80817690: General Funds

Due Date: 13-Sep-2023   Value ₹: 25.01 Lakh
Category : Causeway Construction Updated: 19-May-2024

92954165: Developmental works

Due Date: 28-Mar-2024   Value ₹: 1.46 Crore
Category : Storm water drainage Updated: 19-May-2024

63463692: AHUDA - Improvement of existing damaged approach link road in Dharmavaram Constituency

Due Date: 07-Dec-2022   Value ₹: 16.64 Crore
Category : Road Related Works Updated: 19-May-2024

50277464: Inrastructure Development Funds 2021-22

Due Date: 16-Mar-2022   Value ₹: 16.19 Lakh
Category : Jungle Clearance Updated: 19-May-2024