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Latest Agriculture Farmers Welfare Department Tripura Tenders

33293664: Tender regarding supply of earthen tub at different institutes in and around Agartala under the Dy. Director of Horticulture.

Due Date: 15-May-2021
Category : Earthen pots
Updated : 19-May-2024

24954300: Tender regarding supply of multicolor wooden structured flex banners for SRI cultivation under RKVY.

Due Date: 03-Nov-2020
Category : Flex Banner Printing
Updated : 19-May-2024

37800427: NOTICE INVITING TENDER FOR AUCTION Monitor ( LCD) 35 2. Monitor (CRn 3 3. Laser Printer H)' 4. Colour Printer 2 5. UPS 26 6. CPU of Desktop Computer 26 7. CPU of Server 2 8. Online UPS 2 9. Photocopier Machine 2 10. Laptop 9 11. Tonner for Photocopier machine 3 12. Chair (revolving, steel, wooden etc) 33 13. Type writer 2 14. Ceiling Fan 2 15. Keyboard 25 16. Room Heater 1 17. Double Secretariat Table 1 18. By cycle 1 19. Normal Table 8 20. Wooden door/window parts & other wooden parts LS 21. Electric Weight machine

Due Date: 30-Jul-2021
Category : Computer Equipments
Updated : 19-May-2024
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42411396: Rice Bran Oil/ Soyabean oil, Glycerol, Common Sugar at State Liquid Bio-fertilizer Production Centre

Due Date: 26-Oct-2021
Category : Rice-bran oil
Updated : 19-May-2024

91715170: Tender regarding cleaning, sweeping under Directorate of Agriculture

Due Date: 04-Mar-2024
Category : Building cleaning services
Updated : 19-May-2024

87944059: Tender for supply of the chemicals for the production of Azotobactor, PSB & KMB under Dept. of Agriculture & Farmer's Welfare

Due Date: 30-Jan-2024
Category : Chemical Supply
Updated : 19-May-2024

46508562: Tender regarding procurement of chemicals, glass wares & other items for the state fertilizer testing & quality control laborato

Due Date: 12-Jan-2022
Category : Lab related supplies
Updated : 19-May-2024

87944341: Tender Notice for Cleaning Sweeping under Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

Due Date: 30-Jan-2024
Category : Janitorial Cleaning Services
Updated : 19-May-2024
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55461767: Notice inviting tender for supply of sweet orange

Due Date: 27-Jun-2022
Category : Oranges
Updated : 19-May-2024

34834146: Lime/Lemon saplings propagated through cuttings : Planting materials should be true to type without any admixture, healthy and free from pest & diseases

Due Date: 29-May-2021
Category : Plant and Animal Supplies
Updated : 19-May-2024

53238432: Meeting Table

Due Date: 16-May-2022
Category : Conferencing tables
Updated : 19-May-2024

41724787: Tender regarding carrying of Agri inputs under Kakraban Agri Sub-Division for the year 2021-22. Dated 23rd September, 2021

Due Date: 08-Oct-2021
Category : Fertilizers and Pesticide
Updated : 19-May-2024

52018446: PDF icon Tender regarding annual maintenance contract for Desktop Computers and Laser Printers of the Directorate of Agriculture.

Due Date: 18-Apr-2022
Category : Computer Repair
Updated : 19-May-2024

66106504: Tender regarding supply of 3nos. of refrigerator and 1 no. de-mineralized water treatment plant

Due Date: 16-Jan-2023
Category : WTP Plant Construction
Updated : 19-May-2024
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62577395: Notice Inviting tender for Statonery Articels under State Agriculture Research Station.

Due Date: 15-Nov-2022
Category : Inter segment purchase
Updated : 19-May-2024

50519992: Domestic Refrigerators-IS 1476 Q3 Category,Hot and Cold Air Conditioners Q3 Category

Due Date: 22-Mar-2022
Category : Domestic Home Appliances
Updated : 19-May-2024

37221188: PDF icon Disposal of unserviceable materials of the Directorate of Agriculture, Krishi Bhawan, Agartala through auction. Dated 9th July,

Due Date: 19-Jul-2021
Category : Scrap Material
Updated : 19-May-2024

51446160: Tender for selection of vendor for District wise “Soil Sample Registration , Uploading of soil test report , Soil Health Card Generation and Colour Printing of Soil Health Card.”

Due Date: 04-Apr-2022
Category : Soil Health Card Printing
Updated : 19-May-2024

29951960: Utility Vehicles

Due Date: 13-Mar-2021
Category : Light Trucks
Updated : 19-May-2024

45268304: PDF icon Tender regarding internal carrying of Agri Inputs Under Killa Agri. Sub-Division. Dated 6th December, 2021

Due Date: 21-Dec-2021
Category : Road Transportation
Updated : 19-May-2024