Providing, laying, jointing, interconnection, testing and commissioning of 90mm dia-350 m UPVC class 6kg/sqcm and 63mm dia-1035 m &75mm dia-965 m HDPE class 6kg/sqcm with suitable joints & 80 mm dia- 33 m GI Pipe medium class , valve specials and all fittings including all allied civil works , installation of 01 no. electro chlorinator , construction of chlorinator room of size 2.4*2.4*3.0 mtr , providing functional household tap connection (F.H.T.C) in individual households and government instiution etc. complete with trial run operation & maintanance for 06 months under Retrofitting of Piped Water Supply Scheme under Jal Jeevan Mission For Village KUMHDAIKALA Block DevbhogDistrict – GARIYABAND