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The Jammu Kashmir Health Family Welfare Department has published a tender for "Carbon dioxide Steel Jar,Anaerobic gas pack,Andrade peptone water,Bile Esculin agar,Blood agar base,Brain-heart infusion broth,Cooked meat medium,D- Nase test agar base with toluidine blue,Hi- Chrome UTI agar modified,Hi- indicator PH paper range 2 to 10.5,Liquoid broth,MacConkey agar,Mannitol salt agar,MR-VP medium,Mueller Hinton agar 500gm,Nutrient agar 500gm,Peptone bacteriological 500gm,Phenylalanine agar 100gm,Selenite broth selenite F- broth 100gm,Simmons citrate agar 100gm,Sodium deoxycholate agar 25gm,TCBS agar 100gm,Triple sugar iron agar 100gm,Urea agar base 100gm,XLD agar modified 100gm,Cary Blair medium base 100gm,Glucose 500gm,Lactose 500gm,Sucrose 500gm,LJ medium base 100gm,Nigrosin stain 10percent 100ml,Lactophenol cotton blue 100ml,Sabourauds dextrose agar medium 100gm,SDA with chloramphenicol 100gm,Hi-Crome candida diff. agar 100gm,Kovacs indole reagent 100ml" on the 07 Feb 2023. This tender belongs to Microbial Test Kits category. This tender is published in Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir location. The vendors interested in this tender can obtain further details by registering in the Tendersniper web portal.
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Buyer: Jammu Kashmir Health Family Welfare Department

State: Jammu and Kashmir

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07 Feb 2023


Due Date :17 Feb 2023 19:00:00

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