Displaying Oil Natural Gas Corporation Videsh Limited tenders

Displaying 30 tenders of ONGC Videsh Ltd. as on 28-05-2024. The top spending area in Oil Natural Gas Corporation Videsh Limited as of 28-05-2024 by count is Financial advisory services (1 tenders), followed by Batteries Purchase (1 tenders) and Software Upgradation (1 tenders). Tendersniper consolidates online tenders, e Tenders, Expression of Interest, Request for Quotation, and Manual tender notice published by ONGC Videsh Ltd. in the various e-Procurement portals in India.

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Latest ONGC Videsh Limited Tenders

1. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

95544915: Financial Audit Services - Review of Financial Statements, Financial Reporting Framework, Audit report; Audit Firm, CA Firm

Due Date: 03-Jun-2024  Location: New Delhi
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Financial advisory services
2. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi
3. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

84098792: Data Wipe Application Software

Due Date: 13-Nov-2023
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Software
4. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi


Due Date: 18-Oct-2023
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Facility management services
5. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Maharashtra
6. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Maharashtra

76333516: TWEEN-80

Due Date: 25-Jul-2023  Location: Raigad
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Chemical Supply
7. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Maharashtra
8. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi
9. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

72854033: Custom Bid for Services - Total Charges for Contract for Supply of Printing Items for Two Years

Due Date: 30-May-2023
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Printing accessories
10. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

68709259: Stationary Value Regulated Lead Acid Batteries as per IS:15549

Due Date: 17-Mar-2023
Sector: Petroleum
Category : SMF Battery
11. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

68650666: Custom Bid for Services - Hiring of Tracing Agent to locate Assets of Govt of Sudan

Due Date: 16-Mar-2023
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Freight forwarders services
12. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi
13. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi [Offline]

60424947: Hiring of Foreign Exchange Services for ONGC Videsh, Delhi

Due Date: 11-Oct-2022
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Foreign exchange control
14. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi [Offline]
15. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

25885236: Hiring of Consultant for Support and Review

Due Date: 11-Dec-2020
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Accounting services
16. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi [Offline]
17. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

21002675: Comprehensive Operations Maintenance of SAP IT Infrastructure

Due Date: 11-Jun-2020
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Infrastructure Development
18. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi [Offline]

14352982: Engagement of tax, accounting and payroll Services for Branch Office, Maputo in MOZAMBIQUE

Due Date: 26-Aug-2019
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Financial accounting service
19. ONGC Videsh Ltd., International [Offline]

14352979: Hiring of agency for providing Social Management service in CPO-5 Block

Due Date: 29-Aug-2019
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Social Media Management
20. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

14251301: Interpretation of 3D data

Due Date: 02-Sep-2019
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Data Processing Services
21. ONGC Videsh Ltd., International [Offline]

14235994: Hiring of Water Sprinkling Service in CPO-5 Block

Due Date: 21-Aug-2019
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Water Sprinklers Hiring
22. ONGC Videsh Ltd., International [Offline]

13917569: Hiring of Legal Services

Due Date: 14-Aug-2019
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Legal Advisor
23. ONGC Videsh Ltd., International [Offline]

13360691: Hiring of Agency for Rate Contract for road maintenance in CPO-5 block

Due Date: 12-Jul-2019
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Road Repair
24. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

11104333: Provision of hiring of agency for review of ISMS Implementation and ISO 27001 Certification

Due Date: 04-Apr-2019
Sector: Petroleum
Category : ISO Information Security Standards
25. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi


Due Date: 25-Mar-2019
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Organizers and accessories
26. ONGC Videsh Ltd., International [Offline]

10600283: Hiring of Agency for Civil Works for Production Facilities in Mariposa-1 Well at CPO-5 Block

Due Date: 28-Feb-2019
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Industrial Plant Civil Work
27. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

8604464: Office Support Services

Due Date: 11-Dec-2018
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Data Entry Operator
28. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

7220790: Maintenance and Upkeep of ONGC Videsh Guest House at Asiad Village

Due Date: 11-Oct-2018
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Hotel Operation
29. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi [Offline]
30. ONGC Videsh Ltd., Delhi

4804082: Creation of work centre for ONGC Videsh Ltd.

Due Date: 19-Jun-2018
Sector: Petroleum
Category : Nonresidential Building Repair