Manufacturing Components and Supplies | Hardware and Fittings tenders in India

Manufacturing Components include Mounting Hardware, Rolling Hardware, Retaining Hardware, Casting, Sand Casting, Forgings, Moldings, Bearings, Bushings, Paints, Refractories, Gaskets, Seals, Connector and Bib Cock tenders in India

Manufacturing Components Sub Categories


Compreg Wooden Packing (26 live)

Compreg Packing (20 live)


Rubber Gasket (560 live)

Acid Resistant Cut Gasket (5 live)

Spiral Wound Gasket (392 live)

Rubber Sealing Gasket (51 live)

Sealing Gasket (101 live)

Hood Spacer Gasket (9 live)

Coupling Gasket (39 live)

Blower Gasket (32 live)

SW Gasket (26 live)

Armoured Gasket (253 live)

EPDM Gasket (37 live)

Teflon Gasket (88 live)

Sealing Door Gasket (5 live)

Gasket Air Elbow (63 live)

Manhole Gasket (20 live)

Flange Gasket (88 live)

Gasket Kit (140 live)

Ring Gasket (38 live)

Cap Gasket (65 live)

Heat Exchanger Gasket (14 live)

Copper Gasket (161 live)

Metallic Gasket (218 live)

Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket (392 live)

Gasket Elbow (178 live)

Gasket Branch Pipe (20 live)

Asbestos Gasket (182 live)

Exchanger Gasket (176 live)

Diring Metallic Gasket (12 live)

Pouring Tube Gasket (10 live)

Packing Gasket (143 live)

Leather Gasket (19 live)

Graphite Gasket (120 live)


Critical Bearing (38 live)

Deep Groove Bearing (51 live)

Modified Bearing (38 live)

Guide Bearing (32 live)

Linear Bearing (16 live)

Bush Bearing (52 live)

Self Lubricating Bearing (12 live)

Roller Bearing

Copper Bearing (39 live)

Bearing Assembly (75 live)

Motor Bearing (58 live)

HT Motor Bearing (13 live)

LT Motor Bearing (15 live)

Ball Bearing

Needle Roller Bearing

Needle Bearing

Thrust Bearing

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearing (108 live)

Spherical Bearing

Alloy Bearing (12 live)

Bearing Retainer (26 live)

SKF Bearing (595 live)

Spare Bearing (16 live)

Rubber Bearing (46 live)

Cutless Rubber Bearing (19 live)

Radial Bearing (31 live)

Steel Bearing (7 live)

Thordon Bearing (67 live)

Sealed Bearing (14 live)

Bearing Housing (39 live)

Auxiliary Bearing (10 live)

Mounted Bearing (30 live)

Lower Bearing (132 live)

Metal Bearing (34 live)

Gun Metal Bearing (33 live)

Turbine Bearing (14 live)

Inner Bearing Stopper (48 live)

Inner Bearing Wiper (13 live)

Timken Bearing (265 live)

Gear Bearing (18 live)

Plain Bearing (27 live)

Spherical Plain Bearing (14 live)

Spheroelastic Rubber Bearing (9 live)

Machining Item (30 live)

Apron Feeder

Iron and Steel Material (12 live)

Rubber Seal

Ring Below Seat (8 live)

Piston Rod

Seal Ring (29 live)

Seal Flange (6 live)

Pulley Bearing (63 live)

Mechanical Consumable (25 live)


Screw Wood (22 live)

Shaft Seal Rotating Face Ring (6 live)

Vacuum Breaking Valve (5 live)

Wear Ring (29 live)

GI Nipple

Thread Lock (7 live)

Bush (708 live)

Bushing Roller (21 live)

Valve Bush (10 live)

Magnet Valve Bush (5 live)

Bushing Flange (13 live)

Bottom Bush (26 live)

Bushing Cylinder (611 live)

Axle Box Pivot Bush (94 live)

Pivot Bush (99 live)

Guide Bush (14 live)

Split Bushing (38 live)

Steel Bush (16 live)

Bushing Traction Rod (14 live)

Polyamide Bush (48 live)

Bushing Gear (172 live)

Collar Bush (6 live)

Condensor Bush (8 live)

Ball Bushing (8 live)

Tapered Bush (7 live)

Bearing Bush (20 live)

Modified Bush (56 live)

Bushing Piston (31 live)

Isolating Bush (14 live)

Taper Lock Bush (19 live)

Bronze Bush (28 live)

Bushing Stock (24 live)

Lever Bushes (12 live)

Brake Lever Bush (14 live)

Brake Gear Bush (123 live)

Bush Outer (58 live)

Bush Inner (51 live)

Oilite Bush (26 live)

Spout Bush (17 live)

Gland Bush (17 live)

Hexagon Bush (20 live)

Reducing Bush (42 live)

Screwed Bush (13 live)

Teflon Bush (9 live)

Coupling Bush (37 live)

Cable Bush (10 live)

Nylatron Bushing (27 live)

Bogie Frame Bush (15 live)

Clamping Bush (29 live)

Seat Bushing (25 live)

Lubricating Bush (102 live)

Self Lubricating Bush (97 live)

Head Bush (8 live)

Barrel Bush (13 live)

Spherical Bushing (5 live)

Terminal Bushing (24 live)

Deck Bushing Kit (5 live)

Du Bush (13 live)

Arm Bushing (9 live)

Rip Bushing (30 live)

Rotating Bush (9 live)

Copper Bush (6 live)

Thread Sealant (52 live)

Self Adhesive (167 live)

Adhesive Plaster (121 live)

Thread Locking Adhesive (109 live)

Levi Adhesive (10 live)

Gasket Sealing Compound (37 live)

Adhesive (695 live)

Ostomy Appliance Adhesive (14 live)

M Seal (189 live)

Gum Paste (43 live)

Sealant Putty (30 live)

Epoxy Adhesive (200 live)

Jointing Compound (73 live)

Ceramic Adhesive (9 live)

Synthetic Rubber Adhesive (46 live)

Rubber Adhesive (59 live)

Sealing Compound (59 live)

Dendrite Adhesive (56 live)

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (36 live)

Aqueous Adhesive (78 live)

Rubber Based Adhesive

Sealant (570 live)

Liquid Pipe Sealant (8 live)

Transparent Adhesive (13 live)

Audco Sealant (7 live)

Anaerobic Adhesive (56 live)

Hylomer (28 live)

Poly Sulphide Sealant (19 live)

Dextrine Powder (12 live)

Double Row Ball Bearing (219 live)

Hybrid Ball Bearing (147 live)

Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearing (142 live)

Radial Ball Bearing (88 live)

Single Shield Ball Bearing (20 live)

Self Aligned Ball Bearing (16 live)

Thrust Ball Bearing

Single Row Ball Bearing (667 live)

Screw Ball Bearing (14 live)

Seal Strip (676 live)

Wiper Seal (17 live)

Plastic Seal (283 live)

Self Locking Single Use Plastic Seal (205 live)

Plastic Grip Seal (138 live)

Security Seal (9 live)

Container Seal (33 live)

Lead Seal (145 live)

Door Seal (27 live)

TPU Seal (14 live)

Wire Seal (7 live)

Metal Wire Seal (7 live)

Felt Seal (82 live)

Foam Seal (6 live)

Omni Seal (15 live)

Shaft Sealing (45 live)

Rod Seal (13 live)

Water Seal (6 live)

Metallic Seal (11 live)

Radial Seal (19 live)

Axial Seal (7 live)

Gate Seal (6 live)

Insert Seal (10 live)

Bonded Seal (5 live)

Lock Seal (21 live)

Damper Seal (11 live)

Bearing Seal (6 live)

Inflatable Seal (11 live)

Seal Assembly (60 live)

Seal Retainer (7 live)

Brass Seal (7 live)

Valve Seal (13 live)

Dome Valve Seal (18 live)

Tissue Sealer (17 live)

Thread Seal (6 live)

Metal Seal (9 live)

Gear Case Seal (40 live)

Primary Seal (31 live)

Silico Seal (5 live)

Tin Seal (10 live)

V Seal (18 live)

Bypass Seal (8 live)

Spring Energised Metal Seal (6 live)

U Seal (33 live)

Bottle Seal (6 live)

Puff Seal (8 live)

Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing (653 live)

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Groove Ball Bearing (664 live)

Thick Sealing Ring (12 live)

Seal Wear Ring (87 live)

Bonnet Seal Ring (25 live)

Shaft Seal Ring (24 live)

Rotary Shaft Seal Ring (9 live)

Hydrogen Seal Ring (27 live)

Sealing Rubber Ring (27 live)

Graphite Seal Ring (19 live)

Spherical Valve Sealing Ring (7 live)

Gas Joint Sealing Ring (11 live)

Flat Sealing Ring (6 live)

Valve Sealing Ring (6 live)

Copper Sealing Ring (6 live)

Contact Seal Ring Set (9 live)

Conduit Seal Ring (35 live)

Grease Seal Ring (7 live)

Soft Iron Seal Ring (9 live)

Synthetic Rubber Ring (14 live)

Pressure Seal Ring (17 live)

Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing (131 live)

Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing (38 live)

Axial Cylindrical Roller Bearing (9 live)

Taper Roller Bearing

Spherical Roller Bearing (75 live)

Needle Roller Thrust Cylindrical Bearing (21 live)

Cylindrical Bearing (10 live)

Steel Tape (11 live)

Cello Tape (30 live)

Polyglass Banding Tape (11 live)

Banding Tape (28 live)

Carbon Tape (10 live)

Packing Tape (15 live)

Steam Indicator Tape (6 live)

Tape Roll (56 live)

Tungsten Tape (9 live)

Pressure Sensitive Tape (23 live)

Cotton Tape

Nomex Tape (20 live)

Casting Tape (10 live)

Fibreglass Casting Tape (7 live)

Anti Bacterial Seam Tape (24 live)

Seam Tape (26 live)

Brown Tape (18 live)

Steel Grip Tape (11 live)

Sealant Tape (11 live)

Yellow Empire Tape Roll (29 live)

Ceramic Vermitech Tape (7 live)

Industrial Tape (12 live)

PVC Tape

Plastic Tape (6 live)

Pasting Tape (7 live)

Adhesive Tape (37 live)

Silicon Rubber Tape (29 live)

Rubber Tape (57 live)

Self Fusing Silicon Rubber Tape (28 live)

Elastic Tape (54 live)

Gasket Tape (7 live)

Indicator Tape (7 live)

Micro Pore Tape (13 live)

Fusing Tape (19 live)

Self Fusing Tape (57 live)

Copper Tape (14 live)

Glass Tape (31 live)

Hypoallergenic Paper Tape (12 live)

Paper Tape (98 live)

Velcro Tape (19 live)

Stainless Steel Wire Rope (215 live)

Steel Wire Rope (577 live)

Wire Rope Steel (613 live)

Manila Rope (13 live)

Flexible Steel Wire Rope (12 live)

PVC Sheathed Steel Wire Rope (24 live)

Suspension Rope (29 live)

Steel Wire Suspension Rope (607 live)

Strand Steel Wire Rope (67 live)

Round Strand Steel Wire Rope (95 live)

Wire Mesh Rope (11 live)

Mechanical Seal

Double Mechanical Seal (58 live)

Complete Mechanical Seal (222 live)

Mechanical Seal Spares

Mechanical Face Seal (20 live)

Face Seal (20 live)

Mechanical Seal Assembly (143 live)

Mech Seal (138 live)

Trigger Forging (8 live)

Conversion Forging (19 live)

Bolt Breech Forging (9 live)

Barrel Mortar (5 live)

Forged Fitting (11 live)

Double Barrel Forging (7 live)

C1 Forging (9 live)

Close Die Forging (20 live)

Dn Forging (45 live)

Barrel Forging (8 live)

Steel Forging

Close Die Steel Forging (12 live)

Clamp Forging (7 live)

Cover Forging (12 live)

Gear Forging (59 live)

Torsion Bar Forging (17 live)

Bar Forging (12 live)

Flange Forging (14 live)

Machined Forging (35 live)

Rough Machined Forging (90 live)

Alloy forging (13 live)

Aluminium Alloy Forging (15 live)

Proof Machined Rod Forging (37 live)

Retaining Ring Forging (18 live)

Bottom Shaft Forging (10 live)

Pole end Plate Forging (13 live)

Split Oil Seal (31 live)

Automotive Oil Seal (16 live)

Grease Seal (139 live)

Seal Oil Rubber (12 live)

Gasket Oil Seal (6 live)

Oil Seal Turbine (12 live)

Rubber Oil Seal (11 live)

Rubber Grease Seal (12 live)

Oil Seal Kit (594 live)

Seal Kit

Cylinder Seal Kit (56 live)

Hot Applied Sealing Compound (18 live)

Lip Oil Seal (5 live)

Seal Kit Set (593 live)

Seal Repair Kit (30 live)

Hydraulic Seal Kit (5 live)

Actuator Seal Kit (44 live)

Piston Seal Kit (18 live)

Parker Make Seal Kit (33 live)

Complete Seal Kit (38 live)

Haskel Seal Kit (7 live)

Gland Cartridge Kit (8 live)

Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit (11 live)

Electric Actuator

Push Actuator (25 live)

Brake Actuator (29 live)

Cylinder Actuator (20 live)

Operated Actuator (11 live)

Motor Operated Actuator (18 live)

Damper Actuator (18 live)

Push Button Actuator (16 live)

Actuator Component (123 live)

Motorized Actuator (37 live)

Actuator Springs (28 live)

Selector Actuator (18 live)

Actuator Assembly (100 live)

Actuator Stem (10 live)

Electric Rotary Actuator (51 live)

Magnetic Actuator (6 live)

Rotork Actuator (54 live)

Scoop Actuator (41 live)

Actuator Rod (16 live)

Actuator Rod Assembly (18 live)

Scotch Yoke Actuator (14 live)

Rope Wire (172 live)

Safety Wire Rope Assembly (352 live)

Flexible Wire Rope (219 live)

Wire Rope Pulley (80 live)

Jacketed Wire Rope (45 live)

PVC Jacketed Wire Rope (115 live)

Winding Wire Rope (31 live)

Legged Wire Rope (19 live)

Hemm Wire Rope (16 live)

Flat Lining Brush (13 live)

Flat Brush (388 live)

Paint Roller Brush (16 live)

Synthetic Brush (25 live)

Writing Brush (19 live)

Letter Writing Brush (13 live)


Locking Strap (9 live)

Safety Strap (600 live)

Steel Strap (34 live)

Connection Strap (103 live)

Suspension Strap (427 live)

Anchor Double Strap Assembly (24 live)

Strap Assembly (42 live)

Armature Retaing Strip (7 live)

Pet Strap (8 live)

Modified Safety Strap (74 live)

Bow Strap (8 live)

Stainless Steel Safety Strap (6 live)

Polyster Strap (7 live)

Nylon Rope

Mooring Rope (49 live)

Pull Cord Rope (25 live)

Polypropylene Rope

Rope Lube (6 live)

Graphited Rope (30 live)

Gland Packing Rope (20 live)

Tail Rope (28 live)

Mooring Tail Rope (12 live)

Balmerol Rope (13 live)

Jute Rope

Winding Rope (75 live)

Haulage Rope (29 live)

Man Riding Rope (8 live)

Slithering Rope (34 live)

Fibre Rope (13 live)

Paper Carrier Rope (13 live)

Crop Thresher (1000 live)

Roller Assembly (8 live)

UIC Taper Roller Bearing (94 live)

Tapered Bearing (238 live)

Tapper Roller Bearing (148 live)

Cartridge Taper Roller Bearing (551 live)

Cartridge Taper (77 live)

Taper Roller Suspension Bearing (11 live)

Tapered Roller Bearing (134 live)


Castable Refractory (420 live)

Refractory Materials (184 live)

Refractory Items (74 live)

Converter Refractory (15 live)

Steel Ladle Refractory (45 live)

Plastic Refractory (99 live)

Slide Gate Refractory (24 live)

Insulating Material (110 live)

Nylon Insulation (24 live)

Insulation Ring (5 live)

Insulating Hot Top (14 live)

Insulation Lining (8 live)

Insulation Cover (11 live)

Insulation Cover Plate (7 live)

Insulation Cover Plate Assembly (8 live)

Insulation Mattress (31 live)

Insulation Sheet (84 live)

Insulation Guard (20 live)

Monolithic Insulation Joint (10 live)

Rubber Guide Profile (16 live)

Retention Tank (116 live)

Flushing Cistern (204 live)

Field Flush Latrine (167 live)

Prefabricated Field Flush Latrine (110 live)

Flush Tank (5 live)

Bio-Toilet Tank (5 live)

Reinforced FD Flush Latrine (167 live)

Wash Hand Sink (107 live)

Steel Sink (70 live)

Kitchen Sink (36 live)

White PVC Sink (12 live)

Wall Mounting Cabinet (8 live)

Electrical Cabinet (26 live)

Tool Cabinet (16 live)

Mobile Tool Cabinet (8 live)

Dry Cabinet (21 live)

Harberium Cabinet (6 live)

Protection Cabinet (47 live)

Record Protection Cabinet (9 live)

Porcelain Commode (199 live)

Plastic Commode (61 live)

Plastic Commode Seat and Cover (31 live)

Floor Mounted Porcelain Commode (11 live)

Toughened Glass (24 live)

Laminated Safety Window Glass (7 live)

Sealed Window Glass

Toughened Safety Glass (61 live)

Safety Glass (294 live)

Commode Chute (11 live)

Western Commode (17 live)

Porcelain Western Commode (17 live)

Soap Case (13 live)

Modified Commode Chute (9 live)

Modified Base Plate (9 live)

Steel Door (114 live)

Steel Window (10 live)

Helo Hanger Door (7 live)

Door Frame

Door Shutter (18 live)

Iron Door (6 live)


Flooring Carpet (15 live)

Floor Fur Type Carpet (8 live)

Fur Type Carpet (6 live)

Tufted Carpeting (64 live)

Woolen Carpet (5 live)

Carpet Matting (9 live)

Red Carpet (17 live)

Laminated Door Glass (8 live)

Laminated Lookout Glass (79 live)

Laminated Clear Glass (19 live)

Tough Laminated Clear Glass (19 live)

Clear Glass (27 live)

Wind Screen Laminated Glass (6 live)

Rubber Bellow

Rubber Expansion Bellow (87 live)

Condenser Expansion Bellow (14 live)

Neoprene Rubber Bellow (31 live)

Water Shower (221 live)

Over Head Shower (16 live)

Electro Forged Floor Grill (19 live)

Floor Grill (31 live)

Music System (9 live)

Guitar (25 live)

Musical Instrument

Band Item (12 live)

Band Instrument (32 live)

Band Set (7 live)

Brass Band (11 live)

Snare (9 live)


Chenda (7 live)

Clarinet (33 live)


Emporium Product (14 live)

Trombone (9 live)

Flute (13 live)

Pipe Band (11 live)

Metal Statue (71 live)

Bronze Metal Statue (95 live)

Bronze Statue (96 live)

Statue (383 live)

Gun Metal Statue (24 live)

Sculpture (438 live)

Art Sculpture (31 live)

Stone Sculpture (29 live)

Running Horse Sculpture (10 live)

Animal Face Sculpture (5 live)

Handloom (201 live)

Handloom Accessories (56 live)

Looms (94 live)

Frame Looms (15 live)

Handloom Items (22 live)

Handloom Weaving (5 live)

Cork Composition Sheet (55 live)

Nitrile Bonded Cork Sheet (58 live)

Acrylic Nitrite Bonded Cork (6 live)


Kettle Bells (6 live)

Signal Bell (43 live)

Block Bell Equipment (22 live)

Single Stroke Starting Bell (31 live)

Stroke Starting Bell (30 live)

Bell Unit (8 live)

Edm Hard Brass Wire (6 live)

Edm Brass Wire (45 live)

Edm Wire

Pin Cure Rubber (5 live)


Tar Felt (9 live)

Felt Packing (13 live)

Felt Sheet (16 live)

Microphone Stand

Shaver Blade (13 live)

Wet Grinder Spare Parts (13 live)

AFTC Spare Receiver Module (8 live)

Receiver Module (9 live)

Gas Stove on Rent (11 live)

Strainer Cover (7 live)

Lube Oil Strainer (31 live)

Oil Strainer

Strainer Assembly (13 live)

Fuel Strainer (6 live)

Welding Work (207 live)

Machining Axles (19 live)

Cable Fault Repair (190 live)

HT Cable Fault Repair (11 live)

Cable Fault Locator Repair (57 live)

Fan Motor

Belt Tensioning Device (116 live)

Tensioning Device Assembly (78 live)

Cylinder Liner

Timer Belt (5 live)

Ball Screw Assembly (146 live)

Pouring Refractory (9 live)

Bottom Pouring Refractory (9 live)

Refractory Set (54 live)

High Alumina Bottom Pouring Refractory Set (5 live)

Monolithic Castable Refractory (6 live)

Neoprene Rubber Gasket (59 live)

Nitrile Rubber Gasket (71 live)

Special Type Rubber Gaskets (11 live)

Coupling Rubber Gasket (9 live)

Round Rubber Gasket (10 live)

Hollow Type Round Rubber Gaskets (10 live)

Bottom Rubber Gasket (15 live)

Top and Bottom Rubber Gasket (55 live)

White Rubber Gasket (5 live)

Special Type White Rubber Gasket (5 live)

Inlet Flange Gasket (5 live)

Sponge Rubber Gasket (7 live)

Synthetic Rubber Gasket (12 live)

Nitrile Bonded Rubberised Cork Gasket (5 live)

Nitrile Bonded Cork Gasket (8 live)

Rubberised Cork Gasket (9 live)

Entrance Door Rubber Sealing Gasket (14 live)

Sensitive Adhesive Tape (65 live)

PVC Adhesive Tape (26 live)

PVC Adhesive Tape Black (8 live)

Adhesive Tape Black (17 live)

Kapton Adhesive Tape (56 live)

Auto Adhesive Tape (35 live)

Self Adhesive Tape (109 live)

Non Adhesive Tape (30 live)

PVC Non Adhesive Tape (28 live)

Double Sided Adhesive Tape (11 live)

Very High Adhesive Tape (8 live)

Flash Strip Self Adhesive Tape (9 live)

Polyimide Adhesive Tape (12 live)

Polymide Film Self Adhesive Tape (8 live)

Paper Adhesive Tape (31 live)

Brown Adhesive Tape (8 live)

Black Adhesive Tape (12 live)

Polyimide Film Tape (22 live)

Adhesive Polyimide Film Tape (20 live)

Non Adhesive Polyimide Film Tape (20 live)

Vinyl Tape (6 live)

Silicon Sealant (580 live)

High Strength Silicon Sealant (10 live)

Silicon Sealant Silimate (10 live)

Silicon Sealant Transparent (33 live)

Silicon Rubber Sealant (7 live)

Multipurpose Silicon Sealant (40 live)

Silicon Sealant Cartridge (15 live)

RTV Silicon Sealant (169 live)

RTV Silicon Sealant Tube (11 live)

Silicon Sealant Anabond Multiseal (8 live)

Sealant Cartridge (18 live)

Sealant Silastic (11 live)

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Plasticized PVC Tape (578 live)

Adhesive Plasticized PVC Tape (574 live)

Plasticized PVC Tapes (574 live)

Self Adhesive PVC Electrical Insulation Tape (16 live)

Adhesive PC Electrical Insulation Tape (19 live)

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape (30 live)

PVC Insulation Tape (55 live)

Adhesive PVC Insulation Tape (11 live)

PVC Tape Black (13 live)

Link Chain (122 live)

Short Link Chain (103 live)

Steel Short Link Chain (88 live)

Round Steel Short Link Chain (86 live)

Chain Assembly (35 live)

High Tensile Chain Assembly (7 live)

Carrier Chain Assembly (48 live)

Rake Carrier Chain Assembly (31 live)

Steel Chain (61 live)

Alloy Steel Chain (65 live)

Stainless Steel Chain (6 live)

Carbide Chain (27 live)

Plastic Chain (6 live)

Crusher Chain (8 live)

Duplex Chain (29 live)

Roller Chain

Simplex Chain (16 live)

Gate Chain (29 live)

Leaf Chain (14 live)

Lifting Chain (12 live)

Calibrated Lifting Chain (5 live)

Scrapper Chain (29 live)

Knuckle Chain (5 live)

Steel Knuckle Chain (5 live)

Track Chain Assembly (6 live)

Earthing Chain (20 live)

Chain Spares (87 live)

Leg Chain (11 live)

Two Leg Chain (6 live)

Actuator Spares

Electrical Actuator Spare (19 live)

Auma Actuator Spare (8 live)

Bypass System Control Actuator (6 live)

Pneumatic Control Actuator (111 live)

Control Actuator (11 live)

Rotork Actuator Spare (17 live)

Limitorque Actuator Spare (15 live)

Pneumatic Actuator Spare (45 live)

PVC Tape Roll (26 live)

Barbed Wire

Galvanised Barbed Wire (41 live)

Ungalvanised Barbed Wire (10 live)

Steel Barbed Wire (62 live)

Galvanised Steel Barbed Wire (24 live)

Gauge Barbed Wire (14 live)

Heat Sealing Tape (14 live)

Multi Purpose Heat Sealing Tape (8 live)

Teflon Tape (437 live)

Sealing Tape (114 live)

PTFE Tape (342 live)

Thread Sealant PTFE Tape (25 live)

Unsintered PTFE Tape (14 live)

PTFE Thread Sealing Tape (41 live)

Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE Thread Sealing Tape (25 live)

Thread Seal Tape

Gland Packing Material (11 live)

Asbestos Gland Packing (75 live)

Graphite Gland Packing (34 live)

Gland Packing Ring (47 live)

Graphite Packing (22 live)

Steam Packing (6 live)

Asbestos Gland (35 live)

Elastomeric Sealing Rubber (31 live)

Door Sealing Rubber (42 live)

Sealing Rubber Item (8 live)

Modified Rubber Seal (16 live)

Gripping Sealing Rubber (48 live)

Polypropylene Cord (42 live)

Polypropylene Sutli (16 live)

Polypropylene Mooring Rope (567 live)


Loctite Products (35 live)

Sealant Loctite (113 live)

Flange Sealant Loctite (26 live)

Gear Case Sealant Loctite (7 live)

Loctite Compounds (11 live)

Thread Locker (94 live)

Loctite Metal (575 live)

Bearing Block

Heavy Duty Bearing Block (12 live)

Fabricated Heavy Duty Bearing (11 live)

Housing Bearing Component (9 live)

Bearing Housing Mounting (8 live)

PA Fan Bearing Housing (11 live)

Pulley Side Bearing Housing (9 live)

Bearing Housing Assembly (34 live)

Bearing Component Kit (11 live)

Trial Lens (24 live)

Opthalmic Trial Lens (22 live)

DSLR Camera Lens (92 live)

Radar Lens (27 live)

Radar Lens Cap (17 live)

Imaging Lens (5 live)

Achromatic Lens (35 live)

Zoom Lens (45 live)

HDTV Zoom Lens (5 live)

Convex Lens (28 live)

Plano Convex Lens (24 live)

Phaco Lens (47 live)

Non Phaco Lens (13 live)

Foldable Phaco Lens (45 live)

Magnifying Lens (15 live)

Motorised Zoom Lens (15 live)

Channel Moulding (21 live)

Cover Moulding (88 live)

Gas Cylinder Cover Moulding (11 live)

Teak Wood Flat Moulding (13 live)

Wooden Moulding (12 live)

Fore Grip Moulding (8 live)

Polyvinyl Expansion Base Moulding (95 live)

Poly Moulding (5 live)

Aluminium Moulding (15 live)

Z Moulding (18 live)

Flat Polyvinyl Expansion Moulding (24 live)

PVC Flat Moulding (26 live)

Flat Moulding (60 live)

Cube Mould (14 live)

Concrete Cube Mould (6 live)

Rubber Mould (18 live)

Moulded Component (41 live)

Base Moulding (65 live)

SS Moulding (5 live)

Chain Link

GI Chain Link Mesh (8 live)

GI Chain Link (9 live)

Chain Link Mesh (44 live)

Chain Connecting Link (11 live)

Round Link Chain (20 live)

Alloy Steel Round Link Chain (11 live)

Stud Link Anchor Chain (12 live)

Stud Link Anchor (12 live)

String Nylon (19 live)

Aluminium Extrusions (178 live)

Aluminium Profile

Alu Extrusion (11 live)

Aluminium Wire (205 live)

DPC Aluminium Wire (73 live)

SWG Aluminium Wire (101 live)

PVC Insulated Lead Wire (5 live)

Insulated Lead Wire (5 live)

Aluminium Winding Wire

DPC Aluminium Winding Wire (13 live)

Finishing Varnish (155 live)

Clear Varnish (7 live)

Impregnating Varnish (38 live)

Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel Lock Wire (10 live)

Steel Lock Wire (21 live)

Magnetic Stand (29 live)

Magnet System (15 live)

Magnet (281 live)

Magnetic Powder (59 live)

Fluorescent Magnetic Powder (15 live)

Fluorescent Magnetic (17 live)

Permanent Magnet (76 live)

Rubber Coupling Bush (15 live)

Coupling Rubber Bush (8 live)

Rubber Bush Assembly (31 live)

Centre Pivot Rubber Bush Assembly (8 live)

Centre Pivot Rubber Bush (8 live)

White Cotton Tape Roll (5 live)

White Cotton Tape (15 live)

Cotton Selvedge Tape (17 live)

Tape White Cotton (13 live)

Phosphorous Bronze Bush (8 live)

Phosphor Bronze Bush (12 live)

Aluminium Bronze Bushing (23 live)

Electrical Actuator (230 live)

Auma Electrical Actuator (30 live)

Rotork Electrical Actuator (10 live)

Electrical Actuator Component (10 live)

Ungalvanised Steel Wire Rope (65 live)

Wire Rope Steel Ungalvanised (232 live)

Ungalvanised Plough Steel Wire Rope (6 live)

Ungalvanised Plough Steel Wire (6 live)

Adhesive Retro Reflective Tape (15 live)


Simplex Sprocket (23 live)

Teeth Sprocket (17 live)

Duplex Sprocket (21 live)

Steel Casting

Stainless Steel Casting (12 live)

Aluminium Casing (46 live)

Casing Assembly (36 live)

Shell Kit (15 live)

Polycarbonate Seal

Numbered Polycarbonate Seal (6 live)

Poly Carbonate Plastic Seal (39 live)

Tamper Proof Polycarbonate Meter Seal (11 live)

Polycarbonate Meter Seal (20 live)

Patented Tamper Proof Polycarbonate Meter Seal (19 live)

Polycarbonate Tool Less Meter Seal (16 live)

Polycarbonate Security Seal (15 live)

Cable Security Seal (7 live)

Tamper Proof Polycarbonate Seal (11 live)

Patented Tamper Proof Polycarbonate Seal (7 live)

Insulating Black Tape (6 live)

High Tension Insulating Black Tape (5 live)

Insulation Tape (294 live)

Electric Insulation Tape (14 live)

Adhesive Electric Insulation Tape (5 live)

High Voltage Insulation Tape (60 live)

HT Tape (23 live)

Self Amalgatting HT Tape (7 live)

HT Insulation Tape (11 live)

Insulating Tapes (67 live)

Ceramic Fibre Paper (13 live)

Ceramic Fibre Blanket (92 live)

Ceramic Fibre Blanket Roll (8 live)

Ceramic Fibre Rope (46 live)

Ceramic Fibre Board (21 live)

Ceramic Fiber Paper (43 live)

Ceramic Wool (8 live)

Ceramic Fibre Module (14 live)

Black Sealing Wax (57 live)

Roller Thrust Bearing (21 live)

Thrust Ring (13 live)

Shaft Thrust Bearing (17 live)

Vertical Shaft Thrust Bearing (6 live)

Tape Nylon (204 live)

Tape Nylon Tubular (33 live)

Grinding Ball

Grinding Media Ball (107 live)

Hi Chrome Grinding Media Balls (55 live)

Grinding Media Rod (7 live)

Forged Steel Grinding Media Ball (16 live)

High Chrome Grinding Media Balls (50 live)

Pneumatic Actuator

Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator (12 live)

Keltron make Pneumatic Actuator (8 live)

Elomatic Actuator (20 live)

Outer Bearing Cover (67 live)

Bearing Cover Inner (31 live)

Bearing Protection Cover (14 live)

Forging Quality Steel (127 live)

Optomechanics (15 live)

Optical Component (84 live)

Optomechanical Component (40 live)

Housing (267 live)

Lug Housing (22 live)

Lug Housing Holder (8 live)

Housing Holder (8 live)

Top Housing (32 live)

Insulated Housing (13 live)

Filter Housing (24 live)

Pump Housing (7 live)

Cast Nylon Bush (5 live)

Angular Contact Bearing (25 live)

Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing (26 live)

Angular Contact Single Row Ball Bearing (5 live)

Limitorque make Actuator Repair (49 live)

DBBV Actuator (45 live)

MOV Actuator Maintenance (39 live)

Electro Hydraulic Actuator Maintenance (27 live)

Polycarbonate Cover Frame (61 live)

Strategic Spare (11 live)

Anchor Winch Motor (6 live)

Boat Spares (5 live)

Naval Store Item (6 live)

Fin Stabilizer (6 live)

Power Cartridge (11 live)

Door Way Hand Hold (32 live)

SS Door Way Hand Hold (32 live)

Openable Door Closer (35 live)

Double Side Openable Door Closer (34 live)

Door Chainless Cotter (207 live)

Rubber Door Stop (20 live)

Door Check Spring (42 live)

Door Guard (9 live)

Door Hinge Pin (13 live)

Door Assembly (421 live)

Cab Door Lock (25 live)

Pantograph Arm Assembly (32 live)

Foot Step Assembly

Foot Pedal (13 live)

Security Plate (15 live)

Automatic Twist Lock (72 live)

Foot Plate Holding Bracket (6 live)

Locking Arrangement (57 live)

Locking Key (9 live)

Twist Lock (92 live)

Locking Device (15 live)

Shackle Lock (12 live)

E Type Lock (25 live)

Cab Window (43 live)

Lock (554 live)

Lavatory Window Glass (25 live)

Automated Key (12 live)

Tipping Glass (36 live)

Laminated Window Glass (10 live)

Key Guard Management System (9 live)

Sealed Glass (79 live)

Head Code Glass (17 live)

Double Sliding Window (34 live)

Sliding Window (60 live)

Double Leaf Door (31 live)

Flap Door (10 live)

Window Assembly (180 live)

Piston Indicator (14 live)

Retractable Ribbon (11 live)

Upper Articulation (47 live)

Brush Holder Assembly

Brush Holder Spring (54 live)

Pad Lock (607 live)

Brass Pad Lock (47 live)

Universal Pad Lock (12 live)

Rubber Stopper Pad (41 live)

Rubber Thrust Pad (95 live)

Conical Rubber Thrust Pad (95 live)

Rubber Buffer Pad (12 live)

Centre Pivot (659 live)

Bogie Centre Pivot

Centre Block Assembly (19 live)

Door Pivot Pin (14 live)

Synthetic Pivot Liner (6 live)

Pivot Assembly (65 live)

Pivot Filler Support (11 live)

Pivot Ring (35 live)

Door Lock Assembly (73 live)

Door Lock (441 live)

Lock Lever Arm (10 live)

IRS Type Door Lock (92 live)

Electronic Interlocking

Solid State Interlocking (39 live)

Axle Collar (32 live)


Rubber Liner (47 live)

Pedestal Lug Liner (12 live)

Lug Liner (37 live)

Safety Wall (39 live)

Silicon Manganese Liner (24 live)

End Wall (269 live)

Manganese Liner (40 live)

Side Wall Sheet (102 live)

Side Bearer Liner (224 live)

Bolster Liner (126 live)

Buffer Plunger

Plunger Assembly (66 live)

Buffer Spindle (128 live)

Buffer Casing (96 live)

Shoe Liner (17 live)

Side Liner (135 live)

Isolating Cock Without Vent

Centre Buffer Coupler (224 live)

High Tensile Centre Buffer Coupler (70 live)

Ball Type Isolating Cock (86 live)

Buffer Coupler (319 live)

Tight Lock Centre Buffer (66 live)

Rail Wear Gauge

Isolating Cock

Root Wear Gauge (20 live)

Tight Lock Coupler (60 live)

Rail Wear Measuring Gauge (5 live)

Extension Gauge (14 live)

Checking Gauge (52 live)

Adapter Wear Gauge (10 live)

Adapter Side Lug (6 live)

Clearance Gauges (5 live)

Broad Gauge (5 live)

Lug Gauge (19 live)

Flange Wear Gauge (7 live)

Tread Wear Gauge (22 live)

Friction Shoe Wear Gauge (7 live)

Gauge (303 live)

Foot Plate (57 live)

Foot Plate Arrangement (35 live)

Gangway Bridge (118 live)

Gangway Bridge Mounting

Intercar Gangway Mounting (107 live)

Concrete Sleeper

Cement Sleeper (5 live)

Mono Block Concrete Sleeper (130 live)

Side Bearer Assembly (108 live)

Mono Block Sleeper (5 live)

Spring Loaded Side Bearer (65 live)

Polyurethane Side Bearer (18 live)

PSC Sleeper (60 live)

Flap Door Arrangement

Concrete Line Sleeper (12 live)

Flap Door Frame (25 live)

Prestressed Concrete Sleepers (181 live)

Door Arrangement (375 live)

RCC Sleeper (11 live)

Cast Steel Bolster (147 live)

Bolster Assembly

Bogie Bolster Arrangement (29 live)

Fabricated Bolster (26 live)

Bolster Spring (39 live)

Latched Isolating Cock (32 live)

Air Supply Isolating Cock (41 live)

Automotive Chassis

Chassis (568 live)

Chassis Spare (6 live)

Earthing Equipment (387 live)

Wheel Set Earthing Equipment (281 live)

Primary Earthing Terminal (8 live)

Pillar Assembly (171 live)

Body Pillar Part (134 live)

Stainless Steel Pillar (20 live)

Steel Pillar (21 live)

Coupler External (15 live)

Gear Wheel

Solid Gear Wheel (20 live)

Main Gear Wheel (28 live)

Bull Gear

Filter Breather (60 live)

Breather Assembly (128 live)

Breather Cap (7 live)

Breather Plug (35 live)

Freight Loco Breather (18 live)

Gear Case Breather (112 live)

Modified Operating Handle (48 live)

Semi Permanent Coupler (76 live)

Bush Coupler (8 live)

Pin Harting Coupler (8 live)

Sliding Door (582 live)

Sliding Door Assembly (14 live)

Sliding Glass (8 live)

Air Spring (580 live)

Air Spring Assembly (233 live)

Air Spring Control Equipment (29 live)

Higher Capacity Air Spring (32 live)

Silent Block

Spherolastic Silent Block (22 live)

Injection Moulded Silent Block (108 live)

Centre Pivot Pin

Bogie Centre Pivot Pin (16 live)

Centre Pivot Housing (16 live)

Bogie Centre Pivot Top (51 live)

Metal Liner

Silico Manganese Steel Liner (25 live)

Steel Liner (129 live)

MN Steel Liner (32 live)

Loco Side Buffer Assembly

Side Buffer (422 live)

Buffer Assembly (140 live)

Side Buffer Arrangement (13 live)

Loco Side Buffer (148 live)

High Capacity Loco Side Buffer (32 live)

Duplex Check Valve

Duplex Check Valve Maintenance Kit (51 live)

Brake Way Protection Valve (13 live)

Glass Shutter Assembly

Cab Window Assembly (16 live)

FRP Glass Shutter (84 live)

Side Window Glass (7 live)

Sliding Glass Shutter (32 live)

Glass Assembly (7 live)

Stopper Assembly

Rubber Stopper (42 live)

Lateral Rubber Stopper (8 live)

Middle Berth Stopper (13 live)

Berth Stopper Assembly (12 live)

Stopper Bottom (25 live)

Plastic Stopper (14 live)

Cylindrical Plastic Stopper (6 live)

Graphite Stopper (30 live)

Clay Graphite Stopper (8 live)

Inflatable Boat

Rubberised Inflatable Boat (155 live)

Inflatable Rubber Boat (15 live)

Inflatable Rescue Boat (32 live)

Rescue Boat (59 live)

Rubber Boat (26 live)

Signalling Relay (35 live)

Compact Logix (6 live)

Poly Ring (44 live)

Rubber Spring

Rubber Spring Plate (50 live)

Rubber Spring Assembly (21 live)

Portable Rail Drilling Machine (59 live)

Cutter Machine (5 live)

Solid State Interlocking Maintenance (422 live)

Electronic Interlocking System Maintenance Service

Interlocking System Maintenance (422 live)

Universal Lock Lift Lever Connector (54 live)

Universal Lock (68 live)

Universal Lock Lift Lever (63 live)

Lock Lift Lever Rivet (17 live)

Lock Retraction Pin and Chain (16 live)

Lock Retraction Pin (38 live)

Articulated Lock Lift (36 live)

Coupler Lock

Rotary Lock (58 live)

Double Rotary Lock Lift (32 live)

Lavatory Window (340 live)

Lavatory Window Guide Frame (8 live)

Movable Window Glass (10 live)

Sealed Lavatory Window Glass (8 live)

Sealed Lavatory Window (8 live)

Lavatory Window Assembly (12 live)

Sliding Window Assembly (10 live)

Oil Felt Arrangement (7 live)

Electric Point Operating Machine (55 live)

Track Machine Spare

Track Machine (146 live)

Helicopter Spare (54 live)

Sand Ejector (140 live)

Sand Box (258 live)

Centring Disc (57 live)

Centre Pivot Disc (17 live)

Centering Disc

Disc (377 live)

Lavatory Door Handle (40 live)

Isolating Cock With Vent (270 live)

Isolating Cock OLP Type (105 live)

Cut Off Cock (14 live)

Steel Chequered Plates

Chequered Plate

Mild Steel Chequered Plates (55 live)

Bib Taps (293 live)

Flexible Safety Disc (12 live)

Security Disc (33 live)

Rundteil Disc (7 live)

Packing Head Disc (5 live)

Flap Disc (18 live)

Governor Disc (5 live)

Spring Disc (7 live)

Disc Assembly

Coupler Rod

Uncoupling Gear Coupler Rod (32 live)

Metalized Carbon Strip (305 live)

Carbon Sliding Strip (91 live)

Side Bearer Pad (187 live)

Polymer Spring Pad (14 live)

Pad Assembly (135 live)

Constant Contact Side Bearer (49 live)

Constant Contact Polyurethane (168 live)

Side Bearer

PU Lining (69 live)

PU Pad (82 live)

Roof Ceiling (10 live)

Welding Part

Corner Sheet (9 live)

Sand Box Assembly (156 live)

Sand Box Cover (36 live)

Pantograph Throttle Valve (14 live)

Driver Seat Assembly

Revolving Driver Seat (9 live)

Fibre Sheet Covering (10 live)

FRP Sheet

Fiber Sheet (25 live)

Glass Fiber Sheet (7 live)

Fibre Reinforced Plastic Sheet (70 live)

Dash Board Fiber Reinforced Plastic (5 live)

FRP Interior Panel (11 live)

FRP Panel (96 live)

Proximal Humerus Locking Plate (13 live)

Calcaneal Locking Plate (10 live)

Distal Femur Locking Plate (20 live)

Locking Tibial Plate (5 live)

Distal Radius Locking Plate (26 live)

Partition Frame (234 live)

Honey Comb Partition Frame (45 live)

Honey Comb Partition (62 live)

Doorway Partition (5 live)

MSDAC System

Vesba Card (13 live)

Earthing Brush Assembly

Generator Shaft Earthing Brush (7 live)

Earth Return Brush (191 live)

Brush Holder Housing (5 live)

Earthing Brush Box Assembly (6 live)

Panto Gauge (7 live)

Rolling Stock (50 live)

Roll Bar Assembly (5 live)

Manual Uncoupling Device (39 live)

Anti Rotational Channel (7 live)

Bogie Spindle (5 live)

Distributor Valve Overhauling Kit (117 live)

Distributor Valve Spare (28 live)

Automatic Matching Unit (10 live)

Carrier Assembly Post Plate (7 live)

HDPE (154 live)

High Density Polyethylene (29 live)

Thermo Plastic Elastomer (6 live)

Silicone Elastomer (42 live)

Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (18 live)

Four Elastomer (7 live)

Spare Elastomers (6 live)

UIC Rubber Vestibule (14 live)

UIC Type Rubber Vestibule (77 live)

UIC Type Vestibule (11 live)

UIC Type Elastomer Flange (7 live)

Vestiblue Foot Plate (26 live)

Vestibule Locking Pin (8 live)

Vestibule Frame (7 live)

Machined Components (24 live)

Cast Iron Components (40 live)

Fabricated Components (46 live)

Sub Assemblies (14 live)

Shade Net (149 live)

Polymer Garden Net (14 live)

Green Net (32 live)

Agro Net (30 live)

Mesh Cap Cover Net (9 live)

Manufacturing Components Tenders

1. WESTERN RLY, Gujarat


2. UP Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd, Uttar Pradesh

3. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Uttar Pradesh


4. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Karnataka


5. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Karnataka


7. Military Engineer Services, Andaman and Nicobar Islands


8. Instrumentation Ltd ( Govt of India Enterprise), Kerala


9. Haryana Board Corporation, Haryana

Tender for Supply of General Items

10. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Tamil Nadu

11. Haryana Board Corporation, Haryana


12. Haryana Board Corporation, Haryana


13. Military Engineer Services, Uttar Pradesh

14. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Uttar Pradesh


15. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal


Spherical washers RDSO Drg. no- T-023 (

17. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana

18. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana

19. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana

20. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana

PIN COTTERED 25 X 87 to IRS DRG NO :W/PN-47 Alt.4.

21. SOUTH CENTRAL RLY, Telangana

22. NORTHERN RLY, Uttar Pradesh


Helical Spring for High Capacity Power Car

24. NORTHERN RLY, Uttar Pradesh

Disc Lock Washer M16

25. NORTHERN RLY, Uttar Pradesh

Set of Single Ferrule Fitting for Air Brake System

26. NORTHERN RLY, Rajasthan

27. NORTHERN RLY, Rajasthan

28. NORTHERN RLY, Punjab

Double acting Hinge

29. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan


30. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan

31. NORTH WESTERN RLY, Rajasthan

Common Pipe Bracket with Control Reservoir.

32. WESTERN RLY, Delhi


34. WESTERN RLY, Gujarat

Large Catenary Suspension Bracket Assembly

35. WESTERN RLY, Maharashtra

Bolt for outer end coupler Assly

36. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Madhya Pradesh


37. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Madhya Pradesh

38. WEST CENTRAL RLY, Madhya Pradesh

Uncoupling gear arrangement of Wagons.

39. SOUTHERN RLY, Tamil Nadu

Galvanized iron Eye bolt size M10

40. SOUTHERN RLY, Tamil Nadu

Door hinge foot

41. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal

42. SOUTH WESTERN RLY, Karnataka


43. SOUTH WESTERN RLY, Karnataka

SNAP HEAD RIVET 12 mm DIA x 105 mm.

44. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal

45. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal

46. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal

47. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal

48. SOUTH WESTERN RLY, Karnataka


49. SOUTH WESTERN RLY, Karnataka


50. SOUTH EASTERN RLY, West Bengal

E-Type Safety bracket for WAP-7 Locos