Civil Work Tenders | Civil Construction tenders in India

Civil Work Tender including Road Construction, Building Works Tenders, Drainage Repairs, Pond Construction Tenders, Water Supply Work, Bridge Repair Tenders, Canal Renovation, Dam Work Tenders, Civil Construction, Civil Engineering and such Civil tenders in India

Civil Works Sub Categories

Monument Maintenance -- (40 live)
Apartment Construction -- (128 live)
Hostel Construction -- (132 live)
Apartment repair services -- (406 live)
School Repairs -- (1455 live)
STP Plant Construction -- (96 live)
STP Plant Repair -- (45 live)
ETP Plant Construction -- (20 live)
ETP Plant Repair -- (5 live)
Industrial Machineries Fabrication -- (9 live)
Stainless steel fabrication -- (2 live)
STP O and M -- (17 live)
ETP Plant O and M -- (13 live)
WTP Plant Construction -- (124 live)
WTP Plant Repair -- (85 live)
RO Plant -- (119 live)
Portable Water Treatment Plant Hiring
RO Plant Repair -- (26 live)
Packaged Water Plant -- (2 live)

Durgadi Fort Repair (11 live)

Kumbhalgarh Fort Repair (17 live)

Rani Mahal Repair (19 live)

Chamarajendra Memorial Repair (1 live)

Shivappa Nayakas Fort Repair (6 live)

Tipu Sultan Palace Repair (3 live)

Keshava Temple Repair (15 live)

Hosdurg Fort Repair (2 live)

Madikeri Palace Repair (2 live)

Monument Upgradation (110 live)

Tomb Repair (143 live)

Fort Repair (606 live)

Fortification Wall Repair (187 live)

Heritage Building Restoration (344 live)

Museum Repair (582 live)

Memorial Conservation (57 live)

Grouting Work

Side Wall Construction (419 live)

Boundary Wall Construction (1000 live)

Masonry Wall Construction (118 live)

Parapet Wall Construction (567 live)

Protection Wall Construction (98 live)

Security Wall Construction (586 live)

Safety Wall Construction (109 live)

Compound Wall and Other Works

Fence Construction

Chain Link Fence Construction (1000 live)

Barbed Wire Fencing (1000 live)

Weld Mesh Fencing (46 live)

Ring Fencing (1 live)

Security Fencing (563 live)

Sheet Fencing (90 live)

Fencing Arrangement (180 live)

Retaining Wall Construction

Dry Rubble Masonry Wall (26 live)

Side Protection Work (720 live)

Abutment Wall Construction (89 live)

Wing Wall Construction (256 live)

Toe Wall Construction (596 live)

Revetment Wall Construction (39 live)

Crate Revetment Construction (85 live)

Breast Wall Construction (546 live)

Water Well Drilling Services (1 live)

Drinking Water Well Construction (554 live)

Bore Well Drilling (855 live)

Ground Water Source Improvement (5 live)

Pedestal Construction (234 live)

Plinth Construction (445 live)

Concrete Slab Construction (74 live)

Concrete Pillar Construction (564 live)

Concrete Bed Construction (160 live)

Platform Construction (708 live)

Cover Slab Construction (581 live)

Chamber Cover Fixing (565 live)

Shoulder Protection Work (60 live)

Protection Wall for Roads (955 live)

Road Side Protection (610 live)

Commercial Painting

Pendal Arrangement

Stage Arrangements (625 live)

Roofing Services

Roof Repairing (908 live)

Roof Waterproofing Services (205 live)

Foundation Construction (750 live)

Mild Structural Steel Work (640 live)

Steel Structure Work (467 live)

Underground OFC Laying (510 live)

Aerial Optic Fiber Cable Laying (227 live)

Compound Wall Repair

Boundary Wall Repair (853 live)

Parking Shed Construction (647 live)

Two Wheeler Shed Construction (461 live)

AC Sheet Roofing (563 live)

Polycarbonate Sheet Roofing (69 live)

Sheet Roofing (668 live)

Central Divider Beautification (14 live)

Crematorium Beautification (11 live)

Open Space Beautification (298 live)

Landscape Beautification (84 live)

Islands Beautification (92 live)

Entry Plaza Beautification (15 live)

Floor Laying

False Flooring (43 live)

Cement Concrete Flooring (569 live)

Tactile Flooring (27 live)

Open Well Digging (610 live)

Gate Construction (1000 live)

Entrance Gate Construction (600 live)

Sliding Gate Installation (102 live)

Swing Gate Providing (14 live)

Footing Construction (13 live)

Interior Finishing (5 live)

Interior Decoration (323 live)

Interior Furnishing Works (878 live)

Entrance Arch Construction

Stone Masonry

Concrete Block Work

Septic Tank Construction

Industrial Tank Cleaning

Water Storage Tank Cleaning (587 live)

Windows Providing and Fixing (634 live)

Doors Providing and Fixing (644 live)

Water Tank Cleaning

Sluice Gate Maintenance

Sluice Valve Maintenance (345 live)

Turbine Maintenance

Fountain Installation (725 live)

Sidewalk Construction (6 live)

Ramp Construction

Tile Flooring

Aluminium Partition (711 live)

Stage Construction

Staircase Construction

Playground Construction

False Ceiling (709 live)

Mural Art Work (597 live)

Industrial Painting Work

Tank Maintenance Service (618 live)

Barricades Maintenance

Indoor Sports Court Construction

Sports Complex Construction (668 live)

Volley Ball Court Construction

Badminton Hall Construction (229 live)

Canal Maintenance (244 live)

Feeder Channel Repairs (1000 live)

Left Bank Canal Improvements (583 live)

CC Lining Special Repairs (627 live)

Canal Restoration (229 live)

Bund Repairs (1000 live)

Talab Improvements (752 live)

Pokhar Renovation (367 live)

Cheruvu Repair (668 live)

Pond Improvements (1000 live)

Canal Removal of Silt (869 live)

Channel Removing Silt (666 live)

Left Bank Canal Removal of Jungle (121 live)

Canal Silt Clearance (738 live)

Canal Desilting (740 live)

Embankment Repairs (810 live)

Dyke Impervious (421 live)

Dyke Wall Construction (31 live)

Pipeline Maintenance (40 live)

Pipeline Repair (982 live)

PVC Pipe Line Maintenance (244 live)

PVC Pipeline Repairing (63 live)

MS Pipelines Renewal (112 live)

MS Pipe Line Strengthening (127 live)

HDPE Pipe Line Improvement (151 live)

HDPE Pipeline Renewal (46 live)

GI Pipelines Repair (560 live)

CI Pipeline Replacement (41 live)

CI Pipe Line Repairs (268 live)

Sand Quarry (78 live)

Sand Block Disposal (532 live)

Sand Removal (7 live)

Sand Mining Selection (39 live)

Sand Auction (53 live)

RCC Pipeline Replacement (140 live)

Water Tank Repair (587 live)

RCC Water Tank Special Repairs (127 live)

Storm Water Drain Construction (1000 live)

Storm Water Drainage (617 live)

RCC Storm Water Drain Construction (575 live)

SWD Construction (620 live)

Canal Lining Improvement (470 live)

Canal Lining Works (90 live)

CC Lining (995 live)

Sand Mining (465 live)

Mining Work (108 live)

Morang Mining Work (53 live)

Gypsum Mining (51 live)

Pumping Station Maintenance (642 live)

Sewage Pumping Stations Maintenance (108 live)

Morum Mining Work (72 live)

Dolomite Ore Extraction (5 live)

Pump House Maintenance (812 live)

Mining Operation (13 live)

Water Pump House Maintenance (307 live)

Hydraulic Roof Bolting (149 live)

Ash Slurry Pump House Maintenance (32 live)

Full Column Cement Grouted Roof Bolts Installation (64 live)

Outsourcing Roof and Side Bolting (12 live)

Water Pumping Station Maintenance (228 live)

Pumphouse Maintenance (118 live)

Drilling and Grouting of Roof Bolt (50 live)

Advanced Roof Bolting (21 live)

Roof Bolt Fabrication (15 live)

Flood Damage Works (223 live)

Roof Bolting Support (547 live)

Flood Protection Wall (494 live)

Cable Bolting Activity (17 live)

Flood Related Works (19 live)

Strengthening and Renovation Bunker (86 live)

Flood Protection Work

Sand Stowing Bunker Construction (33 live)

Bunker Poking Work (15 live)

Coal Bunkers Overhauling (12 live)

Coal Bunker Repair (59 live)

Providing and Fixing Bunk House (13 live)

Mines Structures Maintenance and Repair Work (81 live)

Tree Saplings Watering (20 live)

Water Sprinkling (62 live)

Sprinkling Water on Varies Roads (89 live)

Providing and Spraying Water (16 live)

Water Spraying by Mobile Tanker (47 live)

Head Sluice Gate Repairs (26 live)

Making Dust Suppression Arrangement (40 live)

Dust Suppression of Road Surface (351 live)

Head Regulator Special Repairs (647 live)

Water Spraying for Suppression (249 live)

Regulator Cum Escape Gates Repairs (18 live)

Boreholes Drilling (85 live)

Escape Cum Cross Regulator Maintenance (39 live)

Deep Hole Drilling (10 live)

Cross Regulator Repairs (589 live)

Face Drilling Work (56 live)

Mine Developer and Operator (17 live)

Bore Wells Maintenance (541 live)

Water Well Maintenance (552 live)

Drinking Water Well Renovation (557 live)

Community Well Improvement Work (22 live)

Coal Mine Development and Operation (114 live)

Surface Structures Maintenance and Repair Works (19 live)

Illegal Mines Fillings (192 live)

Drift Drivage (184 live)

Underground Development Work (30 live)

Underground Horizontal Development (7 live)

Underground Vertical Development (13 live)

Pushing and Unloading of Rom and Rock Tubs (7 live)

Sand Excavation Machineries Hiring (92 live)

Machinery for Sand Mining Supplying (20 live)

Duggwell Construction (6 live)

RCC Well Construction (88 live)

Community Well Constructing (8 live)

Seismic Job Services Hiring (17 live)

Shot Hole Drilling Services (32 live)

SHD SJS Hiring (27 live)

Data Storage System (19 live)

Data Retrieval Unit (31 live)

Over Burden Removal Work (39 live)

SW Pipeline (90 live)

Storm Water Pipeline (215 live)

Irrigation Management (304 live)

Irrigation Scheme Maintenance (660 live)

Dam Rehabilitaion (823 live)

Vented Dams Special Repairs (104 live)

OB Removal (22 live)

Tubs Underground Transportation (19 live)

Limestone Exploration (49 live)

Granite Blocks Production (25 live)

Chocking Removal (18 live)

Under Ground Drainage Desilting (85 live)

Road Side Drain Desilting (196 live)

Strom Water Drain Cleaning (59 live)

UGD Main Desilting (87 live)

Manholes Cleaning (193 live)

Silt Removal (65 live)

Wet Silt Removal (466 live)

Major Nala Desilting (322 live)

Drain Cleaning Works (587 live)

Drainage Desilting (1000 live)

Drains Desilting (569 live)

Debris Removing (568 live)

Side Drains Desilting (576 live)

Culverts Desilting (670 live)

Drains Resetting (8 live)

Gedda Desiltation (137 live)

Silted Drainage Line Desilting (6 live)

Floor Sweeping (763 live)

Sweeping and Cleaning Works (575 live)

Sweeping and Toilet Cleaning (60 live)

Floor Mopping (340 live)

Housekeeping and Cleaning Work (112 live)

Sweeping Work (382 live)

Bus Station Premises Washing (360 live)

Bus Stand Premise Cleaning (87 live)

Providing Haulage and Housekeeping Services (54 live)

Up Keeping and Maintenance of Various Offices (613 live)

Cleaning and Dusting (132 live)

Malba Disposal (172 live)

Solid Waste Management (507 live)

MSW Collection (580 live)

Garbage Collection and Transportation (562 live)

Garbage Disposal (135 live)

Garbage Cleaning Work (168 live)

Wet and Dry Garbage (197 live)

Door to Door Waste Collection (832 live)

Dry Waste Collection (345 live)

Municipal Solid Waste Collection (243 live)

Underground Waste Collection System (25 live)

Cleaning and Garbage Transport (150 live)

Legacy Waste Processing (108 live)

Lifting and Removing Daily Garbage (50 live)

Sanitary Waste Disposal (289 live)

Garbage Clearing (107 live)

Garden Garbage Disposal (23 live)

Rubbish Removal (354 live)

Bio Degradable Wet Waste Collection (40 live)

Roads Sweeping (161 live)

Street Sweeping (443 live)

Road Cleanliness (842 live)

Roads Scavenging (216 live)

Street Sweeping and Drain Cleaning (264 live)

Mechanized Road Sweeping Work (32 live)

Zone Safai and Cleaning Work (9 live)

Roads Upkeeping (358 live)

Daily Road Cleaning (415 live)

Industrial Cleaning Services (9 live)

Hydrojet Cleaning (25 live)

Hammer Mill Cleaning (8 live)

Row Cleaning (30 live)

Cold Line Chemical Washing (417 live)

Industrial Area Cleaning (108 live)

Conveyors Cleaning (425 live)

Dry Ice Cleaning (18 live)

High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning (26 live)

Cleaning and Sanitation Service (531 live)

Sanitation and Disinfection Service (980 live)

Safai Work (222 live)

Janitorial Services (21 live)

Unusable Items Dispose (16 live)

Floating Material Removal (35 live)

Obsolete Material Disposal (173 live)

Laboratory Waste Safe Disposal (8 live)

Building Rubbish Disposal (229 live)

Old Office Equipment Disposal (330 live)

Unserviceable Machineiries Disposal (553 live)

Wooden Scrap Disposal (9 live)

Picking Up Steel Scraps (5 live)

Garbage Refuse Removal (45 live)

Surplus and Unserviceable Goods Dispose (237 live)

Un Used Materials Disposal (7 live)

Used Housekeeping Machinery Disposal (131 live)

Peripheral SW Drain Desilting (20 live)

Open Storm Water Drain Cleaning (12 live)

SWD Desilting (90 live)

Strom Drainage Line Desilting (26 live)

Storm Drainage Line Desilting (13 live)

SW Pipelines Desilting (6 live)

Storm Water Drainage Cleaning (50 live)

Storm Water Drain Desilting (541 live)

Slit Removal (56 live)

Solid Waste Management Works (602 live)

Integrated Solid Waste Management Processing Facility (31 live)

CNB (645 live)

Solid and Liquid Waste Management (792 live)

Municipal Solid Waste Disposal System (253 live)

SWM Work (183 live)

MSW Work (89 live)

Railway Station Cleaning (660 live)

Railway Station Mechanized Cleaning (559 live)

Trains Cleaning (10 live)

Coach Cleaning (48 live)

Wagon Floor Cleaning (107 live)

Bio Medical Waste Disposal (560 live)

CBWTFS (91 live)

Hospital Waste Disposal (17 live)

Bio Medical Waste Services Outsourcing (101 live)

Bio Medical Waste Removal (48 live)

Bio Medical Waste Management (165 live)

Bio Medical Waste Collection and Disposal (316 live)

Bio Medical Solid Waste Management Disposal (12 live)

Stone Picking Job (54 live)

Coal Choking Removing (36 live)

Spilled Coal Cleaning (156 live)

Fallen Coal Cleaning (500 live)

Spillage Coal Cleaning (164 live)

Coal Manual Segregation (15 live)

Biomining and Remediation Work (274 live)

Scientific Dumpsite Land Reclamation (434 live)

Street Light Maintenance (97 live)

Street Lighting System Emergency Maintenance (5 live)

Security Light Replacement (81 live)

Internal Lightening System Improvement (6 live)

Runway Lightings Maintenance (7 live)

High Elevation Lights AMC (5 live)

Lighting Arrangement Improvement (61 live)

Trident Decorative Light Maintenance and Repairing (20 live)

Street Security Perimeter Light Repair Maintenance (11 live)

Solar Light Repair (27 live)

Sand Filling Work (12 live)

Sanitary Landfill Development (43 live)

APSHCL Filling (31 live)

Soil Filling Work (38 live)

SWM Landfill Pit (7 live)

Wet Ash Lifting (32 live)

Ash Removal (571 live)

Garbage Transfer Station Construction (197 live)

Airobic Bin Construction (6 live)

Dumping Ground Development (95 live)

Platform Garbage Dumping Construction (21 live)

Bus Station Washing and Cleaning (433 live)

Bus Stand Cleaning (170 live)

Bus Depot Cleaning (66 live)

Dead Animal Removal (21 live)

Dead Animal Disposal Works (113 live)

Providing Cleaning Service (67 live)

Cleaning Sweeping and Dusting (18 live)

Temples Cleaning (15 live)

Main Market Cleaning (33 live)

Electric Locos Washing and Cleaning (30 live)

Mechanized Coach Cleaning (26 live)

ICF Bogie Frame Cleaning (24 live)

Coaches Dry Cleaning (11 live)

Cleaning Diesel Locomotives (21 live)

Emu Coaches Cleaning (20 live)

Bogie Components Cleaning (7 live)

Locomotives Cleaning (16 live)

Yard Cleaning Work (27 live)

Sub Mandi Yard Cleaning Work (65 live)

Bus Cleaning (19 live)

Vehicles Washing (219 live)

Cold Chemical Washing (12 live)

Sludge Manure Lifting (13 live)

Sludge Removal (45 live)

Drying Beds Desludging (27 live)

Jetty Repair (12 live)

Chemical Treatment System (184 live)

Online Chemical Treatment (29 live)

Sanitary Landfill Construction (50 live)

Engineered Sanitary Landfill Construction (9 live)

Oily Sludge (21 live)

Ship Maintenance Services (9 live)

Cement Nalla Bandh (488 live)

Concrete Nala Bund (6 live)

Concrete Nala Bandh (385 live)

Cement Nala Bandh (574 live)

Lift Irrigation Scheme Maintenance (610 live)

Lift Irrigation Renovation (663 live)

Electrical Lift Irrigation Maintenance (6 live)

River Lift Irrigation Scheme Renovation (83 live)

Reservoir Annual Maintenance (600 live)

Water Reservoirs Maintenance (152 live)

Under Ground Reservoir Maintenance (7 live)

Elevated Reservoir Maintenance (43 live)

Slaughter House Construction (234 live)

Slaughter House Maintenance (47 live)

Slaughter House Repair (28 live)

Slaughter House Renovation (22 live)

Slaughter House Development (38 live)

Aluminium Welding (6 live)

ARC Welding (15 live)

Floor Welding Work (15 live)

Wagon Welding (58 live)

Welding Joint (6 live)

Welding Simulator (4 live)

Flange Welding (33 live)

Steel Bottle Machining (6 live)

River Maintenance (166 live)

River Restoration (255 live)

River Strengthening (46 live)

River Renovation (65 live)

River Repair (214 live)

Ponds Deepening (546 live)

Lake Beautification (169 live)

Cheruvu Beautification (35 live)

Talab Beautification (489 live)

Pond Beautification (549 live)

Waterbody Beautification (49 live)

Bullah Pilling Construction (49 live)

Pile Work Construction (33 live)

Boulder Wire Crate (403 live)

Crates Laying (291 live)

Crate Wire Protection Bunds (31 live)

Barrage Improvement (37 live)

Barrage Maintenance (246 live)

Barrage Renovation (39 live)

Barrage Repair (186 live)

Embankment Redesigning (231 live)

Bund Restoration (587 live)

Drinking Water Sample Testing (21 live)

Drinking Water Testing (153 live)

Water Testing Maintenance (127 live)

Intake Well Maintenance (429 live)

Intake Well Construction (430 live)

Intake Well Desilting (41 live)

Rubble Pitching Work (43 live)

Land Side Slope on the Right Bank (14 live)

Slope Failure Repair (25 live)

Slope Protection Work (177 live)

Slope Stability Construction (12 live)

Bank Slope Restoration (8 live)

Radial Gate Strengthening Work (265 live)

Canal Gates Repair (21 live)

Floating Trash Skimmer Maintenance

Labours Along With Boat (35 live)

River Desilting (82 live)

Park Management (72 live)

Park Maintenance (1000 live)

Park Development (1000 live)

Garden Maintenance (971 live)

Garden Upgradation (135 live)

Garden Strengthening (23 live)

Garden Development (774 live)

Garden Repair (562 live)

Garden Renovation (558 live)

Horticulture Work (978 live)

Lawn Maintenance Work (637 live)

Lawns Repair (33 live)

Lawns Renovation (100 live)

Lawn Replacement (12 live)

Tree Plants (157 live)

Fresh Cut Flowers (43 live)

Ornamental Plants (283 live)

Flowering Plants (101 live)

Shrubs Plants (49 live)

Potted Plants (549 live)

Foliage Plants (221 live)

Nursery Renovation (11 live)

Nursery Seedlings (998 live)

Tree Trimming (163 live)

Tree Prunings (290 live)

Statutory Environmental Clearances (28 live)

EIA Study (563 live)

Environmental Management Plan (120 live)

Risk Analysis (76 live)

Risk Assessment (140 live)

Hazard Analysis (62 live)

HAZOP Study (298 live)

Environmental Monitoring (204 live)

Environment Monitoring (62 live)

Environmental Telemonitoring Maintenance (11 live)

Environmental Parameters (5 live)

Environment Parameters (7 live)

Environmental Management Plan (29 live)

Environment Management Services (125 live)

EMP Consultant (33 live)

Environmental Control Hygiene (22 live)

Effluent Quality Monitoring System (122 live)

Online Effluent Monitoring System (73 live)

Online Continuous Effluent Monitoring System (105 live)

Online Monitoring Systems (97 live)

Online Outlet Effluent Water Quality Monitoring System (5 live)

Effluent Monitoring System (91 live)

DG Set Stack Monitoring (6 live)

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (274 live)

Noise Level Monitoring (107 live)

Water Quality Monitoring (41 live)

Flue Gas Monitoring (12 live)

Ambient Air Quality Analysis (252 live)

Stack Emission Monitoring (101 live)

Mechanised Environmental Support Service (218 live)

Environmental Hygiene Services (66 live)

Environment Support Services (23 live)

Environment Assistant (17 live)

Environmental Maintenance Service (7 live)

Gardening Beautification Works (560 live)

Garden Beautification (565 live)

Trees Removing (15 live)

Trees Disposal (104 live)

Remove Tendu Leaves (481 live)

Tendu Leaves Auction (60 live)

Garden Waste Removal (7 live)

Remove Apta Leaves (22 live)

Cold Rooms Maintenance (262 live)

Modular Cold Rooms (517 live)

Cold Storage Plant (415 live)

Cold Storage Maintenance (281 live)

Solar Power Cold Room (35 live)

Deep Freezer Construction (64 live)

Walk In Freezer Revamp (278 live)

Chiller Room (19 live)

Anti Corrosive Treatment (247 live)

Painting Rusted MS Structures (146 live)

Corrosion Protective Coating (23 live)

Thermoplastic Anti Corrosion Coating (7 live)

Tree Saplings (168 live)

Tall Seedlings (5 live)

Bushes Clearing (24 live)

Jungle Clearance (717 live)

Nursery Maintenance (507 live)

Compound Nursery Raising (11 live)

Bagged Seedling Maintenance (85 live)

Sized Seedling Maintenance

Bump Construction (128 live)

Speed Breaker Construction

Speed Table Construction

Swimming Pool Operation and Maintenance (233 live)

Swimming Pool Maintenance (556 live)

Baby Pool Operation and Maintenance (8 live)

Filtration Plant Operation (107 live)

Chemical Dozing for Water Filtration (24 live)

Cycle Scooter Stand (166 live)

Cycle Stand (500 live)

Civil Surgeon (8 live)

Vehicle Stand (182 live)

Vehicle Parking Stand (513 live)

Car Parking Stand (371 live)

Two Wheeler Parking Running (179 live)

Standing Trees Uprooting (160 live)

Tree Felling (856 live)

Final Felling (89 live)

Trees Logging (65 live)

Tree Auction (97 live)

Tree Cutting (247 live)

Inventory Plots Laying (81 live)

Fire Protection Work (32 live)

Laying Out Sample Plot (65 live)

Teak Seedlings (14 live)

Teak Root Trainer Seedlings (63 live)

Graded Bunding (38 live)

Solapur Watershed (538 live)

Sea Wall Construction (549 live)

Groyne Construction (107 live)

Groyne Repairs (107 live)

Sea Erosion (373 live)

Anti Erosion Work (617 live)

Terracing Work (144 live)

Terrace Development (15 live)

Contour Terracing (11 live)

Soil Conservation Work (566 live)

Water Conservation Construction (166 live)

Soil and Moisture Conservation Works (297 live)

Water and Moisture Conservation Structure Construction (18 live)

Gully Plugging Construction (214 live)

Watershed Work (459 live)

Watershed Development Works (217 live)

Landslide Restoration (262 live)

Jhora Restoration (273 live)

Land Protection (15 live)

Weed Control Chemical Treatment (60 live)

Weed Control Treatment (87 live)

Weed Control Work (243 live)

Weeds Removal (745 live)

Herb Cultivation System (14 live)

Creeper Vegetable Cultivation (7 live)

JT Cult Tilaknagar Block (76 live)

JT Cult Ravalgaon Block (40 live)

JT Cult Sakarwadi (A) Block (43 live)

Vegetable Cultivation (55 live)

JT Cult Shreepur Block (201 live)

JT Cult Shivpuri Block (123 live)

JT Cult Harigaon Block (45 live)

Ginning and Pressing Work (464 live)

Crop Production (41 live)

Live Stock Construction (292 live)

Rural Live Stock RLU Construction (91 live)

Dairy Construction (163 live)

Lake Fishing Rights (60 live)

Pond Leasing (84 live)

Fish Farm (93 live)

Fish Culture (15 live)

Fish Harvesting (7 live)

Fishery Right (293 live)

Carp Hatchery Construction (34 live)

Magur Hatchery Construction (37 live)

Hatchery Construction (187 live)

Lift Operation (412 live)

Electrical Passengers Lift Operations (86 live)

Passenger Lift Operation and Maintenance (557 live)

Lifts Maintenance (452 live)

Packing Ice Cream (16 live)

Lubricant Packing (9 live)

Milk Packing (64 live)

Packing Paper Reams (9 live)

Paper Board Ream Bundling (8 live)

Food Packet Packing (8 live)

Butter Milk Packing (11 live)

Strapping Services (28 live)

Food Grain Stock Storage (48 live)

Air Consolidation Agent (34 live)

Air Cargo Services (80 live)

Air Freight Transport (169 live)

Radial Crest Gate Maintenance (62 live)

Spillway Bow type Gates Repair (23 live)

Crest Gates Repair (36 live)

Fish Drying Platform Construction (143 live)

Boat Yard Provision (8 live)

Fish Receiving Area Maintenance (5 live)

Fish Landing Centre Construction (14 live)

Net Mending Hall Construction (5 live)

Vacant Land Protection (5 live)

Stock Yard Construction (6 live)

River Front Development (75 live)

Riverfront Beautification (48 live)

Model Forest Station Construction (25 live)

Forest Station Construction (93 live)

APC Structure Construction (6 live)

Fish Breed Ground Protected Area (5 live)

Fish Culture Farm Development (6 live)

Fisheries (39 live)

Providing Fishing Net (15 live)

Toor Milling (20 live)

Integrated Farming System (11 live)

Mango Garden (10 live)

Section Garden (8 live)

Fish Seed Rearing Construction (11 live)

Prawn Rearing Centre Lease (6 live)

Fish Seed Production Centre Lease (16 live)

Water Holes Construction (62 live)

New Water Hole Creation (22 live)

Catch Fish Lifting (8 live)

Potted Plants Rental (20 live)

Plants Hiring (59 live)

Water Quality Testing Laboratory Repair (12 live)

Waste Weir Construction (8 live)

Dam Safety Organisation Repair (16 live)

Dam Maintenance (829 live)

Head Regulator Repair (39 live)

Weir Maintenance (54 live)

Civil Works Tenders

1. Punjab State Transmission Corporation, Punjab [Expired]



6. Punjab State Transmission Corporation, Punjab [Expired]

7. Punjab State Transmission Corporation, Punjab [Expired]


2585/kmd/22-23 dt-04.08.2022


2585/kmd/22-23 dt-04.08.2022


2585/kmd/22-23 dt-04.08.2022



14. Zilla Parishad, West Bengal

15. Zilla Parishad, West Bengal

16. Directorate of Local Bodies UP, Uttar Pradesh

17. Directorate of Local Bodies UP, Uttar Pradesh

Work No. 65 Out Of 168 Rajya Vitt Works

18. Directorate of Local Bodies UP, Uttar Pradesh

Work No. 3

19. Haryana Government, Haryana

Construction of Library in ...

20. Haryana Government, Haryana

Comletion of Kabristan

21. Haryana Government, Haryana

Repair of Various MC Shops

22. Haryana Government, Haryana

Construction of Public Toil...

23. Haryana Government, Haryana

Construction of Public Toil...

24. Haryana Government, Haryana

Completion of Sain Dharamsh...

25. Haryana Government, Haryana

Completion of shamshan ghat...

26. Haryana Government, Haryana

Construction of Public Toil...

27. Haryana Board Corporation, Haryana

Tender for Fabrication Erection Jobworks

28. Haryana Board Corporation, Haryana

29. Haryana Board Corporation, Haryana

30. PWD - CE AND AS, Rajasthan

32. IPGCL-PPCL, Delhi

33. RDD-CEO-GADCHIROLI, Maharashtra [Expired]

B1/TENDER/22-23/girls school repair

34. Panvel Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra

35. RDD-CEO-OSMANABAD, Maharashtra

36. RDD-CEO-GADCHIROLI, Maharashtra

37. RDD-CEO-GADCHIROLI, Maharashtra

38. Public Works Region, Maharashtra

Proposal of Gas Operated Human Crematory System

39. RDD-CEO-SANGLI, Maharashtra

40. RDD-CEO-SANGLI, Maharashtra

41. RDD-CEO-JALGAON, Maharashtra

42. RDD-CEO-AURANGABAD, Maharashtra

43. RDD-CEO-PUNE, Maharashtra


44. RDD-CEO-GADCHIROLI, Maharashtra


45. RDD-CEO-OSMANABAD, Maharashtra

50. Rajasthan Council of School Education, Rajasthan

NIT-02/2022-23 SMSA DUNGARPUR Toilet