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Latest AEGCL Tenders

99159500: Second circuit stringing (Hotline) of Nazira-Garmur line along with construction of two nos. of 132 kV Line Bays at 132 kV Nazira GSS and 132kV Garmur GSS(Turnkey)

Due Date: 05-Aug-2024  Location: Guwahati   Value ₹: 16.55 Crore
Category : Power Line Construction
Updated : 16-Jul-2024

98815280: Turnkey Construction of One No. of 33kV Bay at 132kV Sankardev Nagar GSS, AEGCL

Due Date: 06-Aug-2024  Location: Guwahati
Category : 33KV Line Construction
Updated : 11-Jul-2024

98415842: Construction of Pile foundation at Loc 69 of 132 KV Salakati APM TL

Due Date: 25-Jul-2024  Location: Guwahati   Value ₹: 27.23 Lakh
Category : Power Line Maintenance
Updated : 05-Jul-2024
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98068185: 25 MVA Power Transformer shifting from Rowta GSS to Dhemaji GSS

Due Date: 29-Jul-2024  Location: Guwahati   Value ₹: 21.22 Lakh
Category : Power supply transformers
Updated : 30-Jun-2024

97807133: Turnkey Construction of one no. of 33kV Pangram Feeder Bay along with Bay Extension including Civil Works at 132kV Pailapool GSS, AEGCL

Due Date: 22-Jul-2024  Location: Guwahati
Category : Feeder Line Construction
Updated : 27-Jun-2024

97817621: Height raising of 220KV Mariani-Samaguri Line-1 from Loc. No. 494 to 495

Due Date: 19-Jul-2024  Location: Guwahati   Value ₹: 1.84 Crore
Category : Power Line Maintenance
Updated : 27-Jun-2024

97817623: Double jumpering of the angle points of NLP Dhemaji TL

Due Date: 22-Jul-2024  Location: Guwahati   Value ₹: 18.91 Lakh
Category : Power Line Maintenance
Updated : 27-Jun-2024

97747940: Double jumpering of angle points of NLP Majuli TL

Due Date: 24-Jul-2024  Location: Guwahati   Value ₹: 15.71 Lakh
Category : Power Line Maintenance
Updated : 26-Jun-2024
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96920467: Geotechnical Investigation for construction of 2 nos of Grid Substations at Dhupdhara (Khutabari Part-V) and Agomani under AEGCL

Due Date: 10-Jul-2024  Location: Guwahati
Category : Geotechnical Investigation
Updated : 14-Jun-2024

96767423: Turnkey Construction of one no. of 33kV Feeder Bay at 132kV Azara GSS, AEGCL

Due Date: 05-Jul-2024  Location: Guwahati
Category : Power Line Construction
Updated : 11-Jun-2024

96594171: Repairing of the existing Bituminous road of AEGCL campus of Jorhat

Due Date: 09-Jul-2024  Location: Guwahati   Value ₹: 34.49 Lakh
Category : Road Relaying
Updated : 11-Jun-2024

96604292: Repairng of the O/o the DGM, UATTC, AEGCL, Garmur, Jorhat

Due Date: 26-Jun-2024  Location: Guwahati   Value ₹: 23.58 Lakh
Category : Waterproofing service
Updated : 11-Jun-2024

35918381: Construction of REs Residence at Karimganj GSS

Due Date: 07-Jul-2021  Location: Guwahati   Value ₹: 21.63 Lakh
Category : Office and Accommodation
Updated : 19-May-2024

30954307: NIT NO: AEGCL/DGM/LAC/TT/TLS-69/2021/522 Dtd. 23.02.2021 Supply of furniture along with fixing of doors at Transit camp (G+1) at Kahilipara, AEGCL Colony.New

Due Date: 11-Mar-2021
Category : Furniture
Updated : 19-May-2024
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35988812: Construction of new tower replacing flood affected tower of 132 KV Kokrajhar Bilasipara Transmission line at location 28

Due Date: 09-Jul-2021  Location: Guwahati
Category : Transmission Line Construction
Updated : 19-May-2024

85639878: Construction of slow sand water filter and reservoir at 132kV Dhemaji GSS

Due Date: 26-Dec-2023  Location: Guwahati
Category : Reservoir Improvements
Updated : 19-May-2024


Due Date: 16-Jun-2021  Location: Guwahati
Category : Energy Consultancy
Updated : 19-May-2024

93090924: Supply, ETC of Terminal Equipment at 132 KV Kamakhya GIS

Due Date: 06-May-2024  Location: Guwahati   Value ₹: 32.65 Lakh
Category : GIS Substation
Updated : 19-May-2024

15823599: Supply of Automatic Relay test kit suitable for testing electro mechanical /static /numerical relays in AEGCL under PSDF.

Due Date: 18-Oct-2019

18292756: Corrigendum for Request for Expression of Interest (REoI) Project Management Consulting Services

Due Date: 05-Feb-2020
Category : Project Management Consultancy
Updated : 19-May-2024