Hospital Equipment Tender | Medical Equipment tenders in India

Medical Equipment Tenders including Ophthalmology Equipment Supply, Orthopedics Equipment Procurement Tenders, Dental Equipment Supply, Phototherapy Equipment Purchase Tenders, Diagnostics Equipment, Covid-19 Supplies Tenders, ENT Equipments Supply and such Healthcare Equipment tenders in India

Medical Equipment Sub Categories

Dental Equipment -- (44 live)
Dialysis Equipment -- (13 live)

PD Meter (31 live)

Pharyngoscope (8 live)

BIPAP Machine (180 live)

BIPAP Ventilator (15 live)

BIPAP Full Face Mask (178 live)

Dialysis Machine (169 live)

Hemodialysis Machine

Dialysis Unit (99 live)

Haemodialysis Fluid (19 live)

Dialysis Fluid (63 live)

Blood Mixer

X Ray View Box (61 live)

X Ray Lobby LED (4 live)

Mammography Machine (49 live)

Mammography Unit (24 live)

ECG Patient Cable (6 live)

ECG Electrode (125 live)

Adult Ventilator (74 live)

Pediatric Ventilator (56 live)

Neonatal Ventilator (275 live)

Non Invasive Ventilator (436 live)

Transport Ventilator (254 live)

Intensive Care Ventilator (25 live)

Breathing Circuit (150 live)

Anaesthesia Machine (74 live)

Peritoneal Dialysis Drainage Bag (50 live)

Peritoneal Dialysis Machine (15 live)

Peritoneal Dialysis Fluid (10 live)

Ventricular Peritoneal Shunt (32 live)

Peritoneal Dialysis Solution (66 live)

Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Bag (264 live)

Hemodialysis Concentration Acid Solution (8 live)

Hemodialysis Fluid (29 live)

Hemodialysis Dialysate Tubing (44 live)

Hemodialysis Unit (12 live)

Dialysis Unit (69 live)

Dialysis Consumable (100 live)

Dialysis Kit (22 live)

CRRT Machine (97 live)

Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen Gas Cylinder (643 live)

Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinder (578 live)

Medical Oxygen Cylinder (643 live)

O2 Cylinders (52 live)

Portable Oxygen Cylinder (30 live)

Oxygen Gas (643 live)

O2 Cylinders (52 live)

O2 Gas (52 live)

O2 Gas Cylinders (641 live)

Liquid Oxygen Cylinder (109 live)

Jumbo Oxygen Cylinder (162 live)

Medical O2 Cylinder (52 live)

Medical Gas Refilling (571 live)

Urodynamic Machine (22 live)

Urodynamic System

Urodynamic Workstation (9 live)

Breath Analyzers

Breath Analysers (70 live)

Breath Test Analyzer (29 live)

Breath Alcohol Analyzer (576 live)

Alcohol Breath Analyzer (35 live)

Breath Alcohol Analyzer Machine (22 live)

pH Impedance System (5 live)

Bio Feed Back Machine (18 live)

Autoclave (69 live)

Vaccine Carrier (68 live)

Pneumatic Tourniquet (25 live)

Syringe Pumps

Rubber Tourniquet (56 live)

Intelligent Tourniquet (6 live)

Esmarch Torniquet (15 live)

Electronic Tourniquet (32 live)

Automated Tourniquet (6 live)

Ultrasound and Echocardiography (6 live)

Cryogenic Tank

ETO Sterilizer (25 live)

Ethylene Oxide Steriliser (14 live)


Invasive System (44 live)

Cardiac Cartridges (17 live)


Cuffs (27 live)

Tourniquet Roll (6 live)

Multipara Monitor (656 live)

ECG Machine (644 live)

Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter (90 live)

Pulse Oximeter

Optical Biometer (60 live)

Ophthalmic Equipment (94 live)

Ophthalmic Lens (9 live)

Ophthalmic Instrument

Optic Bronchoscope (193 live)

Video Bronchoscope (289 live)

Rigid Bronchoscope (119 live)

Bronchoscope (574 live)

Cardiac Monitor (581 live)

Cardiac Monitor with Defibrillator (578 live)

Cardiac Output Monitor

Blood Pressure Recording Unit (555 live)

Sphygmomanometer (19 live)

ENT Equipment

ENT Workstation (18 live)

ENT Microscope (16 live)

ENT Opd (33 live)

Patient Monitor

Health Monitor (11 live)


Clinical Audiometer (22 live)

Impedance Audiometer (61 live)


Direct Ophthalmoscope (61 live)

Indirect Ophthalmoscope (257 live)

Video EEG (62 live)

EEG Machine (118 live)

Electroencephalography EEG Machine (21 live)

Tonometer (453 live)

Applanation Tonometer (166 live)

Foetal Monitor (29 live)

CTG Machine (316 live)

Overbed Table (137 live)

Delivery Bed (196 live)

Patient Bed

Baby Weighing Scale (107 live)

Infantometer (141 live)

Infant Weighing Scale (149 live)

Slit lamp (295 live)

Acoustic Stethoscope (178 live)


Portable Ultrasound Machine (582 live)

Ultrasound Machine (594 live)

Ultrasound Scanning Machine (484 live)

USG Machine (319 live)

C Arm Fluoroscope (248 live)

C Arm Fluoroscope X Ray Machine (245 live)

C Arm Image Intensifier (170 live)

C Arm (585 live)

CT Scanner

Echo Machine (77 live)

Echocardiography System (58 live)

Echo Cardiography Scanning Machine (190 live)

X Ray Film (134 live)

CT Film (12 live)

Suction Catheter (9 live)

Catheter (122 live)

Pacemaker (240 live)

X Ray Fixer (75 live)

MRI Scanner

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (37 live)

Imaging System (32 live)

Cotton Bandage (91 live)

Acetabular Cup (21 live)

Hip U Drape (23 live)

Pinnacle Total Hip Replacement Set (23 live)

Total Hip Replacement Implant (7 live)

Femoral Stem (42 live)

THR Total Hip Replacement Implant (18 live)

THR Total Hip Replacement Set (16 live)

Uncemented Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty (10 live)

Long Stem (15 live)

Convective Air Patient Warming System (74 live)

Patient Warming System (223 live)

Body Warmer (18 live)

Bair Hugger (6 live)

Radio Imaging Equipment (7 live)

Animal Imaging System (11 live)

MRI (45 live)

Tomography System (9 live)

Tracheostomy Set (56 live)

Tracheostomy Kit (5 live)

Tracheastomy Tube (8 live)

Femoral Paediatric Arterial Cannula (16 live)

Femoral Adult Arterial Cannula (16 live)

Percutaneous Tracheostomy Dilation Set (13 live)

ET Tube Cuffed (46 live)

X Ray Developer (82 live)

Digital Xray Film (6 live)

Cassette (12 live)

View Box (9 live)

X Ray Imaging (10 live)

Dental X Ray Machine (242 live)

Dental X Ray Unit (25 live)

Portable Dental X Ray (14 live)

Opg Xray Machine (7 live)

Dental Wall Mounted X Ray Unit (6 live)

Hand Held Battery Operated Dc Dental X Ray Unit (6 live)

Horizontal Rectangular High Pressure High Vacuum Double Door Sterilizer (5 live)

Steam Indicator (5 live)

Non Invasive Ventilator Bipap (318 live)

Non Invasive Ventilation (6 live)

IV Cannula Fixator (7 live)

IV Cannula With Injection (39 live)

Nasal Oxygen Cannula (146 live)

Disposable Nasal Prong Oxygen Cannula (10 live)

Nasal Prong (19 live)

Cannula Iv With Injection Port (12 live)

Cannula Fixator (10 live)

Cannula (283 live)

Incentive Spirometer (12 live)

Spirometry System (7 live)

Digital Spirometer (6 live)

Portable Spirometer (21 live)

High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor Motor Driven (136 live)

High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor Petrol Engine (39 live)

Breathing Portable Air Compressor (5 live)

Air Breathing Compressor (8 live)

Medical Air Compressor (10 live)

Humidifyer (25 live)

Gynaecology (48 live)

Vaginal Hysterectomy Set (10 live)

Tension Free Vaginal Tape (7 live)

Flexible Cryo Probes (9 live)

Cervical Biopsy Set (6 live)

Gauze Tail With Radio Opaque Thread (44 live)

Hysteroscopy Set (26 live)

Wertheims Set (5 live)

Hysteroscopy Telescope (5 live)

Tubal Ligation Ring Application Set (5 live)

Prosthetic (13 live)

Bipolar Prosthesis (10 live)

Fracture Fixation Set (14 live)

Ent Opd Unit (5 live)

Micro Ear Examination Set (12 live)

Nasal Instruments (7 live)

Urology Equipment (20 live)

Micro Laryngoscopy (8 live)

Laryngoscope (574 live)

Micro Laryngoscope Set (7 live)

Breathing Apparatus

Boyles Anesthesia Machine (7 live)

Epidural Anesthesia Kit (34 live)

Epidural Catheter Set (34 live)

Rodent Anaesthesia (5 live)

Bis Monitor (6 live)

Anaesthesia Machine With Monitor (5 live)

Anaesthetsia Pendent (5 live)

Basic Anesthesia Machine (6 live)

Anaesthesia Machine With Integrated Monitor (5 live)

Boyles Apparatus (17 live)

Apparatus Anaesthetic Basic (7 live)

Small Animal Anesthesia Machine (8 live)

Anesthesia System (20 live)

Continuous Plexus Anaesthesia Set (29 live)

Anesthesia Nerve Block Trays (27 live)

Small Animal Anesthetic System (6 live)

Anesthesia Work Station (35 live)

Epidural Kit (5 live)

Resuscitator Bag (160 live)

Electroporation Apparatus (6 live)

Anesthesia Breathing (44 live)

Anesthesia Breathing Circuits (9 live)

Bain Circuit (36 live)

Breathing System (19 live)

Re Breathing Bag (173 live)

Breathing System Tube Support (6 live)

Airline Breathing Apparatus (8 live)

Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (27 live)

Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (6 live)

Compressed Air Type Breathing Apparatus (8 live)

Self Contained Compressed Air Breathing (6 live)

Trolley Mounted Breathing Apparatus (8 live)

Air Breathing Apparatus (32 live)

Submarine Breathing Apparatus (8 live)

SCBA (70 live)

Resuscitating Apparatus (7 live)

Endotracheal Tube Uncuffed (21 live)

Disposable Double Lumen Endotracheal Tube (12 live)

Disposable ESR Tube (11 live)

Reinforced Endotracheal Tube Plain (219 live)

Endotracheal (566 live)

Tracheotomy Sets (23 live)

ET Tube (44 live)

Disposable ET Tube (1 live)

Endo Bronchial Tube (5 live)

Endotracheal Tube Cuffed (86 live)

Erythrocyte Sedimentation (8 live)

Tube Endo Tracheal Reinforced Pvc (23 live)

Endotracheal Cuffed Tube (11 live)

Endotracheal Tube Flexometalic (5 live)

Microcuff Endotracheal Tube (10 live)

Endotrachial Nasal Tube (12 live)

Endotrachial Oral Tube (7 live)

Endo Tracheal Tube (8 live)

Ryles Tube (5 live)

Icu Ventilator (550 live)

Advanced Icu Ventilator (18 live)

Icu Ventilator High End (21 live)

Respiratory Ventilator (6 live)

Advanced Intensive Care Ventilator (7 live)

Basic Icu Ventilator (6 live)

Central Venous Catheters (151 live)

Male External Catheter (19 live)

Urethral Catheter (10 live)

Folleys Balloon Catheter (71 live)

Foleys Catheter (378 live)

Suprapublic Balloon Catheter (8 live)

Ureteric Catheter (19 live)

Nelaton Catheter (7 live)

Silicon Foleys Catheter (5 live)

Thoracic Drainage Catheter (7 live)

Drainage Tube (9 live)

Disposable foleys Catheter (14 live)

Catheter Mount (6 live)

Abalation Catheter (7 live)

Disposable Catheter Foley (14 live)

Mallecots Catheter (8 live)

Condom Catheter (6 live)

Thoracic Catheter (11 live)

Newborn Resuscitation Mannequin (9 live)

Human Mannequins (513 live)

Medical Device (6 live)

Medical Instrument (46 live)

Intracranial Hematoma (5 live)

Laser Therapy (10 live)

Blood Gasanalyzer (8 live)

Bridge Remover Complete Set (9 live)

Prophylaxis Paste (9 live)

Calcium Hydroxide Paste (13 live)

Tooth Polishing Paste (5 live)

Dentsply Niti Flexi File (5 live)

Veterinary Ultrasound (50 live)

Ultrasonography (8 live)

Portable Colour Doppler Ultrasound Scanner (5 live)

Animals Feed Ingredient (8 live)

Controlled Internal Drug (9 live)

Small Animal Imaging System (7 live)

Clinical Pathology (8 live)

Primary Antibody (7 live)

Secondary Antibody (7 live)

Pathology Item (17 live)

Infusion Set (25 live)

Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer (11 live)

Antibiotic Susceptibility (5 live)

Combination Therapy (13 live)

Electrotherapy (19 live)

Laparoscopic (32 live)

Haemoglobinometer (10 live)

Nerve Stimulator (11 live)

Eye Bank Equipment (19 live)

High Frequency Bipolar Coagulator (7 live)

Operative Hysteroscope (9 live)

Ureterorenoscope (15 live)

Sigmoidoscope (16 live)

Spacer (31 live)

Spinal Space Locator (8 live)

Stents (35 live)

New Born Sickle Screening System (7 live)

Ablation Catheter (8 live)

Radiant Warmer (21 live)

Infant Warmer (13 live)

Plasma Treatment Set (11 live)

Non Static Small Volume Chamber (5 live)

Plasmapherisis Machine (5 live)

Medical Equipment Tenders

1. Health and Medical Education, Jammu and Kashmir

2. VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi

Targeted Temperature Management System

4. Department of Agricultural Research and Education, Assam

Nanopore sequencer




10. Department of Health and Family Welfare, Odisha [Expired]

Haemodialysis Machine with SLED/HDF

11. Department of Health and Family Welfare, Odisha [Expired]

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) Machine

12. Department Of Military Affairs, Rajasthan

13. Gujarat Medical Education And Research Society , Gujarat


16. Directorate of Health Services, Kerala

supply of hospital equipments

17. OTHERS, Maharashtra




20. All India Institute of Medical Science Patna, Bihar

Mobile Lead Barrier (Mobile Lead Barrier)

21. Department Of Military Affairs, Uttar Pradesh

22. Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society, Jharkhand

23. All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Jodhpur, Rajasthan [Expired] [Offline]

24. All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Jodhpur, Rajasthan [Expired] [Offline]

25. Medical Health And Family Welfare Department Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh

26. Department Of Military Affairs, Delhi

27. OTHERS, Andhra Pradesh

Cell Saver

28. Dr. S.N.Medical College, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

29. Chhattisgarh Medical Services Corporation Ltd. (CGMSC), Chhattisgarh

30. Chhattisgarh Medical Services Corporation Ltd. (CGMSC), Chhattisgarh

31. Department Of Military Affairs, Maharashtra

32. Military Engineer Services, Jharkhand [Expired]


33. Employees State Insurance Corporation, Haryana

34. Baba Raghav Das Medical College, Uttar Pradesh

35. Director General Medical Education and Training HQ, Uttar Pradesh



37. Multi-State, Jammu and Kashmir


38. Military Engineer Services, Maharashtra

DEFPROC DGLP 52/2022-23

39. Military Engineer Services, Delhi


40. Military Engineer Services, Uttarakhand [Expired]


41. Military Engineer Services, Delhi

2337-2433/MS/EXP/ CCL/ NON PAC PA-1019

42. Indian Council of Medical Research, Assam


43. Indian Council of Medical Research, Assam


44. Medical Education Department Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh

45. All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh


supply of Medical Equipments to KIMS Hubli

47. Directorate Ayurvedic And Unani Services , Uttarakhand

48. Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Uttar Pradesh

49. Medical Education Department Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh

Haemodialysis Machine

50. SOUTH WESTERN RLY, Karnataka